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".For twenty such, and for this reason, " BLACK GAME is now quite out of sea

son." Quoth Reynard, “Tis a cock, believe me.” “ A tock! A grouse, you can't deceive

me ; . A little fhort-beak'd heath-bred oozle, “ A cock indeed, a flat bamboozle ? " To see the diff'rence needs no skill,“ If, tis a cock, pray where's his bill ? “ His fine long bill ?--Here's no such thing! • So, master Fox, 'tis all a fling!” “ Sir,” replies Reynard, “ take my word, “ If you'll fit down and eat the bird, “ I'll find the Bill before you pike it, * “ And perhaps LONGER than you like it.”

To driquestion :

SOLILOQUY: BY AN OXFORD FRESHMAN. drink, or not to drink--that is the

question : Whether it be better in the mind to suffer The laughs and banters of a tippling set, Or to take arms against this sea of fcoffing, And, by drinking, end it?-To drink, And, by so doing, to say we bring The head-ach, and the thousand natural ills That fieth is heir to :-'tis a consummation Devoutly to be shunn'd. To drink, perhaps to puke ;-aye, there's

the rub! For from that pg what mishap may

rise, The beaux' filk hofen quite despoild, The cravat stain'd,Perchance some proctor's man next morn Tb offending culprit to that dome From whose dread bourne no Freihman e'er

returns Without an imposition dire -Thefe ills, Concomitant on drinking, much to jar Against th' advantages, whereby We Freshmen-Quizzes oft yelept, And lose the name of drunkards.

HAMLET, A&t. III. Scene I.

To praise his looks and his neek hide.

Quit but the woods, grow fond of reft, And soon as plump as me you'll be, the

dog replied.
How foolish 'tis to earn one's food

At the sword's point each day,
To die of hunger, loss of blood,
When one may get tit-bits, without a

fray ! Then follow me, your destiny will mend. Right glad the Wolf to find so warm 2

What must I do, says he,

To win such perfect bliss ?
Little or nothing, believe me

A trifling thing or two like this :
To keep the beggars from the door,

Court the well-drest, affront the poor, Flatter the servants, above all the master

please :
Your salary for this is duly paid,

In scraps of meat and bones of fowl,
Of pigeons, ducks, and rinds of cheese,
And civil pats upon your worship’s

Trust me it is a thriving trade.
While thinking of his new employ,

Sir Lupus was o'erwhelm'd with joy ;
But as they trudy'd along,

What ails your neck, says he, it's bare? 'Tis nothing—Nothing ? an old song, Perhaps the collar's worn away the

hair. Sometimes I'm tied up in the day ; Tied up, you say, and cannot range where.

e'er you will ? Not at all times I can't, but that's no

pain; To me 'twould be so much, that still I will be free--farewell to you, and to your

constant feant. So took his leave with such determin't

hafte, That to this day he run's like one that's chacd.


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* A cant term meaning before you are gone.

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MONTHLY CALENDAR Of the Transactions of the TURF, the CHASE, and every other Divertion Interesting to the Man of Pleasure

and Enterprize;
For' MARCH, 1796.


Page Fortraiture of Mudith 287 The Parade

315 Batra Spurring ibid Defintion of a Spencer

ibid Duclling

Signs and Wunders

313 Pugilisin

ibid Obfervations on the Glanders ibut Dcbatc in the House of Communs

Epigram o! the Death of my Grand0;t the Game Lit's 290 miother's Cat

314 Prcanble to Mi. Curwen's Game Bill 291 Origin of Scich Dancing

315 Theatrical Regiiter

292 Epicurean Spotring Account of the Iron Cicít

Ape Shooting 'Trcat !! on Farriery


Maternal Affcction in a Hen to two Observations on a Tuxlpen Dog's

297 Extraordinary Game at Whist gig Descriveion of a Dutch Route or The Pugilistit

: Conteft, crimazonian) Drum ibid Waterfall

itid Wuderiul Power of Diftention in a

Anecd te of the lae Catraordinary Swake 299 Ventriloquist

3:0 The Price a Plank, or the Disappointa Crops cd (rithmiana

ibid On ihe Music and Dancing of the Lait ;? I Account of the curious Bird called Races for the present Year

