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ed by the daily and laborious occupations, in which he was engaged in the cabinet of Medals, and in which he displayed such critical acumen and profound erudition. In 1753, on the death of M. de Boze, with whom he had been associated for seven years, he was made keeper of the cabinet of medals, to which office he was promoted, notwithstanding some opposition, by the zeal of his illustrious friends, M. de Malesherbes, M. de Stainville, afterwards minifter and Duc de Choiseul, and M. de Gontacq, brother to the last Maréchal de Biron. In 1754, M. de Stainville, being appointed ambassador at Rome, invited Barthelemy to accompany him to Italy; an offer which his duty and avocations would not permit him to accept. In the year 1755, however, he was enabled to take this journey with his friend M. de Cotte ; and his residence in Italy was made particularly agreeable by the continuance of M. de Stainville, who introduced him to the amiable and celebrated Pope Benedict XIV. At Naples he became acquainted with MaZouchi, who was then occupied in the task of unfolding the numerous antient MSS. that had been found in Herculaneum. Mazocchi had decyphered two or three, which containing matter of little importance, the work was on the point of being abandoned at that time but for the zealous encouragement of Barthelemy, who, if the Marquis Carraciola, then minister at Naples, and who had the matter much at heart, had lived, "would certainly have been the means of the work's going on with ardour As a proof of Barthe

lemy's retentive powers; having applied in vain for the liberty to copy one of these manuscripts, in order to send a fac finile of the antient writing to the learned in France, and, being only suffered to examine it, he read it over attentively five or fix times, and, suddenly leaving the apartment, copied the fragment from memory, and correcting, when he came back, some slight errors, he sent it the same day to the academy of Belles Lettres ; enjoining secrecy, however, that no blame might attach to Mazocchi. At Rome he had the pleasure and honour to give a new and satisfactory explanation of the beautiful Mosaic of Palestina, which is printed in the thirteenth volume of the academy of inscriptions. M. de Stainville, on his return to Paris in 1757, being named to the embassy of Vienna, Barthelemy joined him there with Madame de Stainville, who had remained be

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that he was reading Horace two hours before his death, and was probably unconscious of its approach. His figure was tall, and of good proportion; and the structure of his frame seemed well adapted to support the vigorous exertions of his mind. Houdon has finished an excellent bust of this ornament of his age and country. His relations cherish his memory with filial piety; his friends feel his irreparable loss with constant regret; to the learned he has left a model of imitation, and to all mankind a useful example. The following is a list of his works : 1. Travels of Anacharfis in Greece, in the middle of the 4th century before the Christian aera, 4 vols, 4to. 7 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1788; with a volume of maps, memoirs and descriptions, inserted in the collection of the Academy of Incriptions. 2. On

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