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to 1.on Soldier; after the se Mr. Savage's h. c. Marquis, by

Cromabov, 4 yrs

old cond heat, 7 10,3 on Goldfind. er; after the third heat, 3 to 2 At starting, 2 to i no one named on Percy.

the winner.
the IOTH.

Sweepstakes of gogs each, h. ft. King's plate of icogs, for three for three yr olds ; colts, 8ft, fillies,

- the yr oldi, .Sit. each.-one 2-inile 7st. glb. three yr. old heat,-3lb. to fillies.

course. (10 Subscribers) Mr. Kelly's b. c. Cornet, by Mr. Hamilton's ch. f. Mary Tugg

Ann, by Bagot, on Harmony. I Mr. Whaley's br. c. Paddy Mr. Hamilton's b. c. SwindWhack, by Aurelius

ler, by Bagot, on Ariel Mr. Kirwan's b. c. Toby by Mr. Daly's gr. c. Hip, by Ba. Chocolate 3 got, on Cynare

3 Even betting, Cornet agst the 4 to 1 Mr. Hamilton won. field.

Sixty guineas, Handicap plate, FRIDAY, The uth.

Rutland course-heats. King's plate of toogs for Mr. Kirwan's b. c. Toby, mares, roft. each. 4 mile heats, by Chocolate, 3 yrs

old Mr. Conelly's b. m. Plenty,

71t. 3lb. by Bagot, 6 yrs old

Mr. Hamilton's ch. f, Mary

3 1 Mr. Edward's b. m. Tidy,

Ann, by Pagot, 3 yrs old, by Highfiyer, 6 yrs old i

6ft. joib.

3 1 3 Mr. Whaley's br m.

Mr. Taylor', h. ChantiScratch, by Bagot, 5

cleer, by Woodpecker, age!, 8ít !olb.

2 2 2

Mr. Daly's gr. c. Hip, by At starting, 5 to 2 Tidy agst the

Bagot, 3 yrs old, 6t. field; after the first heat, 3 to i


5 5 4 on Tidy; after the second heat, Mr. Dennis's gr c. Caffino, 2 to i on Plenty:

by Queensbury, 4 yrs old,

zit. 101b. SATURDAY, The 12th. , Lord Lieutenant's plate of

19. to 4 agit Toby, 3 to i agst

Caffino, four to i agit. Hip, 100gs; four yr olds, 21t. ulb. five yr olds, Sft. 81b six

10 to 8 agst Chanticleer, and olds.

yr 8it. i3lb. and aged, 911.--four

2 to i agft Mary Ann. After

the first heat, 3 to 2 on Toby ; miles,

after the second heat, even betMr. Taylor's ch. h. Chanti

ting either Toby or Mary Ann cleer, by Woodpecker, aged Mr. Whaley's br. m. Scratch, by Bagot, 5 yrs old

*.* The gold cup challenged Col. Lumm's ch. f. Conduc.

this meeting by Col. Lumm, was tress, by Chocolate, 4 yrs

resigned by Mr. Batler. old

3 Mr. Daley's ch. m. Irene, by Bagot, 5 yrs old

At CHELMSFORD. Mr. Butler's b. h. Soldier, by

N Tuesday, September the Chocolate, 5 yrs old.

22d, her Majesty's plate of Vol. VII. No, XXXVIII.


2 dr

yrs old

4 4dr




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4-mile heats.

twice round. Mr. Tate's br. b. Triptole

Mr. Corens's ch. f. Arabel. mus, by PotSo's, 5 yrs

la, by Rockingham, 3 yrs old. 8ft, ylb.

old, 7ft. 71b. Sir F. Poole's b. m. Keren. Mr. Lockley's b. f. Queen happuch, 6 yrs old, oft.

Charlotte, 3 yrs old, 7ft. ilb.

glb. Mr Lade's ch. h Don Quixote, aged, gst. 3

On Thursday the 24th, dr

maiden plate of sol. for all ages. The Wantage cup, a subscrip

--4-mile heats. thon of 10 gs. each," for all ages, Mr. Saunder's b. c. brother carrying Oxford cup weights

to King David, by Highfour mile , (6 subscribers)

flyer, three years old, a Sir F. Poole's b. h. Mealey, by

feather Pot80's, 5 yrs old, 8it. 7lb Col. Legh's b. f. Moggy, Sir J Lade's b. h. Serpent,

3 yrs old, a feather aged, gft. 41b.

Mr. Pigot's ch. m. Nancy Mr. Bickering's ch. c. by King

Dawson, 5 yrs old. St. Fergus, 8ft. beat Mr. Haller's


3 3 3 f. by Countryman, 7ft. 81b.

Mr. Egerton's b. c. Kangathe last mile, for 50gs.

roo, four yrs. old, 717.

zlb. On Wednesday the 23d, 5ol. for Mr. Tatton's b. h. Garthree and four yr olds.

