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26. At Bath, of a mortification in his curate of Cheshunt, one of the furrogates of bowels, Mr. Peter Cazalot, sen. merchant in the London diocese, and one of the preachers Austin Friars.

at Whitehall. Mrs. Creffwell, relict of the late Cha. C. In Berkley-street, Portmanríqua. Francis esq. of the General Poft-office.

Ritchie Mowat, lieutenant in the navy, lon At his seat at Bramling, in his 81st year, of Capt. Francis M. of Aberdeen. Adm.Cha. Knowler, a superannuatedadmiral. 30. Mr. Jo. Kilvington, attorney, of Red

At Chelsea, Mrs. Tracy, relict of the late Lion-square. Hon. John Atkyns T. of Stanway, co. Glou. Miss Saxby, only daughter of Wm. S. csq. cefter, and late one of the cursitor barons of water-bailiff of London. the Exchequer.

At Peterborough, aged near 80, Mrse At Paris, M. Gerbier. He was one of the Bothway, relict of Mr. Jos, B. formerly best lawyers in France, and the most elo. grocer there. quent orator at the bar. He was born at 31. At Stanmore, Middlesex, aged 74 Rennes, the capital of Bretany, in July, Rev. James Dalton, rector of that place; to 1725. His voice was reckoned one of the which he was handsomely presented by Geo. most harmonious, and the most perfect in its Drummond, efq. 1781, (lee vol. LI. p. 444.) tones, of any of the public speakers.

having formerly kept an academy there, Ac Callercoate, co. Northumberland, Jas. At his house in St. Martin's Stamford-BaMills. He was a fisherman, in 1715, at ron, co. Lincoln, advanced in years, the Rev. Bamborough, when Lance Earrington took Geo. Pochin, rector of Morcot, co. Rutland, Holy Mand Caftle, and was in company and Caythorpe, co. Lincoln. He was a ge with the country people raised in search of neral philanthropist, of a most pious disponihim. At the age of 82 he married a widow, tion, greatly revered by his parishioners, and a second wife, and begot three daughters, the every person who knew him, for his exteneldeft of whom married a fisherman, and has five charity and benevolence. had threc.children.

At Weston, Herts, Rev. Jof. Reed, near 27. Mrs. Seddon, wife of Mr. S sen, the 57 years vicar of that parith. His immefamous cabinet-maker in Aldersgate-Atreet. · diate predecessor in the living held it 64

At Barrowby, advanced in years, Mrs. years; so that it had been in pofleffion of two Parsons, a widow lady of York, and relict succesfive incumbents above 120 years. of the late Major P.

At her house in Curzon-street, May Fair, At Liffon-green, Paddington, James Mel- after a painful illness, which the bore with liar, M.D. of North Cadbury, co. Somerset. great resolution, the Right Hon. Susannah

át Portsmouth, in his 9sth year, Mr. Lady Viscountess Fane, relict of Charles Vis. Wm. Tactum.

count F. of the kingdom of Ireland. She was 28. Mr. Wm. Lyon, one of the yeomen of daughter of John Marriott, esqi of Sunning, his Majesty's bouly-guards.

Berks, and Stuston, Suffolk; and was marAged 81, Rev. Mr. Cha. Wefley, brother ried, ift, in 1926, to Sir Wm. Juxon, bart. In the celebrated. Mr. John W.; the joint of Liale Compton, co. Gloucester, who died founders of the feet called Methodists. S. P. Feb. 3, 1739 ; 2dly, June 8, 1749, LO

At Granby-row, Dublin, the Right Hon. Viscount Fane, by whom ine had no chilBaroners Dillon.

dren-Viscount F. had two fifters, his coAged 71, Rev. Mr. Wright, rector of heirs; Mary, married to Jerome Baron de Birkin, co. York.

