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puty manager of the Royal Circus; Clown deonis Castle, who died 1974; by whom she Sadler's Wells, &c.

had one fon, the Rev. Mr. O. and by her first In Berkley-square, the Lady of Rich. Myd. hubund, Small, esq. of Hampshire, one dleton, esy. of Chirk Caitle, co. Denbigh. son also.

In Dublin, James Dexter, esq. marihal of At Baconfthorpe, Rev. Wm. Hewitt, reca the Four Courts; and, on the 19th, his wife. tor of Baconfthorpe and Bodham, Norf,

15. At Olmaston, near Derby, Lady Wil Suddenly, at Athby-lodge, near Daventry, mot, wife to Sir Rob. W. hart, and daughter the Lady of Geo. Arnold, efq. to the late Hon. Admiral Byron.

18. At Battersea, Howard, erq. Suddenly, in Upper Wimpole-street, Mrs. At Alnwick, co. Northumberland, Dr. Devis, widow of Mr. Arth. D. late of Great Henry Richardson, the oldest licentiate of Queen-street, Lincoln's lun Fields, painter. the London College. Aged 70, Mrs. Switcherd, late of Leeds. 19. Lady of Joseph Simms, esq. of King's

At Taplow, Miss Hamilton, slaughter of Road, Civelsea. the Hun, and Rev. Dr. Geo. H. cd niece to At Vauxhall, Mrs. Richardson, wife of Lord Abercorn.

Wm. R. eig. accountant-general to the East 16. At Leicester, Rev. Wm. Ludlam, MA. Inua Company. F.R.S. rector of Cockfield, co Suitulk, and In New King-str. Bath, Capt. Hughes. vicar of Norton by Galby, co. Leicester; and 20. Mrs. Arbouin, wifi of Mr. Marth. 4. formerly fellow of St. John's College, Camb. merchant in Mincing lane. He was celebrated for his mech thical genius Mrs. Margaret Ford, wife of Rev. Dr. Jr. and discoveries in inechanics and mathema- F. of Bedford-row, Bloomsbury, tics, and his communications of them to the Rev. Laurence Maydwell, upwards of 36 Royal Society, who have published them in years rector of Market Deeping, Linc.' their “ Philosophical Transactions ;” viz. At the Hotwells, the Lady of the Hon. Mr " Account of a new-constructed Balance for Wenman. This is the second time he his the Woollen Manufacture," vol. IV. p. 295; become a widlower within thirteen weeks. "An Engine for turning Ovals in Wood or At Beaumaris, in Anglesey, the Rev. Rich. Metal, and drawing Ovals on Paper,” LXX. Owen, rector of Rhofcolin, in the same co. 378 ; ' “ Observations on Transit of Venus 21. At her house in Somerset-street, Portand Eclipse of the Sun at Leicester, June, man-square, Lady Armytage, relict of the 1769," LIX. 236; “ Eclipse of the Sun at late Sir George A. bart. of Kirklees, in the Leiceiter, 1778, LXVIII. 1019;

« Astro West Riding of the county of York, and nomical Observations there,'' LX. 35-, LXV. daughter of Godfrey Wentworth, esq.of Hice 366, 370. He was also author of “ Four kleton, near Doncaster, in the said county. Theological Essays on Scriptures, Metaphors, At Holt Castle, co Worcefter, aged near and other Subjects, 1787," 8vo.; and Two 100, Anne, Countess-dowager of Coventry Efsays on Justification, and the iniluence of She was daughter of Sir Streyníham Master, the Hoiy Spirit,” in addition to the foregoing, of Codnwr-castle, co. Derby, knt. 2d wife to 1783. He proceeded A. B. 1738; A. M. Gilbert 4th Earl of C. great-grandfather of 1742; S.T.B. 1949.

the prefent Farl; who dying 1719, she reMrs. Berry, wife of Mr. B. apothecary in marrted. 1752, to Edward Pytts, esq. of Mount-str. Groivenor-[qu.

Kyre, co. Worcester, by whom she had four At Mertham Hatch, Kent, after a long ill. daughters ; three are dead, and the youngest nefs, Lady Knatchbull, wife of Sir Ed. married William Bacelon, esq. of Bourton

At Hempsteari, co. Herts, aged 114, Mrs. on the Hill, co. Gloucester. Anne Clare, relict of Col.C. who served una Mrs. Jackson, wife of Mr. W.n. J. surge,out der the Duke of Marlborough, and was killo Lower-street, Illington. ed at the battle of Blenheim.

