Medico-Chirurgical Transactions, Band 1

Longmans, Green and Company, 1809
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Seite 127 - On our proposing to him to drink, he started up and recovered his breath by a deep convulsive inspiration; yet he expressed much regret that he could not drink, as he conceived it would give him great relief, his mouth being extremely parched and clammy. On being urged to try however, he took
Seite 128 - to him intolerable; but he seemed determined to drink with the spoon. With an expression of terror, yet with great resolution, he filled the spoon and proceeded to carry it to his lips; but before it reached his mouth, his courage forsook him, and he was forced to desist. He repeatedly renewed the attempt, but with no more success. His arm became rigid and
Seite 220 - has disappeared, and he has not been since subject to that pain in the head, by which he had been so much distressed prior to the operation. This aneurism, from the depth of its situation, was, I believe, seated in the internal carotid artery, and this led me to hope that the
Seite 120 - After repeated trials I was at length enabled, with a bougie to feel one extremity of the stick lodged high up in the rectum? but without being able to lay hold of it with the stone forceps. To allay the irritation for the present, an emollient clyster, with tinct. opii.
Seite 104 - paroxysms is in some instances immense; which augments very seriously the sufferings of the gouty. The distress, however, is not owing to any irritating quality in the chalk, but to its obstructing the motion of the tendons and joints, occasioning often a complete anchylosis, and pressing and
Seite 120 - was given, which passed without the least impediment, and did not return. On the next examination, two hours after, I found the sphincter ani considerably dilated, and by a continued perseverance to increase it, the relaxation became so complete, that in about twenty minutes I was
Seite 31 - affection of the heart continued, generally attended with great pain, producing in the progress of the disease, and towards its close, a considerable disposition to dropsy, under which the patient lingered for ten months. All those I have seen afflicted with this disease were young persons; only two were above
Seite 255 - were his prepossessions, that Mr. Hunter conceived he would have died, had not the dog which inflicted the wound been fortunately found and brought into his room in perfect health. This soon restored his mind to a state of tranquillity. The sight of water no longer
Seite 253 - quick successions of general, though slight convulsive spasms of the muscles. If the dog survives, this affection of the muscles continues through life. He is often attacked with fits of a different description. He first staggers, then tumbles, rolls, cries as if whipped, and tears up the ground with his teeth and fore-feet.

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