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THE executive directory, who cannot but praise, citizen general, the indefatigable activity with which you combat the enemics of liberty; the executive directory, who participate with all the good citizens, with all the truc friends of their country, with all the fincere republicans in the admiration which the great military talents you display inspire, and which give you a just chainn to national gratitude, see with indignation the efforts which libellers, under different masks, are daily making to mislead the public, and to second the enemies of our country, by rolmours which can have no other end, than to diffendinate disiention among the friends of order and peace. The directory see with indignation the perfidy with which those confederate libellers have dured to attack the loyalty, the constant fidelity of your services; and they owe to themselves the formal denial which they give to the absurd calungies which the neceility of fostering malignity has made them hazard, by accounts which tended to prove a timulus to the directory to read their productions. o

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bassador of Sweden, dated August 2, 1796, old style, Resolves,

Article I. The executive directory perfisting in their refusal of admitting M. de Rehausen; they consequently charge the minister of general police to notify to him the laws of the republic concerning foreigners.

II. The executive directory recal citizen Perrochel, chargé d' Affaires, and citizen Marivaux, secretary of legation, and formerly charge d'Affaires in Sweden.

III. The executive directory protest, nevertheless, that the Swedish nation may always rely on their sentiments of affection.

IV. The ministers of foreign relations and of general police, are charged, each in ini's capacity, with the execution of the present resolution, which shall be printed with the note.


Revel LIER2 LEPEAUx, president.

By order of the executive directory, (Signed) LAGARDE, secretary.

(A true copy.)

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be destined for the French. Whatever injury France may have sustained from this conduct, she has, nevertheless, continued 19

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