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commisiaries of the executive di-
rectory with the French armies of
Italy and the Alps, that having
laid before his holiness the fixty-
four articles proposed by their ex-
cellencies, under the condition that
they must all either be rejected or
accepted to their full extent, his
holiness, after having examined
them, and taken the advice of the
holy colleg2, declares, that neither
religion nor good faith do any
ways allow him to accept them.
It is with the utmost concern his
holiness has found, that besides
the article already proposed at
Paris, tending to oblige him to dis-
approve, revoke, and annul, all
the bulls, rescripts, bricts, and
apostolic mandats issued under the
authority of the holy see, with
respect to the affairs of France,
fince the year 1789, there were fe-
veral others, which being equally
prejudicial to the catholic religion
and the rights of the church, are

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