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members of the Cumberland

RACES TO COME. hunt, &c.--4-mile heats. Mr. Lumley's ch. f. Miss

Ann, 3 yrs old, 6it. ib.

Craven Meering, 1796.
Mr. Milbank's b. h. Span-
ker, aged, 8ft. rolb.

IR J. Shelly's Buckingham, 6 to 4 on the Filly.

8ft. 3lb. agit Mr. Bowes's On Saturday, the gift, sogs.

Pluvoise, by Dungaoaon, 8ft. given by the city members, for Ab M. 100'h. ft. all ages.-4-mile heats.

No day mentioned. SweepSir H. Williamson's b. c.

stakes of joogs each, h. ft. for

yearlings, firit half of A. M. 8ft. Bangtail, by Highflyer,

Mr. Bullock's b. c. by Escape, 3 yrs old, zrt. alb. Mr. Clifton's b. f. Eustatia,

out of a Vernon Arabian mare.

Mr. Panton's b. c. brother 4 yrs old, 81t. alb.

to 6 to 4 on Eustatia ; and after the Mr. Wyndham's ch. c. by Mufti,

Frisky. first heat, 2 to i on Bangtail.

out of Heifer.

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Rode by gen

First Spring Meeting.

N Thursday, October the Ld Sackville's Kite Carr, 8ft.

29th, a sweepstakes of 15gs 10lb. agst Ld Clermont's Aima. each, izst

. each.-2-mile heats. tor, St. 71b. B. C. 300. h. ft. (14 subscribers.)

Sweepstakes of 200gs. each, h, Ld Grey's br. c. by Sir

ft Two middle miles of B. C. Peter Teazle

Ld Grosvenor's Druid, 5 yrs old, Mr. Egerton's b, c. Kangaroo

brother to Capsicum, Mr. Egerton's Tatton Grey Barb


3 yrs old, 7ft. colb.

Mr. Bullock's c. by H ghflyer, A Sweepstakes of zogs. each, 4 yrs old, 7st. 816. I2ft. two miles.

br. c. Poet, brother io tlemen.

Calomel, 3 yrs old, 6st. 12lb. Mr. Cholmondeley's ch. g.

Mr. Panton's Rododendron, Diver

8ft. 12lb. agit Sir W. Afton's c. Mr. Tatton's b. h. Gardens

by Vertumaus, dam by Trumpa. Mr. Cholmondeley's ch.

tor, 8ft. 71b. Across the Flat, 100, g.

h. ft. Diver, beat Mr. Tatton's b. h. Gardens, roft. each, three times

Fuly Meeting round the course; for 200gs.


Cholmondeley's Diver, The Joly stake of 50gs each, Hift. beat Mr. Brooke's Paymaf 30gs ft. for 2 yr old colts, carry. ter, 12ft.-three miles, rode by ) ing dit alb. and fillies, 8it. Two gentle.nen, for 25gs.

yr old course. Mr. Tatton's bh. by Bour Ld Clermont's b. f. by Trumpa. deaux, beat Mr Cholmondeley's

tor, out of Narina. b. ç Kangaroo, 121t. each.--four

b. c. by Highflyer, out miles, fos 50gs.

of Othea..

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25 Sir C. Bunbury's b. c. by Diomed, | Ld Grosvenor's b. f. by Alexander, , out of Flea-catcher.

out of Nimble. Ld Darlington's f. by Mufti, out of Ld Strathmore's ch. f. out of Sto

a lister to Fidget. Ld Grosvenor's b. f. by Meteor, Mr. Durand's b. c. Coiner, ' by out of Fairy.

Salıram, dam by Goldfinder. br! f. by Sir Peter, out of Ld Egremont's b. c. by WoodBustard's dam.

pecker, out of Camilla. Mr. Panton's b. c. by Fidget, out Mr. O'Kelly's b. c. by Anvil, out of Birch's dam,

of a Gifter to Gunpowder. Mr. Bullock's b. c. by Escape, dam Mr. Smith'names Mr. Crosby's br. by the Vernon Arabian,

c. by Saltram, out of SweetMr. Taylor names Ld Grosvenor's heart.

b. f. by Alexander, out of Nim. Mr. Taylor names Mr. G. Bowes's ble.

ch. c. by Volunteer, dam by HeD. of Grafton's b. c. by Highflyer, rod, bought by Mr. O'Kelly. out of Georgiana.

Mr. Sterling names Mr. Read's ch. Mr. Golding's b. f. by Highflyer, f. by Aurelius, dam by Eclipse.

out of Smallbones. Mr. Taylor has another subscrip

tion, for which nothing was named.


IS Majesty's Plate of 1oogs. , . Watfon's c. by Falcon, dam by Rock aged horses, to be run for at Ascotingham, out of Thorn's dam, 8ft. heath, in the year 1796. Two yr old Course, bogs. b. ft.

