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3 yrs old

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5 yrs old

D. of Queensbery's b. Cv Sir H, Williamson's b. ei

6 Bangtail, by Highflyer,
6 10 1 agit Ld Grosvenor's colt,
5 to

i agft Peter Pindar, 5 Mr. Stapleton's b. f. Syio z agft Caustie, and 6 to 4

fannah, 3 yrs agk First Rattoon.

On Thursday, 5ol, for all ages. Fifty guineas free for any horse, &c. four yr olds, zit. 41b.

No race for want of bosses.

five yr olds, 8f sth. fix yr olds, Sit. jolb. and ages, gft. 8. C. Ld Clermont's br. c Pay.

At BARNET. sator, by Trumpator,

N Tuesday September the walked over.

29th, a maiden plate of 50l. THURSDAY.

for three and foar yr olds ; three The King's plate of roogs, for soldi, 81.71b. and four yr olds, kortes, &c. not more that iix yrs 9t. solb. fillies allowed zib. old, raft. R.C.

2-nile beats. Mr. Delmé's b h. Gabriel, by

Mr. Dockery's ch. f. Dorimant, 5 yrs old

Cowflip, 4 yrs old, gfi. Mr. Agnelly's ch. h. Pandol.


2 II pho

Mi. Ruter's ca. k. Lavi. Mir. Day's ch, h. Gautimozio,

nia, 3 yrs old, 8ft. 416. La Belfast's bl. f. by King

3 Sis F. Poole's b. h. Mealy, 5

Fergus, 3 yrs old, 8t.

41b. 4

4 3 2 Ir to ,on Gabriel, 3 to 1 agť Mr. Poulson's b. c. Snipe,

Pandolpho, 15 to ! against 3 yrs old, st. 71b. 3 4 3 Gautimozin, and 15 to i agft On Wednesday the 30th, a Mealy.

maiden plate of gol. for all ages.

-:-4 mile beats. With this condiLd Egremont's b f. Colibri, tion, that the winner was to by Woodpecker, out of Camilla, be fold for roogs, if demanded, > yrs old, 7fto sib. beat Ld Cler &c. mont's Repeator, 4 yrs old. Sit. | Mr. Dockery's b. m. Bonglb. Two yr. old courfe, zoogs.

ny Lass, 6 yrs old, 9 R.
2 to i on Repeator.

Mr. Jones's b. f. by High-

flyer, 4 yrs old, 81. 41b.

Mr. Ward's b. b. by High-
N Tuesday the 29th of Sep Gyer, 6 yrs old, oft. 5lb. 3 3 3

tember, gol. for all ages. Mr. Fordham's gr. f. Cali4-nile heats

off, 4 yrs old, $ft. 41b. Mr. Hudson's Pronto, by

King Fergus, 5 yrs old Mr. Peacock's gr. c. 3 yrs


GLAMORGANSHIRE. On Wednesday the 30th, 50l. for N

WednefdaySeptember three and four yr olds -heats the zoth, gol. for all ages; twice round.

three yr olds, a feather ; foor Ýr


yrs old


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yrs old

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2 de

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olds, 7ft. gib. five yr olds, 84. 61b. M. Burt's ch. m. Venns

fix yr olds, 8t. 1216. and ageel gft. Col. Maxwell's chh Bri-
ton's bei
The winner of one plate this ton, (fell lame)

2 dr Highbru,

year carrying 3lb. of two, 5lb. and

of more, 716, extra. Mares aud On Tuesday the 6th, 5ol. weight be & geldings allowed 3lb -hcats, three for age-4-mile heats. : miles and a quarter.

Mr. Maale's br. fo, Scorpion,
Fök forely Mr. Bloss's b. m.

by ill mio, aged
squeezer, by Boitun, s

Mr. Baird's ch. h Triminer,


3 3 Mr. Darling's b. • Ed.

On Wednesday the 7th. sol. ANET.

win, 5 yrs old
Mr. Dolphin's b. c. Bel.

for hunter's 12ft. - 4 mile beats. Semipele thazzar, 3 yrs old 1 2 3 dr Mr. Maule's b. g. Toper eiden pasi Mr. Wrixon's bi Hel.

