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That now high-sweiling rapid rolls along So large its size, so wide its circling shade, With tide impetuous, now soft-warbling You'd think a temple’sform appears diipiay'da flows,

A terrace' summit last the stranger gains, While Silence liftens in a tranc'd repose.

That proudly overlooks the lumble plains; Tlve, Cary, is uw wondrous power of song,

From hence the eyes a large ext nt behuk! Tuscat, pite of critics, ihall enroll thy

Wide pastures here, herewaving fields of gold;

A boundleis joy now rises in the mind, High in the list of Amaranthine Fame.

Fran groves for pleasure, fields for ule de. F.1.19l, Brks. EDWARD Pik-WATERS.

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Mirei 6.

S ο Ν Ν Ε Τ. ]

INCLOSE you another piece, by my you's friend, in which he paints thote

Solvitur arnis liyems gre' vice veris e: Fazeni. groves facred to the vill!!es, u here le court (IIE (pring appears within her role-brist ted their propirimus Prius; but too soon,


[dew, als, were his vou hful blolioms consigned to The budding hawthorns drip the pourly more dreal y Maes.

And meads resume again their varied bue, You's, &c.

EUSEBIA. Nor winter yells along the darken'u air.

Thehare-bell's velvet-head and primroi fairy ST. JOHN'S GROVES, OXFORD, In limitats ALCIX CS GORDINS is ibu

With gwdy datfodils, ad vi iets blut, 7th Book b ODYSSEY.

Along the vale their bilmy fragrance ítrew,

And the green foreits doofe their wavy hair*. BEYOND the maily gues, tie crarller fees Now lighoog lovers tell the melung tale Large walio extend with hugh o'erihaling At close of eve, afide the murm'ring itream trees ;

While waithling notes soft die alw; the gale, A spacious garden meets his ravish'd eyes, And tender love alone is all the theme. Secure from Winter's racc,tipthreat'sing skies: Amid these scenes with Flora let me stray, Here livih Nature all her cos wisplay'd, And glausome muk the fueets of blooming Anu Art Cumpletes what Natur-frsteifavid,

May. 1. V-LE, Birm, The welcome fun here darts his mildest ray; And gentle gale: breathe soft through ev'ry

To T. H. SPRI-R.

S O N N E T.
High on jis walls the grateful jasmines rear;
And thorny briars icent the fragrant air ;

AIL! firm associate of my tender days, Kind is the spring, fost dews the ev’ning

Whose converse sweet infus' soft plea

sure's thrill, pours T'amid the soil, and aid the rising flow'rs;

As arm in arm we climb'd the floping hill, In faire't desch'einhrouer'd tulip shows,

Or Munn'd with haste the dog star's scorching Now warmer feafin ripe the blushing rose;

rays Here the pale lily wantons in the und;

Amid the shady dells.-0! may the blaze There varie! paukssrefniw::ets diffufe behind.

O kindling love and chearing friendhipitill

Attend our rip'ning years, unmix d withall, Branches in bianches suvine throughout the

Throug' choquer'd scenes of life's perplexing grove; Wih equal ardor thont, and meet, and love; When manhood calls thy polith'd genius furtk., Beneath his spreading weight the old elm

Displays thy claffic Itore and cold sepie, bends

{tends ; The wond'ring crowdfhall laud thy various The sturdy oak with Heav'n for height con

worth, The curling ivy hic his wish completes; And melt in tears beneath thy eloquence. And the tall chelnut lofiy chefauts mects;

Still may thy natal ítar with radiaoce nine, Here where the trees fill close their thick The juy of youth and peace of age be thine. array

1. V-LE, B117. Two thaly i hyrinths wind their secret way; Whire happy shiel te n the fou'reigoqueen, TO DR. ADAMTHWAITE, And no run reati cinta beitr. peaceful lent; OxOç. afion of bis VERSES, Vol. LVII. 4. 439. The feather'd choir alone her call obey, ind in fui concert join tis' barnmous lay ; On ev'ry boosh appear lie tuneful throng ; In choral lirains of animating praise. The grove re echoes to their joy?lis song Proceed thy lowly brethren stiil to greet Ea-biayth moundsrenew their b.:Jmdress, The varied Verfe with sacred treasure glows;

In lays, as Hermon high, as Carmel weet. Aldrich y produce of the year coofe's. bie glaty plats, with cheq'i ingaisies Ophir's pure g. del, and Sharon's lovely rofe i tin'll,

