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1966, and re-establihed in 17847; and en A filver medal, given annually to the set gages to maintain the same form of govern- thor of the best memoir on any medical sebe ment again every attack and enierprise jeet, transmitted to the Society in the course directly or indirectly whatever. This treacy of the year, was adjudged to Dr. Joshua to fubfift for 20 years, and then to be re Walker, phyfician to the Leeds Infirmary, Dewable.

for his paper on Arropbia Lactantium, ad

another filver medal to Mr. John Sherwin, DOMESTIC OCCURRENCES.

furgeon, of Enfield, for his communicatioa Minib 8.

on 'The Scbirrbo-contracted Restum, and his 3 This being the anniveitary of the birthpapers on the absorption of Tartar Erctic 200 day of the late Dr. John Fothergill, the Arsenic externally applied: these decihops Medical Society of London, held their An were publicly announced to the Society by nual meeting at their house in Bolt-court, the President (Dr. Sims), in a speech adapted Fleet S: reet, when the following gentlemen to the occasion from the chair. The annual were elected into office for the year ensuing; oration on the bed method of promoting noe. yiz.

dical knowledge, was then delivered by Dr. COUNCIL.

Black; after which, the Society dined ingaa Prefideni, Dr. James Sims.

ther at the Devil Tavern. Irenfurer, Dr. Lettlom.

March 22. Librarian, Dr. J. Hart Myers.

In the Gazette of this day, his Majesty's Secretaries, Mr. Chamberlaine, Mr. James Order of Council for regulating the trade Hill Hooper,

between this country and the United States Secretary for Foreign Correspondence, Dr. of America, pursuant to an act palled in the Meyer.

prelent Teslions of parliament, is inserted 2! Phyfici ns, Dr. Combe, Dr. Alh, Dr. large. Blackburne.

A Proclamation was also inserted in the Surgeons, Mr. Wadd, Mr. Haighton, Mr. London Gazette, recalling all British seamen, Fearon.

of what denomination loever, or whereroever, Apor becaries, Mr. Jackson, Mr. Ridout, from foreign service ; and prohibiting all Mr. Baker.

matters of ships, pilots, mariners, reamen, Anniversary Oration for 1789, Dr. Dennison. Shipwrights, and all other seafarii.g. men COMMITTEES.

whatsoever (natural-born subjeéts of G. B.), 1. Theory and Practice. Dr. John Sims, from entering into foreign service without Dr. Hicks, Dr. Smith, Dr. Black, Dr. Pren- licence, on pain of being prosecuted with the dergari.

utmost severity of the law; and, in case of 11. Anatomy and Surgery. Mr. Blizard, being captured by the Turks, &c, excluded Mr. Forster, Mr. Simpson, Mr. Norris, Mr. from all right of redemption,

Marib 25. III. Materia Medica and Pbarmary. Mr. Being the day appointed by Act of ParliaSlater, Mr. Parkinson, Mr. Clough, Mr. ment for the election of Governors, Deputy GoDymond, Mr. M'Evoy.

vernors, Directors, and Auditors of the British IV. Midwifery. Dr. Lowder, Dr. Denni- Society, for extending the fisheries, and imfon, Dr. Squire, Mr. Ho per, Mr. Pole. proving the sea-coast of the kingdom, a ge

V. Bany and Natural History. Dr. Ban-' neral Court of Proprietors was held, when croft, Mr. Church, Mr. Curtis, Mr. Hure Mr. Beaufoy gave them an account ; fift, lock, fen. Mr. Lowdell, senior.

of the proceedings of the Directors from VI. Cbemifiry. Mr. Steele, Mr. Hurlock, the day of their election, March 25, 1787, jur. Mr. Franklin, Mr. Lowdell, jun. Mr. to the time of the departure of their ComRamiden.

