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and the republic of Genoa, and for deciding on their respective claims. XIX. Conformable to the fixth article of the treaty concluded at the Hague, on the 27th Floreal, 3d year, the Batavian republic is included in the present treaty. There shall be peace and friendship between that republic and the king of Sardinia. Every thing shall be established between them on the same footing as before the present war. XX. The king of Sardinia shall disavow, by his minister to the French republic, the proceedings employed towards the last ambassador of France. XXI. The present treaty shall be ratified, and the ratifications exchanged in less than one month, reckoning from the signing of the present treaty. Done and concluded at Paris, , the 25th Floreal, 4th year of the French republic, one and indivisible, answering to the 15th of May, 1796. (Signed) CHAR les DFL Acro 1x. LE CHEv ALIER DE REvel. LE CHEvalier De To Nzo. The executive directory decree and fign the present treaty of peace with the king of Sardinia, negotiated in the name of the French republic by the minister of foreign affairs, o by the executive directory, by a decree of the 22d Floreal, and charged with instructions to that effect. At Paris, the 28th Floreal, 4th year of the French republic, one and indivisible. (Signed) Letou RNtum, REw H E 1.L, CAR Not’, P. BAR RAs, L. M. Revel LLERE LEPAUx. Moscoe

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But did not a great number of those very emigrants from France, who occasioned so many mischiefs to the country, resort to a neutral country : Why did not these colonists, always rebels to the laws, not take up arms to defend them, as well as the magistrates, who were their organs ? It can now be no longer doubted, from letters that have been intercepted, and the official reports of the agents of the republic, that Philadelphia was the seat of an English committee, which, without doubt, eluded the vigilance of the American government, and of which the colonists were the agents in the same manner as the Austrian at Basle were the more often fible agents of an Austrian committee. Even supposing that the emigrant colonists were only so cowardly as to withdraw themselves from the evils of the war, which they provoked by their resistance to the laws respecting the emancipation of the blacks, and that they only sought an asylum in the United States, ought they not to have taken the first safe and honourable opportunity which presented, in order to return to the French territories? Yet in vain did the ministers of the republic, in America, invite them by official intimations, by journals, and by placards, to return to France, of fering them a free passage aboard the ships of the republic. They still refused, hoping that the triumphs of England and of Spain would speedily facilitate their return to their native soil again,” polluted by , slavery, and would enable them to carry along with them the pride of dominion, info

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Moffage from the Directory, addressed
to fle Council of Ancients, dated the
5th Pluviose (Jan. 25) and read
in a Secret Committee.
Citiz EN's Legislators,
THE enemies of France', have
spoken of peace, but it was to relax
our preparations, while they them-
selves redoubled their efforts for
continuing the war; they with to
weaken the courage of our defend-
ers, by lulling them with the hopes
of approaching peace, which they
themselves do not cease to elude by
the mott, evasive forms, and the
most frivolous pretexts. This per-
tidy on their part is not new, and
the reports they have affected to
circulate on this subject, since the
commencement of holiilities, have
always been seized and believed
by the foreign faction, which they
maintain among us. But these
manoeuvres have never been coun-
tenanced by the executive direc-
tory, who in offering peace to the
coalesced powers, on conditions as
moderate as are consistent with the
national dignity, have neglected
nothing for assuring new triumphs
to the republican arms.
The French fluould know that
they never can have peace with
their enemies till they shall have
rendered it imposiible for then to
Pursue their disastrous projects.
'I his epoch is not far off; it must
crown a vigorous campaign, and we
have reason to think that that which
is about to be opened will yield in
nothing to that of the third year.
The government already acquires
frength every day, and the hopes
of the enemics of the interior of a
disagreement between the legisla-
tive body and the directory dis-
appear every day; the circulation
of provisions begins to be re-esta-
- - -

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