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them to throw off the yoke, and
adopt the system of the French, who
might easily be prevailed upon, in
fuch case, to give them effectual
This was fully verified in the
instance of the duchy of Modena:
its soverign, when he fled to Venice,
had established a regency, which,
contrarily to the intent of the armis-
tice concluded with the French, as
they complained, set about repair-
ing the fortifications of the city of
that name. This afforded them a
plausible pretext to take it into their
own possession: they dismissed the
ducal regency, and substituted a
goverisment on their own plan, and
which was to rule in their name.
This change was effected on the
eight of October.
. The city of Reggio, the next in
importance in that duchy, had al-
ready cast off its obedience, and
settled a republican government,
in complete imitation of that in
France. This happened towards the
s'ose of August. The cities of Bo-
Iogna and Ferrara, which had submit-
ted to the French about two months
before, were now so completely
revolutionized in their principles,
that they sent a deputation to con-
gratulate the people of Reggio upon
what they had done, and to offer
them affiliance against all opposers.
After the French had seized Mo-
dena, an union of that city and those
of Reggio, Bologna, Ferrara, and
of their respective districts, into one
commonwealth, under the protec-
tion of France, was in mediately
proječied. The French forms and
institutions were adopted in every
respect; but care was taken, at the
same time, to prevent, by the firictest
regulations, all to ultuous proceed-
jigs, on account of differences in
opinion, and to secure the property

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