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tions thereupon, proceeded, in the
first instance, to confider such in-
formation as bad been already col-
le&ted concerning the same.
They examined, for this purpose,
the minutes of the evidence taken
before the lords of his majesty's
privy council, upon this subject.
They received from fir John Sin-
clair, one of the members of the
committee, the substance of such
accounts of the state of the late
crop of grain, as the correspondence
of the board of agriculture had en-
abled them, at the present period,
to colle&t. They had further the
opportunity of receiving from ma-
ny of their members a statement
of facts within their own knowledge
or communicated by respectable
authorities from their different
They have received also from his
majesty's principal secretary of state
for the home department, such
returns as had been hitherto made
to the circular letter written by him,
by his majesty's command, to the

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