Col. Maxwell's Briton, broke met, aged, (fell)

dowa) On Thursday the firft of O&to. On Thursday the Sth, sol. ber, a maidea plate of 5of. for weight for age.- 4-mile heats. three yr olds, 6t. four ye olds,

Mr. Maule's br h. Scorpion, ch. ! 8ft. 5lb. five yr olds, gft. fixyr old ga oids, git. 416. and aged. gft. ib.

by Ill mio, aged

Mr. Gregson's b. h. Ar. | Mares and gelding allowed 3lb.

cher 1. La 2-mile heats. Bich Mr. Jones's b. c. Frede

On Friday the gth, a maiden
rick, by Fortunio, 3 yrs plate of gol.3 mile heats.

Mr. Garden's ch. c. Billy
Mr. Snell's b f. Jaynetta,


Mr. Craik's b. Char.
Mr. Myer's ch. m. 6 yrs

FwdMr. Thomas's b. f. by Lexi.

On Saturday the 10th, Handicon, 4 yrs old


cap plate of 251.-4-mile beats. On Friday the 2nd, a sweep: | Mr. Thompson's Glancer takes of iogs each, for horses, Mr. Kincaid's b. c. Misfor

&c. the property of subscribers tune 3. Bost two months before the day of

Twenty-five pound for the running i

1211, --heats, three beaten horses mile heats. miles and a quarter. (6 subscri. bers)

Mr. Gregson's Archer, by

Bacchus Mr. Wrixon's Helinet,

Mr Kincaid's b. c. Misforby Javelin

walked over.


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3 yrs old

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3 II

b. c.

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2 de

October, the members' pl, of 16

At BOROUGHBRIDGE. Sir T. Gascoigne's roan c.

Confederacy, + yrs old,
ON Wednesday the 7th of

Mr. Armitrong's ch. h. of sol, for any horfe, &c. that

Minimus, 5 yrs old, (2

plates) had not n.ore than one gol.

4 3 2

Mr. Garforth's ch, f. Bradathis year; three yr olds, 5ft. 13.b.

old four

mante, 4 yrs yr

old, zit. 71b five yr olds, 81t. 41b. fi« yr olds, &ft. rlband aged, çit. A vinner to carry 3ib.

At DUMFRIES. extra. -3 mile heacs.

ON Tuesday, Oétober 13th, sol. Mr. Clifton's b. f. Eustatia, by Highflyer, 4 yrs

weight for age. old (one plate)

Ld Darlington's Constant, Mr Joliff's b. c by Posthu

by Highflyer

11 mous, 3 yrs old

Sir H. William's Mr. Garforth's ch. f. Bra.

Hambletonian damante, 4 yrs old 2 3 2 This plate is in dispute, owing to A sweepstakes of togs each ;

a charge of joftling, brought by

Sir H. Williamson's rider, colts, 8ft. 21b. fillies, 8ft.-two miles. (5 subscribers.)

against the other. Mr. Joliff's b. c. by Pofthu

On Thursday the 15th, sol.

weight for age. Mr. Clifton's own brother to Sir H. Williamson's BangOverton

tail, by Highflyer

Capt. Dickson's Captain On Thursday the 8th, a maiden

Tart plate of sol.' for three yr olds, 7st. glb. and four yr) olds, 8ft. On Saturday the 17th, sol, for

Fillies allowed alb-2-mile all ages. heats.

Lord Darlington's St,
LD A. Hamilton's gr. c. by

George, by Highflyer
Volunteer, 3 yrs old

3 II

Sir H. Williamson's
Mr. Joliffe's b. c. by Jupi-


I 4 2
Mr. Lumley's ch. f. Miss

Ann, 3 yrs old

2 3 3 Second October Meeting, 1795. Major Surtees's b. c. by Drone, 3 yrs old


OCTOBER, 12th.
On Friday the gth, sol. for four

bri, by , 41b. fix yr olds, and

Camilla, 2 yrs old, beat Mr Veraged, gft. The winner of one

non's Young Noble, 3 yrs old, zit.! plate this year, carrying 3lb. of two, 7lb. each, first half of R. M. glb and of three 7lb. extra.--4

joogs. mile heats.

