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Feb. 4.



to be let down to admit the fresh

air, and the avenues and approaches ENTENCE wa: pionounced of the court to be car:fully cleared A au chose concerned in the affair of the mob, that the unfortunate of Princo Lichtenlein's duel. The young gentleman, who was brought murderer Count de "Veicks, Ca. on mens shoulders to the bar of ine non of Osnabruck, was condemnet court, to be tried, might be every In eiglit years confineinent in the way accominodated. Sir Watkin fyrtress of Spielhere, in Moravia, William \Vynna, Colonel Du Parci, after which he is an ever baniihed R. V. Perry, Esq. and many oths thie hereditary states. Count Ro rcfpectalsle gentlemen attended femizery, in whose chamber the duel Captain Watson. The whole was fought, is degraded for ever court fecined much affected at clie fron his nobility, deprived of the wounded and folemn appearance of title of count and his key of charn the prisoner, berlain, to be confined two years in another"fortress, and then bunihed froin the capital. Prince (Vences.

A duel of a very fanguinary na. tas, declared by the late Prince to

ture took place latelv at Hainburgh,

het een General IV -, annet by compi sely innocent, has bien honourab y acquitted; however, the

Colonel I ----, both officers of couri, for some rzalon, has for a

the guards. It originated in a ti banished him the Imperial quarrel at a gaming table. They piclence.

mens out to fight with broad Liords.
Ar the first itroke Colonel I.
cut off three singers of the right
hand of Gener: W.

A duel was fought in a field, near
Irotham, between Mr. T-

matter ended there for the preseit;

-,of Jghthan, and Mr. M

but it is fupposed that another of

meeting wil take place. ll'restham; afrer tiring two shots cach, the ficonds' interfered, ani tine diference was ferileri to the fa

POGI!. cisfaction of both parties, who afterwards dinesl together. One of the thor's that were fired, accidental. A T fix in the morning, a battle ly kiiled a fat Meep which was

was fought in id field near grazing in the faine tiell.

Illington, between John Cares, a cofterinonger, and Tom Hodge,

the noted ciog finder, well kno. n Came on the trial of Captain Head. The upuarrel originated from a

the Watson, at the kingitun aflizes, the gentlemin who lately for Major dispute concerning the heft morte et Sweetman, in a duel at l'obliam, dreiling: panny orth of firats, at when there appearing no evidence a public-house, the preceiling everto criminate fim, he was in de ling: when it was great mutuaily diately acquitted. Baron Hochain,

to decide it in a prizide Wit, ai ! wici: his accultume hurun ti and

to allow none but friends to be filepoliteness, paid every aftention to

fent ;' anong whoin Ilower's wijë the pritfiner. This exclient judge. ainalls hernia1 as his boule kadir. the soil orilainent and pride (a!

Proin the fecrecy withi which one britin juhlice, ordered the window'

ultulu was conduit: ', ;??' bulting


Mir. 5.

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Mar. 23

Atons, 0in the

290 Debate in the 110:use of Commons on the Game Laws. amateurs were exclucled from the Mr. Fra:ces faid, that the itouse fight of a hattle, which was as def was indebted to the Honourable perate as it was fingular, from the Genileman for a discovery in the mode in which it was managed, for properties of animals, that a hare Black Fanny, a Sth-woman was would run, and that a partridge bottle-holder to Cärcy.

would Ay; he was determined that 'I he barile lasted thirty-five mi- he (Mr. Frances) would also have nutes, during which each party re the merit of a discovery ; he begged ceived and returned several severe leave, therefore, to inform them, blows; Hodge had his cheek laid that a ch would swim. The upen, and his antagoniit lost three Honourable Gooiieman muit know of his teeth. At length Hodge, that there was properties in fisheries, attempting to gnard a blow aimed and that the same locality attached at his right side, received fu dread to the property of birds. Rabbits ful a blow on his left eye, that di. could run also as well as hares. It seetly closed it up, and he immedi was unnecessary to say more. ately gave in.

Mr. Curwen spoke in favour of

the Speaker's quitting the chair, * The following is the substance and Sir John Rong opposed it. Afof a dibute in the House of Coitia

ter which, a division took place.

For the Committee 36

Again it it

27 !ture of Commons, March 14. In the Committee, Mr. Curlin Amis. Curwen moved the Crder propolei a resolution, " That the

cf the Day for the house io laus now in force for the prefera sefolve irfelf into a Coinnitke, to vation of Gaine are subverlive of takie tiic Game Laws into coniider the rights of the people, and inaarien.

dequate to the purposes for which Mr. Mlajon opposed any mea they were interded.'' fure which tennie to introduce as Mr. Browon opposed thi; refoluinvasion on personal rights ; he saw tin, as

tion, as an abltract propofition with paris that the fame abolitions which could dono good. and innovations acre alıcut to be Mr. Fix withet that this refoluintroduced, as led the way to the tion of his Honourable Frient overthrow of the ancient fabric, of might be withdrawn, and a motion French Monarchy, and which tead be subtituled, That the Chaiscoi to produce as deflructive con min be directed to move ihe House í quince in England!

