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So LoN Dos. G- -
Printed for the PROPRIETOR and Sold by J.W. 11:3118,

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of the Transations of the TURF, the CHAse, and every
other Diversion interesting to the Man of Pleasure,
- Enterprize, and Spirit.

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Ornamented with three excellent Engravings; viz. 1. A beautiful Representation of an elegant STATE CHA Rio T; 2. PHY's log No MY of the HoRse, from Lavater; 3. Dext ER It Y of the HoTT ENTots.

L O N D O N :
By E. Rider, Little Britain.

And Sold by J. Whe BLE, No. 18, Warwick Square, near St. Paul's; at Willi AM BURRE L’s Circulating Library, Newmarket; and by evry Bookseller and Stationer in Great Britain and Ireland.

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