(round :

Noforrow'sdim the lordly's eyes, Line the weet bieathirig walks, or quite sur

Tho'modest Merit rear the vineyarl dies; Tore in the inidit : sacre. ew extends, y bule spreading leak irum falling inom cride Et spillæ nemo pun coma, Horace. funds




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Like Niboth dies: whileWatsonstanding near To ev'ry cliárm of Silk and lace,
Poars on the thuatter'd corpie his angry tear. When they but gaze or her.
Do Thon indignant all thy pow'; display,

Oh thou, delighted with her dress,
And crise the cruel Spoilers far away.

Hat, moe, and robe be thine!

Without these trappings to postess
N. B. In the Greek motto to tie Duct r's

The lively fair be mine. lines is a typographical error or iwo, which ile reader will ewilly rectify from his Sep- Justice and Love, they both were blinde quagint; and one in the Latin motto,

Mythologilts agree; Dare' for “lemboru:” and in the last line. But now restor'd their fight we find, but three for its'' read" Ho!"

And Love can better see.

The double band let Justice foll, STANZAS TO LADY B

And veil ibore eyes defect,

Which only 11.10 and Shoe behold,
From Poct with the tender pattion fir’d,

And Anna's self neglect !
T'express the wonders ofthcharmingframe, Let Love uribandag'd look around,
· Which ev'n when first beheld my soul in And ev'ry beauty see,

Not one, he'll own, he then has found The morning rose-bud bursting to the fight,

Who nearly equals thee. Bedropp'd with orient gems of glutining

EMILR, dew,

AN ODE TO Contemplaced with still increas'd delight,

VIRTUE. view.

Which ert the Roman break inflam'd; Nature a corresponding voice bestows,

And taught kapt sages to a 'mire [tream'd

The tource whence all their glories The fine sensations of thy breait to tell; The dulcet furunds, thy ruby lips compote, all Glories that hall for ever shine, The tendereft ftraits of Philoinei excel.

Since made by you, sweet Nymph! divine.

Descend, bright native of the skies, Ev’n in the swan's, borne down the gentle

And all my youthful breast inspire ; streain,

For lo! to thee my wit hes rise, Thy eaiy way along its banks we trace:

W ile grateful founds my votive lyre : Thy form some fabled Naiad's form wedecin, Then hear me, Goddess, and impart Mouided in fymmetry, and tu hd viti

Tny influcnce to my panting heart. grace.

O! to my longiig eyes dup'ay And still thy soft celestial glances play

The charins which never can expirez Expreillve from thy spirit all be ig !, And avhile trar.fported I furvey Like early gieams of ever welcome d..y;

Tlie obiret; of my foul s desire, The meek exponersuí ibeirfourced vine.

Let me, oh! let me, freely prove
Thus far, O Julia, deiga to mark my song,

The warmth of an lieroic love.
As in the smiles of ilattering hope elde; Bleft as th’ Athenian [age of yore
Borne by the radiance of thy charms al 125, (To whom so oft confest you stool)
I quit my sorrows, and forget my f:.:.

May I imceanng!y adore
But soon reflection's tear my cheek bedews;

Thec, O thou beautiful and good! *For, as the strıcken blind the sun regret,

And, conscious of thy heav'nly birth, When inemory thus thy every charm renews,

Rcfound thy praise-extol thy worth. | mourn their light to me for ever set, For oh! if uninspir'd by thee,

How joyless pass our fletting years !

In vain we feek felicity,
Wbafe T fie and Eleg .nce in Dress drew from: 4

And droop in this low vale of tears,
Mugikete a Complim'ne on ber HAT and Where, by thy guardian pow'r unblert,

Fierce demons tear the human brcalt.
RETTY the Hat and Sandal too,

But oh! a happier fate belongs
Declar'd his Worship's lip;

To me, if you, celestial maid ! While I admiring somewhat view

Befriend the bard, whose luftieit songs Between the sole and chip;

Invoke thine all-inspiring aid ;

While, to thy worth for ever truc, 'Tis not a single point I mean,

He sings e ernaliy of you. 'Tho' any point I deem,

Propitious with thy smiling ray Like any one of Beauty's queen,

Lillume the darkness of my mind, A rich and pleasant theme.

