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he had taken up near 30,000l. He was bu At Bridport, co. Dorset, where he had ried at Chester, where his father resides. been for the recovery of his health, Res. Jn.

Mr. Trael Levin Solomon, of Clapton- Hello), M.A. fellow and tutor of Sidrey Colle house, Clapton.

Canh. and junior proctor, 1784, A.B. 1778, John Reynolds, esq. admiral of the Elne. A M. 1786.

In New North-street, Red-liusquire, In Queen Anne-str. Weri, Mrs. Hayton, Rer. David Davies Morgan.

relict of Wm. H. el. of ivirghoe, Bucks. Feb. 1. At his house in Leicester-square, Aged $2, Henry Si. John, efq. uncle to the at a very advanced age, the celebrated James late Lord St. Joha. Stunt, efq. commonly distinguished by the ap At Bath, Jas. Collins, esq. a man of keen pellation of “ Athenian Stuart.” (Seer.95.). penetration, folid jalgement, and retentive

Be ween 12 and 1 o'clock, at the Stock memory. He had a strong and liherst-mind, Exchange, John Dawes, efq. of Highbury, a generous heart, and agreeable manners. Ho near Idlington. He was a very eminent was firmerly in partnerihip with Mr. Cox, broker and money-serivener; and had been and afterwards with Mr. Heard, as an Exin a drophical habit for some time, but of change broker; in which employment he late found himself so much better that he gained an handiome fortene with a fair refrequently rode out in his carriage, and occa putation. But Nature had qualified hun for fonally transacted business. On that morn a higher sphere than that of multiplying fie ing lie was going to make a transfer at the gures, and calculating chances. He therefore India-house, when stepping into the necef- took hi!cave of buliness, and applied himsary at the Stock Exchange, he suddenly self to the ftudy of the learned languages at a dropped down dead. Mrs. D. received in- period of life when others have torgot them. formation of the event as she was waiting for By the force of his own natural genius, and him in the carriage at the 'Change door. He the ardour of his pursuit, he soon becamc has left one fon and a nephew. The con 16 a such a proficient as to be able to read the banker, and M.P. for Hastings in Suilex; most difficult of the Greek and Roman and, by being residuary legatee to his father's Claffics with as much ease as his own native will, it is said, will inherit to the annount of tongue. Fie not only inderstood their mean60,0col. Mrs. D. is to have 6ool. per year. ing, but tasted their beautics, Jiftinguished All his property in land and houses at High- their merit, and formed a critical judgment bury, which was very confiderable, is direct. of their excellences and defects ; so that his ed to be fold.

opinion upon some of the most disputed para At Bath, Jn. Mackenzie, esq. of Dolphin. fages has been consulted and approved by ton, son-in-law to the late Chicf Baron Ord. scholars of tive firit character. He was also

At Chatham, Mr. Crowhurst, an eminent a good judge of the fine arts, acquainted with carpenter there. His remains were interred antient and modern history, and conversant on the 4th in great funeral pomp in Chatham in most branches of philosophy and literature. purch-yard. The Free and Accepted Ma- He bad for fome years fixed his refidence at sons accompanied the corpte in procession to Bath, and was a member of the Society inthe ground, with a band of mufic; which . ftituteul for the Improvement of Agriculture played most folemnly, amidst some thousands and Natural History. In this place he spent of Ipectators. While prayers were reading in his tine in critical conversation and learned "the church, the doors were obliged to be luxury; enjoyng the friendship of persons thut, owing to the vast concourse of people of talte anil sentiment congenial to his owi). assenzbled on this occasion.