mittee, to vifit the N. W. coafts of Srore No adequate answer having been given to land and the adjacent illes; 2dly, An account the queftion, “ How is the human body, in of such observations on the general itare of “ health and in a disealed ftare, affected by the country, and on the local circumstances

different kinds of air?" the eff as of AT of particular parts of the coasts, as suggested MOSPHERIC AIR, in different ftuations and themselves to him in the course of his late climales, not having been sufficiently at tour; and 3dly, of the proceedings of the Die iended to and investigated by the candidates, rectors from the time of ibe return of the the adjudication of the FOTHERGILLIAN Commiitee, particularly in the purchase they MEDAL, os ihe present year, for the best have made of 1300 acres of land at Vlapool, differtation on that subject, is poftponed until in Lochbroom, in the county of Rors, and the next anniversary,

of 2500 acres at Tobermory, in the Ille The question, "What circumstances ac Mull, county of Argyll. “ celerate, retard, or prevent the progrefs of The proceedings of the Directors, &c. be« infection ?" It ands proposed os the subject ing approved, the same officers were clected of the Prize Diferations for the Fothergile for the present year. lian medal of the year 1989; and the medal of the year 1790, will be adjudged to the Mr. Adams, ihe lace Envoy from the author who shall send in the beti ellay on American Siates, fet off for Portsmouth to CUTANLOUS DISEASIS.

embark on his return. That gentleman set


March 29.

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March 31.


ried all his accounts before his departure, into the pit, which wounded a lady in so with great honour; but we haye not heard dangerous a manner that she was obliged to of his having received any singular marks of be taken home. Mr. Lewis came forward to Royal favour, as are usual 10 Amballadors apologize, and offered five guineas for the from favourite couris.

discovery of the person who had the bruta

lity to be guilty of such a mischievous act, M. Roderick Mackintosh, who kept a shoe but without ettect. warehouse near the Hermitage-bridge, was A man of the name of Naskary, going found most inhumanly murdered, by a pere along Monmouth-freer, in company with a son or persons unknown. There was strong relation, fell down in a fit, and presently exreason to believe, that this barbarous act was hibited the Itrongest symptoms of canine the result of long premeditation; and a per madness. He howled, baiked, and attempted foo was suspected that was seen, some days to bite those who came near him. He was before it took place, lurking about the with difficulty fecured, and carried by eight neighbourhood. Mr. Mackintosh lived by or ten men to a house in Swallow-ftreet, himself, and bad acquired some confidera where he was known. The symptoms of ble property. No pains or expence has been madness were in the extreme. About 5 days (pared to discover the murderer, but without before, he had been bit by a dog in Crane effect.

bourn alley; but, not thinking him mad, TUESDAY, April 1.

neglected to take the necellary precautions. A gold watch was found a few days

Tuesday 8. ago upon an open common in the neigh Last night the new comedy called the bourhood of Leeds, that had been lost by a TON, or FOLLIES OF FASHION, was pergentleman when fox-hunting about 16 years formed for the first time at Covent Garden. bioce.

This comedy, written by Lady Wallace, had A most remarkable trial occurred at King- much wit ; but more extravagancies. It fion aflizes, wherein Sir J. Mawbey, Bart. seems to have been made a party business, was the defendanr, It was an action of and borne down by numbers. damages for false imprisonment, brought At the Court of Aldermen, held this day agaiutt the Baronet by Mr. Wilkinion at Guildhall, the report from the Committee his fteward, and the case was this : Sir (see p. 174.) for regulating the procession of the Joseph, having a dispune with his steward, Ld. Mayor, judges, aldermen, &c. to and from demanded, as a balance due to him, 301. St. Paul's Cathedral, on the first Sunday in and upwards; and, on discharging him, had each term, was read and agreed to, and a his trunk searched, in which however he cony of the manner of proceffion was die found wo article of property that he could lay rected to be delivered to the judges. The claim to, except two gun-tints. The itew. City Solicitor reported his enquiry relative to ard, on refuhing to pay the balance demanded, landing of oysters at several wharis on Sunwas arrested by Sir Joseph for 30 l.; but, days; and he was directed to take measures afier luffering confinement, was offered his to luppress that practice. liberty on paying 1 l, which he however

Wednesday 9: Teluled, and the accounts being at last ad. Being the first day of Easter Term, sie julied, it appeared, that Sir Jofeph was a Joseph Mawbey moved the Court of K. B. tride in his steward's debt, Forchis falle im for a new trial, The rum, Mr. Erskine prisonment the iteward brought his action, (Counse for Sir Joseph) said, was not the and the Jury gave him a verdict with 150!. object which his client bad in view. It was damages.

