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Eagle Shooting: the female foaring above the tree, I had cut up on the spot. Next upon which the foon alighted, morning, very early, I did not with a very large fish in her ta: neglea to send in search of the lons." I instantly discharged inyl fragments, which they had left piece, and had the pleasure of to attract birds of prey. This freing her fall, Happing her wings; ) method procured me the male. but before I could disengage my bald.buzzard ; which differed felf from my, mat, and the earth from the female in nothing but which covered me, me so far:re the general diftinction of carni.. covered her strength as to fly; vorous birdsgribat of being aland, bruhing the surface of the ways a third finaller. river, reached the other side. The famé morning, as I was where she expired.

Gitting calmly'in my chair, at the The joy which I felt on finde entrance of my teni, having being myself in possession of this fore me a table upon which I was bird, was so great, that, without diffecting niy baid buzzard, an observing that the ride was up, I antelope, of that species, called the threw myfelf into the water, with bof bock, fuddenly crossed my my fufee on my thoulder; and I cảmp, and passed through my, was not sensible of my impru: carriages; while my dogs, which dence, till, in the middle of the had first feen 'it, and which enriver, I found myself up to ihe deavoured to oppose it,

". I was alone, and entirely unac After this alarin, it ran straight, quainted with swimming. Had towards a net extended to dry, at I attempted io return, the rapidi:"the fide of my camp; fore it to ty of the current would have un pieces; carried away foine frag:: doubtedly thrown me down, ments of it; and, pursued by my Without knowing what was to whole pack, threw itself precipibecome of me, I pursuéd my way,' tately into tlie river. At the same as it were, mechanvically; and I instant, I saw nine wild dogs arhad the good fortune to reach the rive, which had probably given opposite bank an inch more chace to it, and which were fols would have infallibiy prowned Jowing its traces. At the light of

'I rushed upon my bald my camp, these animals stopped buzzard; and the pleasure of se. thort, and, making a little couro curing my prey,' foon effaced reached' a finall hill, upon which every remembrance of fear and I had pofted myself; and from danger. I was, however, obliged' which, as well as ), they could 10, pull off all my clothes and 10 ree their prey teized by my dogs fpread them

out to dry, in the and 'iny Horrentors who did mean time, I amused" mytelf in everything in their power to rear

my prizes and when it from the teeth of the former, my clothes were péçféetly dry, I and to bring it to me alive. returned without any danger to | They indeed "fucceeded effé Etuala my habitation. When I arrived, ly, after havitig'lashed its legs. I was told that several of my Nothing could be more plearane people were gone in pursuit of a than to see the finiple look of buffaloe, which they had met thełe wild dogs; which being still" with; and, towards eveving, 'I spectators of this provoking fcene, saw them feturn, loaded with ihë had not quitted the eminence limbs of the animal, which they' and, being feated on their rumps


Doncaster Races, 1996.


in a melancholy posture, fuffi fent you last month, in your ex. ciently shewed by their impatient cellent Magazine, I beg the favor geftuses. what ideas they enter of you to place the following tained of our; injustice, and of also. I am their own right to the repaft

Your's, &c. which we had deprived them of. I wilhed much to catch one of


R. B. S.

Nov. 12, 1795 then', and some of my people crept fottly along in order to reach them; but being more cun. DONCASTER RACES, 1796. piog than we, they fufpected their

First day. The St. Leger manævres, and made off full

stakes of eggs each, pop, by colis fpeedo I sent a bullet after them, to thank thein for the service zlb. fillies, 8ft.-two milés.

then three years oley carrying 8ft. they had rendered us; but, as it did not take effect, I might as

Ld Fitzwilliam's bay filly, by Sie welt hive faved myself the trou.

Peter Teazle, dan Terna. ble. This antelope I attempted

gan:) by Tantrum. to preserve, and to tame; but it & Grosvenor's hay cóli, by Ano was so wild, the fight of my dogs

vil, dam (Dido) by Eclipse. inspired it with so much fear, Ld Grosvenor's bav colt, by Potand it struggled so much, and

80's, dam (Mofe) by Heiod. made so many violent motions, Sir Charles Turner's grey colt, that it must infallibly have de

Abraham Wood, by Delpini, stroyed itself. To lave it, there's

dani by Prophet. fore, from this torture, we killed Sir Charles Turner's bay colt, and ate it..

Biri, bx Aureliu's, out of the This adventure, fór more than

dam of Hambletonian; by eight days, afforded subjects for Higliorer my wits to exercife their genius Sir

T. Gaftoigne's grey colt, by on ; and they laughed at the poor

Delpini, dai (Miss Tippery by wild dogs for having started the

Morwick Ball. game, to see themselves fo fud- Sir

H. V. Ternpeft's bay cólt, by denly deprived of it.

Tandem, bought of Mr. Bowes. It must however be allowed, Sir W. Lowther's bay colt, by that had not my dogs been sup

Sir Peter Teazle, dam (Tulip) ported by my people, they would

by Damper. not have been able to fecare the Mr: Wilson's bay colt, Needle, antelope ; for, though they were

by Magner, bought of Mr.

