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181, co. 1, 1.54. The Rev. Mr.Wynne the Cardinal, as allusive to the situation and died Jan. 26.

fortunes of the deceased : Ecclefialtes, xlvii. P. 182. An old correspondent, of whose in; Job. xxix. 5 ; Tobit, ii. 18; Proverbs, beyours we are over proud, speaks thus of v. 271 2 Maccab. vi. 31. A large catafalque Mr. Whicchurft, without having seen what was erected on a platform, raised three steps we had faid of him:-" In your account of from the floor, in the nave of the church, on Mr. W. farget not, I charge you, the excel which the coffin, containing the body, was lent woman he married; for the deserved placed, covered with a superb rall, on which every praise. What Dr. Johnfon said of Miss was embroidered, in several places, the royal Keynolds might, with equal truth, be faidof arms of England. On each side stood three her';of all the women I ever knew, the gentlemen, servants of tle deceased, in mourna was the nearest perfection. To do justice to ing cloaks, each holding a royal banner; and the powers of Mr. W's mind, you should about it were placed a very considerable numpoint out the disadvantageshe laboured under ber of very large wax tapers, in the form of in the article of education, for he was como a square, guarked by the militia of Frescali. tainly, in a great measure, a felf-caughe phi- About ten in the forenoon, the Cardinal was {olopher ; you Ihould mention the improve brought into the church in a sedan chair, com ments he made in the several branches of me- vered with black cloth, attended by a large chanics, which, I have no doubt, were many, fuite of his officers and servants, in deep "I thall hope to see an account of what he did mourning. He seated himself on liis throne, to render water-closets perfectly inoffensive; on the right hand side of the great altar; and and I with, particularly, for a good account began to sing the office appointed by the of the wonderful scales he made for the use church for the dead, aflifted by liis choir, of the Mint. la the “ Philosophical Trans, which is numerous, and some of the best actions" are inserted his « Thermometrical voices from Rome. The first verfe was Observations at Derby," LVII. 265; "An scarcely finished when it was observed that Account of a Machine for raising Water, ex. his voice faultered, the tears trickled down ecuted at Oulton in Cheshire, in 1972;" his checks, so that it was feared he would LXV. 271: " Experiments on Ignited Sub- not have been able to proceed. However,

Atances,” LXVI. 575. His “Theory of the he fooa recollected himself, and went through * Earth," and his last great Work, “An En- the function in a very affecting manner ; ia quiry into the Formation of the Earth, with which manly firmness, fraternal affection, an Account of the Strata in Derbyshire," and religious folemnity, were very happily will hand down his name to the lateft pofte- blended. The magiftrates of Frescati, and a rity. But that he was ingenious in a high de numerous concourse of the neighbouring pengree is, with me, the loalt part of his praise. ple, attended on this occafion; who were at: have, within a few months, loft many valu. tracted, not so much by their curiosity, or able friends; but none whom I regret more the purposo of affifting the maffes which than Mr. W. The man of candour was not, were celebrating at every altar in the church; as is too often the case, loft in the felf-im as a desire of testifying their great respect for portance of the philosopher. He was as wile their Bifhop, who constantly refides ainongst ling to communicate, as he was desirous of them, and daily heftows upon them temporal receiving, information, and he never, upon as well as spiritual blessings, with a very lie Fuch occafions, assumed the air of a dictator, beral hand." No one ever exceeded him in probity; and. P. 274, col. 2, l. 4. Dr. Taylor is called few, that I have known, were in equal de « rector of St. Margaret, Westminster. gree humane, liberal, and hospitable. He “ Minister" would have been a more proper was happy in himself, and he loved to make term, that being only a perpetual curacy, others happy."

P. 277, col. 1. In our vol. XLII. is “ A P. 269. The following is a more particu- Short Account of Church Organs, by W. L.” lar account of the late Pretender's funeral. [Mr. W. Ludlam.]

