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it is certain that a remarkable change has All this appears to have been preparatory happened in the Pruffian cabinet, not to be to the conclusion of the treaty of Defenfive accounced for at present.

Alliance between his Majesty and the States Between the courts of St. Petersburg and General of the United Provinces, which Portugal, the late treaty appears to be was figned at the Hague on the 15th intant founded on the principles of true policy; but, by bis Excellency Sir James Harris, Knight from what principles the events that are said of the Bath, and by the Deputies of the States to have taken place in Germany derive General duly authorized for that purpose. their origin, is yet a myftery.

The afairs of the Netherlands till conThe late treaty between her Imperial Ma- tinue in a state of uncertainty. The fubfie jefty of Russia and the King of Naples had dies for the support of Government have, in view the fupply of naval stores to the been voted reluctantly; and the grievances former ; and the augmentation of her naval remain unredressed. The University of force in the Mediterranean to the latter.- Louvain, which is a main point of conten, Thus the advantages became reciprocal; but tion, is reduced from a seminary of learning it would be presumption to hazard a conjec 10 á fear of confusion and anarchy ; is tore on the policy imputed to Prullia. What totally abandoned by the theologians; and has been reported therefore camor be true, scarcely resorted to by students in philosophy.

A reciprocal interchange of good offices The French Government is at present bas for some time paft been observable bee chiefly occupied in reform and preparations tween the Sublime Porte and the Court of for what may happen. The minister of the Spain; and the Barbary pirates have been war department has given orders for the imless troublesome than usual to the Spanish mediate formation of three camps, to confift trading vessels. How far it may be con of 20,000 men each. The contests between fiftent with the Catholic faith to league with the King and his Parliaments grow every infidels against Christian powers in amiry day more and more serious. It has been with each other, is a question for the parties observed, that, whenever they fhall arrive at concerned to reconcile. In nice decisions a certain pitch, they will terminate in faof this kind, interest generally turns the vour of the people. scale.

The principal Italian powers are at present The advices relpeeting Mahmud, Pacha in a ftate of perfect tranquillity; and oco of Scutari, are so various, that nothing cer- cupied in suppressing useless monasteries, re. tain can be said of his ftuation. He has forming the laws, and improving agriculture lately offered to enter into treaty with the and the arts. His Sicilian Majesty has lately Venetians, which that wary State has de suppressed four monasteries; and the Grand clined, being too wise to provoke a war Duke of Florence is said to have gone farther with the Ottomans for the sake of any tem in Church Reformation than even the Emporary advantage they might reap by sup- peror himself. porting a rebellious subject. Failing in this, he has buce proposed to join the Imperial EAST INDIA INTELLIGENCE. army with 40,000 men, on condition of The following is a concise Ratement of the being proclaimed King of Albania, and de- arrangement which his Majesty has been clared an independent Prince. The success pleased to make for adjufting the claims of this project may possibly depend on the of rank between the King's and the Eaft occafion his Imperial Majetty may have India Company's officers, and settling them for his affistance during the course of the on a firm and lasting footing :

“ First, That from the day when hoftiliThe fate of affairs in Holland has re ties ceased at Cuddalore, the officers in his ceived no material alteration fince the de- Majesty's and the Company's service should parture of the Prussians out of their domi- rank indiscriminately from the dates of their nions. On the oth past, the anniversary commiffions. of the birth of his Serene Highness the “ Secondly, That if it thould happen Prince of Orange was celebrated at the that two commiffions, now or hereafter, Hague with all possible magnificence. The thould be dated on the same day, the King's rejoicings during the day were to appear. officer is to have the precedence. ance real, and the illuminations at night “ Thirdly, That such King's officers, as universal,

hold commissions dated prior to the ceffation On the 14th Sir James Harris, having of hoftilities at Cuddalore, should comnotified his appointment to be his Britan- mand all the Company's officers of the same nc Majesty's Ambassador Extraordinary rank. and Plenipotenciary to their H. M M. “ Fourthly, That brevets should be granted held a conference with the Prefident of the by his Majesty's authority to the Company's Alsembly, to whom be presented his new officers, dated from the cessation of hoftili. Credentials. Next day his Excellency paid ties. his visit of ceremony on the occasion to “ Fifthly, That, in all future promorions, the Prince of Orange ; and on the day the Company's officers thall receive breve following, His Highness returned ihe visite commisions from his Majetty. GENT. Mag. April, 1788.



"Sixthly, That no officer, poffefling bre- some time, till the shifting of the ship planged vet local rank in ludia, thould remain ihere, the mast into the Ita with fach violence as unless he chures to ferve with his actual to oblige them all to quit their hold, except rank in the King's army.

