London Medical Gazette: Or, Journal of Practical Medicine, Band 24


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Seite 165 - The eagle's nest." She seized my hand, without being able to speak, and discovered strong emotions of pleasure in her countenance; probably from a sudden association of all her early domestic connexions and enjoyments with the words which I uttered. From that time she began to recover.
Seite 165 - the summit of a dead tree in the neighbourhood of the school, during the time of the incubation of the bird. The daughter of the farmer in whose field the tree stood, and with whom I became acquainted, married, and settled in this city about
Seite 165 - years ago. In our occasional interviews, we now and then spoke of the innocent haunts and rural pleasures of our youth, and, among others, of the eagle's nest in her father's field. A few years ago, I was called to visit this woman when she was in the lowest stage of typhus fever. Upon entering the room, I caught her
Seite 174 - health ; she was very plump, had a good appetite, and a complexion blooming with roses and lilies. She began to look upon her plumpness with suspicion, for her mother was very fat, and she was afraid of becoming like her. Accordingly she consulted a woman, who advised her to drink a small glass of vinegar daily: the young lady followed her
Seite 167 - has proved that the mechanical operation of sounds, by quickening the circulation of the blood and spirits, will act on the human machine more forcibly than the eloquence of reason and honour.
Seite 206 - the first instance, without the formation of matter; this being succeeded, of course, by the total annihilation of the form of the eye as well as the sight. In some instances the ulcération proceeds very rapidly. I have more than once seen the entire cornea swept away within forty-eight hours from the apparent commencement of the
Seite 174 - and her plumpness diminished. She was delighted with the success of the remedy, and continued it for more than a month. She began to have a cough, but it was dry at its commencement, and was considered
Seite 288 - That so long as the head advances ever so slowly, the patient's pulse continues good, the abdomen free from pain on pressure, and no obstruction to the removal of urine, interference should not be attempted unless the child be dead*.
Seite 137 - by division of the spinal cord in a frog, observes, " I divide the spinal marrow below the occiput, with these scissors: all is still. Not a trace of spontaneous motion. The animal would remain in this very form and position, without change, until all signs of vitality were extinct.
Seite 166 - seen, the mountaineers hastened to their rendezvous, and those of Liddisdale swam the Liddal river to reach it. They were assembled (though several of their houses were at a distance of six or seven miles) in two hours, and at break of day

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