The funeral obsequies of the Count of Al. Ibid. col. 2, l. 42. The second harband bany were celebrated Feb. 3, in the Cathem of the late Countess-dowager of Coventry dral Church at Frescati; of which See the was Edmund Pytts, ely. of Kyre, co. Worcel. Cardinal Duke of York, his brother, is bi- ter, for which county he was M P.; and furfhop. The church was hung with black vived his marriage only one year. After his cloth (the leams covered with gold lace), death, her Ladyship lived in retirement at drawn up between the pillars in the form of her seat in Worcestershire, retaining with feftoons, intermixed with gold and silver tif- her faculties (except that of siglat) all those fue, which had a very magnificent and so happy dispositions for chearfulness and con. lemn effe&; especially as a profusion of wax versation which, to the latest period, renlapers were continually burning during the dered her reverenced and beloved by all wllo whole of the ceremony, in every part of the had the happiness of being admitted to her church. Over the great door, and the four apartments or acquaintance. She has left principal fide altars, there were written in the bulk of her fortune between her nephew the feftoons (in large characters) the follow- and niece, the Rev. Dr. Master, late fellova ing texts of Scripture, which were chosen by of All Souls College, and Mrs. Eliz. Master,


nowresident in Worcester, and descended time, which is so beneficially employed to from a respectable family in Lancashire. far better parpoles, and is fo precious to a

P. 278, col. 1, l. 2. The late Dr. Cuming gentleman of his extensive practice, to be was the youngest surviving fon of James C. diverted to the work in hand; the publica. am eminent merchant in Edinburgh, and was "tion' of which he patronised and promoted born in 1714. After a suitable education in with great zeal and affiduity; nor did his the High-school of chat city, and under the success fall short of his zeal. Without his particular tuition of Alex. Moir, formerly friendly affiftance, my papers might yet have professor of philosophy at Aberdeen, he ap- remained undelivered to the press; or, if plied himself to the Audy of physic four they had been committed to the publick, years in the University of Edinburgh, and would have wanted several · advantages and became connected with some of the most embellishments with which they now apaoinent students in that line. In 1735 he pear." -The Doctor, we hear, has left his Spent nine months at Paris, improving him. interleaved copy of this work to his friend felf in anatomy and the French languages and coadjutor in its publication. In 1752 he and he passed some time at Leyden the fol received a diploma from the Univerlty of lowing year ; but returned just before the Edinburgh; and was soon after elected a death of his fachaer. Ani elegant Ode, ad- fellow of the Royal College of Physicians dressed to him on his going to France, Aug. there; and died senior fellow thereof. Ke 31, 1.735, by Mr. S. Boyse, is printed in was elected, in 1969, fellow of the Society Nichols's “ Miscellany Poems," vol. VI. of Antiquaries of London; and, in 1781, of P. 342; and in the same volume, p. 328, is that of Scotland. The tenderness of his eyes « The Vision of Patience, an Allegorical was throughlife, the greatest misfortune he had Poem, facred to the Memory of Mr. Alex- to struggle with ; and, considering the many ander Cuming *, a young Gentleman unfor- obstacles which the complaints in those or. tunately lost in the Northern Ocean, on his gans have occasioned in the pursuit of knowReturn from China, 1740."-In 1938 he ledge, it is wonderful how he attained the quitted Edinburgh for London; and while degree of erudition which he was well his friends meditated a settlement for him at known to pofless. In his retreat from the Lynne, in the room of the late Sir William