Mr. Brown another passenger, who gere“ Seventhly, That a period of 18 months rously leapt into the water to save the lady, Thouid be allowed for the exchange of but perished in the attempt. Mr. Corbett those officers who now hold local rank in was saved by the Pilot schooner, that took ladid.

him up in a state of infenfibility; but lived Letters, lately received by the Company's to experience all the horrors of his miserable thip the Raveniworib, in part confirm the fituation, Out of 113 persons 43 were sared. account in our last, of the dreadful form Of the gentlemen who perished, the follow. on the coast oí Coromandel. Coringa is to ing are the names: Mesirs. Gardener, Brown, tally deftroyed (ice p. 263.). At Madda. M'Intyre, jun. Boulden, and Joseph.--Lieupollum the tempeft was severely felt; the tenants Warren and Nuttel. factory-house blown down, and many others Add to the above misfortune, the fate of destroyed, Al Malalipatnam every vesel Fort Nuttal on the South Coast of the Island that lay at anchor was loft, villages fwept of Sumatra, which, on the 4th of June latt, away, and the country overflowed by the sea took fire, and was burnt to the ground. many milos. Ac Cockenarah the ride sud There were more than 100 Malay houses, denly rose more than 13 feet above the usual none of which escaped the conflagration. level; and the people who were saved escaped This misfortune will be the more feverely by fight to an adjacent hill, --It is remark, felt, as the inhabitants were but just recoable, that the destructive force of the form vering from an epidemical disorder, that had did not extend more than 25 toiles, that is, been so general, that a great part of the between Coringa and Uprora, very little be crop of rice Jay rotting on the ground for yond either places. The loss the French want of hands to reap the harveste have suitained, by the destruction of their A dawk arrived at Calcutta on the 15th thipping at the Mauritius, is computed at of September last at night, with an express 14,799, co millions of livres.

from Cawnpore, dated the ath of September, By letters from Hydrabad, the whole and several private letters, from one of country was in alarm at the proxiriy of which the following is an extract : Tippoo, who threatened the Nizam on the " Although Lord Cornwallis iş so nigh, conclusion of the peace with the Mahrattas. we cannot tell whether he means to corne The Nizam's eldest son, Alijaw, a prince in here (Cawnpore), or proceed to Lucknow the prime of lif-, who has nituerto had no firit. part in the direction of State affairs, bas Ramsay's troop at off this morning ta lately made an offer of heading the iroops of meet him at Allahabad, by his own order, his father, which was refused, and the com and Ramsay is ordered to march to ir ia tix mand given to Ali Beg; but nothing certain days. can be concluded from there mocions; and His Lord'hip is to be at Allababad about the ring of the Kilhua, which annually the middle of the month, where the Naboo, inundates the country, mult foon give a iem and Colonel Harper, Refident at Lucknow, porary ceffation of hottilities to the contende are to meet him, ing parties,

“ There is the devil to pay at Delhi. Ly the same conveyance, the loss of the " Scindia has loit all his aimy, which Company's coumuy ship, the Ganges, Carte have left him, aud

gone over Frazer, bound from Bergal to Midras, his Rajah of Jynagur, his enemy; he has been received, of which the following are the Dow no more authority, on this Ede Gua. particulars :

lior, thao I have; but is fted to that garOn the 22d of May 1787, a leak har bien ricon, and the Rajahpoors are in chace of discovered; but, while the vellel could be bios. Jiept ciear by the pums, no danger was ap. « Golaum Kandur, the Robillah Zablee Frehended. In the evening, however, the Caun's fon, is now in poflettion of Delhi, pumps were rendered uf-iris, being choakrd ans of the King's person, and has seized on by the rice, of which the cargu confilied. In all the provinces and purgannans belonging this dilemma it was juodged advise able to run to Scindia, between the bills and Gualior. the ship aibore. By two o'clock the had “ Scindia has fet Bow Buxey 10 Lord taken ground, and was lying on her beari Cornwallis, for atlistance; and we'hink there ends, when Mr. Corbet, wh), with his wile, commotions will prevent our being relieved were pattergers, went down to acquaint his here this featon. lady of the danger in the endcrcft manner 66 You know the connection between poffible, of which she was fizfickerely ap, rted, Scindia and the Company, and wbat alillby the noile unavoidable co such occafiors,

he can claim. Ilis affairs are in and with great compofure assured him, the a very bad state ; but, if we aflift him, it was prepared to oiset with him whatever will be the nieans of enlarging the Great mai bei 1.26: wish this resolutno Mogul, who is aow a pnfones in bis owa they got inio the top, vibere they remained palace.




