The Works of Frederick Schiller: Historical and dramatic

Bell and Daldy, 1872

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Seite 220 - The power, the beauty, and the majesty, That had her haunts in dale, or piny mountain, Or forest by slow stream, or pebbly spring, Or chasms and wat'ry depths ; all these have vanished. They live no longer in the faith of reason...
Seite 369 - His marvellous preservation had transformed him. Thenceforth he held himself for an exempted And privileged being, and, as if he were Incapable of dizziness or fall, He ran along the unsteady rope of life. But now our destinies drove us asunder: He paced with rapid step the way of greatness, Was Count, and Prince, Duke-regent, and Dictator. And now is all, all this too little for him ; He stretches forth his hands for a king's crown, And plunges in unfathomable ruin.
Seite 486 - And station'd sentinel beside the cap; This man I apprehended in the act Of passing it without obeisance due, So as you ordered, I arrested him, Whereon to rescue him the people tried.
Seite 408 - From the highest, As from the vilest thing of every day He learns to wean himself ; for the strong hours Conquer him. Yet I feel what I have lost In him. The bloom is vanished from my life. For O ! he stood beside me, like my youth, Transformed for me the real to a dream, Clothing the palpable and familiar With golden exhalations of the dawn.
Seite 176 - The calm, the blissful, and the enduring mighty ! Lo there ! the soldier, rapid architect ! Builds his light town of canvas, and at once The whole scene moves and bustles momently, With arms, and neighing steeds, and mirth and quarrel The motley market fills; the roads, the streams Are crowded with new freights, trade stirs and hurries ! But on some morrow morn, all suddenly, The tents drop down, the horde renews its march. Dreary, and solitary as a church-yard The meadow and down-trodden seed-plot...
Seite 173 - And his too is the station of command. And well for us it is so ! There exist Few fit to rule themselves, but few that use Their intellects intelligently. — Then Well for the whole, if there be found a man, Who makes himself what nature destined him, The pause, the central point to thousand thousands — Stands fixed and stately, like a firm-built column, Where all may press with joy and confidence.
Seite 301 - do not ride to-day ' The dapple, as you're wont ; but mount the horse ' Which I have chosen for thee. Do it, brother ! ' In love to me. A strong dream warned me so.
Seite 488 - BERTHA (to the governor). Let this suffice you, sir ! It is inhuman To trifle with a father's anguish thus. Although this wretched man had forfeited Both life and limb for such a slight offence, Already has he suffer 'd tenfold death.
Seite 175 - A higher than the- warrior's excellence. In war itself war is no ultimate purpose. The vast and sudden deeds of violence, Adventures wild, and wonders of the moment, These are not they, my son, that generate The Calm, the Blissful, and the enduring Mighty...
Seite 354 - How? Thy duty? Duty to whom ? Who art thou ? Max. ! bethink thee What duties mayst thou have ? If I am acting A criminal part toward the Emperor, It is my crime, not thine. Dost thou belong To thine own self? Art thou thine own commander...

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