more busy pursuits of this world, the survive Brownc, his friend Dr. Fothergill found out ing companions of his youth continued the a more promising one for him at Dorchester, friends and correspondents of his advanced where he remained to the last, notwitlıstand- years; and he enjoyed to the last the fingular ing the most pressing invitations from his fatisfaction of being visited by the most refriend Fothergill to succeed Dr. Russel in fpectable persons in the county for probity, London. In the space of a few years after rank, and fortune. We cannot but regret his establishment ac Dorchester, he came to that the Doctor, who has been the means of be employed in many; and, in process of so many valuable performances being laid time, with an exception of three or four at before the publick, and some of them immoit, in all the families of distinction within proved by his pen, had not himself food the county, and frequently in the adjacent forth to give that information for which he ones. At length his chaste manners, his was so well qualified, both in point of claffilearning, and his prob ty, as they were more cal learning and elegant compofition. See generally known, rendered him not only the memoirs of his life, several of his letters, and physician but the confidential friend of some a portrait of him by Sharp, after Beach, at of the best fimilies into which he was intro- the end of the fourth edition of Dr. Lettsom's duced. His warm and friendly attention to "Life of Dr. Fothergill, 1786,” 8vo. The the interests of the late Mr. Hutchins, author “Sherborn Mercury” (March 31) records of “ The History of Dorset,” in bringing in his death, with this honourable teitimony: to light that well-written and well-arranged “ He was a physician of learning, Itrict inwork, cannot better be expressed than in the tegrity, and great humanitý, poffefTed of a grateful language of its author : "One of the happy turn for enquiry and observation, de gentlemen to whom my acknowledgements vored, from an early age, to the faithful disaré eminently due, permitted part of that charge of the duties of his profeffion. The

death of this excellent man is a misfortune to * Elder' brother of the Doctor, and first his friends and neighbours more immediately, fupercargo of the Suecia, a Swedish East India

to the faculty in general, and to all mankind." thip, which was wrecked op 2 rock about two miles East of the inand of North Ronalsha, the

BIRTHS. northernn:ost of the O: kney I Dands, Nov. 18, March ER Royal Highness the Princeto 1740. Immediately on the hip's striking, Mr.

29. of Asturias, a prince.. Cuning went off in the barge, accompanied April 3. Lady of Wm. Mills, ara, a daugh. by the surgeon anal six of the boldest seamen, 4. Lady of Sir Paulett St. John, bart. a dau. in order to discover what the island was, buc 12. Lady of Sir Sam. Hannay, hart. a dau. were never more heard of. Thirty-one of the 13. Lady of C. Barton Metcalfe, esq. a dat failors were saved out of one hundred, the 15. Widow ofthe late Athenien Stuurt, a son. Hip's complement.



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At Alley,

near Stourport, Rev. Mr. Sute T Calcutta, George Wroughton, ton, vicar of Hales-Owen, co. Worcester, co of the late Rev. Mr. D. rector of 'Alhted, Ac Colchester, Rev. Mr. Shillito, to Miss hear Epsom, Surrey, and also of Sebergham, Mayhew, sister of the late Wm. reco. Cumberland.

corder of that borough. * July 13. At the New Church, Calcutta, At Rosebank, Edinburgh, Wm. Henderson, Tho. Calvert, esq. to Miss Philpot.

efq. in the service of the E. India Company, Sept....

.. At Madras, Chase, esq. to to Mifs Henrietta Smith, eldest daughter of Miss Rand.

Alex. S. efq. of Rosebank. 1788. Marcb 27. At Stonehouse, near Ply: 9. At Abbeville in Picardy, Louis-Antoine mouth, Mr. Edm. Squire, to Miss Hodgson, du Rozert, Comte de Charbonnieres, to Miss daughter of Wm. of Clapham, Sarrey. Delia Farrill, grand-daughter of the late Jas.

Rev. D. Williams, of Wroughton, Wilts, of Bury, Suffolk. to Miss Matthews, fifter of J. D. M. esq. of IT. Mr. Firmin de Tastes, merchant, of Broadgate, near Barnstaple, Devon.

Bury-court, St. Mary Axe, to Mrs. Small, At Haverfordwest, co. Pembroke, John widow, dau. of Mr. Chollet, of same place. Inge, esq. of Lower Brook-str. Grosvenor At Englefield, the seat of the Dowagersquare, to Miss Lucy Jennings, daughter of lady Clive, Lambert Theodore Walpole, esq. the late Rob. J. esq. of Westminster. nephew to Lord W. to the Hon. Mirs Mais

At Clapham, Sam. Shore, esq. of Meers- garetta Clive, youngest sister to Lord C. brook, co. Derby, to Miss Flower, daughter 12. By special licence, Rt. Hon. the Eart of Freeman F. esq. of Clapham.

of Dundonald, to Mrs. Mayne. 29. Geo. Harrison, esq. Norroy king of At Melktham, Wilts, Mr. Paul Newman, arms, to Mrs. Bilbop, widow of Geo. B. esq. to Miss Huft, of Surton-hall, Eflex... of Sydenham, Kent.

