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than ever.

Experiments on Glandered Morses.

73 of the horses, and remained very They were restricted to a low little discernible in the other diet for two days, and let blood two. At this time, thinking it the third. The 4th day they were: to be a secondary effect of the trepanned; the Spanish horse on disease, and supposing that the the left side, because the running resolution was only in the con was only there. The operation globated glands, I imagined that was performed on both sides the time would complete the cure.

head of the Navarese. : the mat. Every thing seemed to promise it ter being discharged from both until she 720 day, when the run his nostrils. After the operation, ning appeared anew in one; it 1 injected through the openings hewed itself at the end of three a decoction of barley water and, wecks in the second ;, and near honey, to cleanse the ulcers. three months elapsed before it The 5th, I used the injection returned in the third horse ; in made with lime-water, vinegar, all of them it was more violent and salt. It was repeated twice.

The two former were The 6th, I gave to each four firft killed for investigation. I quarts of the second lime-water,

nd the frontal and maxillary sweetened with honey. This finuses filled with purulent mat- drink and the injections, were ter in both; the pituitary mem•

continued to the 15th day. brane was also ulcerated in many The 16th, the running had places; from whence I inferred diminished one half; but the obihat the injections had not peneftruction of the lymphatic glands trated into the superior cavities. was augmented. On inspection, the back part of The 17th, the running became the mouth, the windpipe, the more abundant; but the matter bronchias, and the Jungs, disco- seemed to be of a better fort': vered no mark of inflamination : | The lime water was continued to all the other parts appeared in their the 30th, in the proportion of fix, natural ttate. The third was after quarts a day. The horses now wards killed and opened : I found becoming dull, and disgusted with that the frontal, maxillary, and zy. their food, I !uspended the course gomatic finufes, contained much of medicines till the 35th day, bloody matter; the membrane was The 36th, two quarts a day of ulcerated to a great degree; the a strong infufion of camomile bones carious in many parts; and was given to each.

This was the lymphatic gland on the right continued to the 42d. The dulfide was become fchirrous; I foundness disappeared ; ibeir appetite, in the right lobe of the lungs five returned; but the discharge, as vomicas, the bignefs of a pigeon's well as the obstruction of the egg, or pearly fo. No other part glands, continued the fame. seemed to be affected.

The 43d, in the morning, I

threw up injections with honeyed EXPERIMENT II.

barley-water; in the afternoon, Two 'faddle-horses (the one a second injection with alum, Spanith, the other Navarese; the

white vitriol, lime-water, and former nine years old, the latter | vinegar, wa's administered. This seven) in the confirmed glanders, was continued to the oth day. were put under the following At that time the matter regimen.

whitish, and in fmalt quantity ; VOL. VII. No. XXXVIII.






Observations on Duelling. but the Spanidi horse now dir., To the Editors of the Sporting charged pus at both noftrils.

Magazine, Prom the 51st to the both, in

GENTLEMEN, je&tions were given, made with S a subscriber to your very spirit of wine, copperas, and entertaining work, and a gall-nuts.

constant reader fince its com: The 66th, the running had al mencement, I have experienced most disappeared; both horses very great pleasure indeed. In were in good spirits, and eat and the course of reading your last drank as usual, They were walked Number but one, (page 304) un. out an hour every day;

der the title of Honourable The Spanish horse foon feemed Sporting, I find an article, howto be well, and continued so ever, defended, nay even praised, about a month; after which time to which I own I cannot subthe running appeared again; the scribe; and having a leisure hour matter became bloody and totid, to spare, I thought I could not Convinced now of the inefficacy spend it better than in briefly of remedies to him, he was killed. throwing out a few hints, in anOn opening the nose, I observed fwer to the remarks of A Truc the membrane was corroded, par Briton. May I add, that the inticularly on the right fide; the fertion of it will much oblige fuperior horn was almost de.

Your obedient servant, stroyed, and the lachymal duct

A TRUE SCOTCHMAN. choaked up with purulent inat.

