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price at which it would bear the
additional expence of carriage ten
miles farther, there is an end of
the combination; and if it was
possible the whole kingdom could
combine, an importation from any
country where it could be got
cheaper would instantly knock it
up. In fact, these very men,
though dealing at all times under
suspicions, and this year frequently
in danger of their lives, are the
very hands that transfer the plenty
of one country to relieve the dis-
tresses of another; and though at
former periods, as well as now,
they have, in times of dearth, been
pointed at as the cause of it, they
have to my knowledge this year
more than once sa ed whole towns
from famine. In fact, times of
scarcity are favourable to this set
of men. They are then (against
their will, I allow) particularly
useful to all countries who do not
grow corn enough for their con-
sumption.—In times of plenty they
cannot exist to answer their own
purpose—in those times they are
not wanted.
But the great evil which we in
this country feel, and which our
great corn markets rather encou-
rage than prevent, is the inequa-
lity of measures by which corn,
and particularly wheat, is sold; I
do not speak of the various pro-
vincial measures It is immate-
rial to a country whether eight,
nine, or twelve gallons are sold
for a bushel, provided all parties
understand what the measure is.
But in this country, in all vil-
lages and small towns where there
is no affize of bread, the baker
tells his bread and his flour at his
own price, for which he always
quotes the highest market price of

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