Salis, and Dorothy, the present Countess of Aged 87, Mrs. Day, widow, of Deeping Sandwich-Her Ladyship actually wrote, St. James, co. Lincoln.

and superintended the press while they were 29. At Blandford Park, the seat of the printing those anecdotes respecting herself, Duke of Beaufort, in his 21st year, William which are introduced in the celebrated novel Evelyn, efq. only son of Wm. E. esq. of St. of “ Peregrine Pickle;" and which, in beauty Clere, in Kent, M.P. for Hychc, in that of composition, are so superior to the rest of cunty. His death was occasioned by the that work. Dr. Smollett received a very hurt he received in consequence of a fall handsome reward for inserting them, batizad from his horse, as he was hunting some no share whatever in preparing them for the weeks ago, which was then thought to be public eye-Her life afforded a melancholy, only a light injury to his head. A few days inftance of the miseries inseparable from a afterwards he appeared tolerably well reco- misapplication of superior talents and clegant vered, and went on a visit to the Marquis of accomplishinents; and her indiscretions fur. Worcester ; 'Where, over-heating himself nished materials for the with riding, a pain in his head ensued, and alluded to in the “ Anecdotes of Mr. Bow. he was obliged to undergo' the operation of yer, p. 366. To the fate of this lady: John. trepanning, which he survived only two days. ion has a beautiful allusion in his Vanity of

At Ellmore, co. Gloucester, Fe'. Charles Human Wishes :" Bishop, rector of Elkstone and Rusfoi und “ Yet Vane could tell what ills from beauty in the commillion of the peace forhat co.


K..... At Cielhunt, Herts, Rev. To. Griffin, And Sedley Cirsd the form that pleasu a M.A. ten. fellow of St. John's Cuilege, Vali li has been fupposed, but erroneously, that


her portrait was intended by Hogarth in his forfeiture, he growlingly came forward, and « Henry VIII. and Anne Boleso."

in his coarie way thus addressed the audience. At Brompton row, Mrs. Johnson, widow " Ladies and Gentlement, I am desired by the of the late Harry J.esy. of Milton Bryant; manager to inform you, that the dance inCo. Bedford.

tended for this night is obliged to be postApril 1. In St. John's Square, Mr. Tho. poned, on account of Mademoiselle Rollan Keni, late drusgift in Alverigiite-street, having difiocated her ancle; I wish it had

In Halsey-court, Blackman-Itreet, Mr. · been her neck, the b-ch.” Halliday, formerly an eminent sugar-haker 7. Ac her seat at Campsey Ath, co. Suff. and refiner at Paul's Wharf, in the house oc aged 83, Mrs. Eliz. Bratiam, a maiden lady, cupied by the late Sir Barnard Turner.- who had but a few months furvived an only What rerulers his death more diftreiting is, fifter. Her real estates, which were consi. that his wife lay dead at the time; and four 'derable in that county, she has bequeathed to children are totally improvided for.

her cousin, Philip-Edward governor of 4. In Crown-court, Ralph Aldus. efq. at Tapanooly, in the iN and of Sumatra, the next tornev at law, formerly of Gray's lon, and heir male of her name and family. one of the fix gentlemen whom Mr. Mack In an advanced age, Lady Grierson, reliat lin prosecuted, fome years ago, for a conípi- of late Sir Gilb. G. bart. of Lag, in Dumfries. racy against him.' This conspiracy began 8. At Bath, about six o'clock in the mornwith their hiiling him from the tage, when ing, the Right Hon. Richard Rigby, M.P. for he attempted to perform the character of Tavistock. His illness was not of long dura. Macheth. Mr. Macklin resented this in a tion; its approach was sudden; but from the manner which part of the audience did not first, the effects were highly alarming to his like; and they obliged the managers to dil-, friends. His last complaint was that of a miss him. He afterwards brought his action droply; in which he was attended by Dr. against Aldus and five others, which ended Harrington. According to the best calculas in a compromise, Mr. Macklin agreeing to tion we can make, he was about 65 or 66 their taking icol. of tickets on his daughter's years of age.--Mr. R. made, at a very early benefit, 1ool. on his owo), ind paying the age, a conspicuous figure in life. It was not law costs. The burden of this feil principally accident that brought him inco the higher on Aldus.

