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Method of preserving the Plumage of Birds unhurt. 309 How chang', alas ! from what he was, lefs enquiries, was obliged to rest

contented with barely admiring As first I knew him in his mad career;

them, as all their preparations was At ev'ry place of jollity and play, Where pleafine op'd her store, he sure kept a profound fecret among a few was there,



however, to make a trial with a few He welcome visited C-------n's came;

birds upon this fingle thought, that St. James's famous S-...-t sent him her

many good old housewives preserve To quondam Mrs. H-------t's * oft he hams, beef, tongues, &c. for a long

time with salt only.

Now I ima Who won

his cah as proof of her gined, that if a stronger antiseptic regard.

was used, hy way of a pickle, and Befidea his horses, curricle, and grooms,

the fox is placed therein, for some A Cyprian tair he conttant kept in pay;

time, and dried, the secret would Who gave the ill, which keeps him to his not be difficult to come at; yer,

after various trials, I was convinced After the'd spent what caih he'd leit from play:

to the contra'y, and gave up this

method, for the pickle glue j the Ye youths of fashion, warning take from feathers close, always took away this,

more or less of their glossy hue, and How largo, how fplendid, may your beauty of their plumage, so as to fortunes be;

appear disagreeable to the Forsake such ways; or, (take it not amiss)


This If you perfift, you'll be as bad as he. was a point I was a long tiine at a

loss how to account for, as I nell * Now Lady B--------Shire.

remembered. that in all the prepaIp, wich.

rations of still life, in the above gentleman's collection, the feathers were remarkably free, fine in colour, and equal in every respect to

life itself. Method of preserving BIR Ds, with their elegant PIUMAGE, unhurt.

In water fouls I succeeded much

betier, their feathers being of a ( Communicated by a cel brated natu

more oily nature, and, conseralit and subjcriber.)

quently, not fo casily sillurbed by Few years ago I frequent the pickle as the land

Though frequently foiled in

my curious museum of Monf. Reau tempts, I resolver not to give it up meur, in Paris : his colle&tions of fo cafily, and at length accomplished natural and artilicial productions what I was po anxious to perfect. were carefully preserved in several I have lately preserved fome scores departments, but what most at of both land and fca foivis after this tracted my notice, was three rooms new method, all of ulich come as flie:i with a great number of foreign near real life as poñibl: ; therefore fowls, prefe. ved in their lively a:d to induce such of your readers who beautiful colours, whose brilliant are pleased with this study and 117appearance, freedoin in their plu nocent employment, I find you ani mage, and animated artituiles, account of the whole apparat ils ne seemed -as natural in this lifeless ceffars to be obterie; and if the ftate as if they still breached. biors can draw their attenzion, nya

I was very desirous to know the pleasure will be coon loe, en method of bringing thera to this I receive a fowil, fresh kiile, 1 open perfection : bat, aiter various fruit the ventre, from the paid of VOL, VII. No, XLII.









STO, The Feast of Wit; or Sportsman's Hall. the breast bone down to the anus, , perfectly dry (which will readily be with a pair of fine painted sciffars, known by its stiffness) when it may and extract all the contents, such as be taken out of the frame and the intellines, liver, ftomach, &c. placed on a chip pill-box; it will 'I his cavity I immediately fill with now require no other support but a the following mixture of falts and pin through each foot, fastened into spice, and then bring the lips of the the box. The eyes must be supplied wound together by su: ure, so as to with proportionable glass beads, prevent the stuffing from falling out. fixed in ith strong gum water. The gullet or passage muft then be Common falt one pound, aluma filled, from the beak down to where powdered, four ounces, pepper, the stomach lay, with the farie mix- ground, two ounces, mixed togeture (but finer groun!) which must ther. be forced down by a little at a time, by the help of a quili or wire. The head I open, near the root of

THE FE. S T OF I IT; the tongue, with t'ie fuitars, and, after having turned them round

SPORTSMAN's HALL. three or four tings to defroy the ftructure of the brain, fill this cavity likewise' with the mixture.

