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- - -PAn account, shewing the produce of one quarter of wheat, barley, oats, and rye, respectively, ‘’

dressed through a twenty-one shilling cloth, and of the denomination of household flour; from which the loaves, presented to a committee of the honourable IIouse of Commons on the 9th instant, were manufactured, as specified in the accompanying schedule.

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Pictualling Office, 8th Dec. 1795.
Jot account, shewing the produce of one quarter of wheat, barley, oats, rye, and Indian corm,

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from the Honourable Dudley Ryder, chairman of the corn committee of the Honourable
House of Commons, dated the 28th November last. -
'SPECIEs weight per weight of f Loss on Loss on
OF GRAIN, bushel. the whole + Meal. grinding. Fine flour. Middlings. dressing. Bran.
lb. oz. lb. cz. lb. cz. o. oz. | lb. 'cz. lb. cz. lb. cz.
|Wheat 59 #3 || 476 1 4 || 470 8; 6 33 270 6 Ieo 4 2 3 88 1.1%
Barley 49 loo; 397 13 || 388 15 8 2; 16o 8 || 1 23 2 5 15 99 6
Oats 40 I is:# 325 13% 314 5 I I 8% 64 3 7o 6 || 4 Io 175 2
Rye 54 Io;'s 445 8# 437 4% || 8 4. 191 14 II 7 13 8. I I I 18 14%
Indian corn | < z 12 422 6. I 5 6 7 124 12 || 204 14 J. Q. I 77 4.


speak to.


An account, ./ewing the produce of 7 lb. (the stipulated quantity for two quartern loaves)

of sundry mixtures of grain, &c., directed to be baked into bread;—shewing the weight of

dough made therefoom, the quantity required for making two quartern loaves, according to
the custom of the town bakers, being 9 lb. 10 oz. or 4 lb. 13 oz. each s—the weight it turned
out over or short thereof;-and the weight of the bread when taken out of the oven –pre-
pared in pursuance of a letter from the chairman of the corn committee, 28th Nov. last,

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Copy of a Letter from Charles Dandas, es?. to the Chairman of the Committee appointed to enquire into the bigh Price of Corn.


AS many of the members, who have attended the committee appointed to inquire into the high price of corn, may visit their constituents during the Christmas recess, I beg leave to call their attention to a subject which I conceive does most materially affect the sale of wheat, and to propose a remedy for some part of the grievances which are now complained of, meaning that our constituents may be consulted, during the adjournment of parliament, on the practicability of adopting weight as a regulator of measure, which appears to me to be the only just criterion of the quality of Corn. By this, jobbing would be annihilated, and certainty would be established in the returns of your markets, and in the profits of the miller, mealman, and baker. At this instant, notwithstanding the prevailing opinion, that the Winchester bushel is the legal standard, yet there does not exist a certain measure in the kingdom. The bushel kept in the Exchequer is less than eight of the standard gallons there, the gallon less than four standard quarts, and the quart is more than two standard pints. The bushel of queen Elizabeth, 1591, contains 2,124 cubical inches; the gallon of the same date, 271 cubical inches, and the pint, dated 16oz, 34*s cubical inches : Therefore the inequalities of your

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