circles. He was born to a handsome patriAt Franulingham, cSufflk, aged 107, mony, Mistley, the seat wiiere he lately rem Mrs. Anne Butler, a maiden lauly; formerly fideil, once pulleked by the famous Aubrey maid of honour to Queen Anne, and a rela- de Vere, Earl of Oxford ; on his acceflion to tion to the Duke of Ormand, un whose dif- it in 1730 the rest-roll was 1100l. a year. grace the retired to the above town.

Mr. R's father was a woollen-draper in Pa5. In her 87th year, at the Rev. Dr. Bell's, ternoster-row, hut being appointed by the in Little Dean's-yarul, Westminst. Mrs. Bell, Soucli Sea compiny, unier the patronage of reli&t of the Late Wm. B. eiq.of Greenwich. Sir Jolan and Sir Joseph Eyles, their factor

Of a fever, aged 16, Mr. John Bland, fun under the assiento, or contract, with the of Mr. B. of Mincing-lane.

Spanish crown, thereby got a large fortune In Temple-Street, Bristol, Mr. Jof. Ring, and purchased the estate of Midley, which potter. He was unfortunately killed by the his son has very much enlarged. Having falling-in of a warehouse; and has left a wife completed his academical studies, he visited and nire children.

the principal courts of Europe during his At Enfield, Mr. May, forinerly an eminent minority, and re.urned to England in the batcher, but had for some years retired. 21st year of his age; when he was foc 6. At Knightsbridge, Mıs

. Skrine, wife of licited and prevailed upon to offer himself a Hea. S. efq. She was delivered of a foo, her candidate for Sudbury, a borough near his firit child, a little time before (see p. 269). own seat, for which place he was returned

in Greville-strea, near Harton-garden, to Parliament after a violent opposition. A where the had lived many years with great general election following close, he had a sea. respectability, and enjoyed an uncommon cond contest to support, which was attended are of good health and spirits for her age with finilar circumstances of triumph and (74), Madame Catherine Rolla!...She was expence. About this time he became a mem a principal dancer on Covent-garden stage, so ber of the fashionable club at White's, where far back a$ fifty-four years ago s and follow- his fuitune experienced further disatters. od that proseilion, by private

teaching, to the Embarked however in polite life, with every last year of her life. She hat so much celo avantage to be derived from strong, manly brity in her day, that, having one evening talents, and a winning address; it is no wonsprained her ancie, no less an actor than Quin der that the leaders of the concending partie was ordered by the manager to make an apos. of those days, were defirous of enrolling him logy to the audience for her no: appearing in under their respective banners. Frederick the dance. Quin, who looked upon all dan: Prince of Wales, father of his present Mas cers as the “ mere garnish of the stage," at jeity, was amongit the foremeft to cultivate att demurred; but being threatened with a his acquaintanae ; he perioadly invited him Gunt. MAG. April, 1788

