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Ld Belfast's b. b. Polyanthus, Mr. T. Hutchinson's br. h. by Por80's, 5 yrs old, 8ft. Confitution, 6 yrs old

3 solb.

Ld Darlington's b. m. ConMr. Anson's b. c. Venture, 3 Atant, 6 yrs old

4 yrs old, zit

Mr. Cookson's ch. h. Huby, Ld Grey,“ br. c. by Sir Peter, aged

5 4 yrs old, 81t,

3 On Thursday the 10th, a sweep.

stakes of zogs. each, for three yr

old colts, Sit. and fillies, 717. 12lb. At RICHMOND,

once round the course (about a YORK HIT E.

mile and half.) 11 subscribers. N Tuesday, September the Mr. Peirce's b. c. by Ru'er,

8th, sol. for Horses, that out of Rosina never won the value of nocl. at Mr. Norton's br. c. by Sir one time; four yr olds, 7ft. 71b. Peter, out of Maid of Or. five yr olds, 81t. 3lb. lix yr olds,

leans 8ft. i1lb. and aged, gft. The Mr. Clifton's b. f. Monica, by winner of one sol. plate this Sir Peter

3 year, carrying 3lb. extra, of two, Ld Dundas's b. c. by Ruler, slb 3-mile heats.

out of Emma

4 Mr Fletcher's


Sir J. Lawson's b. c. by BouTrimbush, by Young

drow, dam by Magnet 5 Morwick, 4 yrs old

Fifty pounds, for three yr olds, Mr. Clifton's bih: Chariot, 7ft. 41b. and four yr olds, 8ft. 6 yrs old

2. 41b.

Maiden colts allowed alb, Mr. Cookson's b. h. Saun.

Maiden fillies,

3lb. 2-mile tering Jack, 6 yrs old

3 3

heats. On Wednesday, the gth, his Mr. Milbank's b. c. Sober Majesty's plate of 100gs. for five Robin, by. Ruler, 3 yrs yr old mares, carrying roft. old

OI ! 4 miles,

Mr. Clifton's Eustatia, 4 Mr. Fowler's ch. m. Cham.

3 2 2 ber, by Phænomenon

Mr. Fletcher's Trimbush,
Mr. l'Anson's b. m. Heroine
Mr. Shepherd's b. m. Madcap 3
Sir H. V. Tempest's ch, m.
by Phenomenon

any ,

N except the winners of the three

the great subscriptions at York, this

of icogs, for fix yr olds, carrying year; three yr olds carrying sst.

12ft. - 4.mile heats. 10lb, four yr olds, 7 7!6five Sir F. Poole's b. h. Waxy, yr glds:"8t! 3lb. fix yr olds, 88.

by Pot8o's, 5 yrs old solß. and aged, 9ft. Fillies al

Mr. Day's ch. h. Gautilowed by four miles.

mozin, 5 yrs old Mr. Wilson's b. f. Eliza, by

3 to i on Waxy. 761 Highflyet. 4.yts old

On Thursday, the roth, the Mr Olifton's in Euitatia, 4 filver bowl, for horses, carrying b.lyrs old

191.-4.mile heats.


yrs old


4 yrs old

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Mr. Andrews's ch h. Ro.

Mr. Pearson's br. h. Pack

thread, by: Whipcord, Mr. Osman's br. g. Tap.


4 3 fter

Mr. Barnfilale's b. m. My Mr. Bacon's br. h. Young

Wife's Fancy, by Pagan,

dis 6 yrs old

2 dr Another horse started, and Mr. R. Heathcote's b. g.


Marquis, by Atlass, aged dif On Friday, the rith, gol. given

On Friday, the 11th, the noble. by the city members, for all ages ;

men and gentlemen's subscription four yr olds carrying zit. yıb. purse of 70gs for all ages; three five yr olds, 8ft. slh. The win yr olds, carrying bít. 616. four ner of one plate this year carrying yr olds, 8ft. five yr olds, 8ft. glb. 3lb. extra, of two, slb.-4. mile fixyr olds, gft. and aged, gft

. heats.

alb. Maiden horses allowed 3lb.

and the winner of a King's plate Mr. Bott's br. c. by Dun.

this year carrying 41b. extra, gannon, out of Marcella,

2-mile heats. 4 yrs old

I Mr. Tate's b. h. Triptole

Dr. J. Willis's gr. f. by

Telemachus, 3 yrs old mus, 5 yrs old

Mr. Barnsdale's b. m. My

Wife's Fancy, by Pagan,

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6 yrs old



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At LINCOLN. NWednesday, September the gth, his Majesty's purse

At WARWICK. of 100gs. for four and five


old N Tuesday, September the mares.-2-mile heats.

igth, his Majesty's plate of Dr. Willis's gr. f. by Tele 100gs. for fix yr olds, carrying

machus, 3 yrs old, 7ft. 12ft.-4-mile heats. ulb.

211 Ld Egremont's b. h. Go. Mr. Sawdon's br. f. Ro.

hanna, by Mercury, 5 setta, by Partner, 4 yrs


old old, 7ft. 111b.

