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C. 1oogs.

Ld Egremont's b. f. Colibri, , Ladbroke's c. by Woodpecker, by Woodpecker, recd. Bogs. from out of a sister to Tree. creeper's Mr. Howorth’s Frisky, 8it. each. dam, 8ft. each. Two yr old Two yr old course, roogs. course, sogs. h. ft.

Ld Sackville's Silver, 84. 4lb;

recd. ft. from Mr. G. bowes's Houghton Meeting, 1795. Volunteer c


Two yr old MONDAY, OCT. 26.

course, hoogs. 25 ft. Mr. Bullock's Oateater, by

TUESDAY. Trumpator, 81t. 71b. beat Sir J.

Ld Clarendon's b. f. Hama. Shelly's Young Mumps, 8ft. Y. dryad, by Fidget, out of Dryad,

88. beat Mr. Panton's l_resump: 2 to i on Oateater,

tion, 8ft. 5lb. Two


old Mr. Hamond's b. c. Needle, course, 50gš. by Magnet, 8ft. beat Mr. Crosby's *5 to 2.oo Hamadryad. ch. f. Bonny Kate, 7ft. uiib. Two yr old course, 75 gs.

D. of Queensberry . William,

by Florizel, 8ft. ;lb. beat Mr. 9 to 4, and 5 to 2 on Needle.

Wyndham's Tear-coat, zft. 7lb Mr. Howorth's Frisky, by Fid.

sogs. ger, 7ft 13lb. beat Ld Egremont's

6 to 4 on William. Fraxiella, by Trentham, 8ft. 416.

Fifty pounds, for two yr olds, Two yr old course, icogs.

carrying a feather; three yr olds, 2 to i on Frikky.

7ft. slb. four yr olds, Sit. glb. Ld Clermont's Aimator, by five yr olds, gft. 3lb. fix yr olds, Trumpator, 8ft. 8lb. beat the D.

9ft. 7lb. and aged, gft. rolb. the of Grafton's Minion, 7ft. 7lb. last three miles of B. c. With Across the Flat, 150gs.

this condition, that the winner, 6 to 4 on Aimator.

with his engagements, was to be Sir J. Shelly's b. c. Bucking- fold for 30ogs. If demanded, &c. ham, by Mercury, 8ft. 3lb. and Ld Clarendon's b. f. Jannette, Sir C. Bunbury's ch. f. Adela, by by Mercury, 4 yrs old Diomed, 8ft. Two yr old course, Mr. Ann fley's b: h. Mafter joogs-ran a dead heat.

of Arts, 6 old 2 to i on Adela.

Mr. Vernon's b. f. Zenobia,

R. M.

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3 yrs old


2 yrs old

Sweepstakes of sogs each, 40 Mr. Concannon's ch. c. by ft. by yearling colts and fillies, Woodpecker, 3 yrs old 4 carrying 8ft. alb. Y. C.

Mr. O'Conner s b. c. 'BedLd Clermont's b. f. by Trumpa ford, 3 yrs old

5 tor, out of Demirep, recd. ft. Mr. Panton's ch. c. Hymen, from Ld Grosvenor's gr. or

6 roan c. by Meteor, out of Fau. Mr. Golding's b. f. by Justice, nus's dam

; and from Mr. Taylor's ch. c. Magog, out of Sir C. Bunbury's b. c. Parrot, Paliafox's and recd.

8 30gs. from Mr. Bullock's ch.c. L' Clermont's br. c Paynaby Buzaglo, out of his blind

tor, 4 yrs old

9 ch. m. Eclipse.

8 to i agit Jarigette, 4 to 1 agit Mr. Howorth's Haut Pas, by

Master of Arts, 3 to i agit Alexander, recd. ft. froin Mr. Zenobia, 8 to 1 agit Mr.


3 yrs old


dam ;

4 yrs old



pd ft.

Two yr

the Flat, 200gs.

Two yr


Concannon's colt, and 5 to i

2lb. Ld. Clermont's Repeator, agft Bedford.

