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arms than a bow and arrow; the latter are very short, and are carried

on the shoulder in a quiver about .

18 inches long and four in diamater,
made of the bark of aloe's wood,
and covered with the skin of a great
lizard found in all the rivers, espe-
cially on the banks of the Orange
and the Fish river. Obliged to main-
tain a numerous company, and de-
firous of making the holde partake
of my plenty of game, I went
daily to hunt, and was always at-
tended by a large number of Hoo-
zuanas. If I hunted in the moun-
tains, I climbed the rocks with
them ; in the plain, I used one of
my horses;—but whether it was
their office to follow me, or to drive
towards me the zebras and gazelles,
they were always indefatigable ;
and at whatever pace I put my
horse I saw them still at my fide.
During all the long journey which
they performed with me, never did
they belie their charaćter. In
many respects they seemed to re-
semble the Arabs, who, equally
wanderers, equally brave and pre-
datory, are unchangeably faithful
in their engagements, and would
defend to the last drop of blood
the traveller who purchases their
fervices, and puts himself under
their protection.
Were my projećt of crossing
Africa entirely from north to south
practicable, it could only be with
these Hoozuanas.
that fifty men of this sober, brave,
and indefatigable nation would
have sufficed me to effectuate it ;
and I shall ever regret having
known them too late, and under
circumstances in which innumera-
ble misfortunes had compelled me
to renounce my design,<-at least for
the present.

I am convinced ,

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A card-party was formed on Fri

day evening, being the Vendredi

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