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Longing widow, 199
Lottery chances, 126
Lottery at Florence, 306
Love, the foree of, 208
Luke and Ned, 224

Mahratras, character of them, 133
Man of Ten Thousand, account of the

Comedy of the, 175
Manchester, account of a thinking club

there, 214
Margate, sports, &c. there, 86
Mastiff and wolf, 284
Match making, 63
Matches at cricket, 52
Maternal affection of a hen to two puppies,

297. in a bear, instance of, 194
Matrimonial sporting, 48
Mendoza, account of the trial of, 78
Merry Sherwood, account of, 166
Method of learning to Thoot flying, 77.

of hunting in Patagonia, 248. amung

the Hottentots, 261
Minister and the royal dog, 15
Miscellaneous articles, 105, 218
Modish, portraiture of, 287
Moira, Earl of, his saifings and counter fail.

ings, 112
Money lost at the game of whift, action

for, 265
Monsieur Tonson, 109
Mother Punch-bowl, 338
Mufti, pedigree of, 17
Music and dancing of the East, on the, 323

Ned and Luke, 224
No game laws, 333
Nobility, an anecdote, 126
Nothing without the needful, 55

Observations on bruises and wounds in the

eye of an horse, 11. on poaching, 14.
on a tax upon dogs. 16, 95, 200. on
the quail at the Cape of Good Hope, 29.
on wit. 35. on duelling, 74.
breed of rabbits, 76. on the house swala
low, 85. on old fashioned games of cards,

148. on hunting, 184, on crops, 202
Offer, an inviting one, 257
Old friend, legacy of an, 224
Old plays, 101
Opah, or King's fish, description of, 95
Operation on a game cock, wonderful, 193
Origin of crops. 44. of christmas boxes 132

Pack of cards spiritualized, 91
Pair, a singular, 106
Parody, 338
Patagonia, method of hunting in, 248
Payne's introduction to the game of

draughts, 44
Pedestrianism, 286
Pedigree of Mufti, 17. Coriander, 24.

of Toby, 26. of Escape, 61.

Performances, extraordinary (porting, 22,

75, 147, 183
Petition of Dama, 17
Petworth coursing meeting, 212
Phillidor, the chess player, 30
Physician, the sporting, 56
Physiognomy of the horse, 27
Picture of a Westphalia inn, 210, 239
Pike, a, 42
Pike fishing, 305
Piftol firing, 50
Plan of a court of honour at Prullia, 138
Poaching, observations on, 14
Poll tax, soliloquy on the, 222
Polygamy, argument for and againn, 237
Pour purs, 49
Poft-horse duty, 140
Powerful effects of theatrical representá-

tions, 120
Prince Litchtenstein, and the Prebendary

of Osnabruck, account of the duel be-

tween them, 213.
Prize a blank, or disappointed Irishman,

Prologue to the way to get Married, 282-

epilogue to, ib.
Prostitutes, a fragment, 203
Public games of Greece, account of the

Pugilism, 103, 289
Punsters, 166

Quadruped rope-dancer, 222
Quail at the Cape of Good Hope, obrero
vations on it, 29

Rabbits, observations on the breed of, 76
Races for the year 1786, 323
Rake, the, 308
Recipes for the bites of mad dogs, &c. 194
Register, theatrical, 7, 98, 115, 171, 230,
Release from a tyger, 248

Report, law, 42
Rights of brute creatures, 40
Ringing, 219
Rope-dancer, quadruped, 212

Salmon in the basket, 83
Sans Souci, 100, 120
Scotch dancing, origin of, 315
Shepherdess of Cheapfide, account of the

Shooting flying, method of learning how, 77
Shooting wild fowl, 93
Simile, 344
Singular trotting match, 105
Sketch of the lite of Mr. Taplin, 227
Smyrna Twins, prologue to the, 340
Snake, wonderful distension of a,

Soldier more humane than the farmer, 66
Soliloquy on the game laws,'54. on the

poil tax, 222, 284
Songs, &or in the Three and the Deuce, 53

on the

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in Merry Sherwood, 166, 221. in Lock

and Key, 281
Spaniel, lincs on a, 340
Spillard, Mr. account of him, 197
Sporting trifles, 120, 176
Sporting, extra, 231
Sporting intelligence, 47, 103, 159, 215,

276, 336
Sporting niatrimonial, 48
Sporting performances, extraordinary, 22,

75, 147, 183
Sporting physician, 56
Sports, &c. at Brighton, 45. at Margate,

86. in Hyde-park, 260
Sportsmen, city, hints to them, 30
Sporímen, singular, a brace of them, 34
Stallions to cover, lift of, 68, 144
Starc criininals, punishment of them in

Holland, 187
Swaffham couiling meeting, 38, 125, 204
Sweetman, Major, and Capt. Watson, duel
between them, 273, 276