for leave to bring in a Bill for the ally. Bux!o:1 contended, that de- Repeal of the Laws for the Preserfroy'ng abuses was the belt way vation of Game. oip cierving the conflitu i 'n. Mr. Curaven in conformity to

sir Cute irure te fame objec- Mr. Fex's opinion, withdre' the tion, iv a report cofilie Gary 15, original resolution, and the ches as .V'p. M:74: the innovation to huing erried, the Houf refused, he introducer, of making game and granted le-ve to bring in the property attasio the land, vas Lill, hich on the igih, Mr.Cur. i optible in its natur?; because si cn brought forward, and was read you could not prevail en lares a first time. On the quel ion of God artridges to itay with you: iis being read a fecond time, TIL 1:49h-ho sill ::1,2, and Als, Lile fuid, he was forry he porridge will... A call hal not been preint during the


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Preamble to Mr. Curreen's Game Bill.

291 former discussion on this subject; , upon parol, or in writing to defift, he would not, therefore, on that given by the occupyer, or person account, deliver his opinion upon duly authorized by him, he shall on the whole of the bill; but, from conviction, pay for every hare, &c. what he could collect generaliy, it &c. the sum of

one moiety appeared to him that many parts thereof, to go to the informer, and of it were very objectionable; and the other to the occupier of the said he hoped that the second reading land, and for want of distress, Mall might be put off for some time, and suffer imprisonment for the space of wished that the Bill might be print.

But no penalty to ated immediately, for the use of tach upon any person who mall country gentlemen, in order that be found pursuing game, fiarted they might make up their minds upon other lands, where no notice upon it during the Eafter recess. or warning had been given; nor

Mr. Buxton wished the Bill mignt any, powers of the act to be printed.

tend to abridge the rights of Mr. Curwen said, he hoped, when Free Chase, Park, or l'arron, or the Right Honourable Gentleman. Lords of Manors, or Proprietors of should read the Bill, he would not Land, having reserved a right of think it fo objectionable as he ap sporting or killing game; or to reprehended. The Bill was then, gistered Gamekeepers duly authoupon Mr. Curwen's motion, or. rized. Nor is the act to extend ta dered to be printed, and read a the granting permillion to anv persecond time on the 18th of April. fon, nut already entitled thereto to

sport, &c.on any waste or common; THE Preamble to Mr. Curwen's nortoannul any covenant non made Game bill, states, that “ several or hereafter to be entered into, bestatutes heretofore enacted, and tireen the Land owner and his Une now in force relative to the game, der tenant with respect to gane; or have been found highly inconveni to authorize any person to kill game, ent, and grevious, and oppressive who is now prohibited by law, nor to the subject, and are not neces to exempt any person from Slamp sary to the preservation thereof." It Dirics with respect to killing of then, with one levelling sweep, repeals nearly all the game llatutes, III.“That Lords of lIarors may passed in the former reigus; and appoint one gamekeeper for each proposes in their room to Enact as manor, but no more, and Gamee follow :

keepers selling or disposing of game I. " That from and after the without the consent or knowledge said

of such Lord, shall be committed to fand feven hundred and ninety the Houseof Correction for the space it shall be lawful for any owner, and of

: also, that all fums occupier of land, to sport after, kill, levied on conviction for deltroying &c. &c. the various kind of game of the game, on lands or grounds which shall be found, &c. on their being walte or common, according land, as if such owner, or occupier to tbc laws Hill allowed to remain were duly qualified by law, to sport in forie, iall go to the use of the for, and kill game.”.

poor of the parish, and if such II. “That if any person not qua-' commons, &c. lie in wo or more lified by law, after a certain parishes, then such sums to be day, sport, &c, upon lands of which divided in due proporticn between he is not the occupier, after notice the sai:l parishes.'


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Theatrical Register. IV. That any person found | fun riit, and sun set, he may ap'in the night, between the hours of peal to the Quarter Sessions, on ens sun rise and sun set, upon any chase, tering into recognizance to try such park. Jan's, &c. armeil, and pro appeai, &c, which appeal fail be vided with any dog, gun, or other final, and not be removable by engine for deitroying the game, earriorari into any of his Majesty's may be apprehended and arretted Couris cöf Record at Il'eliminfter." by any person whomsovever, and be.

Nothing in this act is to extend, ing convicted, thall be committed or to be confrued to extend to that to the common goal or house of part of Great Britain, called Scot. correction, for the space of ;

land. and for the second, and


futuire offence, Mall be committed to the common gaol, or house of 11E.LTRIC.AL REGISTER. correction, and kept 10 hard labour for :he fpace of It further

Drury Lane, March 12. authorizes persons attempting to ar. reil fuch offender to oppose force lo T

HIS creening the Iron Chief force, and if such offender be

opened, but did not contain

that store of entertainment, for wounded, mained, or killed, the

which report had given it credit. person ar terapting his arrest, if pro.