Even betting. Mr. Clifton's b. f. Eustatia,

Fifty pounds, for two yr old by Highflyer, 4 yrs old, colts, carrying 8ft. alb. filllies, 81. (2 plates) 3 II

old course.



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ter, four

4 2 dr

bolds, 7. 6lb. five yr olds, eft. Lorio beremont's b f. Coli

Two yr



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Mr. Hamond's b. c. Needle,

Sweepstakes of sogs each, 40 by Magnet

fr. colis, ' 81t. 316. fillies, 8it. Ld Egreinon's ch. f. Atropa, Twɔ yr old course. by Woodpecker

Mr. Panton's Hymen, by Sir C. Buobury's ch. c. by Trumpator, recd. ft.' from Mr.

Diomed, out of a Dorimant Wilson's Caroline. Mr. Treves's mare

3 Matrimony withdrew stakes. D. of Grafton's ch. f Lemo.

D of Bedford's f. by Fidget, nade, by Challenger

4 out of Teucer's dam, recd. from Ld Clermont's br. f. Horn Ld Sherborne's f. by Alexander, pipe, by Trumpator:

out of a sister to Trumpator, 8st. 3 to i agit Needle, 7 to 4 agít 21b, each. Two yr old course,

Lemonade, and 7 to i agit cogs.
Sir C. Bunbury's colt.

D of Bedford's f by Diomed, Mr. Delme's br. f. Mary, 'by

out of Isabel, recd. from Ld Highflyer, 8ft. alb. beat Mr.

Sherborne's Millamant, filter to Vernon's Zenobia, 81. Across Hotspur, 8ft. 21b. each. Two yr the Flat, roogs.

old course, icogs. 6 to 4 on Mary.

Mr. Howorth's f. Frisky, by

Fidget, recd. fr. from Ld Shera. Mr. Howorth's Frisky, by Fid borne's fitter to Garland, 8t 2lb. get, recd. ft. from Mr. Watson's each. Two


old course, loogs. gr f. by Saltram, out of Smoker's h. fc. dam, 8ft each. Two yr old

WEDNESDAY. course, 50gs. h. ft. D. of Grafton's Minion, by Oatland ilakes, B.inbury mile, a

The first year of the O&tober Justice, 4 yrs old, sít. 2lb. recd. subscription of 3ogs each, rogo 50gs. from Ld Egremont's Placi.

ft. na, 3 yrs old, 7st. 61b. Across the Flat, roogs.

Mr Wilsin's b c. Caustic, by Mr. Bullock's Gas, by Balloon,

Mercury, 3 yrs old, Sit. 8ft. 71b recd. ft from Sir J

Mr. Delme's ch c. by Wood. Shelly's Young Mumps, 7st. 131b.

pecker, out of Tag, 3 yrs Two yr old course, joogs. h. ft.

old, 7ft. 41b,
Mr. Coren's b. c. Rattoon,
3 yrs old, 7st. 13.b.


Mr. Wyndham s gr. g. Old Gold, The main of the Prince's stakes

aged, gft. 416. Sir F. Standith's of 200gs each, h. ft. 8ft. 3lb.

gr. h_Darthám, 5 yrs old, eft. each, D. I Nir. Churchill's br. c. Briga

21b. D. of Queensberry's b. c.

William, 4 yrs old, 8it. alb. dier (lare Poet) by Mercury Sir F. Standish's b. c. Spread

Mr Golding's. b. f. Vixen, 4

yrs old, 8ft. 21b. Mr. Bullock's Eagle La Grosvenor's brother to

b. c. (as, 3 yrs old, jít. Tilb.

Mr. O'Conner's b. c. Bedford, Druid

3 yrs old, 7tt. 7lb. and Mr. 5 to 2 on Spread Eagle.

