The Retrospect of Practical Medicine and Surgery, Bände 60-61

W. A. Townsend Publishing Company, 1870

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Seite 19 - ... the poison of typhoid counteracted by belladonna. It completely changes the whole character and outward manifestation of the disease. Delirium, coma, and subsultus quickly vanish, and are succeeded by calmness and clearness of the intellect, by natural sleep, and complete control of all the voluntary muscles. Diarrhoea is checked, and healthy consistent evacuations are established.
Seite 231 - ... not have been extensive. Moreover, in the case of dog 7, the parts around the common bile-duct were dissected after death, and the nerves proceeding from the solar plexus to the liver were found at some distance from the duct, and had apparently suffered no injury at the place where it had been divided. The Committee, therefore, do not attach any value to this objection. But some may say that although we have proved that mercury diminishes the biliary secretion in dogs, and that in man its action...
Seite 187 - ... the cervix is not fully dilated, there is great danger of serious laceration, and many cases of rupture of the uterus are due to the careless use of forceps under these circumstances. The vagina and vulva may be badly torn during forceps delivery if the blades slip, or if there is any marked disproportion between the head of the child and the pelvis of the mother, or during the delivery of an unreduced occipito- or mento-posterior position. The operator should be careful to stand firm during...
Seite 95 - The protective he employs is made of oiled silk " brushed over with a mixture of one part of dextrine, two parts of powdered starch, and sixteen parts of cold watery solution of carbolic acid (one to twenty).
Seite 230 - Liebreich speaks of its utility in rheumatism, convulsive coughs, tetanus, acute mania, and delirium tremens, and as a sedative after Surgical operations. The dose of chloral to an adult for an hypnotic which I have usually employed has varied from 50 to 60 grains ; but 25 to 30 grains suffice in some patients. In a case of long-standing sleeplessness, and which had resisted great doses of opium, Indian hemp, etc., 120 grains failed to produce any effect. When used for anodyne and other medicinal...
Seite 136 - Tartar emetic may be prescribed in camphor mixture, with small doses of sulphate of magnesia and tincture of henbane. Pain and constitutional derangement may be relieved by one or two grains of calomel, combined with eight or ten grains of Dover's powder, or half a grain of morphia taken at bedtime. In addition to these active measures, leeches along the cord, or bleeding from the veins of the scrotum, is recommended.
Seite 230 - But it may be supposed that mercurials possess some specific power of exciting the biliary secretion by acting on the orifice of the common bile-duct, and so stimulating the secretion through the nerves which connect it with the liver, just as pyrethrum or vinegar stimulates the salivary glands when they are applied to the orifices of the salivary ducts.
Seite 74 - I begin, then, by desiring an adult patient to take a pill composed as above three times a day, immediately after the principal meals. He is cautioned that at first there will be probably no apparent effect, and that two or even three days may pass before any medicinal evacuation of the bowels takes place, perhaps even then difficult and discomforting.
Seite 226 - ... communication in answer to Dr. Anstie's invitation to those who have studied the action of small doses of ipecacuanha in vomiting and other diseases to make public their experience. I was led by the recommendation of a medical friend to test the value of small doses of ipecacuanha ; and I did so, but with the greatest scepticism, and with the fullest expectation of finding these small doses useless.
Seite 134 - Dissect inward, till the urethra is seen, and divide it, the knife falling into the groove of the catheter. The edges of the urethral incision are kept open by loops of silk. After withdrawing the guide, the stricture and a corresponding portion of the urethra are divided by a modified canalicular...

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