4 yrs old, 8ft. 21b. and Mr. Sir J. Shelly's Young Mumps,

Vernon's Faunus, 4 yrs old, by Spectre, git. beat Mr. Lad. 8ft 416. also Itarted, but the broke's Woodpecker c. 2 yrs old,

, judge could only place the first

two. 717. 5lb. B.C. The winner taking both horses.

Ld Grosvenor's brother to
4 to i on Young Mumps,

Oliver, 3 yrs old, 8ft. 81b.
and Mr. Coíens's Rattoon,

3 yrs old, 8ft alb

6 to 4 agit Jannette, 2 to i agit Mr. Bullock's b. c. Arthur, Alderman, 4 to i agft Fau. by Buzaglo, bene :M r.Ladbroke's

nus, and 20

to i agit Old Fraxinella, Sít. each.

Gold. old course, 5ogs.

Sir C. Bunbury's ch. c. Cedar, 5 to 2 on Arthur.

by Diomed, beat Ld Sackville's Ld Clermont's Aimator, bych. c. Chearful, by Alexander, Trumpator, git. beat Mr. Wil fon's "Caustic, 7ft. slb.

out of Seedling, 8ft. each. Two Across yr old course, 50gs.

7 to 4 on Chearful. 2 to i on Aimator.

Ld Sherborne's b. f. Festoon, Handicap Sweepstakes of 30gs. fifter to Garlond, by Mercury, each, sgs. ft. Two yr

old course. beat Ld Clermont's b. f. by Ld Clarendon's b. f. Hama.

Trumpator, 8ft, each. dryad by Fidget, 7!. 71b.

old course, 25gs. Mr. Hamond's b. c. Needle,

5 to 2 on Feftoon. 7st. 121b.

Mr. Panton's f. Presumption, Mr. Panton's ch. c. Maita. by Justice, St. 8lb recd. 3cgs.

dore, by Vertumnus, 7ft. from Ld Clarendon's f. by Fid7lb.

3 get, out of Nettletop, 8ft. Two Sir C. Bunbury's Adela, 7ft.

yr old course, 5ogs.

4 Ld Clermont's b. f. by Trumpator, dam by Evergreen,

Ld Sackville's ch. c. Chearful, 7ít. 31b.

5 by Alexander, 7st. 7lb. beat Mr. Mr. Howorth's Frisky, 8ft. Wastell's b. f. Caroline, by Dio2lb and Ld Grosvenor's c.

med, 7ft. Two yr old courte, by Anvil, out of Dido, 8ft.

25gs. pd ft

5 to 2 on Chearful: 4 to i agft Hamadryad, 3 to i agit

Sweepstakes of 25gs each, by Needle, 3 to i agit Matta

two yr old fillies, Carrying sit. dore, and 3 to i agit Adela.

2lb. Two yr old course. Handicap sweepstakes of 3ogs. Ld Egremont's b. f. Collibri, each, 5gs. ft. Across the Flat.

by Woodpecker Ld Clarendon's b. f. Jannette, Mr. Wilson's b. f. fister to

by Mercury, 4 yrs old, sit. Bennington 61b.

D. of Bedford's f. by Fidget, Mr. Wyndham's gr. g. Old out of Teucer's dam; Ld Gold, aged, 7ft. 121b.

Sherborne's ch f. by AlexMr. Cauty's Alderman, aged, 8ft. ander; and Ld Clermont's

b. f.






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f. by Highflyer, out of

Thursday, the 24th, sogs. for Othea

pd any horfe, &c. carrying Toft.-10 to 1 on Colibri.

4-mile heats.
Ld Clermont's Paynator, by Mr. Maule's br. h. Scor.
Trumpator, 8it. Tolb. beat Sir F. pion
Standish's Darsham, eft. 7lb

Mr. Peacock's ch. g. Far-
Two yr old course, zogs.
5 to 2 on Paynator.
Mr. Smith's ch. Favorite

3 3 Mr. Bullock's Gas, by Balloon,

Friday, the 25th, 5ogs, for all 8ft. beat Mr. O'Hara's Victor; ages.-4-mile heats. sit. slb. Ab M. 100gs.

Mr. Baird's ch. h. Trim6 and 7 to 4 07 Gas.

mer, aged Ld Egremont's Trentham f.

