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So with Life; the care and sorrow

Torture by fore-running fear:
Oft tbe evil of to-morrow,

Like the day is never here.

L.-Flirt on, flirt on, my gay coquette,

And I'll make my affidavit,
That soon your heart will be to let,

And none but fools will crave it.


G.–Wooing, wedding, and repenting !


L.—Though losses and crosses

Be lessons right severe,
There's wit there ye'll get there

Ye'll find nae other where.



Kind Fate shall on her fairest page,
With every kindliest, best presage
Of future bliss enroll thy name
With native worth, and spotless fame;
All blameless joys or earth thou’lt find,
And all the treasures of the mind.



The wise and active conquer difficulties,
By daring to attempt them; sloth and foily
Shiver and sink at sights of toil and hazard,
And make the impossibilities they fear.



Few here are happy but in part,

Full bliss is bliss divine ;
There dwells some wish in

every heart,
Why should not one in thine ?
That wish on some fair future day

Which fate shall brightly gild, -
('Tis blameless, be it what it may),
That wish shall be fulfilled.



G.– Where the altar of religion

Greets the expectant bridal pair,
Where the vow that lasts till dying,

Vibrates on the sacred air ;
Where man's lavish protestations

Doubt of after change defy,
Comforting the frailer spirit

Bound his servitor for aye ;
Seek her and you there will gain
That so long desired in vain.

Sat. Fve. Post

L.-Send him in faith a simple flower,

It often possesses a magic power,
And the spirit which its light magic weaves
May touch his heart from its simple leaves,
And if this should fail, it at least will be
A token of love to him from thee.

Token for 1829


G.–Think nought a trifle, though it small appear;

Small sands make mountains, moments make the year,
And trifles, life.


L.—The woman whose price is above rubies, has no particular in the character given of her by the wise man more endearing, than that she openeth her mouth with wisdom, and in her tongue is the law of kindness.



She had borne
To see your love decline by slow degrees,
So slight the change at first, it was not seen,
But only felt-a doubt--a dread—a pang-
Passing at intervals across her heart,
And waking many a dark and bitter though
Of man's inconstancy--but when the truth


Flashed suddenly upon her, clear and full,
Tee anguish, and the bitterness were past,
And her deep love is changed to cold contempt,
For woman's heart, though it forgiveth much,
And trusteth long, is stronger in its scorn,
As it has greatly felt its trust deceived.

E. Bogart.

L.-Thy haunting influence, how it mocks

His efforts to forget!
The stamp love only seals but once

Upon his life is set.
Alas! he has no power to choose,

Love is not at his will,
He says he will be careless, cold,
But finds he loves thee still.




Of flowers !
No marvel woman so loves flowers, they bear
So much of fanciful similitude
To her own history ; like herself, repaying
With such sweet interest all the cherishing
That calls their beauty or their sweetness forth ;
And like her too dying beneath neglect.


L.-Most fond of his hoarded gold,

And in fancy oft is heaping

Rich gems and jewels of price untold,

Visions that end in weeping.

G.—Heart on her lip, and soul within her eyes,
Soft as her clime, and sunny as her skies.


L.--He's mild as April showers, his heart is light and gay,

And like the lovely flowers 'tis blooming while it may.
His smiles are all bewitching, the beams upon a face
That beauty is enriching with hues of health and grace,


G.–Her fancy loves to wander forth

And hover round the hearth,
And eatch those gleaming looks of love

That light that scene of mirth.
L.-'Tis that alone he should not rove

A dreary world like this;
But have a voice to call him back

To share life's social bliss.

G.–Keep away! keep away!

Too sweet is her tone;
Ere long it will sway,
But ne'er echo thine own,

Keep away!


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