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3 Make us into one spirit drink:

Baptize into thy name;
And let us always kindly think,

And sweetly speak the same.

4 Touch'd by the loadstone of thy love,

Let all our hearts agree;
And ever tow'rds each other move,

And ever move tow'rds thee.

5 To thee inseparably join'd,

Let all our spirits cleave : O may we all the loving wind

That was in thee receive!

6 This is the bond of perfectness,

Thy spotless charity;
O let us still, we pray, possess

The inind that was in thee!

7 Grant this, and then from all below,

Insensibly remove; Our souls their change shall scarcely know,

Made perfect first in love. 8 With ease, our souls thro' death shall glide

Into their paradise,
And thence on wings of angels ride

Triumphant thro' the skies.

9 Yet when the fullest joy is given,

The same delight we prove :
In earth, in paradise, in heaven,

Our All in All is love,

Hymn 227. P. M.

Love Feast.
NOME, and let us sweetly join,

Christ to praise in hymns divine
Give we all with one accord,
Glory to our common Lord:
Hands, and hearts, and voices raise,
Sing as in the ancient days;
Aptedate the joys above;

Celebrate the feast of love.
2 Strive we, in affection strive!

Let the purer flame revive;
Sąch as in the martyrs glow'd,
Dying champions for their God:
We like them may live and love,
Call'd we are their joys to prove :
Sav'd with them from future wrath :

Partners of like precious faith. 3 Sing we then in Jesu's name,

Now as yesterday the same,
One in every time and place,
Full for all of truth and grace :
We for Christ our Master stand,
Lights in a benighted land:
We our dying Lord confess:

We are Jesu's witnesses.
4 Witnesses that Christ hath died;

We with him are crucified:
Christ hatb burst the bands of death :-
We his quick’ning Spirit breathe :
Christ is now gone up on high :
Thither all our wishes iy:
Sits at God's right hand above;
There with him we reign in love.

Hymn 228. P. M.

Love Feast.
YOME, thou high and lofty Lord!

Humbly stoop to earth again;
Come, and visit abject man!
Jesus, dear expected guest,
Thou art bidden to the feast!
For thyself our hearts prepare;

Come, and sit, and banquet there. 3 2 Jesus, we thy promise claim;

We are met in thy great name;
In the midst do thou appear,
Manifest thy presence here!
Sanctify us, Lord, and bless,
Breathe thy Spirit, give thy peace;
Thou thyself withio us move!

Make our feast a feast of love. 3 Let the fruits of grace abound;

Let us in thy bowels sound;
Faith, and love, and joy increase,
Temperance and gentleness ;
Plant in us thy humble mind,
Patient, pitiful, and kind:
Meek and lowly let us be,

Full of goodness, full of thee. 4 Make us all in thee complete :

Make us all for glory ineet:
Meet t' appear before thy sight:
Partners with the saints in light:
Call, O call us each by name,
To the marriage of the Lamb;
Let us lean upon thy breast;
Lore be there our endless feast.

Hymn 229. C. M. COME le twist nuse the grace divine, In a perpetual cov'nant join

Ourselves to Christ the Lord.
2 Give up ourselves thro' Jesu's power,

His name to glorify;
And promise in this sacred hour,

For God to live and die.
3 The cov'nant we this moment make

Be ever kept in mind;
We will no niore our God forsake,

Or cast his words behind.
4 We never will throw off his fear,

Who bears our solemn vow;
And if thou art well pleas'd to hear,

Come down and meet us now!
5 Thee, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,

Let all our hearts receive; Present with the celestial host,

The peaceful answer give.
6 To each the cov'nant blood apply,

Which takes our sins away;
And register our names on high,
And keep us to that day.
Hymn 230. L. M.

Admitting a Member.
BROTHER in Christ, and well-belov’d,
Enter, and show thyself approv'd;

Enter, and find that God is here.

2 'Scap'd from the world, redeem'd from sie,

By fiends pursu'd, by men abhorr'd, Come in, poor fugitive, come in,

And share the portion of thy Lord. 3 Welcome from earth -lo, the right hand

Or fellowship to thee we give! With open arms and hearts we stand,

And thee in Jesu's name receive. 4 Say, is thy heart resolv'd as ours ?

Then let it burn with sacred love; Then let it taste the heavenly powers,

Partaker of the joys above. 5 Jesus, attend, thyself reveal!

Are we not met in thy great name? Thee in the midst we wait to feel,

We wait to catch the spreading flame. 6 Thou God that answerest by fire,

The Sp'rit of burning now impart; And let the flames of pure desire,

Rise from the altar of each heart. 7 Truly our fellowship below

With thee and with the Father is; In thee eternal life we know,

And heaven's unutterable bliss. 8 In part we only know thee here,

But wait thy coming from above;
And we shall then behold thee near,
And then sball all be lost in love.
Hymn 231. P. M.

Visiting a Friend.
EACE be on this house bestow'd,

Peace on all that here reside;

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