Mr. Gregson's b. h. Ar8 ft. 21b. agit Mr, Ladbroke's

cher, 6 yrs old Woodpecker c. 6ft. 7lb. Iwo yr Saturday, the 26th, a Handicap old course, 100gs. h. ft.-Of, purse of 50gs.-4-mile heats. both having become the property Mr. Peacock's ch. g. Farof Mr. Ladbroke.

Mr. Thompson's ch. h.


M: Kincaid's ch. Fa

vorite N Monday, September the

3 for all ages.

Mr. White's ch. h. Caref4 mile heats.


Mr. Garden's Mr. Maule's br. h. Scor.

gr. Scourge

dif pion, by Il-mio, aged Mr. Gregson's br. h. Archer, 6 yrs old

At ABERDEEN. Tuesday, the 22d, sogs. for all ages.-4-mile heats.


N Monday, October the 5th, Mr. Maule's br. h. Scor

30l, for any horse, &c. carpion, by Il-mio, aged

rying noft.--4-mile heats. Mr. Gregson's b. h. Ar Mr. Thompson's ch. h. cher, 6 yrs old

Glancer, 5 yrs old

3. I Col. Maxwell's ch. h. Briton, Mr. Butt's ch. m. Venus beat Mr. Maule's b. g. Toper,

Col. Maxwell's ch, h. I 2ft. each. -4.mile heats, for

Briton 5ogs.

Tuesday, the 6th, 50gs. for all Wednesday, the 23d, sogs. for ages.--4-mile heats. all ages.—4.mile heats.

Mr. Maule's br. h, ScorMr. Baird's ch. h. Trim

pion, by Il inio, ag d mer, by Young Marike,

Mr. Baird's ch. h. Trimaged

mer, aged Mr. Thompson's ch. h. Glancer, 5 yrs old

Wednetday, the 7th, 5ogs. for Mr. Gardenis

hunters, 12it. -4-mile heats. gr. Scourge, 4 yrs oid dif Mr. Maule's b. g. Toper OI 1


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3 yrs old

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Col. Maxwell's ch. h.

A maiden plate of sol. for Briton

three yr olds, 7ft. 41b. and four Thurfday, the 8th, gogs. for all yr olds, 8h. glb.-2-mile heats.

Mr. Mangle's bl. c. Young ages.-4 mile heats,

Sir Peter, by Sir Peter, Mr. Maule's br. h. Scor. pion, aged

Major Surtee's bl. c. by Mr. Gregton's b. h. Ar

Drone, 3 yrs old cher, 6 yrs old

2 dr

On Friday, the 16th, 501. given Friday, the gth, sogs for home by the members, for four yr olds, bred horles.-3 mile heats. zit. 41b. five yr olds, 8A. 3lb. fis Mr. Garden's ch. h. Billy

yr olds, Sit. 12lb. A winner of Dawson. 3 yrs

one 5cl. since the first of March Mr. Craik' ch m. Char.

laft, carrying 3lb. extra; of two, lotte, 5 yrs old

or more, 5lb.-4-mile heats.

Fletcher's ch. Saturday, the 10th, a Handicap Mr. parfe of 251.-4-mile heats.

Trimbush, by Young

Morwick, 4 yrs old (2 Mr. Thompson's ch. h.

plates) Glancer, ş yrs Mr. Kincaid's b. c. Mil

Mr. Armstrong's ch. b.

Minimus, 5 yrs old (2 fostune, 3 yrs

2 do

plates) A purse of 25l. for the beaten Mr. Hill's b. m. Dairy horfes.

Maid, 5 yrs old (1 plate) 3 3 Mr. Gregson's b. h. Archer, 6 yrs old

I Mr. Kincaid's b. c. Mir.

At EPSOM. fortune


October the 2oth, 501. for three ye

olds, carrying 6ft, 3 be four yr At STAFFORD.

olds, 7st. 121b. five yr olds, sit.