Hammond. more numerous than the wild dogs, the latter were fronger, Mr. Wentworth's grey colt, by fiercer, and more courageous.

Bourdeaux, dam ly Florizer,

bought of Mr. Dawson. (To be continuod.)

Mr. Wentworth's Bay colt, by

Pantaloon, damn by Flor'izel

bought of Mr. Dawson. to the Editors of the SPORTING Capt. Sitwell's grey filly, by Del. MAGAZINE.

pivi, dam (Rival) by G. Moor.


Mr. G. Crompton's bay colt, $ you were to polite as to Cardinal, by Delpini, dain

infert the articles which I (Mifs Tady) by Alfred. Vol. VII. No, XXXVIII,






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Pack of Cards Spiritualized. Mr. Peirfe's bay colt, by Drone, Kilton has won no less than

dam (Rofina) by Amaranthus. feven gol. plates this season, viz. Mr. Charles Smith's bay colt, by sol, at Middleham, sol. at PreiJupiter, dam by Mungo, grand ton, gol. and 50l. at Knutsford, dam by Alfred.

501. and 50l. at Litchfield, and sol. at Shrewsbury, beating seve.

ral.good runners, viz. Janette, A sweepstakes of zogs each, Polyanthus, Mary Ann, Susan, with zogs added by the corpora. &c. &c. tion of Doncaster, for fillies then Lord Eyremont's bay horse, 3 years old, to carry 8ft. each. Gohanna, won no less money last two miles.

year in prizes, than 4340 guineas Ld Eitzwilliam's bay, by Sir Peter viz. 2000gs, 700gs, and 100gs, at Teazle, oui of the dam of

Newmarket, 1200gs and 420gs, at Evelina.

Lewes, the King's plate at Can: Ld Darlington's chesnut, by Voterbury, and 200gs at Newmar

lunteer, dam (Restlers) by Floket, beating several of the first rizel.

horses of this time, viz. Old Tat, Ld A. Hamilton's bay, by Jave- Druid, Top Gallant, Doricles,

lin, dam Highlyer, out of Teucer, Waxey, Gautimozin ; Maiden.

Royalft, Heroine, &c. Sir R. Winn's chesnut, by Rock

ingham, dam by Javelin. Sir H. V. Tempeft's bay by

Will cover the ensuing season in Drone, dam by Amaranthus.

the neighbourhood of Richmond, Col. Hamilton's black, by High- Bedale, Catterick, and Northal

Ayer, dam (Noilette) by Squir-lerton, in Yorkshire, at nogs rel.


mare, and 105. od. the Mr. Dodsworth's bay, by Drone, groom, provided thirty mares are dam by Chatsworth; fifter (o

subscribed for on or before the Arra Kooker.

firit day of December, 1795 Mr. Hartley's bay, by Delpini, Gentlemen inclined to encourage

dam (Nanny Ó) by Emilius, the above proposal, are requested grand-dam by Old Squirt.

to fignify their intentions, and number of mares, to Mr. Rhodes

of York. On Friday, in last York August Meeting, for the great subscrip For the SPORTING MAGAZINE, tion, Mr. Garforth's grey colt, by Phenomenon,' who won it, (rode by Mr. Thomas Field) ran

Pack of CARDS SPIRITUALIZED; the four miles, by Mr. Rhodes's

or the CONSECRATION of the watch, in seven minutes and four Devil's Books. seconds, which was ran in less ICHARD Middleton, a pritime, by 26 seconds and a half, vate soldier, attending dithan was ever done before. Huby, vine service with the rest of his in 1792, when he won the great regiment in the Kirk at Glasgow, subscription, on Wednesday in instead of referring to a Bible, York August Meeting, carrying like his brother foldiers, to find St. 7lb. (rode by Leonard Jewis the parson's text, pulled out from son) he ran the four miles in

his pocket a pack of cards, which seven minutes, thirty seconds and 'he spread before him. This fin. a half.



this queen


Pack of Cards fpiritualized. gular behaviour did not long pase your worship may remember unnoticed, both by the clergy man were wise, and five were foolish) ; and the serjeant of the company a fix, that in fix days God created to which he belooged: the late heaven and earth; a seven, that ter, in particular, commanded on the seventh day he refted from him to put up the cards; and, on all that he had made; an eight, his refusal, conducted Middleton, of the eight righteous persons after church frvice, before the preserved from the deluge, viz. mayor, to whom he preferred a Noah and his wife, with his three formal complaint of Richard's fons and their wives: a nine, of, indecent demeanour during the the lepers cleansed by our Sa. divine ceremony.