Mr. Annefley's ch. h. PanOn Thursday, the roth, the dolpho city purse of sol. for all ages ;

Ld Donegall's ch. h. Joe

Andrews three yr olds, bit. 3lb. four yr

3 3 3 olds, 5ft. 6lbfive yr olds,' 81. Mr. Mainwaring's ch. h. ilb. fix yr olds, sit

. 5lb. and by Boudrow aged, 8ft 71b. Mares and geld: Mr. Dyott's. gr. h. by ings allowed 3lb.- having won


dis once this year, carrying 3lb. ex Between the heats of his Majestra, if twice, 5lb. if three times ty's plate, a fweepstakes of cogs or more, 7lb.--2-mile heata.

each ;-heats, the last mile of Sir G. Heathcote's ch, m.

the course. The owner of the Petite, by Bourdeaux, s second horse receiving back his

istake, and the winner to be sold Mr. Douglas's ch. h. Mor for 100gs, if demanded, &c. (15 wick Ball, aged 32 subscribers.)


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yrs old



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5 5. dr

Ld Oxford's b. f. Janette,

by Mercury, 4 yrs old,

VON Tuesday, September the Ld Clarendon's ch. f. by

15th, sol. for horses that Rockingham, out of

had not won more than one plate Dryad, 4 yrs old, 8ft. or sweepstakes this year ; for four b.

yr olds, 7ft. 611. five yr olds, 8ft. Mr. G, Villers's b. f. by

41b. fix yr olds, 8ft. rolb. and Highflyer, out of Lilley,

aged, 8ft. 131b. Mares allowed of the Valley,

alb. and the winner of a plate or

4yrs old, 8ít. 7lb.

sweepstakes this year, carrying

3 Mr. Elliot's b. f. fitter to 3lb. extra.---4-mile heats. Rockingham, 4 yrs old, Mr. Annesley's b. h. Maf.

34 ter of Arts, by PharaMr. Bort's ch. f. Sweet

mønd, 6 yrs old

3 II Reseda, 4 yrs old, Eit. Mr. Cauty's b. h. Alder. volb, 4 5 man, aged

1 2 3

Mr. Day's ch. h. GautiA subscription purse of sol.

mozin, 5 yrs

2 3 3 No racę for want of Horses. Mr. Dolphin's b g. High

overs 5 yrs On Wednesday, the 16th, the Mr. Brereton's b. h. Young members' plate of sol.-4.mile Mercury, 6 yrs old heats.

6 to


on Gautimozin. Ld Oxford's ch. h. Dori

Sweepstakes of togs each, for cles, by Potso's, 5 yrs three yr old colts, 8ft. alb. apd old, 8t. 7lb.

2 II fillies, 8ft.-two miles. (2 SubLd Donegali's b. c. Aaron, scribers.) 4 yrs old, yt. 81b.

Sir F. Poole's b. c. [Pelter, by Mr. Darling's b. h. Edwin,


4 2 2 Colonel Stead's ch.c. by King Mr. Farley?s br. m. Brunetta, 6 yrs old, 8ft.

Fergus jolb.

20 to 1 on Pelter. Fifty pounds for all ages ;

Sweepstakes of rogs each, for

all ages ;-four miles. (3 sub4-mile heats:

feribers.) Sir J. Leicester's b. c. "Fer. Captain Loveden's f. gulus, by King Fergus,

Miss Wilson walked over, 4 yrs old, 8A. 21b.

3.1,1 Mr. Lucas's br. h. Back

On Wednesday, the 16th, a fword Player, aged, 8st.

sweepstakes of sgs each, for huntglb.

ers, carrying 16ft.--four miles. Ld Stamford's b. h. Ru.

(12 subscribers) brough. :5 yrs old, sit, Mr. Dundas's ch. g. Baron 61b. (breke down)

2 dir

Sir F. Poole's ch. g. by SatelLd Clarendon's ch. f. by

lite Rockingham, 4 yrs old, Captain Loxeden's b. g. Free71. uilb.


3 Mr.

3 dr

5 yrs old, 8ft.


3 dir

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5 yrs old

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2 dr

Mr. Atkin's b. g, Jalap 4 , Mr. Mafon's b. h. Albion,
The member's Purse of sol.

by Magog was not run for, for want of a

Mr. Milbank's b. 'h. Spanfufficient number of horses.

ker, by Young Marie

3 Mr. Lumley's b. h. John

ny Boy, by King Fergus 4

Mr. F. Lumley's b. m, by

Young Morwick


On Friday the 18th, sol. for
N Wednesday, September

ages ;


the 16th, sol. for horses


8ft. The winner of that never

one 5.1. won more than one

since the first of March last, carsol. plate; five yr olds, sst. and the winner of one plate carrying rying 31b. of two, stb. extra, 3lb. extra.--3-mile heats.

4-mile heats. Mr. Baker's bh. Screve.

Mr Armstrong's ch. h. ton, by Highflyer, 5 yrs

Minimus, by Dunganaon, old

2 II Mr. Hudson's ch. h. Pron

Mr. Fowler's ch, m. Charto, 5 yrs 1 2 2 mer, 5 yrs old


Mr. l'Anson's b. m. He. 6 to 4 on Screveton, and after the

roine, 5 yrs old tirft heat, even betting. Capt. Wardell's b. g. Clerfayt, by Ruler, 6 yrs old, 12ft. zb. beat

At ENFIELD. Capt. Hall's br. g Loyalist, 12ft. two miles, loogs.