-2.mile dens, five yrs old, Sit. heats,



2 It

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4 dr

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b. m.


yrs old


yrs old

yrs old


Mr Bancroft's

added by the Corporation of Don. Wren, five yrs old, 88. caster, for any horse, &c. bona

dis fide the property of a subscriber,

or his declared confederate ; three

yr olds carrying a feather; four At DONCASTER.

yr olds, 7ft. alb. five yr olds, Bft.

fix yr olds, St. 81b. and aged 8ft. N Tuesday, September the alb.--four miles.

(13 fubscri22d, Sir C. Turper's

) brough, by King Fergus, 7ft. 7lb. beat Mr. Wilson's Bennington, 8ft.

Sir C. Turner's b. c. Beningfour miles, for googs.

brough, by King Fergus, 4 Sir C. Turner's Confederacy, Mr. Garforth's gr. c. by Phoeby Jupiter, &ft. beat Ld Fitzwil. Jiam's Evelina, zft. tilb--four

nomenon, out of Faith, 4 miles, for 200gs.

Mr. Wilson's b. f. Eliza, 4 5 to 4 op Confederacy,

3 The St. Leger lakes of 2598 7 to 4 agft Beningbrough, and 6 each, for three yr old colts, sit.

to 5 agft Eliza. alb. and fillies, 81.-two miles, (12 fubfcribers.)

The gold cup value joogs, for

three yr olds, sit. volb. four yr Sir C. Turner's b. c. Hamble

olds, 7ft. zib five yr olds, 8ft. 3lb. tonian, by King Fergos 3 fix yr olds, st. 1216. and ayed. Oft. Mr. Clifton's b. c. brother to - four miles. Overton

Sir C. Turner's Hambletoni. Mr. Fox' gr c. by Highflyer,

an, by King Fergus, 3 yrs out of Young Tuberose


old Ld Grosvenor's br. f. by Jus.

Sir H.V.Tempest's Goveratice


by Ruler, out of RofiMr. Wilson's br. f. Duchess

na, 3 yrs

6 to 4 on Hambletonian. Mr. Wilion's b. f. Éliza, 4
The Corporation plate of gol. La Grosvenor's b. c. Capfi-

3 for three yr olds, sit. alb. four yr olds, 7ft. glb. five yr olds, 8ft 3lb cum, 4 yrs old fix yr olds, sit. ulb. and aged 9tt. Mr. Garfortb's ch. f. BradaMaiden horfes, &c. allowed 3lb.

mante, 4 yrs

5 4 mile heats.

Even betting, the field agit Ham. Id Grosvenor's b. c. Cap.

bletonian. ficum, by Pot 80's 4 yrs

On Thursday the 24th, tool. old

4 11 for three yr olds, yft. slb. and f ur Mr. Tarleton's br. f. Sir

yr olds, eft. lb. Maider colts Peter, 4 yrs old

3 3 2

allowed alb. maiden fillies, zib. Mr. Tatton's b. h Patriot, The winner of any fubscription or

5 yrs old (fell lame) 1 2 dr sweepstakes, carrying 41b, extraMr. Sitwell's b. c. Moor

2-mile heats. cock, four yrs old

Sir C. Turner's Bening. On Wednesday the 23d, the last brough, 4 yrs year of the renewed Doncaster Mr. Garforth's gr. C. out takes of rogs each, with logs of Faith, 4 yrs old


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yrs old

2 dr


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3 dir

4 yrs old

54 dr





Sir T. Gascoigne's b. c. by

Mr. Harris's b. c. by JurYoung Marike, out of

tice, 3 yrs old, 5ft. 41b. 2 2 dif Cora, 3 yrs old

4 3

Mr Golden's b. m. Vixen, Mr. Sitwell's c. Moorcock,

aged, git. ib.

3 4 Mr. Hannaway's b. m. 5 to 2 on Beningbrough.

Caft-off, 6 yrs old, 8ft.


Mr. Williams's b. h. Dew

Worm, 6 yrs oli, 8it,

6 dr ON N Wednesday, September the

23d, sol. for three yr olds. -heats, a mile and a half.

NEWMARKET. Mr. O'Kelly's br. c. by Vo.

Firft O&ober Heeting, 1795. lunteer,- 8ft. 5lb.

MONDAY, sePTEMBER, 28th... Sir J. Leicester's b. c. Mi. nus, 8st. 5lb


R. Crosby's ch. f. Bonny Mr. Richardson's ch. c. by

Kate, by Volunteer, 8ft. Saltram, 8ft. 3lb.

3/ 3lb. beat Mr. Snow's ch. f. by

King Fergus, 8ft. Two yr old On Thursdry the 24th, gol, for course, 100gs. all ages.-4 mile heats.

7 to 4 on Bonny Kate. Mr. Addy's b. c. by Highflyer, 4 yrs old,

Sir C. Bunbury's b. f. Adela, 8ft, ilb

by Diomed, 8it. beat Mr. Panton's

3 3 1 1 Ld Belfast's b. h. Poly

f. Presumption. by Justice, out of anthus, 5 yrs old, 8ít.