" Well, folo viour; there were ten, but one dier,” said the mayor, “ what only returned to offer his tribute excuse have you to offer for this of thanks; and a ten, of the ten Atrange and scandalous conduct ? commandments." if you can make any apology, or Richard then took the knave, aflizn any reason for it, 'uis well; placed it beside him, anil palled if you cannot, assure yourself that on to the queen, on which he obI will cause you to be severely served as to lows: punished."

reminds me of the Queen of Sb ba,

who cane from the uttermoft **Since your honour is so good," parts of the earth, to hear the replied Richard, “as to permit wisdom of Solo non: as her como me to speak for myself, an't please panion the king does, of the your worthip, I have been eight great King of Heaven, and of our days upon the march, with the most gracious King George the bare allowance of sixpence per Third. day, which your honour will 66 Well," returned the mayor, furely allow is hardly sufficient to you have given me a very fall maintain a man in meat, drink, and good description of all the washing, and other necessaries, cards, except the knave.'' and consequently he may want “ If your bonour will not be without a bible, prayer-book, or angry with me," replied Richard, any other good book.”

I can give you the fame fatita On saying this, Richard drew fa&tion upon that as any in the out his pack of cards, and, pre pack.” fenting one of the aces to the "No," said the mayor, mayor, continued his address to will not be angry, proceed.' the magistrate as follows:

66 Well, relumed the soldier, 66 When I see an ace, may it " the greatest krave I know, is please your honour, it reminds the Serjeant who brought me beme that there is only one God : fore you." and when I look upon a toto or a " I do not know," anfwered three, the former puts me in mind

the mayor,

66 whether be be the of the Father and Son; the latter, 1 greatest krave or not, but I am of the Father, Son, and Holy, sure he is the greateit fool." Ghost. A four calls to my remem.

The soldier i heo continued, ag brance the four evangelists, Mat- follows: 6. When I count the thew, Mark, Luke, and John; a number of dots in a pack o. wards, five, the five wife virgins, who there are three hundred and sixty: were ordered to trim their lamps, five, so many days are there in (there were ten indeed, but five a year; when I count how many

M 2


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A Trip through Sussex. cards are in a pack, I find fif y. NeL: it is a white brick bụilding, two, fo many weeks are there in a of one story, with ten large fash year: when I reckon how many wiodows in front, large folding tricks are won by a pack, I find doors in the center; and were there are thirteen, fo many monihs it not for the smell of the meat are there in a year. So that this continually cooking, it would be pack of cards, indisyut bly, proves taken, from its extreme clearli. itfelf both, hitilt, alınanack, and nefs, for a dairy, in which to keep praver book to me."

milk and bitter. There is every The mayor calling his fervants, luxury for the hounds; a contiordered them to entertain the nual change of apartments to the soldier, and giving hiin money, feveral aspects, with various out, pronounced Richard Middleton, houses, jards, and pleasure. the cleyereft fellow he had ever grounds, with hai bours for them head of..

to indulge in the sunfline or

shade of the day.--In riding over To the Editors of the Sporting the grounds, one is charmed with Magazine,

the beauty of the freral vallies : GENTLEMEN,

in one, there is elected a very ]

wood, that, in the course of some building, distinguished by my late autumnal tour, I loft no an extraordinary large co umii, time in going to view, and inspect ferving for a chimney. In anoit, The Duke of Richmond na ther valley is charmingly fituated certainly perforined wouders, in

a handsome fione houfe, in which extending his estate, and beautiColonel Lenox and Lady Charfring the barren downs of Sussex. lotte now live. When you mount Putting the house out of the the bills, you are surprised with question, which is meant the magnificence of ihe whole ! remain only a few years longer, -fine ancient trees, standing his grace liaving fixed upon a

alone or diftantly in clusters, in princely plan for another) the vallies, or in the fide of hills, Atables, &c. the deg.kennel*, she the tops of which are covered several lodges, the temples, and with modern plantarions, I am other baildings in his beautifully informed, that, for f-veral years planted parks, are such as few past, the Duke has planted fifty can have an idea of. The sra.

acres each autumn. In the midst Bles are the most convenient of of th: f: large grounds, at a coufia any I ever saw, and are contained derable distance from his house, in a fine, mo lern, square build. is the neer PARK, which has all ing. I do not know the extent of the rough teatures of one abound. its front, but it is so large anding in fero, broom, &c. b ing, in handsome, that it is not usual for fact, a forest of large fpreading coachmen to drive up to the en-oaks, with venerable decayed trance, fancying it to be the branches. In the center of ihis Duke's reqdence! About haif a parķ stand the venerable and re: mile from the house, upon an

mantis ruins of a very extensive elevated spot, surrounded with building. The pi&turesque wildbeautiful trees, is the DOG-KEN.ness of this scene, opposed to the

neatnefs of the shEEP-WALK, is For a full account of his grace's sport- pleasing and finely contrasted' !ing establishment, see our Magazine, vol. grace has begun a wall, to



II. p. 300.

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