Towards the end of life he suffered ahnoit a Ai Washbrook, co. Suffolk, aged 85, Mrs. total loss of fight; which, if it was occafioned Mary Marven. She was accidentally burnt by his studies, was alto compenfated by them to death by her cloaths catching fire.

in furnishing him with ample stores for reAt Lisbon, aged 24, Jn. Beswick Green- fection, which afforded him entertainment wood, erg.

iu folitude and confolation under the languor 3. The son of Geo. Cherry, esq. first com of a tedious decline. If he has nor left bemillioner of the Victualling-office.

bind him any composition by which the Ai Gumley, co. Leicester, aged 79, Rev. publick mighe estimate his abilities, I can Richard Wynne, M.A. many years rector of only impute it to that modesty and diffidence that parish, and of Rushden, co. Northamp- which always accompany true merit, and for tor. He was formerly of Trin.Coll. Comb.; which he wastaafrectedly diftinguished. He foo of Sir R. W. ferjeantai law; was a married one of the Jaugliters of Mr. Tong, bright example of benevolence, and died who, with their mother, formerly kept a lajustly famented.

dies' boarding-school in Hatton-garden. Mrs. Willis, wife of Capt. Thomas W. of 5. Aged 68, of an abscess in his liver, at Duke-street, 'Southwark.

his house in Great St. Helen's, Wm. Harris, Mrs. Dexter, of Barn-hill, Stamfori!. esq. treasurer of the Eait India Company ;

4. At Theobalds, Herts, after six months which place he had held in the highest recontinement of the dropty in her cheft, Mrs. spect 50 year's." He was, in every sense of Keck, relict of Anth. K. esq. late senior fer the word, a worthy man. Dying a widower jeant at law.

without issue, his fortune, which is consider,


ahle, will be divisleci åmong his nephews and tim the litility of an enquiry into the care pieces. He was buried at Ware.

of those stupendous alterations which thie Tho. Johnson, eiy. of Cantei bury-place, ítrat. of the cath bal, al forne period, uite late of St. Neut s.

dergone ip chefe neighbourhoods. This en Mr. Tho. Smith, an eminent attorney at girry he tiriz engaged in, parily as matter of Dartford in Kent. He was elected one of the amufenzent, and partly with the bpe trans coroners for that county in 1755, but reiigi continger! <blervativ mig hat furnik forts of ed that office a few years ago.

infinite metode milend intereits a hii vi6. Rev. Mr. Snow, rector of St. Anne and cinity. At lengil he was 100 difapporteil. St. Agnes within Aldersgate; which living, New 2014 extzordinary facts (o 13py 4X6for this turn, is in the gift of the Dean and curreal to find that he began to put his old Chapter of St. Paul's.

lervations on paper, she fisutscheint his coJohn Stabler, efq. an cmirent wholefale quries had already rusdered him wu fir wer linen-draper in Watling-streer.

ful to focieer, 2 to be thought torthy of 8. Mr. Daniel Mikired, bunker, of White being consulted in a variety of mir-ral prohart-court, Gracecbureli-ftreer.

jeels, in whic?, only a few years before, peo10. At Educnton, agel 17, Mifs Sarah" ple would have used ei sales! Chemties Yates, second daughter of the late ... without the cat coderation exileirthez who died very lately. She was taken fud- retic probibility. kui his thrgent must zenly ill on the Thursday preceding; and was haul yet another obiect in view. He thought to have been married, the week following, to that repeated observation of these wonderfir! Mr. Dale, the husband of her elder filter, who phænomena, which every videre tirreundled died last year.

him, might at lengil er in a more moral 11. In Charter-hone Square, of an in- explanation of the orixinalitate ined fornsaflammation in his bladder, aged 82, Rev.Mr. ' tian of this ou globe than my wlich iad Pope, many years minister of the congrega- yet appeared. With this intention he estition of Proteftant Diffenters at Hatton-wall. nik allid wusty collectng new facts a 11.