the juftification of his character, which had Saturday 5.

been very improperly calumniated. Mr. One Wilson, a Bankrupt, after a long Erskine then entered into the nature of the examination before the commissioners, was original action, which he stated to be Committed to Newgate, there being trong brought to recover damages for a malicious reason to believe he had given a fala arreft ; to support which, he said, it was lacious account of his effects, upon oath, for not only neceffary to prove that the Plaintiff the purpose of defrauding his creditors. Wilkinson did not owe Sir Joseph the sum

Abuut tweive at nighi the selliun ended at for which bail was caken, but also that he the Old Bailey, when five conv els received did not owe Sir Juleph at the rime of the judg meot of deaih, among whom was Tho- arrest 101. because the plaintiff had by his mas Metenger, a convict of last fettion ; 36 declaration made an averment, that he, at Were ordered to be tranfuorted; 4 to be im. the time of the arrest, owed Sir Joseph Mawprisoned and kept to hard labour in the house bey nothing; whereas, by the report of of correction ; 10 to be privately whipped, Mi. Justice Gould, who tried the cause, it and discharged; and 22 were dilcharged by would apçear that the evidence proved Wil proclamation,

kinson to have owed Sir Joseph upwards of Monday 7.

rol. The action, therefore, for maliciously A fellow in the Gallery of Covent buliling ro bail could not be supported. Upon Gardeo, during the performance of the Man thele grounds he moved for a new trial. A as the World, threw a mally piece of brals rule to thcw cause was granted.


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Mr. Mingay then moved the Court. A enquiry was found to be wilfully done bi Mr. Claymor, a cuftom house ofhter, having the defperate fer of deserters confined thereie, met a person who had about his neck a filk with a view to have made their escape in the bandkerchief; which appeared to the officer confusion. The Tornkey was the first who to be what is prohibited by law; this hand made the discovery ; him, on his entering kerchief he unfortunately took by force from the priton, they threatened to throw imo the person who wore it, for which he had the fire, which was orily prevented by the been apprehended, and a highway robbery homarity of ore of the prisoners. Being hisworn againft him, for which he was now berated, he instantly informed the piquet in prison. Mr. Mingay moved, that under guard; and the alarm becoming general, the the circumstances of the case the prisoner be incendiaries, 63 in number, were soon driven admitted to bail; which the Court, after into a little cell, where they were suffered hearing the affidavit of the Prisoner read, to remain, with the prison burning about them, denying any felonious intent, and producing till the fire was extinguished, and then were His warrant of office, granted.

properly secured from doing the like mischief The fame morning, came on the ballot for the future. Several of them were feverely for fox Directors of the East India Company, wounded before they submitteda in the room of those who go out annually

Friday 18. by rotation. About a quarter after eleven The Recorder made his report to his Ms. s'clock in the evening, the feruciocers decla- jesty of the prisoners under sentence of death red the numbers to be, for

in Newgate, convicted in January and Fe: Abraham Robarts, Esq; 1045 bruary feffions, when the following were or John Michie, Esq;

dered for execution, viz. John Burn, Geo. George Tatem, E1q;

Green, and James Francis, for highway robThomas Parry, Esq;

856 beries; Daniel Gunter for returning from Toho Woodhouse, Esq;

tranfportation; Wm. Oates and James HayCharles Mills, Eiq;


lock; for house-breaking i Joon Bishop, for David Scoit, Esq.

729 being aiding and affitting in rescuing fmuggled The firft fix gentlemen, who are duly goods, and violently afaulting Tho. Quick, elected, were upon the Proprietors Lift. Mate of the Resolution cutter, who had

David Scott, Esq; was ibe only new candi- charge of the same; and Wm. Ludlam for dare who had not been in the Direction. forgery.

