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Infiance of Provincial Sagasily. saged and allured him to it. His rigid observance, and became, as a tine 135 frentia ile so es of Cin warrio, and a politician, the greater tra, while ile atlairs of gove.oment of the Portuguese monarchs. were neçlefie', or esecuted by those

Quadripulante pulrom fonitu quarit whose inte eft it was to keep their {usercian in ignorance. Lis pre

ungula canipuum.fence at lari bung effential at Lifbon, he entered the council with all To the Editors of the SPORTING the imperurly and fervor of a ju

MAGAZINE. venile sportiman, ami, with great Genilement, fuani iarity and gaiety, entertained S tlic folloring lu 'ic ous intis ncbies with the history of a Afance of provincial fagacity whele month spent in hunting, and portration in a fage neaber thing, and thouing. When he had of the quorum, (which really hapa snified is parrative, a nobleman pened a few years ago, and tie t uih ut le fist rank rose up--- Courts of which I can atta!), may not and coinps," said he,

perbars bc unentertaining 'o the geloited for kiggs, lint woods and de nerality of your subí, farts; ci in the afai.s of privae apolowy appears to me necesary in iuen fuler vben receiion is pre requeiling heinfirtica vf it. ferred to busines; but when the

Your contact reader, ulim5 of pleasure engross the Ionica,

T. 3. 1.ouglts of a king, a whole nation March 16, 1796. is cunsigned to juin.

Ho came here for other purpofs than to hear It is a common olifervation, 'hat te exploits of the chale, exploits the seat of authority is not alvor's

hich are only intelligible to abu the fat of wiltum; the following Jaiian grooms, falconers, &c. &c. If | fact of which is a proos:--your Majesty will altend to the An it nerant balleniill, havi: g wants, and remove ilie grievances fut forth advertisements, "thalle of your people, you will find then would, at a certain leur, literate a obediet fubjecis, if not'. the lamp. balloon, in case the weather ling farting with race, int rrupted! thould prove favourable," a very him: “ if not, alat if not," numerous af- oliy of persons were reumed the neblemen, in a firm and neceffarily drawn together; among aanly tone,

they wil lock for ukom 1 as a fage juflice, a gentleanother, and a better king,” A man of the moitiingular penciration, lonzo, in the higheit transport of and one of the quorum :-it haprition, exprefed his resentment, rened, however, unfortuvately for ani haftened out of the room. In a the balloonitt, that a rude North itie time, however, he returned wind prevented the liberation, precalin and reconciled. I perceive," cisely at ihe time mentioned; when foid be, "i the truth of what you the great man, thinking his dignity fry; he who will not execute the at ttake, and suffering his impaderies of a king, cannot long have tience to get the better of his wir. good fubjeéts. Remember, from this dom, called for one of his Hall of cay forward, you have nothing ficers, and, in an authorsrative

tore, mere to do with Alonzo the sports

thus commandet lim : - Go and but with Alonzo, king of Por ieil the filter that I crider and injili

u toit bis balloon being deliberuient This Maley was as good as his this moment!"--This mandate, deword, and kept his promif by mof livered in all the haughty peremp.




Courage of Greylound.---Pike Fihinga 905 toriness of power, very naturally

Ye Britith youths, whene'er you hunt for

fame, forced a (mile froin the aruilt, who

And thus fuccessfully bring down your (being a mail of foune humour)

game, begged the conftable would acquaint Re ftrictly faithfil, copy Rajah's plan, his worship, " that for his part he For dogs can teach fidelity to man. ha 'n't the least objection, but, unluckily, Boreas wou’dn't permit it! -This answer being brought back To the Editors of the SPORTING to the fun of fapience, he lost all

MAGAZINE. temper, and, brandishing his cane, Gentlemen, exclaimed, “Borus! who's he?"_ “ 'bis partner, I suppose, your

APPY, any ,

H Aribuce to your very valuable worship" rejoined the terrified Dogberry : -- "Then tell the race collection, I beg you will infert the from m," cried the enraged Sols following fact, which i fatter my. mon, if very don't find it up, on

felf will not be unworthy of a their apparct, ibis moment, I'll order place : a comunitimas to be drawn out, and

A countryman, of the name of hia and Borus fhall go to gach toge. Strugacll, having frequentiy obmicr!!!

served the water of a pond, called Charlvey Pond, very much disturbed, though at the time thi re

was no, wind, thought it must be Uncommon Talance of Courage and

fome 6th ; but on account of the Fileliyin a GREYHOUND.