That I may view the blissful way Tis Anna's form, her air and face

That leads to prospects unconfind, My wand'ring eyes prefer,




Where endless glories sweetly rise,

Expendling late on all that length of picz. "To crown, blest Nymph! thy votaries. Thy gen'rous powers, but silence honour'd

thee, O! for thy presence to inspire

Mute as e'er gaz'd on Orator or Bard. Me with some more than mortal heat,

Thou art not voice alone, but baft befide More fervid than rapt poet's fire

Both heart and headl, and could'tt with When they some fav’rite theme repeat;

music sweet, For oh! if haply bleft with thee,

Of Attic phrase and senatorial tone, Immortal would my transport be.

Like thy renound forefathers, far and wide Not all the world's seducive art

Thy fame diffuse, prais'd not for uttranice Would devious then my youth mislead, For thou should'ít cling around my heart, Of others speech, but magic of thy own. And bless me in the rural Made i

T.H. Where inly rapt through life I'd sing What joys from thce, O Virtue ! spring.

Ε Ρ Ι Τ Α Ρ Η Efex, llaided.


over ibe Grave of Dr. Benjumin Franklin's Pue

rents, at Bosten in New England, writtoa Ε Ρ Ι Τ Α Ρ Η.

by Hinseif, ibeir young A Son.
In the parifo church of Glenoxbey, in North


and “ LOW the lies in the duft, and here me

ABIAH his wife, mo y fils me with grief! Silent is the tongue

Lie here interred. of melody, and she hand of elegance is now

They lived lovingly together in wedlock at reft!

Fifty-five years ; * No more Mall the poor give thee his bleft..

And without an estate or any sainful ing, nor the naked be warmed with the

Employment, fleece of chy. flock; the tear fait thou

By const ne bb:ur and bineft indufiry, pot wipe away from the eye of the wretch

(with God's blessing) ed. Where now, O Feeble, is thy wonted

Maintained a large family comfortably, help!

And bro't up 13 children and 7 grandchildren No more, my fair, shall we meer thee in

Reputably. the facial hall; no more thall we ft at thy

From this mistance, reader, hospitable board; Goue for ever is the

Be encouraged to diligence in thy calling, found of 'mirib! The kind, the candid,

And distrust not Providence. the meek is now no more! Who can

He was a pious and a prudent man, express our grief! Flow, ye tears of woe !"

She a discreet and virtuous woman.

Their youngest Son, I NSCRIPTION,

In filial regard to their memory On a near mural Tablet, on the Soull Side of

Places this stone. ibe Chancel of Ragby, co. Warwick.

J. F. born 1655, died 1744.

Å. F. born 1667, died 1752.
M. S.


Scholæ Rugbeiensis Alumni,

on the De ibofu Goldfincb. Gulielmi Johannis Spearmanni Wasey,

HY monrn, Eliza! that untimely fate Regiorum equitum olim e prafectis, &

Obfcures the wonted brilliance of Elifabethæ Honoriæ uixoris fuæ, filii.

thy sight.

(the great Obut x kal. Sept. A. D. MDCCLXXXV. Why drops the tear? Who now amongit ?Etatis fuæ xv.

Has sunk lamented to the shades of night? Innocens & per beatus more forum decidi :

'Tis not the ermin't noble that you mourii, Quid, viatur, fies sepultum? Aente fum felicior. Nor mitred bill op, nor the sceptr d king;

'Tis the sweet Goldfinch, pafled to his bourn, S ο Ν Ν Ε Τ,

That claims thy pity with his drooped wing. Addrolled 10 HENRY COWPER, Esq. Clerk

No more his fwelling notę fhall charm thine hint torbe House of Lords, on bis oma

[ceive. phatical and interesting Delivery of be No more the crumb with chear fu look reDefince of WARREN HASTINGS, Esq.

Stretch'd now, alas ! upon his little bier, OWPER! whose filver voice, tark'd. You view his plumage, and whilft viewing fometimes bard,

grieve. Legends prolix delivers in the ears (peers, But let thy tears, Fliza, dry away ; (Attentive when thou read'lt) of England's. His innocence secures from future woes Ltt verse at length give thee thy just re He died unconscious of chaat final dav ward.

Which man iramortal is compellid to know. Thou wast not heard with drowsy disregard, L. ja

M. Oos




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ODE on the INDISPOSITION of Mrs. SIDDONS. The song of vain misled philosophy, (Written in April, 1733.)

