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from the exchange of the ratifi-
cation of the present treaty, on
paying the debts which they may
have contracted during their cap-
tivity. -
The sick and wounded shall cow-
tinue to be taken care of in the
respective hospitals ; they shall be
given up in mediately after their
18. Conformable to the treaty
concluded at the Hague, the 27th
Floreal of the third year, the pre-
sent treaty of peace and friendship
is declared common with the Ba-
tavian republic.
19. It shall be ratified, and the
ratifications exchanged at Paris,
within one month, to reckon from
its signature, and sooner if practi.
cable. -
Paris, ; Frućtidor, of the fourth
year of the French republic,
one and indivisible.
(Signed) -
The Executive Directory resolve
and ratify the present treaty of
peace with the margrave of Baden,
negotiated in the name of the
French republic by the minister for
foreign affairs, appointed by the
Executive Dire&tory by the reso-
lution of the 28th of last Thermidor,
and charged with their instructions

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Treaty of Peace between the French Republic and the King of the Two . g of THE French republic and his majesty the king of the Two Sicilies, equally animated with the desire to make the advantages of peace succeed to the miseries inseparable from war, have named, viz. the Executive Dire&tory, in the name of the French republic, the citizen Charles Delacroix, minister for foreign affairs; and his majesty the king of the Two Sicilies, the prince Belmonte Pignatelli, gentleman of the chamber, and his envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary to his Catholic majesty, to treat, in their name, the clauses and conditions proper to reestablish good understanding and friend ship between the two powers, who after having exchanged their respective full powers, have agree on the following articles: Art. 1. There shall be peace, friendship, and good understanding, between the French republic

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Two Sicilies : in consequence, all hostilities shall definitively cease, reckoning from the day of the exchange of the ratification of the present treaty. Meanwhile, and till that period, the conditions stipulated by the armistice concluded on the 17th Prairial of the 4th year (5th of June, 1796) shall continue to have full power and effect, 2. Every interior act, engagement, or convention, on the one part or the other of the two contracting parties, which are contrary to the present treaty, are revoked, and shall be regarded as uull, and of no effect ; in confequence, during the course of the present war, neither of the two

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exceeding the number specified in the above article. 5. The French republic and the king of the Two Sicilies engage to take off the sequestration from all effects, revenues, goods seized, confiscated, and kept from the citizens or subjects of both powers, in con{equence of the present war, and to admit them respectively to the legal exercise of all civil rights that, may belong to them. 6. All prisoners made on one fide or the other, comprising mariners and sailors, shall e reciprocally restored within a month, reckoning from the cz change of the ratification of the present treaty, paying the debts which they may have contracted during their captivity ; the sick and wounded shall continue to be taken Q 2 care

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