323 the Buya

301 Life of Dick England On Hunting

ibid Private Theatricals ! Anecdu!c of a Riyal Sporiiman 303

List of Stallions to cover this Season :9 Intiance of Provincial Sagricity 304

Ancicot Times

330 Singutar Courage and F.Cielity in a No Game Laws

ibrai Greyhound

Harc in View

.331 Pike Fiihing ibid On the Bire of a War Dog

ibid Account of the Lottery at Florence 306 Spanish Bloodhounds

333 Oddities of Mi. Hagenuore

5 7 Sporsing In:elligence Origin of Cuck tighing

ibid Action for the sale of unfound Hurles ; 38 Govrgiian Inter's Method of PofT*Y – Parody Nudler i'unchSpending Tiinc

bowl.o-Pologue to :he Smyrna The Rake


I winst Lines on folin Dixon--Methird of preserving the Plumage of 'Lines on a fuourite panielBirds unburs


Lines on the Ladies' Dicts-adThr Feat or Wit; or, Sportiman's dicion- Mad Peg---- Jesuitical ExHall

310 culpatiun-- A Simile 341-344

ORNAMENTED WITH Viz: 1. An excellent Portraiture of Hodille, she property of Colonel

Thornton. 2. The Hare in f'ietu, being the twirth Piste ot a feries of Etchings on the subject of Hare Hunting; and, 3. a beautitud } igretle Title Page to the Seventh Volune.

324 328

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PRİNTED FOR THE PROPRIETORS: And Sold hy J. WHEBIF, No. 18, Warwick Square, riear Sr. Paul's;

John Hilton, at Newmarket; and by every Bookseller and Stationer is Great Brisain and Ireland.



E are happv to announce the receipt of a Packet from Waterford,

its Contents are worthy our Notice, which, in due courie, fail he attended io.


T. W. is nformeel, that we are of no Party, it is our province to entertain all Parties; his Splenetic Efristle, therefore, has no countenance from us: but of course will be consigned to that oblivion it to juftly nierits.

If an Honest Bibernian will jaft take a seconil peep into our last Number, be will there find the Article which at present is so much the Object of his Lamentation.

Refections on the Sentence of Colonel O'Kelly, is ivadmissible.

Capt. Snog bas a place in our present Number, in company with many other refpcctable Subscribers.

* *

* We conceive it our Dury, in this place, to return our grateful tribule of Thanks to the generous concurrence of upwards of 7 hree Thousand rrípetable and regular Subscribers, on the compiction of this our leventh Volume! It is to their liberality and discernment that we are 10 liighly indebred for the fuccess of our Performance, thus far; and a further continuance of our usual exertions and perseverance to please, will, we presume, fufficiently juítify us 10 looking up to them for their future patronage and fupport.-In consequence of the numerous Favors of Custrespondents, which fo rapidly pour in upon us from all parts of the Kingdomn, and even from the other side of the water, (left we should be charged with the crime of partiality) it is neceflary to observe, that where equal Merit ia discernible, (articles of a local nature excepted), as it ever tas been, so it ever will be, an invariable maxim with us, to give place to them isdifcriminately.

$t1 The First Number of the Eighth Volume, intended to be publified on the first of May, will be found replete wiib mary pleafurable aud interesting Articies, worthy the notice of the Sporting World in general.


Sporting Magazine,

For MARCH, 1796.


Portraituro of Modis, the froperty don Coplow, to Sheffington, and

of Colonel THORNTON. back again for Coplow, which he THE elegance of the engraving could not quite icach, and lai:1 wliich we now lay betore our

bimself down in a tiei, unable to readers, will not, we presume, be

ftir, hen !he u mnot exe lions qu-itioned. It is intended as

coull fca cely bring ihe bounds up coinpinion to Damn, given in No.