St. Andrew's Souare, ter. The diffe&tion of the brain

in the North, offered nothing particular. The viscera of the abdomen was found. September 8th, 1795. A (mail portion of the interlobu. lary texture of the lungs had I CONCUR with A True Briton abscesses; but the matter had most cordially in regretting that not penetrated into the bronchias, affluence, power, riches, and The lymphatic glands contained every thing desirable in this world, a concreted humour.

cannot exist without being the The Navarese preserved (to all cause (if I may use the word) of appearance) perfect health from filly, ridiculous quarrels betwixt the beginning of June to the end parties, and where the most innoof August in the same year. At cent, the most exalted, and the that period, the running took most amuâng of characters, are of. place again; and in the space of ten led into a fight with a fellow three weeks the disease increased who is not a companion for a bu. to such a degree, that I was man being, and who, were it not obliged to kill the animal. On

On for the yellow dus in his pocket, opening, I observed that the pi- would be despised by every soul tuitary membrane was uiceraied but the very refuse and dregs of in a great extent of its surface : the towi). the cartilaginous partition was In this Gituatian, “ satisfaction attacked by the matter; the fi is the only alternative ;' but what nuses contained very little of it. fatisfaction, I would ask, is it to All the intestines appeared found. a great character to turn qul, and

ere, even when they "refolve (To be continued.. on deciding it in a manner fo


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Extraordinary Sporting Performances. 75 truly applicable to the name they minutes and a half to spare. bear," (meaning the name of a The horfe lived only four hours True Briton) the only alterna. and a half after the race, though

every effort was used to preserve Grant that the parties are on a

the animal's life. footing, I will be bold, to say, 28th, A hare was found near that the man who, in such fitua. Felfted, in Efex, by Mr. Barnard's tion, lays' his hand on his heart, hounds, of Lindsey Hall; they and says, I feel I have a monitor went off with great speed towards within me, and that monitor tells Great Leigbs, Waltham, &c. and me it is trampling on the laws, it was at last taken alive from not only of man, but of the Al. out of a drain in a farmoyard, mighty, to take the life of a fel- after running upwards of thirtylow crearure, or to risk my own three miles in two hours. on the turning of a araw, (luch March 6th, a trotting match triftes they generally originate in) took place on the Romford road, I fay, I think his condu&t thows betwixt á horse aged twenty-two, more courage than a fellow who, the property of Mr. Johuson, of despising both, roshes into eter: Bromley in Kent, and a mare nity with all his fins on his head, five years old, belonging to Mr. inco the prefence of his creator; Read, of London ; the sum, fifty and fuch are those who display guineas a side ; the distance ten their valour in duefling.

miles, which the horse performed I could fay a great deal more, in thirty-four minutes, and the and if the above meets with your mare in forty-two. Ten to one approbation, I fhall, at a future before starting was laid on the time, trouble you with a few hints mare, on the bad effects of duelling in soth, Mr. Abraham Fenn, of the most favourable point of Hadleigh, in Suffolk, ran from view it can be taken ; but I have the Shoulder-of-Muiton Inn, in already tranfgreffed 100 much that place, to the Fox, in Raydon, upon your time at prefent. and back again, which is iipwards

of eight miles, for a wager of

sol. He was allowed an hour to Extraordinary SPORTING Per do it in, but performed it in fifty PORMANCES.

minutes, with the greatest ease.

Mr. Fenn was fifty years of age. Continued from page 34)

April 12th, Sir Henry St. 1789,

John's park-keeper, at Dogmers. PEBRUARY 21st, Mr. Richard field Park, near Odiham, for

Thompson ( of confiderable wager, fhot fix pia Derby) rode an aged black horse, geons out of ten, with a Gngle from Burton-upon-Trent, on the ball. He afterwards, to decide a Litchfield road, ten miles, and bet, hit a cricket-ball, with com• back again, for a bet of twenty mon shot, twelve times succes. yuiness. He was to ride the fively, bowled betwixt the wicktwenty miles in one hour and ets, by Harris, one of the quickest three minutes; but, not with bowlers in the Hambledon club. kaading it continued to rain for May 6th, the gentlemen of fome time after he started, and Maddington, in Wiltfhire, with that he rode more than iift.. he. a couple of hounds that were won the wager, and had near two matched, moved a hare, upon





On the Breed of Rabbits.

Stoke-down, which, it is sup-1 213 balls; he made 168 hits, and posed, they ran near fifteen miles

got no less than 126 runs, when in three quarters of an hour, he was bowled out. Woolett's when it was killed by one of the first innings was decided by a dogs, which carried 41b• weight fingle ball; he then went in for of thot.

second, and got feven in the first July gih. William Aspinall, the eight balls; the ninth he was famous pedestrian of Pontefract. again bowled out; confequently, at seven o'clock in the morning, Boorman won at a single inning, set off for a trilling wager, to hy 119 runs'; though the odds at walk froin Stanford, to and from pitching the wickets, were 7.10 4 Thorp-arch, four tiines, (a dif- againg him. tance of 144 miles) in the space September 14th, Col. Rofs for of forty-eight hours. He per ą bei of 800 guineas with Mr. formed this extraordinary feat in Pigott, undertook to ride on one forty-three hours-Great bets, hoise from London to York (205 were depending on this exertion, miles) in forty-eight hours. He and the winners' made a collec.

performed his journey witli ease tion and presented Alpinall with in forty. lix hours and a half. fifty guineas.

