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ther they

Finding the Hare.

275 angry man, or whether they were

stances as would entitle you to the words in consequence of what had happened at Afcot; or whe

least indulgence from the court.

You went into the field to meet were the words of a

your fellow subject, and the manman who was deliberate upon his

ner in which you conducted yourpurpose. In that case they would

self, shews that yon were cool and weigh against him ; but if they considered them as the words of

in poffeílion of your faculties. You

fled from the laws of your country an angry man, they would be in

for twelve years, and you did not his favour; because then he could

return till four of the witnesses not have power to know how he

were no more, whose depositions ought to act. On the other hand, they had the declaration against roner's inquest. By this means

were taken against you on the cothe prisoner, that instead of af. fisting Rowles when he had shot

you deprived your country of that him, he said, he should not have

full information which might, and

would have been obtained, had you shot him, had he behaved like a

remained upon the spot. gentleman. The jury would conSider this thewed mature delibe

“ Under these circumstances, it ration and coolness; if so, the

is incumbent on the court to exlaw would not declare it man

ert the whole extent of its autho

rity, and afford in your person flaughter, but murder. If the jury thought he was cool in the

a warning to others, that even the duel, the law was strict in that

crime of manslaughter is not to be

committed with impunity. Your case, and he should be conviéted of murder. If the Jury thought

sentence is, that you pay a fine they met with particular provo

of one filling, and be confined cation that deprived them of rea

in prison for twelve calendar

months. fon (although that did not appear), the law would allow the jury, with the utmost steadiness and com,

Mr. England deported himself consistently with their oaths, to bring him in guilty of

manslaughter posure, was powdered, and dressed only. He left the whole cale to

in a genteel suit of black. the jury,--who withdrew for about half an hour, and returned with a verdict of not guilty as to the FINDING the HARE. murder, but guilty of manslaughter.

(See the annexed plate.) Mr. Justice Rook then addreffed the prisoner to the following ef

F the merits of this our third

O fect:

engraving on the subject of “ Richard England, after ha Hare-hunting, we forbear to comving been indicted of murder, you ment; being fully assured that the stand now, by the merciful verdict wonted liberality and discernment of the jury, convicted of the crime

which our

numerous subscribers of manslaughter. What the mo have at all times shewn in favour of tives were which induced them to so our earnest endeavours and unre. much lenity, it becomes not the mitting perseverance to please, tocourt to enquire. · Your offence, tally precludes the necessity of however, does not come before us any further observation on our under any such favourable circum



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276 The late Duel. Sporting Intelligence. THE LATE DUEL,

happen that I took away the life

of my friend, because a lady in To the Editors of the SPORTING company with him should happen MAGAZINE

to think herself incommoded by the GENTLEMEN,

feather worn by a lady in company

with me! I T may perhaps appear cruel to add any thing to what are

The truth is, gentlemen, that

no one gives balf-a-guinea at the likely to be the feelings of the

Opera-house to be posted all night Lady, the decorations of whose head produced such fatal conie

behind a bunch of feathers, which

however light and airy in their quences, between two such brave and cftimable inen as Major Sweet - motions, are not so delightful to man and Captain Wation: B. the fight as the no less airy mothe glaring impropriety of wear

tions of the light-heeled Hilligf

berg. ing such

enormous plumes of feathers at public spectacles, as

A cynical fellow once told me, muft interrupt the view of many

that feathers in a lady's head were others, required not this calamity

designed as emblemetical of its to induce ladies of sense to aban, levity. The plumage of peacocks don it.

and other gaudy birds is most Our swords, Gentlemen, are

beautiful on the tail. Nature, I always ready at the call of beau

believe, is never guilty of improty; but, mechinks, the ladies would priety; and I am sure this do well, to reterve those proofs of

rangement would be peculiary our courage to inore worthy occa

proper, if peacocks frequented fions, when virtue is traduced, or


FERDINAND weakness insulted. We have long been told that

Haymarket. there are classes of gay and moit

Feb. 16, 1796. good-natured fair ones, where higheft vanity is indulged when men fhali fight about tuem. Certainly,

SPORTING INTELLIGENCE. it is no small proof of superior loveliness, when valuable

BOXING. are ready to risk and sacrifice their lives in hopes to obtain some fa

FEMALE boxing match But is it just, or is it gene took place on Monday, near rous that our attachment to the the Elm Tree leading from fair should have no better reward Chelmsford to the Barracks: the than alienating our hearts by ad battle having been agreed upon hering to such follies as are alivays for several days previous, it besnares for our lives?

generally known, and LADIES ! All this may be sport number of persons, among whom for you, but let me entreat you to

several well-known amaconsider that it is at the same time teurs, attended. The combatants

met, and after several well-dealt A coquette may perhaps exclaim

blows, the eyes of one of them here What: a foldier and were closed. By this time the afraid! Yes, I confess very freely officers of juftice being apprised that I fear the torments of my of the matter, arrived; and so own reflections, if it fhould ever quick' were they in their ex



Feb. I.






death to us.