22. At his seat at Eugcott, near Banbury, Mr. Shaw, banker at Daventry,

Oxf. Wm. Henry Chauncy, esq. one of the Aged 66, Tho. Maltby, esq. of Lakenham verilurers of Salcey Forest. grove, near Norwich, father of the Lady of 1n Wimpole-ftreet, Mrs. Trotmant, relict the Bithoop of Lincoln.

of the late Sam. T. etg. of Bucknell, Ox. At Perth, Mr. Alex. Hunter, late a mer At Watford, Mrs. Clutlerbuck, wife of chant in London.

Tho. C. jun. esq. At Dublin, the Lady of Gustarus Nicolls, At her house in Portland Row, Mrs. Leerg. town-mayor of that city.

land, relict of Rich. L. esq. 17. At Bath, whither he went for the re In Portman square, Geo. Clerke, esq. covery of his health, the Rev. Dr. Smyth, At York, Geo. Cornelius Swann, efq. rector of St. Giles in the Fields, prebendary In Opper Charlotte-ftreet, Mrs. Bourke, of Norwich, and curate of Hammersmith. relict of T. B. esq. late of St. Croix.

At Stoke Newington, of the gout in his 23. In Clifford-street, Thomas Edwards ftomach, Mr. Jn. Hallett, an eminent gauze- Freeman, M.P. for Steyning, Sussex. Weaver in Bow lane, Cheapside.

24. At Chelsea, Miss Penelope Floyer, 4th In Holles-street, Cavendish-11. aged 72, dau of late Pet. of Skinfield-pla. Berks. Mrs. Owen, relict of Col. O. brother to Sir At his apartments in Swallow-itreet, St. Win. O. bart. and formerly governor of Pen- James's, Mr. Samuel House, only fun of the



R of

late celebrated Mr. Sam. H. of Wardour-str. Rev. Wm. Ross, presented to the church

25. Of a dropsy, in his 74th year, at Dor or chapel of Cromarty, vice Rev. Alex. Mae cheiter, co. Dorset, where he had been set Adam, transported to the parish of Nigg. t'ed as a physician 50 years, regretted by all Henry Cha. Selwyn, esq. appointed lieutehis friends and acquaintance, Wm. Cuming, nant-governor of Montserrat, in America, M.D.; of whom an account next nionth. vice Benj. Carpenter, esq. dec.

Jer. Pemberton, esq. appointed chief justice GAZETTE PROMOTIONS.

of Nova Scotia, vice Brian Finucan,eiq. dec. IGHT Hon. Sir James Harris, K.B. ap Tho. Walpole, eíq. appointed envoy-exs

pointed amballador extraordinary and traor linary to the Elector Palatine. plenij otentiary to the States General of the United Provinces; and Wm. Gomm, esq. ap

CIVIL PROMOTIONS. pointed secretary to the laid embaffy.

IGHT Hon. Henry Dundas, esq. frezRight Rev. Dr. John Douglas, bishop of Carlille, aprointed dean of the Chapel royal, the University of St. Andrew, in Scotland, Windfor, dean of Wolverhampton, and re viie Earl of Kinroul, dec. gister of the order of the Garter, vice Right Geo Rose, cla. 11.P. for Launceston, co. Rev. Dr. John Harley, dec.

Com all, elected verduier of New Forest, Rev. Ricla. Farmer, D.D. appointed canon vi. Sir P. j. Clarke, dec. residenti.try of St. Paul, vice Right Rev. Dr. Mr. Tho. Fand, appointed proclamator of John Douglas, bishop of Carlitle.

the Court of Common Pleas, vue Mr. John Hale Young Wortham,esq. appointed gen Stone, dec. tiemian urher daily waiter to his Majesty, vice Rev. Cha. Nioss, appointed chancellor of Sir Wm. Fitzherbert, bart, resigned.

the diocese of Bath and Wc:]s, urce Edward Rich. Byron, eíq. appointed groom of his Willes, eiq. LL.D. resigned. Majesty's privy-chamber, vice Halo Young Wm. Stiles, ef4. fecretary to the Poard of Wortham, esq. promoted.