Tale, a, 224
Taplin, Mr. sketch of his life, 227
Tattersall, Mr, life of, 3, 59, 228
Tax un dogs, observations on, 16,95, 200,

Terrier, instance of fidelity and courage in

a, 242
Theatrical regitter, 7, 98, 115, 171, 230,

Theatrical representation, powerful effects

of, 120
Theatricals, Westminster, 119
Theatricals, private, 328
Thespians, convivial, 258
Thinking club at Manchester, account of

a, 214
Thornton, Colonel, Dash, his property, 212

Tickets, lottery, Lara and the, 263
Toby, pedigree and performances of, 26
Tomb, description of one, at Minfter in

Kent, 191
Treatile on carriages, Mr. Felton's, 6, on

farriery, 9, 65, 121, 177, 233, 293
Trial of Mendoza, account of the, 78.

of Dick England, 266
Trifles sporting, 176
Trip through Sussex, 92
Trotting match, a fingular one, 105
Trying for a hare, 176
Tyger, fortunate release from one, 248

Veterinarian art in France, rise and pro.

grefs of it there, 18
Veterinarian lirerature, 286

Waftes, cullivation of, 112
Watcli-hox, 129
Watson, Captain, and Major Sweetmas,

duel between them, 213, 229,276
Watering-place anecdote, 141
Way to get Married, account of the come-

dy so called, 172. prologue to, 282.

epilogue to, ib,
Westminster theatricals, 119
Westphalia inn, picture of a, 210 239
Whilt, extraordinary game at, 319
Widow, the longing, 199
Wild-fowl Mooting, 93
Wit, observations on, 35. feaft of, ib. 81,

140, 206, 257, 310
Wolf and mastiff, 284
Wounds and bruises in the eye of an horse,

observations on, il

Young lady, lines on the approaching nup.

tials of a, 196

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4 yrs old

At CHESTERFIELD. plate, 716 extra. "Heats, twice

N Wednesday, September: Mr. Sitwell's b. c. Moor

the 2d, --sol. for three yr cock, by Highflyer, 4 yrs
olds, 7ft. alb. and foar yr olds,

old (2 plates)
8A415. Fillies allowed zlb.- Sir J. Leicester's b. c. Fer-
Heats, o ce round the Course.

gulus. 4 yrs old (z plates)
Sir J. Leicester's b. c. Mi Mr. Lockley's b. c. Dioge..
nus, 3 yrs old

nes, 4 yrs old (3 plates) 33 Bu Mr. Shepherd's gr. c. Strike, Najor Stead's b. g. Comet, by

2 Pontifex, agft Mr Sitwell' Mr. Bettifon's b f. 3 yrs old 3 3 Haycock, zit. each, the last half

Mr. Rodes's br. m. by Druid, mile, sogs. h. ft.-Off by con6 yrs old, rift. beat Mr. Sitwell's fent. gr c. by Snake, 4 yrs old, noft. zlb.-four miles for roogs Mr. Sitwell's colt broke his leg in

At BEDFORD. running

On Thursday the 3d, sol. for N Wednesday, the 2d of four yr olds; it. 61b. five yr olds, September, gol given by 8ft: 41b. fix yr olds, 8ft. 121b. and His Grace the Duke of Bedford, aged, 9ft. A winner of one plate for three yr old colts, 8ft., and this year, carrying' 3lb. of two, fillies yet. -121b A winner of šlb. and of three, or'a King's one places Subscrip:ion, or 1-10, Vol. VII. No. XXXVII. 11


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3 yrs old

2 3


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yrs old

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Matches, carrying 41b. extra, On Thursday a plate of sol. of one match, 21b.-heats, once

-No race round the Course..

On Friday the 4th, gol. for Mr. O'Connor b. c. by

three yr olds, 7st. 61b. and four Dungannon

yr olds, 8ft. 61b. Fillies allowed. Ld Sondes's b. c. Yeoman

216.-2 mile heats.
Hunter's Sweepstakes of sgs) Sir T. Gascoign's b. c. by
each, 12ft -two mile heats.
(6 subscribers).

Young Marke, 3 yrs old
Mr Totty's gr

D. of Bedford's ch.
*h. by Volunteer walked over.

Friday, by Young Mor. wick, 3 yrs old

3 On Thursday the 3d, sol. for Mr. Lowther's b. f. Flyer, four yr olds, 7ft. 7lb. five yr olds, sit glb. fix yr olds, sit. salb. and aged gft. A winner of one Plate this year, carrying 3lb. of two, or more, blb. extra

At OXFORD. 4-mile heats. Mr. Addey's b. c. by

HÉ following horses' farted

for the iogs Tweepftakes, Highflyer, 4 yrs old

3 Ld Grosvenor's b.

on the last day of these races,

the particulars of which were not by Rockingham, four

given in our last Number. D. of Bedford's ch. h.