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rary, began to be agitated in an extraordi. WEST INDIA INTELLIGENCE. nary manner, to the astonishment and tcrror From the Babama Gazette.

of the neighbouring inhabitants. The rumbOn the 3d of January, Capr. Tho. Thomp- ling noise from the bog gave the alarm, and fon, in the floop Sally, beating up from the on the 30th it burst, and a kind of lava S. W. point of Heneaga, saw a white Aag iffued from it, which took its direction toflying on the shore, where, on landing, he wards Pollygriffen and Golden, over-spreadfound 23 women and 53 men and boys in ing and laying waste a vast tract of fine fera molt diftrefled fituation, having been par- tile land belonging to John Hide, Esq. sengers on board a brig from Dunlary in Ire. Every thing that opposed its course was land, bound to Charles Town and Balti buried in ruins. Four houses were totally more, and put alhore chere for want of pro- destroyed, and the trees that stood near then vifions, the brig having been fix weeks at torn up by the roots. The discharge has been Thort allowance. They were told the place inceffant fiuce the 30th, and how far it where they were landed was a plentiful will extend cannot at present be determined. island, on which they would find towns and On Thursday, March the 27th, being apinhabitants who would supply them with pointed for celebrating the anniversary of plenty of provisions; but when they found St. Pairick at the cattle, that festival was Themselves deceived, and wanted to return observed with more than ordinary lplendour. on board, they were fired at, and one man The Knights of St. Patrick, and the Re. killed. Capt. Thompson is said to have presentative Sovereign, appeared in the relanded 20 of these unfortunate people on 1pective emblems of the order. The ball Long 10and; and 56 at Nafsau. [Miferable and supper were numerously attended. The muft ibat policy be ibit tends 10 depopulate a ladies and gentlemen were for the most part fruitful country by oppreffion! Ireland, by en- dreised in the manufactures of Ireland; and couragement and cultivation, would abound the rooms appeared lets crouded than usual, in all the necessaries and luxuries of lfe, though there was more company, as the ladies yet the people are daily leaving it in swarms.] were without hoops.

Private letters from Jamaica, dared to late as the latter end of January last, give

SCOTLAND. hopes of great crops of sugar for the present Edinburgh, March 22. On Wednesday a year, notwith it anding the very many plan- Tharp content took place at the back of the tations that have been laid down by the Black Rocks, near Leith harbour, between blasts of wind, accompanied by heavy rairis. a boat's crew belonging to Newhaven and

The assembly have passed an act, that, if another belonging ro Preston Pans, occafioned a white man kills a black mai, he shall by the latter's diagging oysters on the ground be hanged without benefit of clergy.

laid claim to by the former. After a severe From Anrigua it is written, that their contrict for about half an hour with their crops will fall Thort at least one hall, owing cars, boat-hooks, &c. the Newhaven mnen 10 an insect, called a Borer, which enters at brought in the Preston-Pans boar to Newthe top of the cane, perforates it to the bose haven, after being much hurt on botn lides. tom, and afterwards turns to a kind of but. This is the stcond boat taken from then this terfly. It is added, that a malignant diłor. seafoo. der prevails in the island, suproled to be brought by a Guinea fhip.

COUNTRY NEWS. Later advices from Antigua make no On the 29th a most danng murder and mention of any malignant ditorder in that rubbery was committed near Miles Piatting, inland ; on the contrary, that the planters on the York Road, on the person of Mr. had begun 10 grind their sugars, and that Wor hing on the York carrier, who had they thould be able to load four or five ships scarcely left the house where with new sugars in the course of a few called to drink, than he was the dead, and weeks.

his watch and purse taken from hir, But the Kingston Gazette takes notice of though lo near three men on the road before such a disorder prevailing at St. Kitts.. him as to be heard to beg for life.

has been apprehended on suspiciun, but dilo AMERICA

charged for want of evidence. The hoftilities, that larely disturbed the Fairfod, March 27. About nice o'clock tranquillity of the Southern colonies, have in the evening frur men on horleback canze for the present ceased.

to the house of Mr. Wm. Jenner of broada Rhode illand and Providence plantations more Hill, in this neighbourhood; and callhave palled an act to prevent the Nave trade, ing the corter, they told him, that they and to encourage the abolition or slavery. wanted to per their horses in che stable. The

caiter said, he had no room for their horses; IRELAND.

uşon which they knocked him dowry, and On Tuesday, the 27th of March last, tied his legs and hands. They then called a large bog of icoo acres lying tetween Dun.. the other man out of the table, and cordrum and Cathel, A she county of Tippee pelled him a su with them to the houten




