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dition of unnecessary expences. The extraordinaries and the votes of credit, in 1778, 79, and 80, were less by three millions two hundred thousand pounds than the present: in the ordnance, the extraordinaries arose to near three millions. These augmentations in the national expences were obviously unconstitutional, as they were made without parliamentary sanction. The total of the money thus expended was upwards of thirtyone millions; and together with that voted by the parliament amounted to sixty-six millions eight hundred thousand pounds. This immense sum had been expended in three years of an inglorious and ruinous war. Another unconstitutional proceeding, of a most alarming nature, was the erection of barracks. These


were justly, by judge Blackstone, fiyled inland fortresles, and were undeniably intended to separate the military from the civil clades, and to keep the latter in awe by means of the former. They had been * rected too without consulting parliament, and had cosi, since the year 1790, eleven hundred thousand pounds, and more was now demanded for their completion. Ministerial demands of loans from the bank were also becotne, of late, enormous, and intirely repugnant to the primitive motives of its institution, which were to allist the mercantile transactions of the ki; gdom, and to maintain its cominercial credit: but it had, in many

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of state: it was now near twelve millions in advance to government. Mr. Grey entered into other particulars, to shew the irregularity prevailing in the financial departments. He concluded by affirming, in confequence of farther details, that the national revenue fell short of the peace-establishment by two millions and a half, the latter being twentytwo millions, the former only nineteen millions five hundred thousand pounds. Thus we should be loaded with farther taxes to supply that deficiency, even were a peace to ensue. Of these premises, he moved

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