to his levees at Laicester-house, and became over the appointment to the great astonish fo pleased with his fociety, that he gave him «ment as well as satisfaction of his Grace an unsolicited promile to make him, on the This additional mark of his friend's zoal and first vacanty, a gentleman of his royal bed. attachment, made a suitable imp: cition on chaniber. Such vacancy happening not long the Duke's mind; for during the rereainder after, Mr. R's well-founded expectation was of lus life, his Grace never actud in matters disappointed by a different nomination. He of public or private coacern, without Mr. resented th s treatment, however, in a man R's advice; always retumed him for the boe ner worthy of tim. The Prince himself was rough of Tavistock ; named hiin one of his hurt on the occasion, and endeavoured to cor executors and trustees for the present Duke; rect the mistake, by the offer of a douceur, and at his death left him as a legacy the mo. as a temporary compensation : but this was ney he had so liberally advanced him upon rejected in nearly the following terms: “ļ bord. On the accelli in of liis present Majesty, Mall never receive pay for a service, of he was re-fworn of the privy council; and, which I am not deemed worthy ; but rather Jan 6,1768, was appointed one of the vicethtok it my duty to retire from a court, treasurers of Ireland, in conjunction with the where honour, I find, h.:s no tie!" He Hon. James Grenville and the Rigi Holl. kept luis word, and never entered Leicester- Isaac Barré; another finecure place, worth houie afterwards. Soon after this he became 3vool. per year. This place he resigned the attached to John the la:e Duke of Bedford; same year, to make room for a better apbut his alliance with that illuttrious fainily, pointment, viz. paymaiter of the land forces; did not arise, as the tale absurdly gaes, from a place, by the lowest computation, then vahis having protectet! his Grace from personal lued at 16000l. per annum; anti which he insults on the course at Litchfield races; a held from June 4, 1-68, to the Rockingham circumstance which happened some years af- alminiftration, in 1782; when he, with great ter their firit acquaintance. The Duke was manliness, founded to the House the annihia early struck with the quickness of his parts, lation of the American war, and told them, and charmed with the frankness of his man that a new miniftry must be formed. So this ners. Finding that Mr. R. was not a little for the space of 14 years, he was in posel. embarrassed in his affairs, bis Grace conti- fien, by places, of the sum of 20,000l. per annued in the most delicate manner to advance num.--Among the characters of the present him a confiderable loan, not only to discharge hour, with whom he was most intimately the incumbrances upon his eftate, but to ref- connected, Lord Thurlow, the Marquis ot cue him from the aggravated distrets of soune Siafford, Lord Weymouth, and the Earl of annuities, into which his neceilities had just Sandwich, are to be named; and at the head driven him. Two years after this, being ap- of the many who feel a serious concern in pointed Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, the Duke his death, a moft illustrious name is to be thought no person so capable of managing placed, his Royal Highness the Prince of the Irish House of Commons as his frieod R. Wales -The firmaels of Mr. Rigby's chawho was accordingly appointed secretary to racter, his friendNip, hospitality, (prit, and the vicegerency. Notwithiftanding the tur animatel conversation, will occation his bulent spirit of the times, the affairs of the

name to be long recollectd with regret by futer kingdom were conducted so much to all who knew him; the neighbourhood of the royal fatisfaction, that his Majesty gave Mistley-ball will particularly feel his loss.-Mr. R. a vice trvajurership, and toon after He never married, but had a natural fon and the mastership of the rolls (a fine cure place daughter. His family heir is Fran. Hale, esq. of 4000l. a year), in opposition to the con member in two parliaments for the borough tending interest of the then primate, Stone, of St. Michael in Cornwall, fon of his futer who fo ftrongly folicited it for his friend lie (he had also another sitter never married) prime serjeant, Tildale. He was further ho- by Lieut. Gen. Bernard Hale, fometime chief noured with a seat in the English privy coun baron of the exchequer in Ireland, and aftercil. During the Bedford administration, the ward a puifie haron of clie excheqner in Irish court was remarkable for its splendour England. --The will of Mr. R. was found at and hospitality. Polith gallantry, aud unaf- his house at Miftley, inclosed in several other fected conviviality never failed of drawing papers of consequence, and depofitud in an votaries to the Caitle; and at tils epoch they jron cheit. lc difpofes of his property in the might boast their peculiar attractions. On following manner : To a natural daughter in the Duke's recall from Ireland, William Eflex, 5000l.; to each of his executors Duke ot Cumberland put himself at the head 20001. ; and the remainder, both in real and! of Mr. Grenville's administration, in alliance personal estate, to Lieut. Col. Hate, and Mifs with Mr-Pitt and Lord Northington. Mr. Rigb;', in nearly equal proportions.