12. In Lombardi- itr. oppofite Wi.ite-hart- terials, with a lucpe of fume day furnithius; court, Mrs. Gardiner, wife of Mr. G. per not altogether unworthy of the public eye, a fumer -Mr.G. his wife, and daughter, were work on this abftruic and uncalcimuted tube packing up fundry articles of his business, ject. He was, bowever, liver led fru puitwhich he had fold, in a small back room, lithing, by being appointed, in 1775, to fuwhen one of the bottles burst by the heat of perintend a neceftry lepartment under the the fire, and set Mrs. G's cloaths on fire. bill for the regulation of the gold coin; and She rushed into the street, and a watchman in consequence of this removed to London. meeting her, threw his great coat over her; Here a new field opened to his genius ; he but le was so much burnt that the expired became courted and fougla after by every next day: and Mr. G's recovery, or that of man who wished to cultivate natural science bis daughter, is doubtful.

in its most extensive fense. Of this the num14. At Cheshunt, aged 58, Mr. Morris, ber of eminent men, bosh foreign and domany years master of an academy there. mestic, who cultivated his acquaintance, win

18. In his 75th year, at bis loure in Bolt be the best testimony-if more needful, t Court, Fleet Street, John Whitehurit, efq. number of noblenen, gentlemen, or public F.R.S. This ingenious gentleman was born bodies, who were ever folicling his affiitance at Congleton in Cheshire, in April 1713, in their mechanic, hydrzalic, os ventiliting anx!, after such an education as boys intended improvements will leave no doubt. Im 177 ho for mechanic trades generally receive in a published his book, the frules of so many years country town, was taken by his father to his actual observation, on the Derhythire idrata; own business, that of a clock-maker. At · was foon after elected F.R.S. ind frum'that the expiration of his apprenticeship he made period, becoming more genemily kawn, he a Mhori excursion to Ireland, with a view of becaine more generally tought, to that it may irf proving himself by working in different with truth be ailested that there was vardy shops; but not finding that country in a state an ingenious man, or an ureful improvement likely to encourage a man determined to ar in mechanicks, with whom he was not perpiy with aliiduity to become eminent in his fonally acquainted, or on which he was tart business, he returned, and shortly after set- personally confuliel. In 1786 he published bled at Derby, where, besides a most exten a second edition of his work, wili mans bew live connection in his own particular business, facts, tending to establish is furmer theory; that of a clock and watch maker, he foun) and in 1787 publithel bis Aliay on Ulriverial became so eminently distinguished as an uni- Measure, deduced from actual experiments, vertal mechanic, as 'to be ilmoit generally in which he has left the best potible infor's courted in every undertaking where ma mation to enquirers after his moral characchinery of any kind was recellary, in the ter; by liberally acknowizigir.g hat the firit counties of Derhy, Nottingham, Leicester, hint of the machine, which he did at lerrgth &c. At length, tion frequently travering brought to perfection, was derivalfrom 20 fufc colmijes in purtuit of the extra avoca ther perfon, in a jap raudreised in the SoPues, his active mind began to fu33e1t to ciety of Arts and Sciences. He is said to


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have left fome papers behind him, on the F.R.S. rector of Gotham, co. Nottingham, useful subject of ventilation; which it is much and author of the « Flora Scotica;" well to be hoped his nephew (who we understand known for his proficiency in botanical and to be his execuior) will in no great length natural knowledge, and the companion of of time ohlige the work by publishing. Mr. Pennant in his tour through Scotland,

20. After a few hours illness, at his house 26. At Greenwich, Mrs. Standert, widow ir ['xbriige, the Rev. John Liglifoot, M.A. of Frederick S. esq.

* Premotions, Preferm nes, &ii are unavoidably poltronet for avant of room. AVERA E PRICES of CORN, from Feb. 11, 10 Feb. 16, 1788.

When Rye Berley Oats Beans COUNTIES upon the COAST.
d.js, 4.5. d. s. d.