The characters were thus reprefecuced for the fame, may pleid

fen:ed: the general ifue, and give this act us the special marcer in evidnce in

Sir Edward Mortimer Mr. Kembis. lus behalf. And all magiftrates are

Mr. Wroughton. Adim

Mr. Dodil, enjoined to admit him to bail, &c."


Mr. Sueit. That where no special re Weitura

Mr. Bannister, jun. fervation hath been made by laffors, Timber Rorbold

Mr. Barrymore. who not withitanding have enjoyed

His Son

Matter Walsh. the right of sporting, &c. upon

Capt. otihe kolders

Mr. Kelly.

Mellis. Sedgwick, their lands; and also where manurs


Diganum, Bannie have been rented of Lords by others,

ter, ren. &c. that each of these shall continue re Helen

Mifs fauen.

Barbara spectively to use and exercise the

Signora Storace,

Mrs. Gibbs.
privilege of sporting, &c. for owo
jelzis from the time of palling this

The subject of this piece is taken adt, as before they were enabled by

from Caleb Willians, as are the la:v to do, &c. It also authorizes principal characters. Sir Edwards Owners of lands to enter into such is the Faulkland of the Novel ; He

the covenants with the tenants respecta len, the Miss Melviile; Adam, ing the sporting and killing of gaine, Collins, &c. Ile scene commences as to them shall seem meet ; pro

shortly after Sir Euward is apvided that nothing contained in pointed to the Rangership of the such covenants hall diminis or

New Forest. The story is fo gevary the regulations of the att re nerally known as to render a detail speciing notices by parol, or in curi. in this place unneceñary.

This piece was again brought tingom

. 11.-" That if any per on think furi ard newly modelleu, on Saing himself aggrieved by any part turday erening, March 19, which of this act repesiny persons found by the great exertions of Mr. arned, and with dogs, &c. between Kemble, went off with confiderable


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"A Trentile on Farriery.

293 A Treatise on FAQKIERY, with it with honey. It must be warm ANATOMICAL PLaIts. when given to the horse.

Thcie balls may be given hin ( Continued from prge 235.) twice or ihrace a day, with tores or

four hornfuis or the perioral infuE next ning to be done is, ton. some aid half a pound of

10 rub he bladering vin ment, figs, tv*o? Ounces of garlick, ialf an 10 b. lai ar ihe apothecaries, ail ounce of ancila, and the same over his biker, in o he fo einoit

quantity of burlacian. As allo ribs, and when i is a pleu isy, inio two drains of Cartion, a pint of line the prineu lide iure particularly. led oil, aná pound of honey. Rovels alio will be of great fervice but the ha is are lo contriver, asio when they diyeit in time. There. render these additur: envelity, fure lie may have one in the belly сxcept


hen thee O in the airted fide, and one on are added, they inult be boiled in each lide the break; but if he has a The watcr fomerimne so render them great motion of the fanks, that on niucilaginous. the tide will not coine to digeftion, When the clyfier does not prove and then it will be bak to make cleaning enough, but a

farther one on each thigh on the incide. evacuation is required, yon may add

It will likewise be necellary to four cunces of ipfom falts. As keep the body open with emollient for purges, they it be entirely civiers.

omitted in these difiales. Beidis, Take, cf thin water gruel, two all draltic purgative ingredients are quarts; oi camomile flowers, four of dangerous coulequences even in ounces; boil them a little, and clyfturs. 'strain off the liquor; then add, of The clyfter may be repeated

{allax oil, or linked oil, half a pint; every day, or if the symptoms are of common salt, an ounce; oilala aberei, every other day; and when perre, half an ounce: make a clyf be comes to car fialded bran and ier to be injected warm.

pick his lay', you need only give Oily balla nic medicines given him the peétural infufion, with four in sarily, are of great use, such as ounces of linteed vil in every dole. the follo ing ball and drink : He inould have four ounces of it

Take, of oil of f.veet almonds, once a day, uill he is fit to walk or linded oil, to ounces; of fper abroad, and always remember to Inaceri, an ounce; of fastron, half keep his body open, for that is a

drain ; of falipetre, half an ounce; things that must never be Slected, of sugar candy, four oances. Beat

even when he is almost weil, if he them into a parte for balls, with a

thould seen to want it. fulficient quantity of wheat flour; tis exercise thould be little it and make the balls of fach a size, firs, even when he seems able !:) as will be moit convenient for the undergo more ; and it shoul: lein. horse to swallow in his present con creased by live and liirle. dition. This is for one dofe. hould be performed in the warmeit Then,

past of the day, unless in the height Take male speedel, coltsfoot, of summer, and on the biglich, sage, liquorice, of each iwo ounces ; openeft place that is near you. He of fennel seeds, an ounce and a should never be taken out of the half. Pour two quarts of hota ater pable in bad weathet, till hic is upon thein, and let the insufion quite recovered. Hind çill it is cold; then (weeten After the disease is cured, the VOL. VII, No. XLI.




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