The K. by tome imeans found out that. luis High- acurat child abovementioned, is the only one nefs was prefling for the vacant chasvetiof* - Mr. R. had living at the time of his dcceale, fhip of Dubhn. He therefore instantly let and, as he had never brought bur forward ott post for Ireland, waited upon his friends in lite, the legacy bequeathed her is coDr. Andrews,' then provost, got the Duke dered as an ampie provision. Mr. Annaof Bedford clecive chancellor, and brought mara of Sureatham, and Ms. Cafivell the



member for Brackley in Hertfordshire, are 13. At Bath, in an advanced age, John the executors. So exceedingly reserved was Palmer, esq. father to the comptroller-gene. he on whatever respected his private affairs, ral of the Poft-office. that although the two preceding gentlemen In Great Wild-ftreet, Mr. Marmaduke, were upon terms of pecu iar intimacy with bookseller. hiin, he never communicaied his intentions At Stratford, Essex, Mrs. Howard, relief of appointing them hss executors. Mistley of Mr. Jn. H. of Sermon-la. Doctors Comin. is hy the will to be kept up as the joint resi 14. At his seat at Hinton St. George, co. dence of the legatees, his maiden Gifter Mrs. Somerset, the Right Hon. Vere Pouler, third Rigby, Mrs. Hale the wife of the general, Earl P.; born May 8, 17'0. He married, and his neph Mr. Hale.- Mifs R, bis 1754, Mary, daughter of Rich. Butt, eíq. of fifter, attended him unremittingly in his last Arlingham, co. Gloucester; by whom he

had two sons, John, Viscount Hinton, born 9. At Stoke Newington, in her 77th year, April 7,1755; married, June 8, 1782, the Mrs. Catherine Beck, last kurviving daughter danghter of Sir Gco. Pococke, K. B.; and Sir Jutus B. bart. of Lon (1), merchant, and Vere, born 1761. He represented Bridge. of Chiswick, Middlesex, (lo created by pa water in 1741, of which he was chosen te teni, dated Nov. I, 1714, being the first cre corder in 1764, and lord-lieitenant and cul. ated by King George I.); and filter and co tos rotulorum of Devon in 1771. heireis of Sir Justus Dennis B. who fucceed At his feat at Elverham, Hants, aged 71, el to his father's citie, bu, for several years Sir Henry Calthorpe, the fenior K.B. Heredid not allume it, the father having lot great presented the borough of Hindon in parliapart of his fortune in 1722; but at length ment in 174!; in which year his sister was his circumstances being in a great meafure married to the late Sir Hen. Gough, bart.receitablishel, he allumed the title, whic!, He was created K.B. May 28, 1744, togoat his deceale without itfue, became extinct. ther with Lors! Fitzwillian, Sir C. H. Wita

At Preston Pans, Alex. Ramsay, efq. of liarns, Sir Th:43. Whitmore, and Sir IVm. More Punris.

den Harborde ; and initalled 03. 20 followAC Mr. Cunningham's Hermitage, ja bising.---He was defcendel from a very ancient zoth year, Mr. Wm. Twee lie, son of Rob. family, which were settled at C3l'horpe, in T. era, os Antigua-ftreet, Edinburglı. the hundred of South Erpingham, ci). Nore

10. At his seat at Rushall, Wilts, aged 73, folk, before the Conqueit, and took their Edw, Puore, esq. in the commission of the name from that village, in the third descent pece, and : deputy lieutenant for that county. from Go:lric, steward to the abbey of St. Ed.

11. Mr Wm. Blunt, linen-draper, and mund's Bury. But this estate palied out of keeper of the ready-made ihirt warehonse the family, by marriage of an beir famale, in near Charing-cross.

the reign of Foward VI, and is now the pro. In St. Andrew's Square, Edinburgh, the perty of the Hon. Horatio Walpole. The Rt. Hon. Jane dowager-countess of Hopetoun, male line of the Calthorpe family is become

daughter of Rob. Oliphant, esq. and lecond extinct by the death of Sir Henry, His' ef• wife in the late Earl.

tates, which are of very confuerable amount, Ifaac Mendes da Costa, esq. of Heydon-fq. devolve to his nephew, Sir Henry Gough,

AC Brompon, Mr. Tho. Autt, of the Ge bart. wło, by his will, assumes his name. neral Poft-office.

