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had twenty


Sporting Intelligence. A sprightly young lady of for: Mr. B. Miles, of Brom/grove, tune decampod a few days ago with

Worcestershire, a recruiting serjeant, from An children by one wife ; from the dover. A pursuit instantly tock birth of the first to the last was place, but as he had gor into the not quite nineteen years; eight: complete poffeffion of the white een of them were christened, and Serjeant, there very little fourteen attended the funerals of danger of her being crimped from the mother, grandfather, and him.


Sunday evening, September 6, A circunstance fomewhat auk was rung, at St Mary's, Illing ward, a few days since, occurred ton, by the Union Society, Mr. at Chester.-An aspiring ron of Holt's original peel of Grandfire Mars, recently imported from Tripples, 5040 changes, without the fifter kingdom, by that modest a Gngle, but two doubles, in the diffidence which characterises his last four leads. The time, three countrymen, found his way into hours, twenty-seven minutes. the chamber of two female domeftics of a certain divine ; un September 13th, a white linnet luckily, his reverence obtained was taken near Baldock, in Hert. intimation of his morements, and fordshire. It had been observed surprised our hero, as unadorned at the head of a fight, and fol. as if he had been preparing his lowed in vain for several days by back for the high honours of the a bird-catcher. Notwithstanding halberts : he in vain endeavoured he caught several of the fight, to explain, but the parfou think it eluded all his eiforts, till ing the text to be suficiently exo watching its nightly retreat, he plicit, not to need explanatory surprised and took it roofting in a notes, very properly turned both tree. It was afterwards disposed

Alexander, his Statira and Roxana of for five guineas. into the street.

September 14th, the largest MATRIMONIAL SPORTING, salmon ever caught was this day Women are like forts in Flan- | brought to Billinigate. This ders : some are taken by the extraordinary fith measured up. storm, and others sustain wards of four feet from the point long and dreary fiege :-Lately, of the nose, to the extremity of was married, at Alftonefield, the tail, and three feet round the Stafford thire, after a concise, and thickest. part of the body. Its immethodical courtship of thirty- weight was seventy pounds within seven years, Mr. John Plant, aged a few ounces, 88, to Miss Ann Kirkman, aged 85, both of Longor, in the said A short time fince, a gentlecounty

man living on the banks of a 'An old man, near feventy years river near South Moulton, in of age, who has been confined to Devonshire, by means of his his bed, through the infirmity of dogs, discovered three young age, for several years paft, was otters; the dogs deftroyed two, married, a few days înce, at the other he preserved unhurt, Carlifle, to a buxom damfel of and having at home a bitch with twenty.

puppies, placed this amphibious creature amongit them, which



08. s.

which will be an ample specimento Sporting Intelligence,

49 was thewn an equal tenderness to, transaction, the maid-fervant is and now follows him about with said to have witnessed it ; and his dogs, and goes into rooms further, that four of the rats with bim, and, though within a seized cach, on a leg of the cat, few yards of his native element, and the other two followed.. New's no inclination to emerge.

Mrs. Concanuon and Co. open Ą wager of a singolare nature their Bank the approaching winwas determined, a few days ago, ler, before their neighbour the between a brace of Sportsmen, ai Countess. Liverpool:-. Whether a pointer, in setting a partridge, actually rei Walking Stewart is now riding the bud, or the breath of the

his hobby horfe over the mountains bird? In other words, whether of Wales, he depended, in any respect, upon his eye, or solely on his pole? The Earl of Fife has left his To ascertain this, several of the hunting feat al Mar Lodge, and best dogs that could be found, is


to Duff Houfe. were brought into the field, and every means that could be devised, with birds recently shot, by trail Lieutenant-Colonel Thornton ing them along the earth, &c. has not proved fo dead a fhor this but to no purpose ; they had no O&tober as the last, nor does he more effect upon the wonted fa. seem so fond, indeed, of pulting a gacity of the animals, than if trigger ! they had been pieces of wood. The PHEASANT Mooting season, The amount of the wager was,

which commenced on Thursday
half a barrel of trong inalt Auid, last, is likely to prove as unpro.
and solids for a score of legal ductive as the partridge one, and
printers (not a Gogle black paniel' from the same cause; vit. the
was admitted) which were con- deftru&tion of the first broods by
fumed, when (as glory and the gun the severe night-frosts about
ale old acquaintance) an abun. Midsummer. On moft of the
dance of confiterional war-support.manors in Norfolk and Suffolk,
ing roasts were given ; one of sportsmen are restricted from
of the whole :--" May every inftant.
patriot be surned into a partridge,
and every loyalist have a licence Thursday laft, Mr. Tarbut, fen.
to Thoot at him!"