5 810 012 812

IY London

5 9:3
3:2 911 0 12 10

4 23 2/2 72, 0/2


Nortolk 4 3 3

511 tilo Middlesex 5 Foto 02 912 413

Lincoln 5 312 112 5 1 102
6 213



13 9 Herttord

92 013 5

Durham 5 54 02 10.1 3 Bedford 5 53 42 71 1:12

Northumber!d. 5 4 3

71 1114

8 Camaridge 5 73 61


912 Cumberland $ 83 62 61 Hantiagdon 51 912 5 Westinorland 6

3 9' I IIO Niethampton 5 62 102 51

7 Lancashire 6

0312 Retland

6 Chethire 5 40

5 IT3 93 12 Leicetter

7.1 93
8 Monmouth

5 100
c12 101

95 Nottingham 5 63 52

13 4 ! Somerier

5 83 012 . Derby

0:2 102


5 70 02 8.1 Safford 5 90 03 02

Cornwall 5 80 91 50 Salop 5 93 10,2 112 7 Dorset

5 II 2 8.2

7101 8 Hereford 5 70 03 O'Z

8 Hampshire 5 6,0 02 72 03 5 Worcester

02 1011 1113 3

5 9 02 8,2

13 9 Warwick 5 810 012 911 103 7


5 80

2 1012 Gloucester

5 50


10 WALES, Feb. 4, to Feb. 19, 1788. 5 70


03 Maford

North Wales 5 914 33 II 1014
712 33

60 ol2 SI i'2

South Wales 5 313.5i2 8 1 514

27. Judas Maccabæus. 1. Merchant of Venice. The Humourift.

29. Love in the East-The Humourist 2. Fate of Sparta--Comus.

29. Redemption. 4. The Heiress--gelina and Azor. 5. Tie Fate of Spania--The Deferter.

Feb. COVENT GARDEN. . The Committo-Selima and Azor.

1. The Man of the World - The Farmer. 2. Redemption.

2. Robin Hood-Midnight Hour. 9. The rate of Spart.Com is.

4. Conscious Lovits-Alaid of the Oaks. 11. Scrut for Scandal Friequin Junior. 5. Love in a villige--Comus. 12. Tie Fite of Sparta-Selima and Azor.

7. The Peaux Siratagem--The Farmer, 13. Hefab.

9. The Duenna-The Fositive Man. 14. The fëie of Sparta--The First Floor. 11. Conscious Lovers-Naidof the Oaks. 15. Redemption.

12. Rulca Wife und liatelVife-St. Patr. Da. il. The Fite of Sarta --The Deserter. 14. Love makes a Mian--The Dumb Cake. 18. Kktuarla Third--varlequin Junior. 16. Merchant of Venice--Love 3-12-Mode. 19. The late of S99119---Selima and Azor. 13. The Mifer - Dumb C:ke. 25. Alexander leal.

19. The Recruiting Officer--The Farmer. 21. Love in a lilze-Harlequin Junior. 21. The Careless Hutband--Ditto. 2:. Aci and Glatca.

23. The Lady of the Muor--The Citizen. 23. The Fate of Spat-The Humourist. 25. Tix Capricious Lad:--The Dumb Cike, 25. Love in the Eat The Humouriit. 26. Robin Hood-Midnight Hour. 26. Dicen--High Life below Stails.

28. The Recruiting Officer -- The Citizen. BILL OF MORTALITY, from Feb 5, 10 Feb 26, 1985. Chritteed. Buried.

5 12250 and 60 150 Males 705 Males 8232

61 | 60 and

7.0 161 10 and 20

70 and 80s?? Whereoí bave died under two years old 485

20 200 30 12.3

8) and

90 ;6 30 and 40 139

go and 190

9 Peck Loaf zs. 341.

40 and 50 159

Wilts Berks


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New Ann,

Old Rank 13 percit 3 per Ct. Ditto 4 per Cris per Cu Long, Short Ditio India India India's Sca stock. reduc.conrols.

Anu 1777

1778 Stuck. Aon. Bands, Stock. Ann. 27 Sundar

84 160 76 75 a

1726 Consol.)

I per New 13 per CaperC..Excheq Lottery 1750 Novy. Scrip. Scrip. Bills. Tickcis.