No horse to start that ever re

ceived or paid either forfeit or compirst OCTOBER MEETING, 1796.

promise, or ever had a sweat, or

been in training for trial, match, &c. Sweepftakes of roogs each, h. ft. before the first day of February, D. I.

1796: to be hunted regularly, with Ld Grosvenor's 'c. by Meteor, out his Majesty's hounds, from the 25th

of Mackarel's dam, 8ft, ólb. day of September, 1795 (HolyLd Sackville's c. by Rockingham, rood Day), to the first day of Feof Bonniface, 8ft.

bruary, 1796 : to carry 12ft. each, Mr. Bullock's c. by Buzaglo, out the best of, three four-mile heats. out of Flavia, sit.

The horses to be rbona fide) the Sir J. Shelly's Buckingham, by property of the person in whose Mercury, 7ft. glb.

name they hunt, from the above Mr. Dawson's brother to Wild date in September, to the day of goose, 7st. glb.

running Mr. Bowes's Pluviose, by Dun

The Master of the Hounds, or gannon, 7ft. 5lb.

whom he shall appoint, to be judge

of their qualifications. EPSOM, 1796. Nomination for the Woodcot Stakes.

A Sweepstakes of 15gs. each, for D chf.

all , : teor, out of Maid-of-all

, . five Work.

8ft. ill.; fix yr olds, 8ft. glb.; and VOL.VII. No. XL.










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áged, 8ft. 12[b. Mares and geldings each, p. p. for three.yr olds ; to to be allowed 3lb.-To be at least be run for on the first day of the four subscribers, or no race. races, 1796.-Sis fubforibers, or no

The subscription to close A sweepstakes of zogs each, for

October the ist, 1795. The horses 3.yr old colts, to carry Šft. 41b. and to be named to the clerk of the fillies, St. – the new mile. The course, on or before the 1st day of winners of the Derby and Oaks January next. Weights: colts, Stakes to carry 5lb. extra.-Four

8ft. 2lb. fillies, 8ft. - To start at fubfcribers, or no race.

the distance post, and to run once

round, and ine distance, ending at SATURDAY. A sweepstakes of 2ogs each, for having won once, to carry 3lb.;

the ending post. - Colts and fillies two yr old colts and fillies, carrying twice, 5lb. ; thrice or' more times, 8ft.-the last third of the new mile.

71b. extra. -- Four subscribers, or no race. To each of the above sweepstakes

George Howard will be added 10gs. given by the Carysfort Steward.

F. Dickens

R. Vyner, jun.

Sweepstakes for all ages, logs

each--one 2-mile heat. Three yr HE first year of the Burford olds, 61t, four yr olds, 7ft. 41h. five

Cup, for three yr old colts, 8ft. yr olds, sit. óx yr olds, 817. 7lb. fillies, 7ft. alb. for three years, and aged, Sfti uilb. Mares and the new course, being a straight geldings allowed 31b.- To be run run, one heat.

A subscription of for the second day of the races, 1796. 1ogs each, p. p. to be laid out in Horses, &c; to be named on the purchase of a gili filver cup, before the ift of January, 1796.value gogs. and the remainder in Eight subscribers, or no race. The fpecie. Colts, &c to be named subscription to close October the to the clerk of the course, on or ist, 1795; horses, &c. to be the before the ilt of January in each property of subscribers, or their year. Subscriptions to be paid at confederates. the time of naming, or not to be

Sondes entitled to the stakes, alihough a winner.

Carysfort N.B. This subscription to remain

J. Willis

Fitzwilliam open for subscribers to any future year.

Sweepstakes of 25gs each, p. p.

for three yr old horses, &c. bona PRESENT SUBSCRIBERS.

fide the property of the subscribers, T. V. Dolphin, Esq.

or confederates, at the time of Wm. Hallett, Esq.

naming. To be run for on the last John Brown, Esq.

day of the races, 1796; once round. William Brereton, Esq. Horses, &c. to be named on the ist

of January, 1796; colts, 7ft. 7lb.

fillies, 7ft. 416. This subscription is STAMFORD.

HE Noblemen and Gentle. G. Heathcote
men's sweepstakes of 2ogs


J. Heathcote


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and aged horses, 9t. Mares and A Sweepstakes of togs each (play


7 J. Heathcote

be named to the clerk of the course, Fitzwilliain

on or before the first day of March, J. Willis

1796; and the stakes to be paid to F. Dickens, Esq.

the clerk of the course, the night

Stewards. R. Vyner, jun. Esq.

before running,

afterwards R. Saile, Clerk. double.