Customs, appointed a conimiilioner of ditto. Rev. Dr. Wm. Morgan, appointed one of John Gale, esq. appointed secretary to the the regents or profeflors of puilofophy in the Board of Cuítoms, vice Wm. Stiles, esq. Marischal College of the Univerity of Aber Henry Hutson, ere. appointed Western deen, vice Rev. Dr. Geo. Skene, resigned. clerk in the Customs, vice John Gale, esq.

Mr. Jas. Macdonald, appointed one or his Mr. Wm Geo. Sibley, app. treasurer of the Majesty's ordinary trumpeters in Scotland, E. India Company, die Wm. Harris, eiq. dec.; vice Mr. John Sutherland, dec.

and Mr. James Biggin, deputy treasurer of Capt. Wm. Wynyard, Cait. Cha. Asgill, ditto, vice Warwick Roades, esq. dec. and the Hon. Cha. Fitzroy, appointed equersies to his R. H. the Duke of York.

ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENTS. Cha. Gordon, esq. writer to the Signet, ap IGHT Rev. Dr. John Butler, bishop of pointed one of the six clerks of Selion in Scotland, vice Alex. Robertson, esq. dec. forci, vice Rev. Dr. Harley, dec,

Wm. Stiles and Wm. Roe, elyrs. appointed Riglit Rev. Dr. E. Smallu ell, bishop of St. commissioners of the cuítoms, vice Hen.Pel David's, cranflated to the ice of Oxford, ure ham and John Pownall, esqrs. refigued. Dr. Butler.

Edw.Codd,erq. appointed common clerk of Rev. Sam. Horley, D.D. appointed bishop Kingston upon Hull, vice C. Moncktion, dec. of St. Dariel's, wie Dr. Smaliwell.

Tho. Miller, efq. of Glenlee, in the stew Rev. Wm. Lort Maniel, M.A. fellow of artry of Kukcudbright, president of the Col Trin. Coll. Camb. elected public orator of the lege of Justice in N. Britain, created a baronet. Univ.o? Camb. vice Rev.Dr. Pearce, resigned.

Rob. Hodgson Cay, esq. appointed one of Rev. Mr. Wright, appointei! a prebend of the four commitlaries of Edinburgh, vice Jo. Chitvick, in St. Paul's Cathedral, vice Rev. Mackenzie, esq. dec.

Mr. Tyrwhitt, «lec. Rer. Maclin vs Lell, presen ted to the Rev. Ralph Churton, M.A. fellow of Brachurch and parish of Snizort, in the ille of Sky. zen Nose Coll. appointed one of the preachers

Rev. Mr. M'Adam, presented tothechich in the Chapel-royal, wiitehall. and parith of Niss, co. Kincardine.

Rev. James Capper, vicar of Wilmington, Rev. Tho. Fleming, presented to the church Suflex, appointed domestic chaplain to the and parish of Kirkaldie.

Ducheis-douager of Beaufort. Rev. Geo. Gleis, presented to the church Rev. Hen. Ford, M.A. of Christ Church, and parish of Abe: brothock.

Oxford, admitted principal of Magdalen Hall, Rev. Mr. Grani, presented to the church vice Dr. Lamb, refignet. and parish of Elgin, co. 1019.

Rev. Cha Ceates, Osmington R. co. Dore Hen. Pye Riche, cs4. appointed conful ge- set, vice Rev. Mr. Falcener, dec. neral and asent at Amferdam.

Rev. Philip Gardner, S. T. B. GimmingEdward! Stanley, esq. appointed consul at ham and Trench RR. co. Norfolk, vie Rev. Trieste' and Fiume, &c.

Dr. Stebbins, dec. Perkins M.gra, efeq. appointed consul-gen. Rev. Jonathan Lippyeat, M.A. Wath R. of Tunis, vice James Traill, clq. dec.

co. York, vice Rey. Cha. I rucis, M.A. ses.




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Rev. Charles Barbor, B.4. Tanfield Rev. Wm. Peters, Knipton R. co. LeicefYork, vice Rev. Mr. Lippyeat, refigned. ter, and Walúthrop. R. co. Lincoln.

Rev. Wm Barker Daniel, B.A. of Little Rev. Geo. Moore, collated to the archdeaWaltham, Esex, appointed one of the chap conry of Cornwall, vice Rev. Dr. Sleech, dec. lains to the Prince of Wales.