At Queen-square Chapel, Edw. Coxe, esq. at Hendo , John Neeld, efq. of Bridges- a Dutch merchant, to Miss Sampson, of Great ftreet, to Miss Bond, of Hendon.

Ruffel-street, Bloomsbury. Mr. T. B. Freeman, of Henrietta-street, 14. By special licence, at the Dowager. Cov-gard to Miss Gibbard, of Ely-place. lady Shaftesbury's, in Grosvenor-square, Cha.

30. At Deal, Mr. Fellows, quarter-master Scurt, esq. M.P. for Bridport, co. Dorset, to of the soth, or Prince of Wales's regiment of the Rt. Hon. Lady Mary-Anne Anley, only Light dragoons, to Miss Fisher, of Deal. daughter of the late Earl of Shaftesbury.

31. At St. George's, Hanover-squ. Tho. At Reading, Thomas Willats, esq. of Rede Chaplin, efq. to Miss Webster, only dau. of more-court, co. Oxf. to Miss Littlehales, daila the late Sir Godf. W. of Battle-abbey, Suffex. of the late Baker John L. esq. of Moulley. · Lately, at Mary-la-Bonne church, Captain At Mary-la-Bonne Church, Hen. Calveley Gambier, of the navy, to Miss Louisa Mat. Cotton, esq. brother to Sir Rob. Salusbury C. thews, daughter of the late Dan. M. esq. of bart. to Miss Lockwood, only daughter of the Felix-hall, Eflex.

lute John L. esq. • Fran. Fownes Littrell, esq. of the Middle 15. Mr. John Dunnage, sen. of Philpot-la. Temple, to Miss Drewe, of Grange, Devon. wine-merch. to Miss Fryer, of Happítead.

April 2. J. Ergas, efq. to Miss Lindo, of At Hammersmith, John Waring, esq. of Bishopsgate-street, fifter to Alex. L. esq. Barnes, Surrey, to Miss Scott, eldest daughter

3. Capt. Dodgson, of Ulverlone, co. Lanc. of the late Wm. S. esq. of Grosvenor-place. to Mifs Burn, of Duko-ftr. Weftm.

16. At Lynn, John Wilson Allen, esq. of At Wigan, Jn. Ratcliffe, Esq. to Mifs Bar. Stanhoe, co. Norfolk, co Miss Day, daughter ton, both of that place.

of Tho. D. esq. of Lynn. At Box, near Bath, Mr. Tho. Gishford, to

17. Rev. Joseph Faulder, rector of Welt Miss Howe, daugh. of a reputahle farmer. Wickham, Kent, to Mits Hillersdon, daught.

4. By special licence, at St. George's, Ha- of the late Dennis Farrer H. esy. of Elltownover-squ. John Fugh, esq. of Dolgelly, co. louge, co. Bedford. Merioneth, to Mifs Caroline Tomlinson, dau. Ac Margate, Sam. Ferrand Waddington, of the late Alex. of Langdon-hall. efq. of Chathain-place, Blackfriars, tu Miss

Mr.Cotlewis, of Fenchurch-street, to Mil Jarvis, dla. of Licut. J. of the nawy, Prentice, of Richmond.

18. Mr. Wells, of Fleet-itreet, haberdasher, At Edinburgh, Roderick M`Neil, esq. of to Miss Bingley, of Tavistock-Street. Barra, to Miss Cameron, daughter of Ewen 20. At Stoke Newington, Mr. Wm. Edw. C. esq. of Fasfern.