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where Mrs. Jenner was fitring with a young tion that some of the friends of their gang lady a visitor. They tied the man, and were expected from London, to speak to the locked him in the cellar; and having bound characters of Collins and Froft. It has been the maid and, young lady, they took Mrs. Surmised, therefore, that the robbers of Mr. Jenner up Aairs, and by threats obliged her Jenner were coming on this errand, but, finde to thew in what bureau Mr. Jenner kept ing that the affair was too desperate, they his cash and bills. With a picklock the fopped at Fairford, and made this attack ringleader opened all as readily as with a upon Mr. Jenrer, to pay their expences. It key, and took out to the amount of about is said, two of them called at the Bull ac one hundred pounds. In the box belonging Fairford to give their horses corn, and come to the maid, they found forry guineas, the into the house; but the other two Aopped earnings of a long series of honeft industry. at some or her inn in Fairford, and waited When they came down' into the kitchen, in the stable whilft their horses were fed." and the servant found that her box had been This whole story is probably founded upon a opened, she cried bitterly, that all Me had in fact, which appears to have happened at the world was gone. The man who affumed Langlay Farm, near Wirchwood Foreft in the head of these ruffians, turning to his ac Oxfordshire, occupied by Mrs. Green, where complices, said This must have been an four villains made an attempt to rob the industrious creature, to have saved such a house; but were in part prevented by the fum. Damme, we will not take her money. courage of Henry Bunting, Mrs. Green's sonHere, my girl, here are your forty gui- in-law, who, at the hazard of his life, deneas;" and immediately returned her the fended the house, till the carter, who bad money.

been knocked down in the stable, recovered “ The fame man went up to the young himself and alarmed the neighbours, but tog lady, and killed her; and another of them late to secure the villains, who fled precipipresuming to follow his example, he pushed tately with a trifling booty, leaving a small him back, and bid him' stand off, for that pocket pistol, filver-mounted with a screw was an honour reserved for himself alone. and rifle barrel, maker's name Baskier, be. They then put the females down into the hind them; also the lock and part of a horse cellar, and locked the door; and afterwards piftol, feel-mounted, broken in the fray ; regaled themselves with what the pantry af. with a new round hat, the lining to draw forded.

over the face; and a cap to fall down with u Mr. Jenner had been out at a tithe-din- holes to look through; and at a small distance ner; and returning about eleven o'clock, a from the house a carter's frock much worn. liule elevated, was surprised, on entering his It is wished, that some of these circumftances house, to see the guefts, who had taken pof- may lead to a discovery. fefsion of his fire.fide, • What, says Mr. Jenner, are you going to rob my house!

Port News. No, no, fays one of the men, that is done It has been reported on very creditable au. already.' . Why, where have you put all thority, that the Duke of Richmood has my family, says Mr. Jenner?' They are all made some proposals for dismantling the fafe in the cellar, said the robbers, where garrison of Hell, and converting the greund you thall join them, as soon as you have de into a wet dock, for the convenience of livered your money.' His pockets were merchant-thips, provided the inhabitants searched, and three or four guineas taken. will agree to make a dry dock in the other * And now, said the ringleader, if you at part of the ground. tempt to make any discovery of us, we will come some time hence, and take ample re. HISTORICAL CHRONICLE. Yenge.'

A peasant, named Pazanek, has discovered Nr. Jenner being put into the cellar, the in the domain of Licomijole, in the circle men sat down to enjoy themselves, drank of Chrudim, a finty rock, for which the Emthree, bottles of wine, and did not leave the peror had promised a considerable reward. house till two in the morning. The ftua It produces fliots in such great plenty, that sion of the family was noc discovered till there will be no farther occahon co import the workmen came in the morning, who then them. fer them at liberty.

A Swiss is said to have invented a ma«! The threat of taking revenge terrified chine, which will discharge 300 balls in Mr. Jenner from making the necessary pur. three minutes, and do as much executiou, suit after this baodiaci ; but advice has been with ten men to work it, as half a regiment. sent to London of the bills that were taken, The keavy and incessant rains that fell in some of which were Drummond's notes ; but Portugal, in the month of February, so it was dilcovered that they had been brought swelled the rivers, particularly the Tagus, for payment, and the caih had been re between Abrantes and Lisbon, as to destroy ceived.

all the feed put into ihe ground, and to de" Thorpe, who surned King's evidence prive the husbandmen of all hope of a bare against the men ihat brohe open the house of juun Webb, Esq. of Coit, gave an intima. Advices of good authority have been re3



ceived, that the famous Paul Jones, who is will forthwith commence hodilities agaiak now at Copenhagen, has made an offer of that Republic." his service to the Empress of Rusia, which The States of Venice have published their has been accepted. If this be true, we shall formal refusal to permit the Rusiau fleet soon hear of some desperate exploit in fup- making use of their ports. It is date + in the port of his character.

