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General Buonaparte to the Executive Dire.70 y. Head ouarters at Modena, 26 Wendemiare, (O3. 17). YOU will find subjoined, citizens directors, the letter I have received from General Gentili. According to it, the Mediterranean is now free. Corsica, restored to the republic, will afford resources for our marine, and even the means of recruiting our light infantry. The commissioner Salicetti departs this night for Leghorn, to sail from thence to Corsica. General Gentili is to command provisionally the troops. I have provisionally

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cantons, to renew, in the name of

all the citizens, the oath of fidelity to the republic. I only wait a favourable wind to put to sea, and


secure to the republic the most important posts in the island. Bastia, its forts, and St. Fiorenzo, are already guarded by their inhabitants, conjointly with the English who depart in three days. I hope we shall find artillery and magazines. (Signed) GENTIL F. Genti/; to the French Commissioners. Leghorn, 24 Weydeniaire, (Oc. 15). THE .V. ago settled by our compatriots to Meliver Corfica from the tyranny of the English, the movements of the interior prepared by the republicans, the dispositions taken here by the patriots for supporting them, the debarkation already elected on the island of a great many of our fellow citizens, and the numbers preparing here to follow then, have struck terror into the hearts of the English. They were sensible that they could not long maintain themselves in a country conquered by treason : Elliot is therefore evacuating Corfica, and re-embarking all the English troops. At this moment, when we are about to put to sea, a numerous deputation of the communes of Bastia, and other places, have arrived, and to give to us this happy news, which we are desirous of communicating to you. The town of Bastia, faithful to its vows and attachment to France, has formed a provisional committee, which has named a deputation to come and offer the oath of fidelity to the French republic. Bastia, and its forts, as well as St. Fiorenzo, are guarded by the citizens.’ We are assured that in three days there will be no more English in the country. Hasten to give the


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