Smith, goldsmith in Cheapfide, to Miss Saf5. Rev. Richard Pritchelt, rector of Ley.. fory, one of the daughters and coheirelles of ham, and late fellow of St. Join's College, the late Dep. S. of Tokenhouse-ya. jeweller: Cambr. to Mrs. Newcome, of that place. 21. Francis Love Beckford, esq. of Balinge

7. Hon. John Wilson, one of the judges of park, Hants, to Mrs. Lloyd, relict of the late the Court of Common Pleas, to Miss Adair, Richard Bennett L. esq. dau. of Mr. Serjeant A. recorder of London. 22. At Mary-la-Bonne church, Hen. Read,

8. Rev. Mr. Hutchins, rcétor of Telle esq. of Crowood, Wilts, to Miss Edmonitone, combe, and vicar of Poddenhoe, co. Suflex, dau. of Sir Arch. E. bart. of Dunstreath. to Miss Tapsfield, of Lewes.

23. Rev.

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23. Rev. Benj. Newton, chaplain to the For doubtless now he lives Duke of Portland, to Miss Fendal, of Great With our Grand Master in Heaven." Portland-street.

1988. Jan. 9. At Naffatr

, in the West isa At Beverley, Henry B. Barnard, of South dies, after a lingering illness, John Baldwin, Cave, to Miss Gee, eldest daughter, and one esq. member of allembly for that town of the coheiresses, of the late Roger G. of Larely, at Calais, on his way to Paris, Jas. Bihop Burton, co. York, efq.

Tekell, esq. of the Inner Temple. 24. Mr. Smith, jun. of Bunhill-row, to Miss At Prholis, near Dresden, M. Palisch-The Eliz. Lepard, daughter of Mr. L. ftationer in knowledge he acquired by a constant applica. Newgate-strect.

tion to physic and astronomy deserves the Rev. Dr. Dowson, principal of Edmund greatest praisc. He was a man of the cha. Hall, to Mifs Hawkeswell, of Oxford. racter of the ancient Romans, for he culti

Vated his lands with his own hands, lived like DEATHS.

a philosopher, and to great talents joined mos 1989. T Wallajabad, in the Eaft In. ral and exemplary manners, which infpired mented, the Hon. Col. George Mackenzie him. He was one of the greatest astrono (brother-german to Lord Macleod), of his mers of this age. In 1983 he discovered a Majesty's 718 regiment, and commandant comet, which acquired him the praises of of the second brigade.- His remains were the Royal Society of London, with whom conveyed to the garden house of William he corresponded. Many learned men, and Balfour, efq, at Madras, escorted by a party even princes, vifted his museum, and ex of the 19th light dragoons, and a detachment pressed their admiration and efteem for him. of infantry. Every military honour was paid At Bruffels, in his 54th year, the Barop de by the second brigade on the removal of the Hugbert, seigneur of Kruyningen ; nearly re corpse from Wall.jabau. On the evening of lated to the Trevor family, being uncle to the the 7th, his body was deposited in the present Lord Viscount Hampden. church-yarıl of Madras. During the funeral Near Kessel, in Upper Guelderland, Mons. ceremony, half-ninnte guns were fired from Dan. Cabot, descendant of the celebrated C. the fort, the flag hoisted ball-malt high, and who was grand pilot to Renry VI. of Eng three vollies were fired from his Majesty's land, and who had an handsome salary al14th regiment of Hanoverians over the lowed him for his knowledge and experi. grave. The Governor, Council, and Settle-' ments in the communicative virtues of the ment, civil and military, attended to pay the magnet. His brother died a fhort time since last tribute to the remains of a gallant soldier in French Flanders, and warm friend.

Rev. Mr. Davis, rector of Abergwilly, Juin 15. At Calcutta, Lieutenant-Colopeh near Carmarthen. In a fit of insanity ho, Wedderburne.

Nabbed himself in three places in his body, Aug. ļ. At Bombay, John Blakeman, esq. and afterwards threw himself into a pondo physician general.

whence he was taken, soon after, quite doado 24. At Bengal, Lieut. Ř. Parry, of the sth At Abergavenny, greatly regretted, Mr. battalion of Sepoys.