basket-maker, at Cranbrook, in
Kent, undertook for a wagt: of

five guineas, to walk from the

market-house at Cranbrook, tó We have a various story from London Bridge, is thirteen hours, a correfpondent, of two rats, in which he performed with ease in the house of Mr. John Wright, welve. of Ashton-under-Line, seizing his cac and of four others, coming


10. 19 the aftstance of the first two, The Marquis Townsend was and carrying poor Grimalkin to a laft Friday footing at Packsfield, water drain, and there dettroying near Rainham, attended by his ker; to give circumftance to the gamekeeper, Charles White: the VOL. VII. No. XXXVII.







Sporting Intelligence. Marquis had got over a hedge, | Abbey, when the general cropping White was delivering the gun and combing out of hair powder, to him through the hedge, took place; Lord William Rufa when it accidently went oif, fell, Lord Villers, Lord Paget, and lodged the contents in the Sir Harry Featherstone, Mr. upper part of White's thigh: Lambton, Mr. Antonie Lee, Mr. every assistance possible was pro Robert Lee, Mr. Trevers, Mr. cured, but he died on Sunday Dutton, Mr. Day, and Mr. Verafternoon.

pon. They entered into an en

gagement to forfcit a fun of Chester, 08. 16. money if any of them wore their On Monday last, a pedestrian hair ried or powdered within a barber, of the name of Howles, certain period. Many moblemen undertook, for the strifling wager and gentlemen of the county of of one guinea, to go from the Bedford have fince followed the Iron Bridge to Atcham, and back, example; it has become general : in three hours, (in all eighteen with the gentry in Hampshire, miles) which he accomplished, and the ladies have left off wearwith ease, in two hours and a ing powder, half.

A short time Gnce, died, raving

mad, in consequence of the bite Sir John Leicester, and Col. of a mad dog, Mr. Webb, a butRichardson, of the Guards, sup-ler in the service of Mrs. Parker, posed to be the two best piftol fots of Cuerden, near Chorley, in the in England, had lately a trial of county of Lancaster. He was bit skill in Baxter's Great Room, in July, in his hand and leg; his Pall-Mall, for sool. a Gide, before wound never healed perfectly, the Prince, and several other ama. but the symptoms of hydrophobia teurs of the trigger, when the for- did not take place till within mer proved himself so far superior about four days of his death. to bis antagonist, as to pur seven Mots out of thirteen into a card, A few days ago. was killed, at the distance of twelve paces, raving mad,' at Wartling Hill, when the latter unfortunately did dear Herftmonceux, a large marnot put one in the same number. tiff dog, belonging to Mr. PankA second trial between the par. hurst, of that place; he bit feve. tjes succeeded the next day, when ral dogs in the neighbourhood, the decision was nearly the same. but (to the credit of their owners

be it mentioned) they were all If the British cavalry Thould immediately killed, particularly continue on the Continent, they a fine Newfoundland dog, for are to have another pack of fox which his master, Mr. Jones, hounds sent over for their winter's would not have taken ten guineas amusement :Sir Charles Tur. before he was bitten, Had Mr. ner is spoken of for this sportive Pankhurst, who could not be igcommand !

norant of the malady with which

his dog was afflicted (the animal The following noblemen and having thewn evident symptoms gentlemen were of the party with of madness, three days before he the Duke of Bedford, at Woburn took to running) pursued a limi




Sporting Intelligence. :lar.conduct, he might have pre. , focated, and drawn out dead,

vented mucle mischief, and would among some hundreds of people have avoided the censure of his assembled. The beast's ihtoat. neighbours, which, according to was instantly cut, and, bleeding the report we have received, falls freely, was afterwards carried hearily upon him.

away in a cart for Oxford market, by the owner, (there to be

fold to the public as beef regularly MARGATE, 0&t. 76. A curious circumftance hap-value to exceed thirty pounds,

flaughtered), who reported the pened here this morning; a hare, fame morning's coft in Smithwhich had been chased a conli.

field market. derable time by the hounds, made to the sands by the Pier, and took to the water ; a gentleman, who A race-horle, named True. swam his horse, endeavoured to bloe, was in the spring 1794, turn her by waving his hat; his taken over to India. He horse taking fright at the instant, frequently, there ran against the threw him off, and falling acci- molt celebrated Arabians, and, dentally on the hare, they both for the honour of his country, were suddenly immersed in the has never yet been bear. waves; the gentleman, however, soos rose up with the poor little foufed animal ftruggling in his from Brighton, speak of the