Mr. Durand's Hermione, 4 yrs by Volunteer, 5 yrs

old old'

Mr. Annesley's Pandolpho, 6

Ld Abingdon's Mafier of Arts,


Mr. Smith Barry's Old Tat, Ń ,

September, a Sweepstakes of zogs each, for all ages ;-three miles. (5 subscribers.).

At READING. Mr. Cookson's ch h. Huby, N Tuesday, September 8th, by Phenomenon, aged, sit.

sol. for four yr olds, car. jólb

rying 7st. 10lb. five yr olds, 8ft. Mr. Lowther's Minimus, 5 yrs

tolb. fix yr olds, 9ft

. 21b. and old, 8it.

zaged, oft. 5lb. Mares allowed Sir C. Turner's Oberon, 5 yrs

3ib. The winner of one plate old, 8ft,

this year to carry z16 of two,

3 Sweepstakes of 20gs each, fot stb. extra.-'4-mile heats. three yr old colts, 8f, and fillies, Mr. Annesley's ch, h. Panyft. ralb.-two miles. 45 S..b.. dolpho, by Pretender; 6 Icribers.)

2. I Sir C. Turner's b. c. brother

Mr. Clark's b. c. Victor, to Overton, by King Fergus

4 yrs old (1.plate)

z dr Mr. Wharton's gr. c. by Del. On Wednesday the gth, sol. pini, dam by Garrick

for four yr olds, 7. iilb. and

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5 yrs old



yrs old


2 dr


3 five yr old, 8ft. 71b. Mares al. Sweepflakes of 25g8 cach, for: lowed 3lb. The winner of one three yr old colts, 8it. and fillies, plate this year carrying 3lb. of 7ft. ib. - two miles. (9 sub. two, 5lb. extra.--4-mile heats. fcribers.) Mr Clark's b. c. Victor, Mr. Inge's b. c. brother to by Fidget, 4 yrs old

King David, by Highflyer Mr. Dolphin's br. h. High. Mr. Lockley's b. f, fister to over, 5 yrs


St. George
Mr. Hamond's b. c. by Ld Strathmore's ch. c. by
Highflyer, 4 yrs

Woodpecker, out of Tag 3 On Thursday, the 19th, sol. Mr. Taylor's b. f. Fair for three yr old colts, St. and


4 fillies, 7ft. b.-Heats, once

Mr. Harris's b. c. by Anvil, round the course. The winner

out of Augusta

5 of one plate this year, carrying Ld Oxford's br. c. Cornet, 2lb. of two or more, 4lb. extra.


by Volunteer Ld Egremont's b. f. by

Ld Belfaltt's ch. c. by Saltram, Mercury, dam by Wood dam by Herod, 8ft. 3lb. recd. pecker

from Mr. Anson's b. c. by PhaMr. Day's b. c. by Sky. ramond, Sit. one mile, joogs. light

On Wednesday, the gth, sol. Mr. Dolphin's b. c. Bel

for four yr olds.--2-mile heats. shazzar

-5 3 Sir F. Poole's b. f. by

Mr. Tatton's b. c. Kilton,


by Delpini, 8it. gib. Mr. Jones's b. c. Frede

Ld Oxford's b. f. Janette, ric

8ft. 41b.

4 5 Mr. Lade's b. f. out of

Col. Charlton's b. c. CropLetitia 8. 6

3 3 Mr. Annesley's ch.

Sweepstakes of zogs each, for King John

7 hunters,

12ft.-four miles. (6 Mr. Abbot's ch.c. by Vo.

subscribers.) ? lunteer

6 8 Mr. Lucas's b. f. Miss Mr Dyoti's gr. h. Wilson

9 9

by the Bridgnorth

wa ked, over.

Sweepstakes for ponie', 2-mile At LICHFIELD.

heats. N Tuesday, September the Mr. Tatton's ch. p. by Forrester,

walked over 100gs, for 5 yr old horses, 8ft.

On Thursday, the roth, 508 7lb 3-mile heats.

for all ages.--4-mile heats. ;16 Ld Egremont's b. h. Go.

Mr. Taiton's b. c. Kijfgneblo 16

sot dloi hanna, by Mercury I 21

4 yrs old, it. Mr. Tatton's b. h. Patriot, 2 1 2

Ld Belfast's boh. Polyan's banol


bas dot Ld Oxford's ch. c. Dori

thus, 5 yrs old. Smolliw!1m cles

3 3 3 5 to 4 Gohanna agst the field; after Sweepstakes, fynsgrohoiH for the first heat, 7 to 4 he won ;

all ages.--twgl miles aos u futhafter the second heat, *2.40 1


blo azyld against hima

a 2

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per, 8tt. alb.

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Oo8:7, his Majerty's plate


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