Philip Williams, an eminent surgeon and apo Sept. 2. At Dinapore, Ensign F. Bingley. thecary there. In the early part of life he

7. At. Jelda, Lieut. J. Abercrombie, adju. served as surgeon in the royal navy, but for tant of the 25th battalion of Sepoys.

many years past practised with great skill D«c. 24. Mrs. Aindie, wife of Tho. A. csq. and success in the county of Monmouth. collector of the customs at Quebec.

At Coventry, Mr. Thomas Noxen, school. About the latter end of this year (1787), master, formerly Meriff of that place. He in New Hampshire in America, Ala Dunbar, was conmitted to Newgate, with his col. esq. He was an eminent practitioner in the league in office, in 1781, by the House of law; master of the Rifing Sun Lodge ; a Commons, for not making a return to the man of great genius and literary talents; and King's writ, and other undue proceedings at a moft excellent malon. A brother malon the election there. inscribed the following lines on bis tonib: AC Diflington, in her 8 sth year, Mrs. Sac « Peace to these afkes :

rah Crofthwaite, wife of Capt. Jn. C. They May the green grass and flowers hall been married 65 years, and had had 9 Around this grave

children, 26 grand-children, 24 great grandBe as the men ory of him beneath, children, and i great great grand child.. Flourishing and sweet.

Mrs. Wheeler, wife of Wm. W. esg, of Pals not the fpot without heaving a figh, Wiliterford, near Kidderminster. Ye men of benevolence;

At Aspeley, near Nottingham, Mrs. Alex. For he was your friend and your companion. ander, wife of --- A.elq. of Potton, Bedfordth. Brethren of the Cralt,

In his 720 year, Mr. Henry Girdlestone) Wet the sprigs on the turt surgeon, of Hole, co. Norfolk. He had been With your willing tears,

49 years in the practice of midwifery. For he was your master:

At S; alding, aged 81, Mrs. Pulvertoft, Tee Imitate his life, emulate his virtues, láct of John P. gent. who died in 1735.


At Lewes, Suffex, aged 94. Mrs. Elizabeth of Freisingen. He was born May 11, 1727; Ruffell, a maiden lady.

elected prince-bishop June 23, 1769. At the fame place, Mr. Close, gardener to 17. In his diocese of Lintz, after a short John Fuller, wq. of Rofe-hill; remarkable illness, aged 86, Counc Erneft of Heberstein, for his skill in the managrment of hot houses, count of the Holy Roman Empire, privy

At Sibford Ferris, co. Oxford, Thomas counsellor of his Imperial Majesty, bifhop of Walford, esq.

Lintz, &c. He was buried at the cathedral At Bath, Mrs. Markby, wife of Tho. M. church of Lintz on the 19th inft. efq. of Cambridge

18. At Gibraltar, Mrs. Pringle, wife of At Cambridge, Tho. Coe, esq. formerly of Lieut.-Col. P. commanding engineer, and Newgate-street.

daughter to the late Col. Balneavis, of KirkSir Richard Chase, knt. of Much Haddam, land, in North Britain. Herts. His fortune, which is very confider 21. At Castle Grant, Dundas Cha. Grant, able, devolves between his two nephews, fon of Sir Jas. G. of Grant. Francis and Richard Stanley, fons of Francis Suddenly, very much respected and laS. rector of Hadham, and grandfons of Dr. mented, the Rev. Jonathan Shutt, rector of Wm. S. dean of St. Paul's; the former of North Witham, co. Lincoln. Independent these is vicar of N. Weald, Ellex, and rector of the immediate duties of his profesion, of Eaftwick, Herts; the latter a barrister of which he discharged in the most consciena the Inner Temple, and recorder of Hertford tious manner, it would be to a degree uncha