med furrounding it, there was no

posibility of trying it with a rod AJAH, a . and line, which ma e them form

ing to Mr. Knowles, of Hert- the following contrivance, fuppofing furi!thire, fume time 250, having it to be a pike :~He took a duck, son a hare extreincly hard, aná and, fattening a fring, about two tumei her at least a dozen times, feet long, tied round its body, to killed her single handed; but was which was suffiended a double hook fo ex'austed, that he lay down baired with a soach; the duck, as panting by her fide, seemingly un was natural, ook 10 able to rise. Two count:ymen

and in less than a quarter of an perceiving the situation of the doz, hour, the fith took the bait, and, and the mafer not coming up, instantly going to the bottom, the imagined to secure the lare; but, stuck u as for some time also emerlei upon going to seize her, the grey in the warer, till at last, after a hound sprung up, took the hare in ftruggle of half an hour, the duck, his mouth, and run with it to his ith the greateit exertions, made mater, the fellows pursuing with ibe bank, when, by placing boards foncs and fticks. When he met on the surrounding mud, a boy venhis master, he laid down the' hare tured on, and, having tied ano bis at his feet, and inmediately turned ftring to the duck, they were both round and flew at the men,

brought to fhore, when the man fu exhaufte!, that he dropped down too e.geriy-laying hold of the vike, as if dead : however, by proper at it frapped at his hand, hich he teation he : 25 recovered, and livet pulling away, it left one of its long : faithful servant io bis mas tecih in the man's hand, hich almost

imame jatciy fwelled, and occafioned the most excruciating torture, when



the water,


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I am,


The Lotlery at Florence. Dr. Wilmot, an eminent surgeon There loiteries (for there are of this place, was called in, and twy, one at Leghorn, and another extraélci it. The fish weighieci at Florence) are drawn thirty-lix pounds, four ounces, and month, at different times; fix that was purchased by Mr. Puper, ih destruction comes round once in a purveyor to his Majesty; the head forinight.

fortnight. No instance has i:en, is preserved by the Doctor. or probably ever will be known, of

five numbers arifing prizes to the Gentlemen,

fame person. Every poor wretch, Your well wither and who can command two or three

constant iealer, paolos, drowns them most eagerly

E. D. SITVELLER. in this ocean of imposition. The Il'indfor,

miserable experience of ill succes March 10, 1796.

has no effect on he minds of the P. S. If any doubts should arise, vulgar; they pain their cloaths to


procure money for vickers. a leiter being addressed to the Doc. Paperftitious part of the impofition Cor, will tutly ascertain it.-Wha

is this: the perchasers of ickers, is allo very reinarkable, in the

in order to be successful, mut fait course of lait year, several duck

during fix and thirty hours, must lings itere lost about this pond; so that the Doctor, and several others,

ri peat a certain number of lze

Marias, &c. must not fyeak to any are of opinion, that ihis voracicus fith must have devoured the.n.

living creature during the whole time; must not go io bed; mest continue in prayer to the virgin and

the saints, till fome propitious faint The LOTTERY at FLORENCE. or prophet appears, and declares

the several numbers destined 10 THERE are,

in the whole, fuccess. I he watchers, tired out ninety numbers. You write, with expectation, fatting, and prayon a blank ticket, any five numbers cr, fall asleep, see the faint, hear, you please, contained within the

and forget the numbers; acknowninety. Few purchafers go beyond ledge their forgetfulness, cwn the the number three, which has long goodoels of the holy viion, and rebeen observed to be fortunate. The main thoroughly convinced that the lowest price is a paolo (fixpence) a oracle must be infallible. Again ticket. You may go as much high they buy tickets, again fall asleep, er as you please : you will be paid again fec the prophets, and at lait according to the price at which you

are ruineri. purchase. Let us suppose you pur Two months ago, a maid-fervant chase tive numbers for a paolo : if purchased five numbers: The deone only of your live numbers be clared that the prophet Jeremia', drawn a prize, it is of no conse in the dress ct a capuchin, had quence, for it links into the other naiped to her the numbers. Jerefour as blanks;. if two are drawn miah is at prefent the saint in : prizes, you are entitled to twenty vogue. The lottery fiils more and paolos : if three, you are io receive more, in honour and confidence of twenty-four crowns; if foar, twen that son of Hilkiah, who had less ty-five zechens; a Zecheen is influenc", living in the land of fomething lefs, than ten shillings; Anachoth, than he has stead in the if all your fre numbers are prizes, lant of Tuscany. It was fhrevidly you are cntitled to 100 zechens. faspected, the farmer of this branch


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Oddities of Mr. Hagemore.--Cock-Fighting. 307 of the public revenue, finding his thirty wheel-barros, so many lottery decre:fing, discovered, at walking-sticks, that a toyman in the expence of cwenty-four crowns, Leicester-felds bid his executor an effectual metod of railing it eight pounds for them : fixty horses again to its former baneful influence. and mares, three hun:ired pick-axes, The nobility, it is presumed, do Iwo hundred spades and roveis, fenot throw away their paolos and venty-five ladders, and two hundred zecbeens in this manner; but their and forty razors. fervants and tradesmen certainly do, and it is equally certain, that the ill consequences of the vices in the

ORIGIN of Cock-FIGHTING, lover people will be felt, sooner or later, by the higher.