The following is a corrcét lift of the eight The following were respired during his gentlemen who have been elected this year Majesty's pleafure, viz. James Belbin and to serve as Directors of the Bank of England - Rr. Foffet for different burglaries; Rt. Wat

Tho. Boddington, Esq; Thomas Raikes, Efq; fon and Tho. Tuke for horse-ftealing; Tho. Thomas Dea, Esq; Sam. Thornton, Esq. Collins for robbing Eliz. Calcort in a field John Harrison, Esq. Ben. Winthrop, Esq; near Stepney ; Wm. Tanner for ftealing Chris. Paller, Esq; Mofes Yoldham, Elq; linen from a bleaching ground; Martha Cute :

The last gentleman was ele&ted in the room Jer, Sarah Cowden, and Sarah Storer, for af. of Lyde Bicwn, Esq; deceased.

faulting Henry Simmons in a house of all fame : N. B. It is a role agreed upon by the Di. in Petticoai-lane, and taking from his persoa rectors of the Bank, that eight out of the 14 guineas and 11 shillings; and also T. Holo twenty-four go out every year in rotation, oak for cutting out a pain from a thop-window, with an exception only to those who have and stealing thereout several things of value; palied the chair.

bam. Crafts for healing a heifer; and Lydia Friday 11.

Jones, Tho. Granger, Tho. Collins, Éliz. In the evening Lady Wallace's new come. Smith, and Tho. Messenger, for airsulting dy of the TON was attempted to be a fe- John Waterhouse in the house of Luke cond time acted at Covent Garden theatre, Murphy in Cross-ftreet St.Giles's, and taking, when the clamour was so great again ft it from him seven five-guinca notes, a prom that it was with difficulty the actors could millory note, and some money. get through with their parts. In the general Saturday 19, London Gazette. uproar, whilf Mr. Lewis was bowing to ob Confiantinople, Feb. 22. The Grand Divan, tain audience, a quart bottle was thrown which was assembled here on the ratb in from the gallery into the pit. This in. Atant, came to the resolution of relealiag creased the disorder ; but the occafion being Monf. de Bulgakow, the Ruffian Minilier, declared, and a reward of 7ol. offered to and the Russian subjects, detained in the discover the delinquent; and a proper apo

Seven Towers. Monf. de Bulgakow is prelogy made by the manager, the representa- paring to depart by sea, and has given orders tion was fuffered to proceed quietly to the to freight thips for himself, his Drugoma, end; and an indulgence of one night more, and their families, for Leghorn. to give the author's numerous friends an op Baron d'Herbert, the Imperial Internuncio, portunity of seeing it aćted, was granted. . and his Interpreters, with all their families, Tuesday 15.

departed from Conftantinople the szin iuo Soon after two in the afternoon the Savoy ftant. pritun was discovered to be on fire, which on


These advices have given rise to a report, Good Hope, from · Bombay, with Rawson that degociations for peace are on the poitit Hart_Boddam, Esq; the late Governor of of being renewed.

chuc Prefideacy, on board, the 17th of FeThe plague ftillraged at Conftantinople on bruary, and failed with her till her arrival, the 22d of Febraary. And had again broke at St. Helena on the 2d of last month, out at Algiers on the sith of March, as ape where the found the thip Barl of Chesterfield, pears by authentic advices to government which had arrived there from Bencoolen. from Conftantinople, Gibraltar, and Malaga. The Chefterfield left St. Helena for EuMonday 21.

rope the 6th of March, so that her arrival The Court of K. B. determined, that a may be hourly expe&tcd. woman was competent to serve the offices of The Bulbridge failed from thence on the Commiflioner of the Scwers and Overseer of gth following, and the poor. Mr. Justice Athurft observed, that The General Eliott was expected to do. the statute of Eliz. mentioned subftantial part the day after. housekeepers without distinction of fex. He The Bulbridge came abreaft the Lizard also mentioned a parish where a woman was on the 23d intant, and arrived off thc Inc chosen conftable."

of Wight on Thursday the 24tb. Wednesday 23.