This is all the preparation I use: As for the wings and thighs I never THE late Archbishop of Cantouch them, but leave thein in their terbury being favoured with a natural state, for the sales, &c. fight of the author's comedy of the feciom fail, in a few days, to pe Minor, before it was brought on netrate into these pats, and pre the stage, his grace could not help ferve them equally with the body ftating his objections against several and neck of the fowl. The bird paris thereof, and particularly to thus fille i sith this antisep-that

Mrs. Cole tic disture, in it now be hung up declares herself a " loft sheep, it for abou: two days, by the legs, in being an expreslion, in his opinion, order that by this position, the faits facret to the pulpit. Upon the remay more efectual y penetrale round presentation of this hy the Lord the muscles and ligaments' which Chamberlain, the wir waited on the connect the vertebro of the neck. Archbishop with the manufcript The lovl inuit how be placed in a copy, and having assured his grace f'aine tu iliy, in ihe same attitude that he ineant no offence to the we usually see it when alive on the cliurch, beseeched him to take the plain or on a tree. In this frame comedy and strike out the excepir nuit be heid op by two threads, tonable passages. But his grace, the one paring from the anus to the well aware with the character of lower part of the back, and the the man he was dealing with, gave, other through the eyes; the ends of a moit significant smile, and asked these threads are to brace up the of Foote, if he wanted to publish firi to its atural attitude, and the Minor, “revised and corrected fka to the beam of the frame by the Archbishop of Canterbury.above; Lally, the feet a'e to be fixe! rown wiih pins or small nails. At a late provincial trial, the los ltuction it mult remain for judye examining one of the wit: onth or more, until the bird is nefies, la female of no uncommon



part wherein


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Feast of Iit; or, Sportsman's Hall. 311 learning and politness, who gener.

nest observed that one of the comally was caled by the nick name of panies of the foldiers were differently Dlack Joll) told' her, among other dressed from the others, begged to things, I hear you are gene know the reason? to which he was rally called Black Moll, for the sake answered, that it was the indepine of brevity, and that you may not dant company.--Independant com. miltike me, I Mall take the liberty | pany.--What is that?

Why, it to call you by the fame name in the

means a company that cannot be course of the trial.” Mrs. Molly, depended upon. with much natural uncouthness of manner, and a philosophical indif

DEFINITION OF A SPENCER. ference, replies, “ juit as it does please your honour's worship. Ay,

Two hedgers at work in the ay, that is iny name shour enongh neighbourhood of Bonde, behel', all the blackguards call me so, and

for the first time in theiil lives, the for fartin you have as nauch right to

economical garment called a ipen

so 'What sort of a coat is it us any body else.

that? said one to the other. A gentleman on ’ hange, speak.

do not know,” was the reply, but of the lare fictitious paper, en

I think in my heart its bein a de l'Eclair (lightning) remark

remiant." "Ecad! I believe thou art ed, it was properly named, as the right, .cjoined the firit, for I know purport proved only a FLASH,

that man travels from a clothier in

his friend observed that it was certainly

Yorkshire." more. for a GREAT REPORT fol. lowed.


A magisi rate of Liverpool being The fullowing humorous mistake lately called upon for a toast at a was made a few days back, by a public dinner, in order to get out child three years old, in a vilage of the hacknied rourine, and inake in Cumberland : a lady passed the a display of his parts, gave " The door with her muff' and tippet--the two K's.". Being called upon to child never having seen such crna explain, he said, ibey meant's the ments before, ran into the house, King and K-onfiitution!!!” calling oui, Mother, mother, here is a woman with a brown dag An Irish paper rescribing the in her arms, and its tail round her horrid manner in which the two neck.

brothers, Ml’Cormic's, nere
dered by the Defenders near Lul-

trell's-town, aná within A countryman observing the other paces of the guard which Lord Carday an officer who was diltinguished hampton had ftacioned there for the from the rest, by a piece of black defence of that part of the country, crape tied round his arm, enquired adds, characteristically-one villain of the person who stood next to him first dif barged bis musket into the The reason of it; being a man of head of the elder brother, and while fome humour, he told him he was the younger was on his knees, bega young officer, and scarcely knew ing for mercy, he deliberately his right from his léft; by this con loaded again, and for the poor optrivance he would loon become ac.. pliant through the heart. They quainted with it. The countryman iken beat the poor victims on the




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what a

312 The Feast of Iit; or Sportsman's Hall. head, while any signs of life were been properly resented. No fuch remaining.”—After all this firing thing, on being helped out by his and deliberate beating, mark the attendants, his Grace faid, “ that concluding observation.-" The man shall have the first good living whole party unavoidably escaped by of mine that falls ; had le stopped the dead silence they observed, and to have taken care of me, I would the celerity of their retreat!!!" never have given him any thing,"

being delighted with an ardour Mr. Bofuell's account of Dr. fimilar to his own, or with a spirit Johnson's good things, is pretty vo that would not stoop to flatter. luminous ; but by some accident or other, he has omitted one, which Formerly it was customary with is not unworthy of a corner in his noblemen to keep fools, for what collection. Coming on a sudden reason we cannot conjecture, unless into the Doctor's lodgings one

it was for the sake of contrail-Be morning, Mr. Bofwell exclaimed, this as it will, many years since, a “ Heavens,

fcurrilous neighbourirg nubleman kept a per66 world is this! What do you fon in his house called a fool, who - think I have just heard you calle was fond of eating, even to excess. “ Doctor? they say that you are a