Trincess, 81. 3lb.' Two yr old 7lb.

course, bogs. Mr. Wood s b. h. Slack,

6 to 4 on Presumption. 6 yrs old, 8ii, 121b. (fell lame)

Mr. Delmé's Gabriel, by Dori. Ld Sondes's b. c. by

mant, beat Ld Clermont's Aimator,

Sit, each, B. C. 300gs. Drone, 4 yr: old, (fell

. lame)

6 to 4 on Gabriel. Mr. Elliott's b. f. lifler to Rock,

ingham, by Highflyer, 3 yrs old, At ENFIELD.

. from Mr. . last .)

4 yrs oldSit.

7lb. B.C. sogs, h. ft.
N Thursday September the
24th, 50l. for all ages.

Mr. Wyndham's Trumpeter, by 4-mile heats. With this condition, Bowes's Orphan, St, each, first

Trumpátor, recd. ft. from Mr. that the winner was to be fold for

half of R. M. 1oogs, h. ft. 150gs, if demanded, &c.

Mr. Wilson's Caustic, by MerMr. Clark's b. c. Victor, by Fidget, 4 yrs old, 7ft.

cury, 8ft. recd. ft. from Ld. Egre. lib.

Across mont’s Platina, 8st. 3lb.

I 5 1 Mr. Lord's b. m. Mule,

the Flat, 200gs, h. ft. Spinner, 6 yrs old, 8ft,

Mr. Ladbroke's b. c. by Mer. 131b.

cury, 8ft. 31b, agst Ld Egremont's


2 2 2

4 I dr

[ 4 dr


4 I 2



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yrs old

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200gs, h. ft.

4 yrs old

5 to

5gs ft.

b f. by Woodpecker, out of Tag, Ld. Grofvenor's ch.c. by Poto's Slt. Two yr old course, 50gs

out of Maid of the Daks, recd. Off by consent.

ft. from the D. of Bedfords e.

by Fidget out of Teucei's dam; TUESDAY.

or is c. by Woodpecker, dam Fifty Pounds, for four yr olds, by Eclipse, out of Spider; and 7 ft glb. five yr olds, $it. fix yr from H. R. H. the P. of Wales, olds, 88.5lb. and aged, Sit. lb. who did not nane, P. C.

Sir C. Bunbury's Parrot, by DunMr. Annesly's Master of

ganoon, 4 yrs old, 8ft. 716. red. Arts, by Pharamond, 6 yrs 2ogs from Ld Clermont's Ploughold

ator, 2 yrs old, 811, 2lb. D. of Grafton's ch, m. Gar

old courie, roogs. h. ft. land, 5 yrs old

Ld Clermont's l'aynator, by Mr Golding's b. f. Vixen, 4

Trumpator, 8t. recd Sogs from

3 Id Clermont's b. c. Repeator,

Mr. Delmé's Stirling, ôit. 4ib. D. l. 4

Mr. Wyndham's Old Gold, by 4 to i agst Master of Arts, 5 to i

Mercury, recd. ft

from Sir J. agit Garland,

2 agft Shelly's Young Mumps, 8ft. gib. Vixen, and 6 to 5 against Re each the first half of R. M.

50gs, peator

Poit sweepitakes of 200gs each, Mr. Ladbroke's b, c. Stadthold. h. ft. by two yr olds, carrying er, by Mercury, 8ft. 3lb agt 8ít. alb. tach. Two yr old

Sir W. Afhton's ch. c.

by Ver. course.

tumnus, Sít.

Two yr old course,

sogs h. ft.-Off, both horse; havLd Egremont's ch. f. Atropa,

ing become the property of one by Woodpecker,

out of

Ld Clermont's b. f. by Trum.

pator, bought o! Mr. Daw-

Ld 'Clermont's f. by Harpator, fon

out of Duplicity, 8ft, ilb. beat Mr. D. of Bedford's f. by Diomed, Howorth's Haut Pas, 8ft. 4ib.out of Isabel

3 Two yr old course, 100ga. 2 to i agit Atropa, 3 to i agit

7 to 4 on Ld Clermoni's filly Ld Clermont's filly, and 6 to 4 against the Duke of Bedford's The town plate of gol. with filly.

3ogs added by the will of the late

Mr Perram, for three yr old Mr. Cosen's b c. First Rattoon, colts and fillies, carrying 8ft. 7lb brother to Volanté, by Highfiyer, D.I. beat Mr. Churchill's Gas, 8it. each, the last mile and a distance

Ld Grosvenor's br. c. by Potof B.C. joogs.

8o's, out of Olivia

Mr. Broadhurit's b. c. Peter
6 to 4 on Gas.

The third and last

of the Mr. Wilson's b. c. Caustic

1400gs, a subscription of 200gs Mr. Day's b: ¢ by Skylight
each, h. ft. by three yr old colts, Mr. Cosens's b. c. First Rat.
carrying 8ft. 3lb. D.I.


D. of

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