The pallengers on board the

Bulbridge are, Being St. George's Day, the Society of Mr. Arthur Malony, Enfign Granby šloper. Antiquaries elected a Prehdent, Council, &c. Mr. Robert Osby Sloper, the Hon. Mrs. fos the year ensuing, pursuant to their Hyde and family, Mrs. Bruerc and family, Charter, when the former officers were con- Mrs. Graham and family, Mater Charles tinued, and the following new members of Brooke, Mafter Fenwick, all from Bengal; the Council elected;

Licut. Williains, from Fort St. George, and R. Pepper Arden, Esq. T. A fle. Esq.F.R. S. Mr. Edward Ravensworth from Bombay. Sir George Barker, Bart. F. R. S. W. Bray,

Wednesday 30. Lfq. J. Call, Esq. F. R. S. A. Hamilton, In the course of the present month, his D.D. F. R. S. Hugh D. of Northumber- Majesty's person was extremely endangere land, F. R.S. Lt. Gen Rainsford, F. R. S. by the Atriking of a vicious horse in the James E. of Salisbury, F. R. S. Charles Mews at Buckingham-House.--The King Townley, Esq.

was in the itables, attended by a page, who This day the malefactors, ordered for exe- observing his Majesty approach too close to a cution os the 18th, were brought out of colt of a viscious difpofition, gave him a Nergate, about eight in the morning, and caution. His Majesty, however, saying ibar Suspended on a gallows of a new construc it would not do him any hurt, went into the tion. After hanging the usual time, they fall, and was immediately hemmed in by were taken down, and the machine cleared the animal, who began to kick with great away in half an hour. By practice the art fury. The page defired his Majcfty to catch is much improved, and there is no part of hold of the horse's head, and hold'him hard the world where villains are hanged in so while the King was thus employed with Acat a manner, and with so little ceremony. the animal, whose violence seemed to increase, Friday 25.

the page ran for the groom, who had been acThe Bishop of Lichfield and Coventry at customed to attend the horse. The groom tended at the Levee at St. James's, and pre- instantly threw a haiter on its neck, and feared to bis Majesty, accurding to cuflom, backed it out of the tall; in consequence the anniversary Termon, preached by his of which his Majesty was relieved front Lord thip, at the General Meeting of the a danger that very imminently threatened Society for the Propagation of the Gospel his life. It is said that the zcal and a lie in Foreign Parts, together with the printed vity of the page has been properly rewardedo abftrad of the proceedings of that Society On the 17th inftant, his Excellency the fince their last report.

Lord Lieut. Ireland put an end to the The Purser of the Busbridge Indiaman, Sessions of Parliament of that kingdom, by about two o'clock in the afternoon, brought a very suitable speech; wherein, addreifing the agreeable news to the lodia-house of himself to both Lords and Commons, he the safe arrival of that thip from Bengal, assured them that no object was nearer to afier a short passage of less than four inonths. his Majesty's hcart than the prosperity of She left Bengal on tbę 26.h or December his faithfnl subjects of Ireland; and he rea Idad, and arrived at Fort St. George the 6th com nended the advancement of that prospe

of January following, at which time ro rity to their warm attention, as by their exthip was in the road, excipe ihe Minerva, ample and influence in their several counties which had arrived with a cargy of rice on it was much in their power to promote it, the 27ıb preceding.

by encouraging habits of industry in the She fai cd from therce on the oth of Januó people, and impressing upon their minds a ary, being the day on whico ine Minerva due regard for the laws. After his Excel. left that place on her return to Fort William. lency bad done speaking, the Lord Chancelo

The Bulbridg: fe l in in the General Jo: prorogued the Parliament in the usual
Elit, Captai. Dragun 1, of the Cape of Style, tilt the 17th of Jane mex',
CENT. MAG. Apron, 1788.


The Borany flect arrived at the Cape on mill-Arçer, is said to have occafioned much fpe the 13th of October, after a passage from culation among the gentlemen of the faculty, Rio de Janeiro of only five weeks and fout here being no well-attefted description in days. Commodore Phillips, after supplying the anatomical spools.of this, or any other the thips with fea flores, means to purchasc country, of foch a phænomenon. The live ftock of every kind the country affords, inteftincs are all reversed, the heart, &c. beand thea to proceed in a direct course to the ing on ike sigbi-lide, and the liver on the place of bis deftination, unless driven by left. In every other refpea, buc Gruation, frets of weather to alter it.

the parts are complete. It is very probable, REMARKABLE OCCURRENCES omitted, or she perfon himself might live without a con

but Nightly mentioned in thic Hiftorical sciousness ol fuch a difference in the internal • Chronicle of the present year.