October 6th, during the meet. 15th, Mr. Shadbolt, known as ing at Newmarket, the Duke of well by the name of Goliath) a Queensbery, and Sir John Lade, reputable publican at Ware, re mounted on a brace of mules, run markable for his great muscular from the Ditch-in, for ioool. strength, undertook för à confi- This ludicrous heat was very derable wager, to run and push anxiously and obftinately conhis cart, from Ware' to Shore. tested. The event was in favour ditch church, (the distance of of the Duke. miles) in tea hours :

November 9th, a bet of 100 which he easily performed within guineas was decided on Ipswich the spice of fix hours and a few race-ground, by Capt. Hull's feconds, without the least appear. hoife, who was engaged to run ance of fatigue. Great fưms were fifty miles in three hours, which, won and lost on the occasion.

he performed with ease in two August 27th, Mr. Nigitingale, hours and fifty minutes. of Braintree, in Essex, for a wager of ten guineas, engaged to

(To be continued.) drive his horse, in a chaife, forty miles, in four hours and ten mi. nutes, which was performed in To the EDITORS of the SPORTING three hours, fifty-seven minutes

MAGAZINE. and a half, being twelve minutes

GENTLEMEN, and a half lefs than the given

THOUGH the fabject of the time,

following paper may not 27th and 28th, A

very 'extraordinary single game at cricket

exactly come under a sporting head, set

I am convinced you was played in the Roebuok field, near Maidstone, between Boor: would, at any time, give place to

an article, in your refpectable man of Canterbury, and Woolett, of Wrotham, for 100 guineas publication, that would prove Boorman went in first, and had

advantageous to many of your subscribers. As there muft,





66 Sir,

Metbod of learning to Shoot Flying.

77 doubtless, be in your lift many METHOD of learning to Saogt who are in pofleffion of rabbit.

FLYING warrens, plats, &c. &c. and who would certainly find their interest in the adoption of the measure al.

To the EDITORS of the SPORTING luded to, I trust it will be a futfi.

cient recommendation to your ato
tention, and remain

THE following is a letter to
Your's, &c.

fhooting, who, together with

some brother sportsmen to whom Chickefter, Nov. 9, 1795

he thewed it, are defirous that it may be made public, by inserting

it in the Sporting Magazine. A gentleman of the neighbourkood in which I refide, sometime

I am, Gentlemen, back, presented me with a rabbit

Your's, &c. of fix months age, which, when Norwich, A SPORTSMA made fit for the spit, exceeded fix

Nov. 12; 1795. and a half pounds weight. On my expresling my astonishment at its boaving attained such an amazing Gize at fo early an age, he told

“ I take this opportunity of me he had been in the habit of communicating to you a method Gurting his rabbits, for near two which occurred to me, for inyears, and found it to be a most provement in the art of booting profitable method. He then pro- Aying. I think it may prove a ceeded to inform me, that, when pleasing, as well as usefui diverabout fix or seven weeks old, he fion, being more analogous to performs the operation ; and, this art than the former scheme Though he supposes be, has cut of thooting at a moving penduaear 300, he never loft one in lum; as more time may be taken, consequence of it. He has fre. and have the object move faster quently, for the satisfaction of or power, as you like. The meCome of his friends, left one or

thod is as follows: two of a litter in their natural Strain a line (about the size ftate ; and has uniformly found of common bed-cord) from two the others, at seveo or eight trong hooks drove into a wall, months, nearly double the weight for two posts, at eight or ten vards of them, though partaking exaēly distance, as your conveniency of the same food, and all of them will permit. Another line mut running together.

be strained under the former, A friend of mine, who has a about a foot lower.

A board warren of great extent, has made must be prepared, the size of a a trial of the fame nature, and is large theet of paper, having a much pleased with the prospect he thick splint with a groove nailed has of its proving of great utility. on its back and upper edge, which I shall conclude with recommend groove must be lo large and deep, ing the adoption of it to such of that, when hung on your upper your subscribers as are warreners, line, it may side freely thereon and will vouch for its becoming without being thrown off

, and it highly beneficial.

will move fteadily by Aiding


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