N Toesday, September the On Thursday the ryth, a mai 22d, 50l. for three and four den plate of sol. for three yr yr olds--2-mile heats. olds, 7st. 4lb, and four yr olds, Mr. Stirling's b. f. Anvi8ft. 6lb, fillies allowed 3lb. lina, by Anvil, 3 yrs 2-mile heats.

old. 6ft lb. Mr. Hurton's F. Wicked

Mr. Fordham's gr. f. CaftKate, by Young Marke,

off, 4 yrs old, sit. ilb. 3 yrs

Mr. Clark's b. c. Victor, old

3 IT Sir H. Williamson's ch, f.

4 yrs old, 8ft. a1lb

dif Laura, 4 yrs

1 2 4

It' being a disputed point wheMr. Lumley's ch. f. Mifs

ther Victor was distanced or not, Anne, 3 yrs old


he started again, and came in first Mr. Totty's gr. c. Man

the second heat, but we underFriday, 3 yrs old

stand the steward gave the plate 4 3 3

in favour of Mr. St rling. Sweepstakes of 5gs each, for hunters, carrying 12ft. The

Entrance for the gol. this day winner i of two hunter's sweep: Mr. Clark's Victor, 4 yrs old, stakes, carrying alb. 'extra, of ft. 111b. three, 5lb. and four yr olds, al. Mr. Harris's b. c. by Justice, 3 lowed slb. four finiles.

yrs old, gft. -41b. subscribers).

Mr. Gofden s b.m. Vixen, aged, Captain Wardell's b. h.

oft, ilb. Saxe Cobourg, by Boq Mr. Lord's b. m. Mulespinner, drow I 6 yrs old, 8ft. 131b.





5 4

old, zit.





Mr. Hannaway's b. m. Caft-off, Mr. Daly's ch. m. Irene, 6 yrs old, sit. 5lb.

by Bagot, 5 yrs old, st. Mr. William's b. h. Dew Worm,


4 6 yrs old, ift. 7lb.

Mr. Dennis's gr. c. Caffi

no, by Queensberry, 4 yrs old, 8ft. 41b.

2 3 Mr. Butler's ch. f. CatchIR EL A N D.

penny, by Dungannon,

4 yrs old, 7ft. rib.

Mr. Thornton's ch. f. by

Bagot, 4 yrs old, 7st.
September, Meeting, 1795.



Mr. Hamilton's f. Mary
MONDAY, September 7th.

Ann, by Bagot, 3 yrs
WEEPSTAKES for three yr

dif olds ; colts, 8ft. 3lb. fillies, | At starting, Struggler the favoSt.--Red Poft, home, sogs, h. rite, after the heat, 2 to i he ft. (10 subscribers.)

won. Mr. Kelly's b. c. Cornet, by

Mary Ann came in first the first Tug, on Comfort

heat, but her rider having, Mr. Kirwan's b. c. Toby, by

loft wt. was deemed distanced. Chocolate,


Mr. Taylor's 'ch. h. Chanti. Brown

cleer, by Woodpecker, aged, carMr. Hamilton's ch. f. by Ba. got, on Harmony

rying ift. beat Mr. Kirwan's b.

3 6. Drone, by Bagot, 5 yrs old. At starting, even betting, Cornet

carrying 8ft. 716.

Over' the agft the field.

course, for zoogs each, b. ft. Mr. Daly's Foudryant, by Ba

At starting, 6 to 5 on Drone, got, 5 yrs old, agit Mr. Butler's

who broke down. Soldier, by Chocolate, 5 yrs old, 8ft. 81beach, for the gold cup WEDNESDAY the gth. and

200gs each, p. p-one 4-mile King's plate of 100gs, for any heat. Čup articles, viz. four yr horse, carrying 12ft. — 4-mile olds, 7ft. 111b. five yr olds, oft. heats. 81b. six yr olds, &ft. 13lb. and aged gft.

Mr. G. Hamilton's gr.
Soldier walked over.

h. Percy, by Croma.
boo, aged

3.4 TI

Mr. Harris's ch. h. Gold.
TUE DAY, the 8th.

finder, by Lottery, 6 Sixty guineas, Handicap plate, yrs old

4 1.22 --heats, Red Poft, home.. Horses Mr. Butler's b. h. Sol. &c. entered with Pat. Kelly, dier, by Chocolate, 5 keeper of the match book, before

1 3 4 dr two o'clock on Monday, paying Mr. Dennis's br. h. Box. 5gs entrance. Weights and dif. er, by Bagot, aged tance fixed by the stewards, be. Col. Lumm's ch. h.. fore fix o'clock fare evening. Ringleader, by Cho. Col. Lumm's b. c. Strug.

colate, aged

dif gler, by Tugg, 3 yrs

At starting, 5 to 4 Soldier agst the old, zit. 41b.

field; after the first heat, 3.


yrs old

2 2 3

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