What were they all, alas ! conipar'd to thee

Those taught by nature; the no more could Quis defiderio for pudor, aut modus

do : Tan cari capiris i Præcipe lugubres


The Gospel came, and form’d such men as

AUGHTER of PÆox! balmy power, ODE Ο Ν HOPE.
Whose smiles dispel man's bitterest

MIGHTY LORD! at whose com woe!

By every amaranthine flower

The lightnings force their way;
That loves beneath thy ftep to blow;

The echoing whirlwinds feel thy hand,
By all the crimson fluth that breaks
Like orient morning on thy cheeks,

And harrow up the lea.
By all the liquid darts that fly

Instant the billows bound amain
In the full Thunshine of thine eye,

Ani! glory in their height;
If e'er thou deign'st to hear a nortal voice, Forlorn, the failor turns with pain
O blet HYGELA, come; and bid each heart His eyes upon the right.

The mart into the deep to drive,
No partial call for private ends

The restless winds affail;
Thy salutary aid implores :

Though Hope, sweet maid, is still alive,
LO! at thy shrine a Nation bends!

Yet pride and spirits faile
For SIDDONS courtsthy healthful stores!

The sailor, on a foreign coast
She droops--no more the buskın'd stage

By beating tempefts driven,
Can every throbbing breast engage ;
With wel, not with funcird woe,

His weary hands, a stranger loft,
Melpomene's (ad eyes o'erflow

Lifs up in hope to Heaven,
The listless Passions, waiting her command, Lord, ro direct and form my mind,
Fix'd as in torpid apa:hy, around her stand ! That I may ne'er defpair!
Favonius, breathe ! --fair Spring, appear !

O let me always be resign'd,
Now SIDDONS feeks the rural wilds

And hope for better cheer!
Bid all your aids conspire to cheer

O grant, that, if a parent die,
The imagic Muse's favourite child!

A friend, or darling buy,
Till the return, reviv'd, infpird,

(The tear of grief may wet my eye,
With all her wonted genius fir'd !

But leave me hope of joy!
So, for a while, thick mists may throud

Though Fortune Mould ordaia me poory
Day's peerless eye, till every cloud
Retires at length before the pomp of light

And hardship's cute impofe ;

Yet give me hope, I aik no inore,
That bursts in Yory forth, and seerns more

A folace to my woes!
dazzling bright!
Thôn Dianora's * matchless wrongs

Though the rich should scorn my view,
Shall c:all freth tears from every eye,

Though barr'd from faine and praise,
Drawn by the Bard * to whom belongs

The humble track I must pursue
Each pureit fount of posiv;

Gives hope for better days.
Who old Ilissus hallow'd dews,

In his own Avon dres infuse !
O favour'd clime! O happy age!

N Deum ego Patrem verè credo omnipo-
That boast to save the linking stage,

tentem, A Shakspeare's fire- hy Arcic rules reitrain'd! Qui cælum, & terras, & quicquid ubiq; creavita And more than Garrick's Art--by female Im; unigenitum Natum,noftrum Dominum: powers attain's !

Jesum Christum. qui m rè conceptus abe; us

Spiri'u erat Sanct, ; Maria Virgine natus ;
E S,

Prænde Pilato paffus ; ceinde in cruce fixus ;
To JONAS HANWAY, Esq. on bring preo Murtuus, atq; fepultus; atrun sizicenuit in
Jended with bis Piture, and a Volume of

Orcum; bis Works, bv Tho. KYNASTON, Ejq. Ter ia at auror currexit; asl ætherarahman Grosvenor Place.

Afcendit; dextraq; Dei Pairis Omnipotentis A Witte jus your portrait

and sour works vivorunq; fepultorumq; exam nereito I view.

Spiritum &e in Sanctum credo; cælumq; fa. Here every line displays religions sense, There every feature looks benevolence.

Christidiatum totum ; Santos omnes focior;
O Hanway ! faithful friend of God ad man, Et icelifum veniam; finiàl & corres: 1 ve
How doit thou leach, how grace the Chris.
tian plan!

Et cium per æcukura
Alluding to the Regent, a new play by
Bertie Greathead, Esq.