Gentlemen, ODDITIES of Mr. HAGEMORE,

THE origin of cock- vyhting,

which I take the liberty of * The following relation of the transmitting you for insertion, is abore ocentric character may not , thus claftically and truly recordedperhap, prove unentertaining to When Themistocles led an army our readers,

of his countrymen against their

barbarian ncighbours, te btheid HE Rev. Mr. Hagemore, of COCKS engaging in furious

Calthorn, Leiceiterhire, died combat! The speciacle was vor the ift of January, 1746, pofíefled loft upon him ; he made his forces of the following effects, viz. 700l. halt, and thus addressed themper annum, and loool. in money, “ These cocks, my gallant soldiery, which (he dying inteitate) fell to'a are not fighting for their country, ticket-porter in London.

their paternal gods, nor do they He kept one se:yant of each sex, endure this for the monuments of wbom he locked up every night, their anceflors, for their offspring, Liis last employment in an evening or for the fake of glory in the cause was to go round his premises, let of liberty : the only motives, that loof his dogs, and fire his gun. the one is heroically resolved not to

He lost his life as follows: going yield to the other!"-This impresa one morning to let out his servants, sive harangue rekindled their valour, the dogs fawned upon him suddenly, and led them to conqueft. After and thiew him into a pond, where their decisive victories

over the he was breast high. The servants Persians and Athenians, it was reheard him call out for allistance, Creed by law, that one day should but, being locked up, could not be set apart in every year for the lend hini any:

public exhibition of cock-fighting, He had thirty gowns ,and caf

at the expence of the siare. Pocks, fifty-eight dogs, one hundred pair of breeches, one hundred pair

Gentlemen, of boots, four hundred pair of thoes,

Your humble servant, cighty wigs, yet always wore his own hair, eighty waggons and carts, eighty ploughs, and used none, fifty

Islington, kidles and furniture for the menage,

March 8, 1796.


I am,

G. W.

3.8 A Georgian Planter's method of speriding time. A GEORGIAN PLANTER's Vietbody the weather very disagre able, cards of spending time.

or conversation employ them tjl (Froin a Corespondent.)

bed time. If it be fair, and so

moonlight, after an early fupper, A

BOUT fix in the morning he a fire is kindled in a pan, ansitio

quits his bel, and orders his or three of them fet out ftored with horse io be gút ready : he then some bettles of branly, preceded by swallows a drain of hitters, to pre a negro li ho carries i he tire, in ore vent the ill effets cf the early fogs, de: to thoot deer in the woods, as and sets out upon the tour of his these creatures are fo attracted by a plantation. In this route he takes light that they constantly ftand fill, an opportunity to stop at the negro and fix their eyes upon

the blaze, houses, and if he fees any lurking by the reflection of which from the about home, u hore business it is to eye-ball, they are ealily discovered be in the field, he immediately en and thoi. Soinciiines however, it quires the caufe: if no fufficient

happens, that tame caitle, that have canse be given, he applies his rattan been turned into the woods to range,

hip to the shoulders of the Save, are killd by mitake. and obliges hin initantly to decamp. About midniglie they return, acIf Gickness he all. dg.d, the negro is cording to luck, with or without immediately hut up in the ick.

gaine; their kins and faces fadly house, bled, purgeil, andi kpt on fcratched, and themselves fit for lov diet, till he either dies or gets nothing but to be put to bed. This inco a way of recovery. After Live

is the general routine of existence ing examined the overleer relative

among huch of the Georgians as 10 the witar: of the poultry, hogs, live in the more re ired and u vody catile, &c. he proceeds round the paris of che ftate, Olliers have cheir farra, lake's é curfory view of the weekly focieties, for fentimental and rice, corn, or indigo fielzs, and

colloquial amusemens,

As to irace examines into the date of the fences and business, it is entirely managed and other in losures. About the

by overfecis and factors, hour of eighi hi circuit is finished, when, before he alights at his own door, a tribe of young negroes, in the priinitive state of nakedness,

To ike EDITORS of ihe SPOST!XL

MAGAZINE. Juho i to meet hiin, and receive the horse.

Genilemer, Breakfait being over, he again 'HE following lines are u sitten rconis a fresh borte, and sides to

upon a once tathionable, but the county town, or the first public now unfortunate young man, and house in the neighbourhood, where the inferion of thein in your a muhe talks politics, enquires the price ing work, the Sportiman's Nagaof produce, makes bargiins, play3 zinc, wil oblige a giline at all four, or appoints

Your's, &c. days for horse-races or boxin; March 12, 1796.

M. mütches; about four oʻciuck he re. turns, bringing with him fome friend or acquaintance to dinner. Hails, unpreyed, toitured by disease, If the company be iively and agreca i nie wretched youth benioans his fiults ble, he rarely rises from table before. fun-fet. If it bea wet evening, or

Desertec! by his caithicss frien is, when ease Is bmither from his couch, by sending pain.


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