Vernon's br. c. Young Noble, Là Clermont's Aimator, by 3 yrs old, 6st. 8lb. also started, Trumpator, 5 yrs old, 811 lb. but the judge could place only beat the D. of Queensberry's Pecker, 4 yrs old, 6ft. B. C. 300gs. 3 to i agit Old Gold, 7 to ragft 5 to 4 on Aimator,

Cauitic, 8 to 1 agft Mr. VOL. VII. No. XXXIX.






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the first 3.

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ed 3lb.


yrs old

yrs old

Delme's colt, 5 to I agft 2 to i agft Cub, 7 to 4 and 2 to
William, 6 and 7 to i agit I against Bedford, and a to i

Gas, and 7 to i agst Darsham. agft Lemonade.
Ld Clermont's Aimator, 5 yrs D. of Bedford's ch. f by Fid-

old, roft. Sir J.' Shelly's Xan get, out of Teucer's dam, 2 yrs thus, 5 yrs old, gft. Mr. Bul-old, 6st. 21b. beat Mr. Dawson's Jock's Oateater, 4 yrs old, 8ft b. c.' Repeator, 4 yrs old, 8ft, 7lb. 4lb Ld Egremont's Platina, 3 Two yr old course, 50gs. yrs old, 812. .Ld Grosvenor's c.

2 to i on Reapeator. by Dungannon, out of Stargazer, 3 yrs old, 7ft. rolb, and the

FRIDAY D. of Bedford's Cub, 3 yrs

Ld Egremont's b f. Fraxinella, old, 7ft. 61b.

pd ft.

by Trentham, out of a Wood. Fifty pounds, for three yr olds, pecker mare, and Mr. Bullock's carrying 7ft lb. and four yr b. c. Arthur, by Buzaglo, out of olds, 8it. 3lb. D. 1. Fillies allow Flavia, Sit. each. Two yr old

course, 2008. h. ft.- ran a d. ad

heat. Mr. Broadhurit's b. c. Peter Pindar, by Javelin, 3 yrs old

5 and 6 to 4 on Fraxinella. Mr. Wilson's b. f. Eliza, 4 Ld Egremoat's b. f. Colibri,

2 by Woodpecker, out of Camilla, Mr. Golding's b. t. Vixen, 4 2 yrs old, 7st. Alb beat Mr.


Churchill's' br. č. Brigadier, 3 D. of Grafton's br. c. Rector,

yrs old, 8f. alb. Two yi old

4 course, joogs. Mr. Clark's b. c. Victor, 4

2 to i on Colibri.

5 The town plate of sol. for 7 to 4 ágst Peter Pindar, ģ to 2 three yr olds, yft. 416. four ye

agft Eliza, and 6 to 4 agftold, . 4lb. five yr olds, Bit. Rector.

jilb. fix yr olds, gft. ilb. and

aged, gft 4/b. Two middle THURSDAY.

miles of B. C. With this condiFifty Pounds, for two yr olds, tion, that the winner was to be sold carrying, 7ft. 41b. and three yr

for 50gs. if demanded, &c. olds, oft Two yr old course. Mr. Grant's b. c. Neftler, by With this condition, that the win. Fidget, 3 yrs old

b. ner was to be fold for 200gs if de- Ld Grosvenor's

by manded, &c

Rockingham, out of Mad D. of Bedford's ch. c. Cub, by

cap, 4 yrs old Fidget 3 yrs old

Mr. Wyndham's b. c. Raby, Mr O'Conner's b. c. Bedford,

by Highflyer, 3 yrs old 3

D of Queensberry's b. c. D of Grafton's ch. f Lemo

Whilenose, by Ruler, 3 yrs

old nade, 2 yrs old 3

4 Mr Gaunt's bc Neftler, by

Mr. Lucas's br. h. Wafer, Fidget, i yrs

aged 4


Mr. Fisher's b. h. aged
D. of Queensberry's b. c.
Crawler, 3 yrs

55 to 4 agft Ld Grosveñor's colt, Mr. Treves's ch. f. Matrimo

5 to 2 agit Nender, and 5 to i iny, 2 yrs old

agft Raby


4 yıs old

yrs old

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3 yr old

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