The Principles of Gothic Ecclesiastical Architecture: With an Explanation of Technical Terms, and a Centenary of Ancient Terms

David Bogue, 1849 - 348 Seiten

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Seite iv - Crosse he bore, The deare remembrance of his dying Lord, For whose sweete sake that glorious badge he wore, And dead, as living, ever him ador'd : Upon his shield the like was also scor'd, For soveraine hope which in his helpe he had.
Seite 10 - WASHINGTON STREET, BOSTON, ANNUAL OF SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERY ; or, Year Book of Facts in Science and Art, exhibiting the most important Discoveries and Improvements in Mechanics, Useful Arts, Natural Philosophy, Chemistry, Astronomy, Meteorology, Zoology, Botany, Mineralogy, Geology, Geography, Antiquities, etc.
Seite 347 - Plates, 21s. morocco. Flora's Gems : Twelve splendid Groups of Flowers, drawn and coloured by JAMES ANDREWS ; with Poetical Illustrations by LA Twamley. Imp. 4to.
Seite 12 - DICTIONARY OF SCIENCE, LITERATURE, AND ART; comprising the History, Description, and Scientific Principles of every Branch of Human Knowledge; with the Derivation and Definition of all the Terms in General Use.
Seite 11 - Price One Shilling each, neatly printed and illustrated. 1. Manual of Flower Gardening for Ladies. By JB Whiting, Practical Gardener.
Seite 11 - WITH ILLUMINATED TITLES. IN THE STYLE OF THE OLD ROMISH MISSALS. Books of Poetry. THE POETRY OF FLOWERS. POETRY OF THE SENTIMENTS. THE LYRE.— Fugitive Poetry of the Nineteenth Century. THE LAUREL— a Companion Volume to the Lyre. 3s. 6d. neatly bound in French morocco elegant.
Seite 309 - ... over, and made uniform with the rest, so as no breach or rupture appear. And whether your rood-lofts be taken down, and altered, so that the upper parts thereof with the soller or loft be quite taken down unto the cross beam, and that the said beam have some convenient crest put upon the same.
Seite 2 - Glossary of Architecture. Explanation of the Terms used in Grecian, Roman, Italian, and Gothic Architecture, exemplified by many Hundred Woodcuts. Fifth Edition, much enlarged. 3 vols. 8vo. 48s. Introduction to Gothic Architecture. By the Editor of the " Glossary ;" with numerous Illustrations, 4s.
Seite 2 - PICTURESQUE ILLUSTRATIONS OF THE CATHEDRAL CHURCHES OF ENGLAND AND WALES. New Edition, with the MANCHESTER CATHEDRAL. 186 Plates, beautifully engraved by B. WINKLES; with Historical and Descriptive Accounts of the various Cathedrals. In three handsome vols.
Seite 345 - Christmas with the Poets : a Collection of English Poetry relating to the Festival of Christmas. Illustrated by Birket Foster, and with numerous initial letters and borders beautifully printed in gold and colours by Edmund Evans.

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