71b. lix yr olds, eft. szib. and N Wednesday and Friday, aged, gft. Mares allowed zlb.

the 14th and 16th of Octo. 3-mile heats. ber, no race for either of the soi. | Mr. Annesley's ch. c. Pan. plates, for want of a sufficient

dolpho, by Pretender, 6 number of horses.


Mr. Stirling's b. f. Anvi.
lina, 3yrs old



Mr. Dockery's ch. f. Cow-
flip, 4 yrs

dif N Thursday, O&tober


On Wednesday, the urit, sol. 1.15th, a sweepstakes of rogs. for three yr olds, 5ft. four yr olds, each, p. p for three yr old colts, zft. 71b. five yr olds, 8ft. 41b fix 8ft. 216. and fillies, sit. (11 fub- yr olds, st. glb. and aged, 8i. fcribers.) Two miles.


The winner of one plate, Sir H. V. Tempeft's

&c. in 1795, carrying 3lb. of two, 1 b.c. Governor, by

slb. extra. Mares allowed zlb. Ruler

walked over.
-4.mile heats,



2 dr

On Tuesday,

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2 dir

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yrs old



Mr. Durand's b. c. Guild

member's annual plate of gogs. te :

ford, by Highflyer, 3 carrying 13ft. each.--the best of 6.10.

three 2-mile heats.
Mr. Annesley's Pandolpho,

Mr. Boate's b. h. Luck.


less . Ld Egremont's ch. f. by Mr. Morgan's b. h. CbeWoodpecker, 3 yrs old,

valier (feli) 31.6 Mr Dockery's b. m. Bon.

A sweepftakes of 15gs each, ny Lass, 6 yrs old (fell) dif weight for age, four miles. (8

subscribers )

Mr. Loyd's b. m. Libra, by fur fra At PENRITH.

Balance, 5 yrs old

Mr. W. Williams's b. c. Æ.

ther, by Druggift, 4 yrs old
N Wellnesday, the zist of Mr. Wardle's b. f. by Rock-
O&o er, sol. for three yr

ingham, 3 yrs old
olds, zít. 4lb. and four yr olds, Mr. Cafe's f. by Sir Peter

3 8ft. 21b. that never won above

Teazle, 3 yrs old that value.

4 A winner of sol. carrying 3lb.

2-mile extra.

Sir W. W. Wynn's bl. h. heats.

Lawyer, by Solon, i3ft. beat Mr. Mr. Stapleton's b. f. Susan

Boates's b. h. Balloon, by Clonan, by Rockingham, 3

thier, 12ft. 131b.--two miles, fut

100gs. and a piece of plate, value Mr. Allison's b. f. Apol

25gs. lonia, 3 yrs old

3 Saturday, in the same week, Mr. Peacock's gr. c. Young Sir W. W. Wynn's ch. m. Little

Icelander, 3 yrs old 2 dif Eliza, carrying a feather, beat Mr.

On Friday, the 23d, sol. for Case's b. h. Balance, by Balance, three yr olds, 6ft. 71b. four yr carrying 71ł, alb. olds, 78 7lb. five yr olds, 8st. 41b. fix yr olds, 81t. alb. and aged, git. The winner of one

At CARLISLE. plate, carrying alb. of two, 41b.

N Tuesday, 27th of Ocand of more, 61b. extra-4.mile heats

Earl of Carlisle, for three and Sir H. Williamfon's b. c.

four yr olds, that never won more Bangtail, by Highliger,

than 501.-2-mile heats.

3 1 Mr. Cradoc's b. f. Tip

Captain Hill's ch. f. Lan

ra, 4 yrs old, 8. jlb. loe, 4 yrs

1 2 3

Mr Hutton's b. f. Wicked
Mr. Armstrong's b. m.
Muston, 5 yrs old

Kate. 3 yrs old, 7ft. 6lb.

4 3 2 Mr. Hudson's ch. h. Pron.

Mr. Mangles bl. c. Young

Sir Peter, 3 yrs old, ytt. to, 5 yrs


3 3

Wicked Kate the favourite, and 2 At HOLYWELL HUNT.

to i agst Laura. N Thursday, 22d of Oc On Thursday, the 29th, a Maitober, was TUÀ for, the den plate of sol. given by the



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