For regular

Sporting Intelligence.

277 ertions, that although one of them

OCCURRENCES. was endowed with the nimble

Jan. I. ness of a Bird, yet they secured.

At St. Michael's Collany, Norand caged her. The other by wich, was rung by a select comfome mysterious means made her pany, one thousand feven hunescape. The Bird has been fince dred and ninety-six changes of taken before a magiftrate, and that ingenious peal, called Norcommitted to the house of cor

wich Court Bob. rection, there to fing till the next

striking, the ingenuity of the quarter feflion.

peal, and, being the date of the

year, gave great satisfaction to all DUELLING.

judicious hearers who delight in A few days fince a duel was

that ingenious art. fought in a field near Redbridge, Hants, between Lieutenant Tho.

Jan. 22. mas Burgess, of the 12th regi

As Mr. Briggs, landlord of the ment and Lieutenant Kearnes of

Boatswain and Call, public house, the Soth.-Mr. B, received a pis.

Upnor Castle,

between tol shot in his hip, and languished drawing the charge of a fowling

Chatham and Sheerness, was in the greatest pain for fome days, when he expired. An inquest

-An inquest piece, having placed one hand was taken on the body before

incautiously on the muzzle end, Mr. Corbin, coroner, when a

and the lock being on the half respectable jury at Redbridge,

cock, the piece unfortunately went after a very minute and particu

off, and shattered his left hand in lar investigation of the circum a terrible manner, rendering imftance, returned a verdict of wil.

mediate amputation unavoidable, ful murder against M. Kearnes.

which was performed fome little above the wrist.


[blocks in formation]

Chathan, Feb. 1. The following fingular occurrence happened on Tuesday laft: as Mr. Shove, Surgeon, and Mr. Chalk, Grazier, of Queensborough, in the Isle of Sheppey, were returning home in a postchaise, when they arrived at the King's ferry, the horses were ta. ken out, while they were waiting to be taken into the large boat, the wind blowing very hard, a violent blast, on a sudden, forced the chaise into the itream, with the two gentlemen in it; they were carried away by the strength of the current, and would have been drowned, but for the waterman, who jumped into the small boat, went after them, and got to the chaife juft time enough to save their lives; he took them




Sporting Intelligence. our, but the chaise was carried away Capt. Snell, aid-de-camp to by the water, and has since been Prince William of Gloucester, found drove on shore.

put a period to his existence in the following manner :- This un

happy gentleman, 'who resided at

Feb. 6. Kensington, ordered his servant A 'butcher, of the name of to get his horse in readiness, as

of Tasburgh, his five he intended to take an airing, children, and a fervant, were bit which' being accomplished, as ten by a nad dog. No symptoms foon as he was mounted, he rode of wfection have yet appeared : into Hyde-Park, where he got off but the feelings and apprehenfion his horse, and told the servant to of the poor people are most me lead him towards Kensington; and lancholy. Several cats, pigs, &c. when the attendant left him, he were worried before the dog was sat down against the garden wall, killed.

and deliberately took from his

pocket a brace of pistols, and shor Feb. 16.

himself through the head. This One John Bottomley, a watch rash action is attributed to Capt. maker, at the Merry Carpenter, Snell's lofing a few hundreds at in Old street; eat twelve pounds a faro table the night before : of cod-fish for his dinner, with others say, it proceeded from a out any thing to help it down secret, though violent, affection but a pint of vinegar.

He was

for the Princess Sophia of Glouallowed twenty minutes, but fi cefter. nilhed it in seventeen; and the bargain was, that if he did the

Feb. 21. deed, the company should


As Mr. Wigley, of Wellsfor the fish, if not, he should pay

ftreet, Oxford - street, and Mr. for it himself It is remarkable Manton, of Davies-street, Berke. his appetite, in general, is very ley-square, were coming to town moderate ; but his craving for in a post chaise, and having been fish (faid to be occcafioned by the out an a shooting party, had their longings of his mother when with fowling-pieces loaded; they were child with him) is so great, that attacked on Hounslow Heath by foon after he had eat the above, five footpads, dressed like soldiers, he affirmed he could eat as much who presented pistols, and de

manded their money, when the gentlemen instantly discharged

their . pieces at the robbers, who As Walter Spencer, Esq. of fired leven pistols in return, but Brookead, Wilts, was with some without doing any injury, and other gentlemen following the then robbed the gentlemen of a hounds, his horse, in crossing watch, some money, and the two some ruts in full speed, fell, and fowling-pieces. rolled over him, by which unfortunate accident both his wrift A sparrow hawk lately struck a and ancle were dislocated, and sparrow in a gentleman's garden, his leg broken, but having im and was beginning to pluck the mediate and able assistance, feathers, but being disturbed, and hear he is in a fair way of reco

attempting to escape with his very

prey, flew into the summer-house:



Feb. 19.


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