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Business men, Christ walks into business, and calls men by His grace while sitting at the seat of custom. He is instant in season, and out of season. Now, the 28th

And Matthew left all, rose up, and followed Him." My hearers, I have told you often from this pulpit unless God had spoken in this Book I had no message to men. My whole stock-in-trade is just to repeat what He has said. This only is the witchcraft I have used. Look at it. " And he left all, rose up, and followed Jesus.” If that entry has not been made in your spirit

. ual biography and diary, your life has not been worth living up till now. I dare to repeat it, and look into your face. With all your abilities, your years, honors, successes, unless that red-letter entry can be put beside your name, your life is a wretched failure up to now.

" He left all, rose up, and followed Christ.” Then he began to live; never till then. The life received meaning and purpose. — MCNEILL.

Christ Greater Than All Sects. Above and beyond, and also through the churches, the spirit of Christ flies, like the angel that went to and fro over the heavens in St. John's vision. There is a spirit of brotherhood in Christ that, even while the Church was holding slaves and was glorying in bondage, was upon the outside of the Church pleading for equality and liberty. When it could not touch the pulpit it touched a Wilberforce. When the communion table would not confess it, it spoke in music through Sumner and Stuart Mill. Jesus Christ has always been larger than any existing şect, or all sects, and as the sun shines upon the earth, and besides pours his flood around it and beyond it, touching other planets and emptying oceans of light into the great formless void, so Christ has blessed the Church so far as it would receive His gifts, and then has poured His love around it and beyond it, where the statesmen have sat in council without any creed or any prayer. SWING.

Witnesses for Christ.

It will be much better for you to tell of the sweets of godliness than it will be to make riddles about the doctrine of it. Samson afterward made a riddle about his lion and the honey; and that riddle ended in fighting and bloodshed. We have known certain Christians spend their lives in making riddles about the honey and the lion, by asking tough doctrinal questions, which even angels can not answer. • Riddle me this,” they say, and then it has ended in a fight, and brotherly love has been murdered in the fray.

It is much better to bring your hands full of honey to those who are needy, and present it to them, that they may eat of it, than it is to cavil and discuss. No hurt can come of telling what the Lord has done for your soul, and it will keep you out of mischief. Therefore, I would stir up all Christian people to continue from day to day exhibiting to needy sinners the blessedness of Christ, that unbelievers may come and eat thereof.

By doing this you will be blessing men far more than Samson could bless his parents, for our honey is honey unto eternity; our sweets are sweets that last to Heaven, and are best enjoyed there. Call upon others to taste


The SHADOW OF THE CROSS.':-From the Painting by Morris.

and see that the Lord is good, and you shall have therein much joy. You shall increase your own pleasure by seeing the pleasure of the Lord prospering in your hand. What bliss awaits useful Christians when they enter into Heaven, for they shall be met there by many who have gone before them whom they were the means of turning to Christ.SPURGEON.

Christ as a Fact.

Above all other super-human ones He stands farthest from myth, and nearest to reality. Mark, then, the superiority of Christ as a fact. The Christian poet can not say, with the classic: “ All I know of Thee is Thy name;" and they who erect an altar to Him can not write over it:

•To the Unknown God.” The reality of Jesus is as definite, as undeniable, as the reality of Washington or Franklin. All the other incarnations belong to the atmosphere of legend. No twelve disciples gathered daily around the feet of Olympian Jove, nor of the beau tiful Apollo, nor of the gifted Minerva. No multitude gathered upon the mountain side to hear and see the Hercules and Aphrodite. If some crowd, acting in the historic period, in the days of language and words, had followed the Apollo along the streets of Jerusalem or Athens, and had even crucified him, then would the Christian Gospel confess a rival in the pagan pages. But it was the misfortune of all that Olympian group that there was no Judas to betray any one of them with a kiss, and no Pilate to order any one of them to the cross. They all lived outside the bounds of evidence, and hence

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