OurLondon beaux,just returned hands, amidst the thouts of a whom the oddity of the circum- all the charms of the fair sex are numerous assemblage of spectators, ftrange fights which they have seen

on that fashionable coast, where Atance had drawn together.

as openly displayed to the eye of

the gazer, as so many trinkets to BULLOCK HUNTING,

be thrown for in a raffle-thop! Monday afternoon, October 19, exhibited a dreadful outrage of A few days fince, the game a motley group of the mobility, keeper brought down a large headed by a peftiferous crew of eagle in Sutton Park, by a thot. badge-men, more properly bullock | under the wing: this majestic hunters than drovers, pursuing an bird measures five feet betwixt, over-drove ox, irritated to a de. the tips of the wings, and, not. gree of madness, chaced by dogs. withstanding his wound, seems in The beast made his way from remarkably good health. Filla is Bedford.square into the Long. the only diet he will touch ; a fields, back of Gower-street, circumstance the more extraordi. whence he became so closely nary, as naturalists assert, that worried, as to betake himself forfith' is not the usual food of his a refuge into a pond of water, species. where the dogs, and other brutal assailants, set at the animal with redoubled and more savage bar. Ellex, were a few days fince so

Mr. Newman's fox-bounds, barity. At length, à ferocious bull-dog pioned him by the nose generally bitten by a mad dog,

that the whole of this fine 'pack. in the water, keeping its' hold

has been obliged to be destroyed. until the ox was absolutely suf.



was Dandelion Paddock, near Margate, between is of the sulle laualition, Topradega. Sependent and two Rollowing Days, a grand Match

elevens, for joogs.

This match was made between J. Hammond and T. Boxall.


if Innings.

2d Imings.
Graham b Purchafe

c Purchase
T. Walker b Boxall


C Ditto
Beldam c ditto

30 c Ray
Hammond c. Mr. lufton, jga. t9

b Robinson
Mr. Tufton, fen. b Boxall

6 Boxall
Hon. E. Blyth c Freemantle

run out
Bulling c. Small, jun.

6 Boxall
G. Louch, E{q. b Boxall

b Ditto
Mr. Barton c Mr. Tufton, jua. O not out
Earl Darnley b Purchase

c Mr. Tufton, jun.
Hooker not out


run out


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and 4 men given, againft 12 of all England, for 100ogo, if Innings. SUSSEX MILITIA.

2d Tunings.
Downham run out

Ic Hammond
Boxall c Freemantle

ob Bulling
H. Tufton b Robinson

52. T. Walter
Ray C Bulling

47 b Bulling Pilcher c J. Tufton

9c T, Walker
Carr c. Bulling

Ib Hammond
Walter b T. Walker

6c Robinson
Cobden b Bulling

OCT. Walker
Weston b Ditto

oc Burgess
Gatten c Freemantle

5 ran out Griffen b Bulling

ob Bulling Hurft b T. Walker

2.b Ditto Capt. Drew ffumpt Haminaond r Rumpt Hammond Vaughan b Bulling

4 b Bulling Message c Freemantle

2 b Ditto Howard c Barton


b Ditto
Ayling c Robinson

4 b Robinson
Hook itumpt Hammond

3 C J. Tufton
Moor b Ditto

I b Bulling
Brown c Barton

o not out
Carpenter not out

b Bulling Minchen c. Capt. Lock

i c Bartos

i Innings. ALL ENGLAND.

2d Innings.
T. Walker c Ray

3 c Boxall
Robinfon b Buxail

i b Ray Graham run out

4 c Carpenter
Hammond stumpt H. Tufton 6 not out
Barton b Vaughan

Oc Griffen
Burgess c Griffen

2.b Ray
J. Tufton c. H. Tufton
20 b Ditto

Freemantle b Boxall
16 run out

Captain Lock b Ditto

oc Pilcher

4 Goldham b Ditco

ob Ray Bulling not out

o c Captain Drew

8 Byes 5-57



Cricket Matches,

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14 Innings.

2d Innings.
J. Walker c Hammond

b Beldam
Ring c Ditto

18 b Ditto
Robinson c. Mr. Tufton, fen. 6 cG. Louch, Elg.
Small, jun. b Beldam

16 c Graham
Ray b Ditco


run out Mr. Tufton, jun. & Mr. Barton o c Mr. Tufton, fen Purchase b T. Walker


c Bulling Ficemantle run out

21 ftumpi Hammond Lord run out

c Mr. Tufion, fen, Captain Drew b Hammond

c T. Walker
Buxall not out

Hot out



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