15. Mrs. Dykes, wife of Mr. Tho. D. at. 12. At Highgate, in her 23 year, Miss torney at Shadwell." Worlidge, daughter of the late Edw. Mr. Tho. Rogers, jun. banker at Newof Milibank, Westminster.

ington-green. Mr. Poster, mast-maker, at Limehouse. 16. In George-ftreet, Hanover-squire, His death was occafioned by going into one Tho. Chowne, ely. of Sussex, F A.S. of his workthops, where his men were At her house in St. James's Place, in her melting foine oki folder, the effluvia from 88ih vear, Mrs. Delany, widow of Dr. D. which had to sudden an effect upon him, dean of Down, in Irelaiad, well known by that immediately upon entering the building his own writings and those of Dean Swift.--he complained of a violent pain in his leord She was niece to Gio. Gransille Lord! Lanf. and ftomach; going into his dwelling-houle, down; and was remarkable for the neatness lie drank a small glass of cordial, and in less and elegance of her cut paper work. Notwiththan half an hour after expired.

standing the brought a considerable fortune In Great Ruffel-ftreet, Bloomsbury-squa. to the Doctor, the found hertelf reduced, by Mrs. Shaw, relict of John S. esq. of Chef the revolutions of fortune, to live as a comhume-house, Herts, and sister to Mrs. Huxley, panion with the late Duchess dowager of @f Edmonton. The estate is entailed on the Portlanda By fome unaccountable inattenrelicts of the respective lords, and on females tion she was omitted in her Grace's will, and in the direct line. By Mrs. S's death, an estate her prospects, in advancing age, were again in Edmonton devolves to Mr. Willis, son of obfcured: but living in the neighbourhood of the late Rev. Mr. W. vicar of Wormley, whoWindfor, ber story reached the ears of his married her niece, Miss Sandon; and the rest Majerty, who settled on her a liandsome an. of ber fortune to the Sandons.

nuity out of his own privy purse, and allotted


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her apartments; by which the enjoyed the · 21. At Stoke Newington, Mr. Tho. Ridge combusts of life, and the respect due to her way, auctioneer. Yalerts, to the lait.-Her character is drawn 22. At Knightsbridge, Sir Charles Philip in a royar.iable liglit in Swift's “Literary Jennings, bart.; by whose death the title is Correspondence;" and it was n consequence extinct. of her marriage that Swift wrote that intr Mr. Jn. Hill, marshal of the King's Bench. mourous ballad, which is now hecoine almost technical in the nursery, of “O my kitten,

GAZETTE PROMOTIONS. ni kitten, and oh! my kitten, my deary.”

EV. San. Weston, M.A. appointed ca. We are happy to correct the above account, non and prebendary of Canterbury Ca by adeling that there was no period of Mrs. thedral, riie Dr. Rich. Farmer, resigned. D's life, in which her income was not com Rev. Cha. Fiennes, B.A. appointed pre. petent to all the purposes of an elegant re- bendary of Westminster, vice Dr. Taylor, teca tirement; and, if it had been deficient, me Rev. Jas. Burton, M.A. appointed realer was aunt to three gentlemen of very amiable and preacher to his Majesty's houshoid a character, who, at the Dutchess of Portland's Hampton Court. death, were all in affluent circumstances. Beloved and honoured by them, it was not