Predagi (i. c. Council or Senate) on the it The following transa&tion is said to have of March. occafioned a great ferment in France, where The Chevalier Emo, it is said, has defired Lettres de Cacbet have of late bees as much to resign his command of the Venetian fleet. agitared as General Warrants were formerly in Subliance of the Treaty lately concluded England.

and ratified between the King of PrurThe Prefident of the Parliament of Thou lia and the States of Holland. louse, having refused, with the rest of the The preamble fers forth, that, from some Court, to register the tax of the two-twen. late transactions, there has resulted a mutual tieths; notice was sent to the King, who defire to renew and ftrengthen the ancient immediately ordered a Lettre de Cocbee to be ties between the respective States, by a new issued againf M. de Catalan, the President, Treaty of defenfve alliance. which was dispatched to the Counc de Peri The articles were nine in number, gord, Governor-General of the Province of Article 1.'eltablishes the harmony which Languedoc, with orders for him to serve it formerly subfilted between the two Siates.. immediately on the President.

Art. 2. obliges them to act in concert for In consequence of which M. de Catalan the maintenance of the Public Peace, and to was immediately arrefted, and conveyed to employ their good offices to prevent a war; the Caftle of Loudres, fituated at the foot of but, if those good offices have not the desired the Pyrenean mountains.

effect, and that one of the high contracting The Governor of Gjbraltar has larely re- parties is hoftilely attacked by any European ceived advice, by express from the British power, Consul at Tangier, that the Emperor of Mo Art. 3. engages the other to succour his TOCCO had called all the European Consuls Ally; the King of Prussia, the Republic, if before him, and, in their presence declared, attacked, with 10,000 infantry and 2000 that he bad revoked the grant formerly cavalry; and the Republic the King of Prullia, made to the English nation, to purchale if attacked, with 5000 infantry, and 1000 cattle and other provisions within his domi cavalry; which respective succours are to be nions, for the use of the garrison of Gibrale furnished in the space of three months after tar; and that this prohibition should remain requifition made, and to remain during the in full force, till he had received an assurance war with the power thai requires them, and from the King of Great Britain himself, and is to pay them. not by his Consuls, that an escort should By Article 4, ir is ftipulated, that, if the be sent to convoy to Conftantinople the third Dutch are attacked by fen, or in their poil: fpresent, which his Majesty proposed to send kons beyond sea, the King of Prussia thall to the Porte, confiiting of two thips of war, &c. pay in money instead of troops, at the raie

At the Imperial press at Petersburg, they of 800,000 Dutch Burins, for 1000 infantry; have just finished printing a new translation and 120,000 in the room of 1030 cavalry. of the Koran, which the Empress has caused Art. 5. The parties may augment their to be executed for the use of her Mahometan demands for succour according to their ipsubjects.

ceflivies. The Turkith Ambassador took leave of the Art. 6. If the high contracting parties Court of Spain about the end of last month, thould be engaged in the same war against laden with presents from the King, a ring the common enemy, they engage not to lay garnished with diamonds, value 190vo florins down their arms but by mutual consent. - diamond real value 3000 forins—2000 Art. 7. To increase and cement the muie rix-dollars in fpecie ;---and, belides bis daily tual friendthip, the subjects of the one Sime expences, 300 floring are advanced for 84. are to be treated by the subjects of the other, days-icolb. of quinquena - 10 pieces of with respect to commerce and navigation, as tine cloth, and 10,000 forins for his secretary the most favoured nations. and domestics. From the Prince of Asturias, Art. 3. Thar the differences that have a valoable diamond-ring worth 12000 forins; arilen, respecting limits, thall be terminated and from the Prime Minister a gold snuif- by commissioners appointed for that purpose: box, value 1500 forins.

and all differences Cercled on the places in The Imperial Minister at Venice has pre content. sented to the Senate a moft spirited Memo. By Art. 9. His Psujian Majefty guaranrial, in which he declares, 's That if the tees the Stadtholdesthip, as well as the HereGovernment of Venice do not instantly give ditary government of the provincos, in the sufficient reato for their naval armament, House of Orange, with all rights and preroand declare which fide ihey mean to take in gatives, according to the diploma of 1747, ibe prelent war with the Tuiks, his mastes acknowledged in 1749, taken in charge in

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