To cure him of this practice it great bull dog." “ Ah!" fuid was thought prudent to reduce the the Doctor, " and what do you

width of his waistcoat, by placing " think they say of you, Bozzy, buttons behind. One day, a half “ that you are a tin-kentle tied to his fiarved


hound found his way tail."

into the room where the fool was

fitting, and basked himself before One of the candidates for the the fire, during which he amused leciu emip of Shoreditch, has al- himself with counting the hound's ready been pasquinaded, and the ribs, and feeling the vertebra of his following diitich in the verses is back, at last he addressed the poor happily hit of

hound with " I duubi poor dizil thou « All local virtues be performis by

has got thy waificcat buttoned behind

as well as myself.
proxy ;
Ain every coxy loves---but ortho---

The master of an eminent aca

demy, in Yorkhire, who not only A counsellor in the Court of enforces erudition into his pupiis King's Benchi lately having occasion

ears with itentorian lungs, but even to fpeak of an Elephant, faid dispels it from the fumes of his pipe; " that that sagacious animal took

when he with a degree of enthucare not to be rubbed, as he


fiasm, gives the preference to the carried his trunk before him.”

grammar of his mother tongue,

usually remarks, I teaches Englib The late Duke of Grafton, when grammar! Lunting, was throu n into a ditch; " Tis education makes or mars the man." at the same time, a young curate calling out,

“ Lie itill my I ord,” The late Earl of Guildford being Icarta over him, and pursued his told that his large pair of gouty fort; ile reader will conclude moes had been folen, “ Well, that such unfeelingness must have well," said his Lord'hip, with his


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usual pleasantry, all the harm I flock were at last conveyed to the with the thief is, that they may fit dinjecan, who issued a bull, comhum!

manding the offender to read this obnoxious


of the service. In

this dilemma our parson goes over A gentleman mürb eitee:ned for to an organist in the neighbouring his abilitirs in painting, was the city, and, after much importunity, other clay applied to for his opinion prevails with his tuneful friend to of a dathing fign, lately mounted set the creed to music, for himself .ver the shop-door of a tradesman and John, in two parts.

" You :) Bond-1ł reet, «hich he thus rea know” says he, “I am a foxdily complied with ; "the painter hunter; set it to a good, jolly, of that might do signs, but he will rattling, hunting tune." This was never do wonders !!

done accordingly, and the parfon

and his clerk made themselves perA lady of the Cyprian corps v. as feet in their respective parts." -lately asked by a gentleman, to When the next day arrived, on Thew him a drawing which she had which this creed is appointed to be in her poffeffion; when she told used, the whole parish, to a man, hiin, that he had seen it before." were at church, hoping to enjoy the -"Yes,” replied he, "it would complete humiliation of the poor have been fingular, indeed, if I parson, thus compelled to swallow had seen it behind!

the bitter potion in the face of his

audience. The service had now COURTEOUS. proceeded in order to the creed in A farmer who was ploughing in question.-The congregation was his fielí, on the fast day, was ac filent;—their mouths gaped with costed by a genteel looking man, expectation.-“ Next follows," says who asked him if he knew what

the parson, " the creed of St. Athathat day was ? — Wednesday, fir," nafaus, appointed to be said or fung; fays the farmer ;-" Wednesday, and, by the grace of God, I'll fing fir," replied the stranger," don't it!-So now John, turning to the you know that this is the fast day, clerk, mind what you're about, here and that you ought to have been at goes!” Upon which he and John church, initead of ploughing your let up their pipes, and rattled away, field ?"-To which the farmer an. pell mell molt merrily, from one fwered, “ Pull out first the beam end of the creed to the other. The that is in thine own eye, and then church rung again—the people thou wilt see clearly to pull out the stared—and the parfon was left in mote that is in thy brother's eye ; future to the unmolefted enjoyment for if you had attended the church of his own opinion. this day, you would not have seen me ploughing in my field.”

A clergy man in the west of England was much harrailed by his practitioners for omitting the Atha- From a new book on Farriery, lately nafian creed, at the stated seasons.

publifbed. Not one of the paria excepibis THE slanders is a diftemper in with him. The complaints of his proves fatal, notwithstanding the

many boasted remedies which are



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