Rev. Tho. Heberden, M.A. installed caRev. Temple Fiike Chevalier, Mickfield non residentiary of Exeter Cathedral, vice R. co. Suffolk.

Rev. Mr. Moore. Rev. Jn. Simpson, Hilfton R. co. York. Geo. Plompin, of Jesus Coll. and Jn. Wi

Rev. Mr. Symons, appointed lecturer of shaw, of Trin. Coll. Camb B.A. Bartholomew, near the Royal Exchange. Rev. John Clyff, B.A. Winckleigh V. co. Rev. Mr. Holcombe, Manerding R. Devon, vice Rev. Jn. Brad ord, religned. AVERAGE PRICES of CORN, from March 17, to March 22, 1788.

Whezi Rye BaileyCats Beans COUNTIES upon the COAST. s. dofs. d.fs. d. 5. d.Is. d.

Ef-x London

5 70 02 52 312 5 7/3 3/2 712

olz 8

Suffolk 5 33 I 2 51112 COUNTIES INLAND.


5 43 12, 12 Middieler

C12 812 613 Lincoln 5 53 Surry

912 43

5 713 62

7 Hertford 5 ICO

3 5

Durham 5 63 13 42 04 3 Bedford 63 32 51 112 Northumberld. 5 3.3 52

71 114 Cambridge 5 5:2 1112 4 912 4 Cumberland 5 3

8 2 82

24 Huntingdon

Westmoriand 6

02 102 Norihampton 583

Lancashire 6 Rutland 02 911 112 8 Cheshire

22 Leicester


Monmouth 6


90 Nottingham 5 113 72 102 13 4 Somerset


71 102 Derby

24 Devon



65 Stafford

O2 II 2
3/4 3

Cornwall 5 90 911 60 Salop 94 I 2 112 014


6 20 7113 7 Hereford 5 4 03 01 102 oft

Hampihire Worcester 5 9 13 I SuSex

5 710 6 2

13 7 Warwick

80 02 101 13 4

| Kent

5 710 012 912 12 9 Gloucefter 5 510


93 Wiles 5 80


WALES, March. 10, to March 15, 1788. Berks 5

712 22 Oxford

02 72 2 2

North Wales 5 914 43 O'I 104 Rucks

5 710 Cl2 7 1 1 2 a South Wales 5 514 413 101 3


29. The Regens—The Miller of Mansfield. 1. King Lear-Selima and Azor.

31. The Constant Couple-Selima and Azor. 3. Love in the East--Harlequin Junior.

Mzr. COVENT GARDEN. 4. Venice Preferv'd-The First Floor. 1. The Duenna-Tantara Rari, Ragues All. 5. Acis and Galatea.

3. The Man of the World--The Farmer, 6. Love in the East-The Irish Widow.

Lady of the Manor-Midvight Hour. 7. The Prodigal Son.

6. The Conscious Lover -The Farmer, 8. King Lear--The Deserter.

S. Love in a Village--Tantara Rara, &c. 10. Macbeth-Bon Ton.

10. The Mourning Bride Comus, 11. Love in the East - The Minor.

11. She Stoops to Conquer--Mock Docton 12. Judas Maccabæus.

13. Belle's Stratagem-The Farmer. 13. Jane Shore-Catherine and Petruchio. 15. School for Wives--Midnight Hour. 14. Mefliah.

24. Oroonoko--Omai. 15. Lrabella-Who's the Dupe ?

25. Love makes a Man-Ditto. 24. George Barnwell --Harlequin Junior. 26. Inkle and Yarico-The Apprentice. 25. New Way to pay Old Debts-Ditto. 27. The Recruiting Officer-Omai. 26. Love in the Eart-Ditto.

28. The Rivals-- The Poor Soldier. 27. Way to keep Him-Rich. Canr de Lion. 29. The Beggar's Opera-Tom Thumb. 28. Love in the Eart-Bon Ton.