At Woodfule, near Hatfield, Herts, the ritable not to mention the firft virtue, chawidow of the late Wm. Hartley, esq. laterity, as being practised by this gentleman and principal secretary to his Excellency the Hon. his lady, who died only 7 wecks before him. Mr. Villiers, Lately Lord Hide and E. of Cla At her house on Easy-hill, near Birmingrendon, on his embassy to Saxony and Poland, ham, Mrs. Baskerville, reli&t of the fate Mr. and also wife of Mr. Bellis, late a jeweller in Joho B. fo justly celebrated for his beautiful Pall Mall; mother of the late Mrs. Penrose, types, and elegant specimens of printing. wife of Mr. P. surgeon at Hatfield, and of Ai Aire, in France, where the went for Capt. Bellis, of Bombay.

the completion of her education, in hec 20th At Malden, Ellex, Rev. Tho.Cooch, LL.B year, Miss Nancy Lepper, eldest dauglicer of formerly fellow of St. John's Coll. Cambr. Mr. L. of Lower Holloway, Middleiex.

At Farringdon, Berks, Mr. Waight, an 23. In the Castle of Chester, Capt. Edw. minent brewer.

Colliers (late of the gad regiment) commandAt Reading, Mrs. Anne Massham, relicting an invalid company there. of Mr.Tbo, M.; mother of the Rev. Mr. M. At Holywell, near Oxford, aged about 70, of Hatfield; and one of the daughters of the Rev. Dr. Tho. Chapman, rector of Nave. the late Samuel Thomson, esq. of Bradfieldo stock, Essex, and formerly fellow of Trinity bouse, Berks.

College, Oxford. At Clothall, Herts, the Rev. Tho. Cecil At Stockton, co. Durham, after a gradual Greaves, rector of that parish, and of the decay of nature, age 78, Mr. Tho. Wright. sich rectory of Hatfield, to which laft hc He was many years agent, in the iron bufwas presented by the Earl of Salisbury, 1772, nefs, to the late Wm. Sleigh, esq. of that and to the former in 1780. He is succeeded place. As a member of fociety he was in at Hatfield by the Rev. Mr. Keate, vicar of many respects useful; but more particularly Cheshunt, and rector of Little Berkhamsted fo from his great skill in the mathematics,

Ac Eltham, Kent, Jol. Middleditch, esq. which he attained solely by the force of his

Af Idington, Mrs. Ditton, widow of the own genius, and from the perusal of the best Late Rev.Mr. D. (lon of the famous astronoauthors upon those subjects; and generously mer) many years lecturer of that parish. instructed several young men, gratis, in the

Mr. Cain Adams, attorney, of Dear-street, different branches. His last pupil, a native of Soho. His father, mother, and thirty-one Stockton, has been handsomely supported by brothers and filters, were buried in the cha- the inhabitants of that place, as a teacher pel-yard of St. Anne, Soho, where he, the last the matheraatics, for upwards of 24 years. of the family, was also interred.

24. Ia St. James's Place, the Right Hon. By the bursting of a blood-vefsel in the Lady Eliz. Fitzwilliam, fister to the late, and brain, Hammond, esq. many years an aunt to the present, Earl F. She

was second eminent brewer:

daughter of John, second Earl F. and was la the Temple, Wm. Hammet, esq. lace born Dec. 9, 1724. captain of the Poníborne East India-man. 25. At Bromley, agec! 81, Mrs. De Briffag.

At Mary-la-Bonne, Mrs. Hay, relict of In Charles-ftreet, Mrs. Dorrien, relict of Rich. H. efq. and daughter of the late Rev: the late Liebert D. esq. John Fountaine.

At Lisbon, Francis Throckmorton, efq. Mrs. Smith, wife of Mr. Tho. S. mercer in grandson to Sir Rob. T. bart. the Cloysters, West Smithfield.

At Manchester, after a severe illness, at the Marcb 15. At five o'clock in the after- early age of 31, Mr. Geo. Burchell, who fos 200n, after a long illness, in his bift year, several years conducted the subscription cope Louis-Joseph, baron of Welded, prince-bishop certs in that town.

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