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14 16 15 161 16 77 Sunday 38 9' 1603 20, 1601 21 3601 22 1601 23) 1601 24 Sunday

764 76

761 76 7ང་

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3 15 19 16 1 2




33 23 97 97

14 97

87 97

14 97

14 14

86 113

89 N.B. In the 3 per cent. Consult, the highest and loss eft Price of each D.y is given in the other Stock the highest Price only.



Bol 8528

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The Gentleman's Magazine ;

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ST. JOHN's Gate.

St. James'sChron.
Whitehall Even.
London Chron.
London Evening.
Lloyd's Evening
London Packer
Eaglith Chron.
Daily Advertiser
Public Advertiser
Public Ledger
Morning Chron.
Morning Post
Morning Herald
Gener. Advertiser
Thie Times
The World

Leeds 2
Liverpool 3
Maid itone
Manchetter 2
Newcastle 3
Norwich 2
Shetheld 2
Sherborne z


Bath 2

Birmingham 2

Bury St Edmund's
Canterbury 2

For MARCH, 1788.

CONTAINING Meteor. Diaries for Mar.1788, and Apr.1787.186 Description of a curious new-invented Stove 209 Mr. Tyrwhitt vindicated from an Aspersion 187, Bouthun Hospital Seal—Uttoxeter old Vale 210 Provincial Words and Customs in Northumb. 188A Reform:tion in Slave Trade why expedient 211

Monument. Inscriptions in Abbey-church,Bath 189 Humanity of a Raven-Labour and Solitude 213 Remarks on the Games of Cricket and Whist 16 Alteration of the Coinage-Buffon elucidated 214 Milliary and Inscription of Trajanus Decitis 190 Cautions hinted to Committee on Slave Trade 215 Remarkable Instances of Longevity at Shiffnal 191 Errors in Johnson's Workst-Athenian Stuart (218 Extraordinary Cure of a Cancer by Cliavers ib. Further Strictures on Harmer's Observations 218 Natural Curiosity at Hartingfordbury, Hertsib. An entertaining Experimeut in Electricity 220

A wonderful Escape after Fall into Coal Pit 192 Medical Society's Bas Relief, whence taken 721 Lieful Hint to the new Oxford Lexicographer ib. Remarks on Whitake’’s Censures of Johnson is. Lett

. to Price, on corresponding with Priestley 193 Calidore's Second Letterto Archdeacon Paley 222 Stonehenge in Frieseland. --Orig. Anecdotes 195 Fine old Chimney Piece at Salisbury described 224 An original Letter from the D. of Albemarle il. Curious Original Letter of Oliver Cromwell 225 On the Cultivation of our National History 196 Silver Coin found near London Bridge ib. Brief Memoirs of the famous Henry de Justel 198 Proceedlings in prefent Seffion of Parliament ib. Knaptoft, co. Leicester-Hamlet illustrated 199 REVIEW OF New Publications

233-24 Clement.Sobiesky – Yew-tree near Churches 200 SELECT POETRY, ancient and niod. 249-253 Haman Misery, as painted by ancient Moralists por E. India News, Foreign Affairs, American Intel

The very superior Consolations of Christianity pib. ligence, Domestic Occurrences, &c. 254–268
Remarks on Pinkerton's Diff. on the Goths 203 Births, Marriages, Deaths, &c. 269–278

Authentic Anecdotes of Alexander Selkirk 206 Prices of Grain-Theatrical Register, &c. 279
Coffin foundatReading—Morselsof Criticism203) Daily Variations in the Prices of Stacks 280
Embellished with a Portrait of Dr. HENRY DE JUSTEL ; à fine old CHIMNEY PIECE
at SALISBURY ; a curious new-invented STOVE; a Roman Vase;

Remarkable SEALs; a Silver Coin, &c. &c.





London, Printed by JOHN NICHOLS, for D. HENRY, late of SAINT JOHN'S GATE.

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