J. Lockley HE first day.--A sweepstakes

J. Jones

George Pigot. all ages; three yr olds to carry sst. 5lb. four yr olds, 7ft. 2/b. five yr

KNUTSFORD. olds, 8ft. 21b. fix yr olds, 8ft. alb.

or pay) to be run for, over geldings to be allowed 21b. The

Knutsford Heath the second day of best of three 2-mile hears. To be

the above mentioned races, by three, sun according to the King's Plate four, five, six yr old, and aged Arrigles, and to start between the

horses; three yr olds to carry a heats for the plate.-Five subscri- feather; four yr olds 7ft. 61b. five bers, or no race. The stakes to be

yr olds, 8ft. 4lb. fix yr olds, 8ft. paid to the clerk of the course, the

121b, and aged horses, gft. 2lb. night before running, or afterwards

Mares and geldings allowed 3lb.double,

the best of 3-mile heats, three times This subscription to remain open

round the Course to a heat. To be till the first of March, 1796, and the iramed to the Clerk of the Course, horses to be named to the clerk of

on or before the ist day of April, the course, on or before that day.

1796, and to be bona fide the proStamford

perty of subscribers on the day of J. Lockiey

naming. The owner of each horse George Pigot

to produce to the Stewards of the G. J. Grove

Races, or the Clerk of the Course, The second day.-A sweepstakes a proper certificate of his age on the of rogs each, for hunters, carrying day of entrance of the horses in 12ft.-018 4-mile heat, that have 1796. If any disputes arise about liever started for either match, or starting, running, weights, or otherplate, and to be, bona fide, the pro uise, the fame to be determined by perty of the subscribers, residents the Stewards for 1795. The stakes of the following counties, and to be paid to the Clerk of the which have been regularly hunted Course before the time of rune the preceding teason, with hounds, ning. in Shropshire, Staffordshire, Wor

SUBSCRIBERS. cestershire, or Gloucestershire; and Earl of Stamford that have not been in su cats, with J. Crewe, Esq. an intention

to run, before the Sir R. S. Coiron firft day of May. Certificates of Sir P. Warburton their having hunted to be pro Thomas Cholmondeley, Esq. duced, if required, from the owner Thomas L. Brooke, Esq.

owners of the hounds with William Tation, Esq. which they have hunted ; and to John Lockley, Erq.






Sir R. Williams

'scription - to be closed the ift of John Egerton, Esq.

January, 1796. The money to be William Egerton, Esq.

paid into the hands of the Clerk of
the Course before starting.


D. of Bedford

Ld Ongley
THE Wooburn Stakes of 10gs W. Lee Antonie, Erq:

each, for horses. To be G. F. Fitzroy, Esq.
named by subscribers, by eight J. Olborn, Esq.
o'clock, on the evening before run. 8. Ongley, Esq.
ning; four yr olds to carry 7st. 7lb. S. Whitbread, jun. Efg.
five yr olds, 81t. 71b. fix yr olds, glt. H. Hugh Hoare, Esq.
and aged, git. 3lb.

· Four mile course. Mares allowed 2lb. The winner to be sold for

WINCHESTER. 100gs. if demanded within a quarter of an hour after the race, the owner A

Sweepfiakes of 2ogs each, for of the second horfe being first en

three yr olds, the first day of titled, &c. &c. The Stakes to be

the Races, the last mile; colts, 8ft. paid to the Clerk of the Course, at

fillies 7ft. iilb.-to be named to

the Clerk of the Course of Win. the time of naming –Ten subscri. bers or no race.

chester. D. of Bedford

A Sweepstakes of rogs each, for Ld Paget

all ages; the second day of the Races, S. Wbithread

four miles : three yr olds, 7st. four Robert Lee, Esq.

yr olds, 81. five yr olds, 8ft. 10b. G. F. Fitzroy, Esq.

six yr olds and aged, gft. 416.-T. J. Olborn, Esq.

be named to the Clerk of the Course,

Sir R. Gammon. A subscription of 5gs each, for hunters, to be run for on the first day of Bedford races, 1796. The

CANTERBURY. horses to be named to the Clerk of

Articles for Kentish Hunters, for two the Course of Bedford, on or before the ist day of April, 1796.

Years, 1796, and 1797. The horses never to have been

A Sweepftakes. of 588 each, trained, started, paid, or received p, & to be forfeit, before the time of naming, the real property of the Subscriber, and to be bona fide the property that have never been trained or had of Subscribers; to have been regu a sweat, before the ist day of Jure, Jarly hunted the preceding sea- 1796 and 1797; and to have refon, with the fox hounds of his gularly hunted the preceding season, Grace the D. of Bedford's, His a month of which in the county of Grace the D. of Grafton's, Ld Kent; a certificate whereof to be Fitzwilliam's, Ld Salisbury's, Ld produced, if required from the Melbourne's, or Mr. Calvert's ; owner of the hounds with which a certificate whereof to be produ- they have hunted. The horses to be ced, if required, from the owner the property of gentlemen who are or owners of the hounds, with freeholders of the county of Kent. which they have been hunted. To carry 12ft.--three 4-mile heats. To carry 12ft. each;the best of To be run for on Barham Downing three 2-mile heats. The Sub in the race week. The horses for


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