10 kill him. Only chiee pe:fons 40 of our Magazine, which our uere present at the conclufion of Srbscribers will also end,


:his iema. kably feveie and long comparison, to be in no relpect in.

chace. ferior, in point of 'esecution to the

March 6, present print. In a future Number, we propose to say something rie's belonging to the Duke of

About three weeks ago, tuo terfurther on this subject,

Norshunibe land's huntsman, fol. lovej a fox inilo he cleft of a line

ftone qua ry, and we'e giren over EXTRA SPORTING.

as loit, af er remaining here :7 days, they extrica 'ert Themselvris,

and re urnevi home, but so emaciCHASES, &c. &c.

a est, ihat they couid ha: vily walk,

March 2.
N Friday last Sir William

Ní rreh it. Lowther's hounds found a fox The Dumfries hi e cou fing club at Laddington Radiih; he went run a match at Din sooie Gien, анау for laun Woods, through for a silver collar, being their last thein to Tilton !l’ool, then run a p'ize for this season, which was Tharp ring round the country fes

won by Walter Ricle, Esq. the half an hour, and was killed in Sir

owner of a celebrate: gristiouni, William heslington's liable-yarı!. calie i Spider, bea ing hiee o her They afterwards trie! Oneiton capital dumpe.iiors wib appa.ent Woo !, anii foun i another fex; he case, went away immediately for Knoffngton Somerby, over Burran Hills tu Ashby paliure, which he left just On Sa'ir dar hari, Sir Chias in the right, crofle i the brook ai the Davers's hounds found a fixa;.lie bottom of Turfori Field 10 Mans-Hyre, near this oil), which, fis tell, 'p tu Tiltun, then in Lilir. a hari ci cui ous run of no.e lian

No 2






March 23,

(и о



Extra Sporting two hours, took ground in Mr. A hare, a few days ago ftrayed Scott's cellar at Barrow, whither he into the Three Crowns Inn, Hawas followed by the whole pack of thern, in Leicestershire, and fat here hounds, and most of the horsemed relf very contentedly bufore the fire, in the field, and actually killed in notwithstanding, there were leveral full cry on

cask of old beer, to people in the kitchen, who at sarit the 110 fmail gratication of all were awed into filence, by the f117przfent.

gularity of the phenomenon ; but poor puls

was not long permitted On Thursday fe'nnight, the to enjoy herself, or meet proharrues bringing to Mr. John rection under the roof of a mar, me Killind Mr. Diven Roberts, had as no fooner fully recoynizat, famous a day's sport as perhaps than " the clamour that vives its ever was met with in the annals of pleasure to another's pain, that feeds fox-hunting. They turned out a upon the robs ant dyinz înrieks of fox near Broughto:, when after harmless nature" put her' to flight; running to Hardwick, Preston

The first jumped at the fire, but after, Corers, Leighton Shelf, Mirring. wa ds run into the c llar, and 1.4.20 con Covers, Walford, Ps-leot, and

upon th: ale barril in np. where over in the whole, an extent of the vas cuk::a: 1. we are sorry Stokis of incidit fifty miles in four to and futa marior to thiv vora. bi bild! Reynard was cblige.icious anyrtices of her purduers, who 20:0inde no t'he faunch pack, which devoured her the firme e ceiling. *as twed by grout (portf:nen to base bevel as writ a: evet iney

any hands in :be kinatoin ;
is of their horten te of

The celebrated Mir Barlow, welt with the dogs, but not above ten

known as an accomplifhe? portaşere in arte deizh.

Woman, among the frequenters of

Newmarket, &c. dror: her cus Ore dar laf week a hare bung

ricles with a pair of grey ponies, och pried by a brace of grey

(only thirteen hands and a bit Druhusi, ind rivolpurifien, one wil

':'g'ri. from the market house ?t cach lite efter, to prevent her

Roturi, to Whitechapel church

By coming from the greyhounds, casti

1:1 47 minuts and 2 seconds. cd into a ralobie bairror:#; the sporit th: .conditions of the hii, (which 1. cum her, and took hera fecond 100 guine?s? Me was allowed Hind to be couled, when, after

an hour to perforin it in. bring the greyhounds, the again prire her former harbour, from

Salisbury, Mireir 23. ?ce the heroes a second time Owing to the farcity of post fos ber, and took her far away horses, a proceflion, rather luci

ve the burro', and richer close crous, presented itself to the people chosen lepore the, which of Marlborough, la!t week; where fra biri; beat the third time, for fome gentlemen, impatient of delar,

Coudesta dittance, and wouli made their endié in a post-chaise batered her former situation, drawn by oxen, on a full trot, and hant 0 sf her legs been broke, driven by the owner, y wlion ons is supposed, in her having they had been goated on to per

a medical grije. when form meir journey, at the rate of tarer fruia the womb of the eglie alles in all hour and a Curit.


Narc! 23.


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