31. The Beaux Stratagem--Omai.
BILL OF MORTALIT), from March to Alarcia 25, 1708.

5 85 / 50 and bo 128 Males 6272 Males

5 3110 10 45 60 and

70 120
Females 642 $ 1329
Io in 20 570 and 80

91 Whereof have died under two years old 374

20 ad 30 12889 and go 23 30 and 40 135

go and 100 Peck Loaf 24. 3-1

40 and so 140

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Rank 13 perChf 3 rer Cc. Diro (4 per 15 per Ct Long | Short | Ditto | India | India | India's Sral Old New per Co New 13 per CuperExchef Lottery
Stock. Perlue. consols.

1726 Confo!


1777 1778 Stock. Aan Bonds Srock Ann. Ann. 1751 Navy. Scrip: Scrip. Bills. Tickets. 164


28 1583
755 171a7e5

29 1584


"7 1 159 705

83 21 Sunday 3 1604

14 4 1601 761 5



14 7

14 85

24 8

75 9 Sunday


24 73





16 Sunday


20 1741
75 at

22 1761
75 a

23 Sunday




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N.B. In the 3 per Cent. Confuls, the highest and lowest Price of each Day is given; in the other Stock the highest Price only.

ST. JOHN's Gate.

General Even.
St. James'sChron
Whitebail Even.
London Chron.
London Evening.
Lloyd's Evening
London Packet
English Chron.
Daily Advertiser
Public Advertiser
Public Ledger
Morning Chron.
Morning Polt
Morning Herald
Gener. Advertiser
The Times
The World
Bath 2
Birmingham 2
Bristol 4

BurySr. Edmund's
Canterbury z

Leeds 2
Liverpool 3
Manchetter 2
Newcastle 3
Norwich 2
No tingham


Suisbury COTLAND She field 2 Sher orne z Shrewibury Suamrird Winchester Worcenter

Cove n sy


Yoak 3

For A PRIL, 1788.


Meteor. Diaries for Apr.1783, and May, 1787 282 Queen Mary's Confinement at Edinburgh,

312 Letter from the Hon. and Rev. W. Stuart to Sir Explanation of Two very remarkable Seals 313

W. Fordyce, on the Inoculation at Luton 283 Original Letter from Oliver Cromwell
On the Cultivation of our National History. 284 Commendable Charity of the Lincoln Ladies 316
Remarkable Anecdote of Bishop Cumberland 286 The necessary Qualities of Country Justices 315

Original Strictures on Moxiern Education 287 Braluardin's Idea of Mr. Berington's Pian 316
Provincial Terins in the North explained 283 Further Observations on Private Executions
Meaning of Grace, applied to Terms of Art :89 Material Representation of the Deity improper 317
Anecdotes of the Liberality, &c. of Apelles'290 The Stonehenge in Friefland, &c. defcribes 31
Osservatory of Trin. Coll. Dublin, described 291 Address to the Scotch Episcopalian Clergy 380
The Five Courts of Justice at Dublin described 244 Petrified Animal Bones from Somersethire 321
Comment on Sir J. Prestuvich's Respublica” 295 Marine Snells from the Coast of Surfolk
On the interment of the President Brad Maw il. Proceedings ir: prelent Seifion of Parliainent 322
Practicability of well amusing advanced Life 290) Mr. Urban's Reviervers reviewed
Interesting Enquiry on the Salmon Fishery 297 REVIEW OF NEW PUBLICATIONS 330-345
Affecting Narrative of a distreiled Family .,299 Catalogue of New-BouksIndex Indicator :15 347
Character of Dr. Johnton, dawn by himielf30: SELECT POETRY, ancient and mod. 347–351
Walker's " Memoir of IrihBards” vindicated 303 E. India News, Foreign Affairs, American Iute
Remarks on Pinkerton's Dill. on the Goths' 305 ligence, Domestic Occurrences, &c. 352 -- 36
A Medal struck after Fifty Years Marriage 308 Births, Marriages, Deaths, &c. 363-37
A ftrange Clerical Impropriety reprehended 309 List of Bankrupts

373, 374 Bishops transplanted from Ireland to England 310 Prices of Grain-Theatrical Register, &C. 373 The Idle of Wight Petition on the Slave Trade 311 Daily Variations ni thu Pes of Scocks

370 Embellished with a view of the House at EDINBURGH where NARY QUEEN OF SCOTS was confined ; an Infide View of the old 'Court of Justick, and the OBSERVATORX of TRINITY COLLEGE, DUBLIN; a remarkable MEDAL; curious SEALS, &c.



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