FOREIGN INTELLIGENCË. H2 war now carrying on by the transports to accompany the above flerts no glory to the Imperial arms by the predsa con liment to Great Britain. tory manner in which it is condpeted,

Her Imperial Majesty has fince ordered Since the unsuccessful attempis to fur- her minister at the Court of Denmark, 10 prize Belgrade and Grad sk, no enterprize declare her intention officially of lending of consequence has been undertaken, but her Heet to Copenhagen, to be provided such as tended to increase the horrors of war, with bread and other reire shineors. How without accelerating the prospect of peace. his Danıth Majeity will relith this blog It were therefore waiting rom 10 recourt manner of communication, we are yet to the many bloody but unavailing ikirm les learn; bur i foems doubtful, meeting with that have already ma ked the prefent as a so many obstacles, whether the Empreis savage war, shock ng ro humanity.

will hazard her feet in the Mediterranean On the pari of the Ottomans, it must be againit fo formidable an oppofitionthe acknowledged, that their eagerness for pluo court of Spain having not fited to all the der has been less confpicuous than their pur. curts of Europe, that she will oppo, fuit of fame. They made no attacks on with all he: forces, the entrance of ihe private property til fan&tioned by the ex Russian squadron into the Mediterranean. ample of the enemy. They have hitherto Prince Poemken, lately in high favour been chiefly occupied in preparations for a with the Emprefs, is said to have incurred manly war: they have burnt no open vil-, her Majesty's displeasure, and is banished to lages, plundered no defenceless country; nor

Siberis, made booty of het, ips and goods of that useful About the beginning of March the Rufo class of men employed in the inland navigation fiau army were put in motion, and noile of the cơuntry forihe common benefit. Their thereof fent to Vienna, preparations are now sad to be compleat. Oo the 17th of March the Emperor The standard of Mahomet is displayed, and arrived at the head quarters of the Auto the Visier ready to take the field. The triani army ac Fatach. His Imperial MaCaprain Pacha, who about the commence jefty's journey to Triefe in his way was ment of the present year was advanced to the not on a frivolous occafion. It was to learn higheft pofts of honour (see p.72 ), has fince the real sentiments of the Venetian Siarc fallen into disgrace, and received orders noc as to the part they meant to take in the to appear at the Divan, nor to intermeddle war, whicli, it was apprehended, was not in in the direction of affairs of Nare. His ene bis favour. mies give out, that he will no more be em The junction of the Austrian and Ruf. ployed. The body guard of the Sultan has fian army near Choczim has been effected bcen augmented, and the place of his refi without touching upon any part of the dence removed without the city. I has republic of Poland. The Empress of Rufa even been remarked, that, fince this re fia has presented the waywode Count Poroki veise in the Pacha's fortune, the Venetian with a sword and beli'set with diamonds, in Refident has ceased to aprear among the approbation of his vigilance and zeal in preforeign minifters; and that he has thut bim- serving a good understanding bevreen the Ielf up in retirement on pretence of indifpc. troops of ide two nations in pasting the fition. Such was the fate of affairs ar Con Polish frontiers. Itantin, ple towards the latter end of March. The want of prov'fions has been ree

On the part of Rulila, the weather has verely felt. Ac Cherson, every necessary been too fevere to admit of military ac of life has rifen near 100 per cent. Neither tion. The Grand Duke's departure from the Ruffians nor Tartars can act with effect Petersburg for the army in Taurida, which in thar quarter, the scarcity being so great was announced as a determined resolution, as to approach nearly to a famine. is not only deferred, but wholly laid aside. If credit may be given to report, two very Count Alexis Orlow, appointed to the com extraordinary events have taken place in the mand of the Mediterranean ticer, has de course of the present month, which were for clined that honour, and left the Court; and little expected that they can scarcely be beVice Admiral Greis, to whom it in course lieved ; one, the resignation of the reigning devolved, has picaded the neceility of a jour. Prince of Brunswick of all his military em. ney to his native country, to be exculid from ployments to the King of Proślia ; the other, Thar service.

that an alliance offenhve and defensive has The Russian fleco is said to consist of 18 been concluded between the Courts of Vienna Tips of the live, three of which are three. and Berlin. We for car to comment on the deckers. The force fitting out by Spain, mysterious errand of Prince Henry of Prusia of twenty.

to the court of France; and of his Prullian Ma. The Rufian Envoy is said to have made jesty's journey to the Hague, to have a personal application to the States of Holland for interview with the Princess of Orange; but

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