Civil PROMOTIONS. poffible the Mould ever have known the mi HILIP Goldsworthy, efq. app. equerry series of a friendless and penurious old age. to his Majesty, and c'erk-marthal of the Mrs. D's lale brother, Mr. Granville, of Cal- Mews, vice Gen. Carpenter, dec. wick in Staffordshire (a gentleman of large John Sturges, eiq. appointed messenger to estate, in which he is succeeded by one of the Knights companions of the most wohle those abovenamed nephews who has taken order of the Bath, vice Rowl. Tryon, esq. doc. the nanie), was too justly tenacious of the dignity of his family (which is that of Pope's ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENTS. Lord Lansdown), to have seen his lifter the EV. Walter Richards, appointed chaphumble companion to the Duchess of Port lain to the garrison of Sheerness, pice land. She was the chosen friend of that lady. Rev. John Fox, dec. who thought herself the obliged! by Mrs D. Rev. James Parkin, Okeford Devon, living with her. Besides the house at Wind vice Rev. Rich. Haydon, dec. for, so nobly presented to her by her suve Rev. Mr. Shephard, B D. Corpus Christi reign, Mrs. D. had an handsome house in St. Coll. Oxon. admitted D.D. James's Place, in which the resided some Tho. Anfun, efq. gentleman commoner of part of every year. The royal bounty, about Oriel Coll Oxon. admitted M.A. 2001. a year, couki not have been the sole, Rev. Jn. Hayter, King's Coll. Camb, M.A. or indeed a third part of the support of such Rev. Cha. Gordon, Trin. Hall, Camb. B.L. an establishment. His Majesty's goodness to Rev. Cha. Markham, M.A. chancellor oft this ever ingenious, venerable being, was, the dioc. of York, Besford R. in Holdemets. therefore, not charity-it was generosity, Rev. And. Ewbank, M.A. Loodesborough which, in every station of life, from the R. co. York. throne down to private opulence, prompts Rey. Tho. Hindmarsh, Hayton exalted minds to do more than their duty. Rev. Rich. Forrest, Helpringham V. York.

17. At bis apartments in the Inner Tem Rev. Hen. Willis, B.A. Little Soulbury R. ple, agel 74, Rev. John Boys, vicar of Red co. Gloucefter. bourn, Herts, to which he was presented by Rev. And. Fountaine Eyre, M.A. Aps. the late Lori Grimston, 1746.

thorp prehendary, in York Cathedral, and In child-bedl, aged only 19, Mrs. Gray, Kildwick Percy V. co. York. wife of Mr. G. and eldest daughter of the Rev. Mr. Olarke, appointed to the perpeJate Mr. Jeremiah Harman,

cual curacy of St. John's Chapel in Weariale, In Fenchurci-ftreet, John Blake, efq. vice Rev. Mr. Rotheram, dec.

In Bell-yard, Gracechurch-ftreet, after a Rev. fonas Thompson, B.A. St. Martin's severe illness, Mrs. Choppin, relict of Mr.C. Micklegate R. in York, vice Rev. Pulomon Imith to the East ludia Company; which bu. Marih, M.A. dec. finess the carried on with her son, it having Rev. Wm. Layton, B.D. Thornton with been conducted by the family near a century. Allerthorpe V. and the licensed curacy of She was buried at Tame, co. Oxon.

Barrby Moor with Fangfots, all in co. York. 19. In Sackville-street, Lord Visconne Kil Rev. Mr. Mayo, late of Queen's Col. Oxt. courfie, son of the Earl of Cavan.

appointed upper-marter of Winborn Free 30. Ac Salt hill, on his way to the Hot Gianmar School, vice Robert Gutch, dec. i wells, Bristol, Rich. Colville, esg. of Wife and Mr. Bowle, now a student in Queen's bech-liall, co. Cambridge.

Coll. Oxford, appointed iecond-matter of the At Bakewe!!, co. Derby, aged 73, after a faid Sciwol, wice Mayo. long and painful illness, Mi's. Herdsfield. Rev. Jolin Keet, Mr. Bi hop's Hat held

Of a paralytic Itroke, with which he was Rvo. Heitlord. affected about mive months ago, Berrow, Rev. Horatio Duwring, North Bartham eig of Great Georie-fir. Weiın.

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