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Fades on the umbered hills

away, And melts into the coming night.

Mrs. Whitman.

L.—The mighty Power that formed the mind

One mould for every two designed,

And blessed the new born pair ;
This be a match for that,he said,
Then down he sent the souls he made

To seek them bodies here.
But parting from their warm abode
Some lost their fellows on the road ;-

And this the Fates ordain
As sad lot for sure am I
That none have sought more anxiously,
And sought, alas ! in vain !

Dr. Watts.



I saw thy heart unkindled lay

On Cupid's burning shrine,
Another heart he stole away,

And placed it near to thine.

I saw the hearts begin to melt,

Like ice before the sun;
Till both a glow congenial felt,

And mingled into one.

Moore. K.


0.-Good offices will make a man ashamed to be thy enemy; greatness of soul will terrify him from the thought of hurting thee; and industry will preserve thy independence.

L.Do not let prosperity put out the eyes of circumspection, nor abundance cut off the hand of frugality; for those who too much indulge in the superfluities of life shall live to lament the want of its necessaries,


All that morality can teach is—bear!
And all religion can inspire is-hope !

P. J. Baily.

Life has import more inspiring

Than the fancies of thy youth ;
It has hopes as high as Heaven,

It has labor, it has truth.
It has wrongs that may be righted,

Noble deeds that may be done ;
Its great battles are unfought,

Its great triumphs are unwon.
There's rising from its troubled deeps

A low, unceasing moan;
There are aching, there are breaking,
Other hearts beside thine own.

From strong limbs that should be chainless

There are fetters to unbind ;
There are words to raise the fallen,

There is light to give the blind.

There are crushed and broken spirits

That electric thought may thrill;
Lofty dreams to be embodied

By the might of one strong will.
There are God and Heaven above thee;

Wilt thou languish in despair?
Tread thy griefs beneath thy feet,

Scale the walls of Heaven by prayer.

'Tis the key of the Apostle

That opens Heaven from below! 'Tis the ladder of the Patriarch, Whereon angels come and go!

Anna C. Lynch


While you have plenty, and have cash to spend,
So long you're known, so long you'll have a friend;
But change the scene, let fickle Fortune frown,
You'll stand forsaken, and alas! unknown


In dreams the form of

one you

view Who thinks on you, and loves you too.

H. K. White.

Dreams are but interludes which Fancy makes ;
When monarch Reason sleeps this mimic wakes;
And many monstrous forms in sleep we see,
Which neither were, nor are, nor e'er can be.



G.-Hard is his fate on whom the public gaze

Is fixed forever to detract, or praise ;
Repose denies her requiem to his name,
And Folly loves the martyrdom of Fame.

The secret enemy, whose sleepless eye
Stands sentinel-accuser-judge-and spy,
The foe-the fool-the jealous--and the vain,
The envious, who but breathe in others' pain,
Behold the host, delighting to deprave,
Who track the steps of glory to the grave,
Distort the truth, accumulate the lie,
And pile the pyramid of calumny! Byron.

L.—That owing to your love of fashion you are like a diamond, more costly than useful.




Your life may wear a careless smile,
Your words may breathe the very soul of lightness,
But the touched heart must deeply feel the while,

That life hath lost a portion of its brightness;


And woman's love shall never be a chain,
To bind you to its nothingness again.

Epes Sargent. L.

You have been wretched, yet
The silver shower whose reckless burden weighs
Too heavily upon the lily's head
Oft leaves a saving moisture at the roots.



G.–To-morrow, promiseth conscience; and behold no to.

day for a fulfillment ; Each morn the bees fly forth to fill the growing combAnd levy golden tribute of the uncomplaining flowers; To-morrow is their care; they toil for rest to-morrow; But man deferreth duty's task, and loveth ease to-day.

Lo, it is the even of to-day--a day so lately a to-morrow ! Where are those high resolves, those hopes of yesternight? Oh, faint, fond heart, still shall thy whisper be to-morrow? And must the growing avalanche of sin roll down that easy slope ?


L.- What should they fear who hurry on

Trough life's tumultuous day,
And scarcely give one little hour

To Heaven upon their way ?



power that ministers to Heaven's decrees, and executes on earth what it foresees,

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