Atructure of his body. On the 200h of December last, a confider There are now living, in the parish of able part of the top of Mount Vesuvius fell Yalding in the weald ot Kent, thirteen peso into the mouth of the volcano, and was (wals ple, whose ages together make 1110 years, lowed up. This was soon after fuccecded she oldelt 93 years, and the youngest apa by volumes of black smoke blended with a wards of eighty. And, as a farther prool of pale-coloured éle&trical 'flame, issuing with the healthiness and longevity of the place, incredible violence from the bowels of the there are twenty-two perfons more ppwards mountain, reverberating, and sifing again of 70 years old. It is believed that the with horrible eructations, as if the whole number of families in this parife may not earch had been convulled. This ftupendous exceed one hundred and thiny: phænomenon, as fuon as the blackneis of the

A man made his third esperiment a Paris imoke began to brighten, exhibited an aw. on the 16th of Feb. of going freely in aad ful but not an unpleasing Spectacle. Myriads out of a house set on fire on purpose. Proof luminous fparks, mingling with the obe teeted by an incombustible dress of his ova fcurity of the atmosphere, affumed the apo invention, he pasted through the dames se pearance of a new firmament; and, while veral simes in perfect safety. The inreutos the spectators were intent on this uncommon announces that the dress is not very expen. phænomenon, whole clouds of fones' and Gve. The Academy of Arts and Sciences fcoriæ, ejected from the mountain, diverted have approved of it. their atiention, and gave place to the moft

In the valley of Vraiters, a village of frightful apprehenfions The Academy of Shimnele near Fort Dauphia in Italy, in the Sciences at Naples had a special meeting on course of she winter, a large mals of Inox the occafion; but nothing new has been dir- f&R from a mountain, and ingulphed almok covered. It has been thought by some, that, every houses 10 people were killed, and if the feat of the bre had not been at a great above 60 wounded, most of them mortals. depth in the bowels of the earth, the whole His Sardinian Majesty lent immediate fuce moudcain must have fallen in, and perhaps ecur to the survivors. with it a great part of the adjoining country. Number of convicts at the Old Paily Sifo M. Fischer, astronomer to the Royal Court fionsfor the year at Manheim, has observed, that, since the

1787 late earthquakes and internal commotions of

Capitally cenu. Canviat of felory. Arquit. the earth have taken place, the magnetic

it Seff.

SI needle in the observatory there has been in 20 Self.


47 perpetual motion. On the 15th of February 3d. Sels. 15


s! the mountain became pertectly quiet, and 4th Seff. 10

bo has remained so ever lince,

бо The remains of ari antient foreft is said to 6th Sefl. 20.

66 have la.ely been discovered in St. Oweo's

7ıh Seff., 6

36 Bayi [Qu. W bere is so. ' Owen's-Bay fitu 8ch Setr,


35 ated?) "The trees cover upwards of three square acres of ground, but leem to extend



392 beyond all human reach into the sea. Many The numbers for the year preceding were, of ihele trees are entire, ineasure upwards of capital convids 133---convicted of felosies foity feet long, and it is evident they have 382 acquitted 430. grown on tbe spot, as their roois and tarih

N.B, Petty laicenies, of which there were itil adhere. But what renders this discovery, not above a dozen, are included under the Itill more wonderiul is, that for many miles head of felonies. Jound, the bay itfelf is a barren landy deleri, During the year 1986, the number are and not a thrub to be seen on it. (A moic cwird was only 44 parucular account of this foreit, it any luch The number irom January 1787 to Ja. exifts, is requested.]

duary 1788 amounts to no leis than one buse Ju Nero's busyong place at Rome a superb dred of which four were on account of chamber has laselý been discovered of old forgerya crime becoming more common in Mosaic inlaid with lapis lazuli. A diffection at Mr.Cruicklank's in Wiado nithimeat is establidhed !--Strange infatuation !

proportion as the absolute certainty of poo


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