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Experiments on Glandered Horses.




the mouth were continued every derable, the blood flowed to the two hours during the night.

head with such impetuosity, that The 26th, the same injections, it was impossible for me to preand a purging clyfter.

vent the consequences. The ani. The 27th, 28th, 29th, and 30th, mal died within twenty-four hours. the same treatment

was conti It was not opened. Four other nued; the falivation was abun. horses were subjected, in the course dant; but the stri&ture , in his of the same year, to the treatment jaws was taken off on the 28th. of mercurial frictions, but without

The 31st, the obstruction in the success. glands began to diminish; and the animal drank water with ni A large draft-horse, seven years tre diffolved in it.

old, suspected of having the glanThe 32d, the injections, and ders for 'fix weeks, and which had the nitrated drink, were conti. been previously under the care of need to the 40th.

common farrier, was brought The 41st, the running at the to the veterinary school, and nofrils had increased; but the treated as follows: fulness of the head and salivation, itt, He was blooded at the juwere less. The animal was left gular vein, received some emolquiet till the 46th day.

lient clyfters, and tasted nothing The 47th, I renewed the fric but white water during the space tions, in doses of an ounce; they of twenty-four hours. were continued to the 57th.

2dly, Voltaile alkali, or spirit of The 58th, the fulness of the sal-ammoniac, was given, mixed head took place again, and the with an infufion of angelica-root; falivation became copious. I re taking care to keep him well coduced both by the same means I vered in a

warm stable. This had before employed. The ob first dose quickened the circulastruction and salivation were tion, and increased the degree of fo confiderable in the English heat over the whole body, withhorse. After having left them out exciting perfpiration. The quiet for a month, I perceived next day I encreased the dose of that the glanders had increased alkali two drachms; still using the in malignity. I went on another infusion of angelica. The drink month, but without success. I was given at fix o'clock in the then caused the two animals to morning; at eight the pulse was be killed. The opening of the high; at ten the perspiration was nose exhibited, in a greater de perceptible; at twelve the sweat gree, the same savages I have so was copious, and continued till often mentioncd. The inside of fix o'clock at night. Two emolthe mouth was a little inflamed ; lient clyfters were given in the the excretory ducts of the fali. course of the night. His drink vary glands were increased in was just coloured with wheat fize.

bran. This treatment was ob. EXPERIMENT XI.

served for the three following A charger, nine years old, with weeks. At that period I discona fresh infection, was subjected to

tinued the drink for a week; but the same treatment as the two the clyfters were still given. The preceding ones. After the ele 25th day, the running had a little venth friction, the fulness of the diminished; but the lymphatic salivary glands became so confi glands were harder.



Experiments on Glandered Horses.





The 32d, the running was trifing; the matter began to be transparent.

"The 33d, I renewed the use of volatile alkali in the infufion of angelica, which produced only a small perspiration. On the same day, the nostrils were injected with a decoction of centaury, and gentian, to which was added a small quantity of vulnerary-water, and continued till the 44th. During all this time the sweats were fufficiently copious ; the urine in small quantity, and of a reddish tint; the excrements hard and dry, in spite of the daily use of

nollient clyfters and white water. As the animal was much wasted and appeared weak, I left him to himself till the 54th, when the injections were continued, but with lime-water.

The 62d, the running disappeared entirely. The injections were continued for a week ; at the end of which the medicines were discontinued. All this time, the cloths which covered the ani. mal were washed and shifted every day; the greatest cleanliness was also observed in every other respect. · At the end of a month, he was sent to grass in a low and marshy place ; but after months the glanders returned, and he was killed. I had no opportunity of opening him.

EXPERIMENT XIII. Four horses, of various ages, differently diseased with the glanders, were successively treated in the method juft described ; but without any success. The opening of the bodies presented nothing extraordinary.

ift, He was dieted for twentyfour hours, after which I made him take a dose, composed of fix drachms of aloes, two drachms of jalap, one drachm of sweet mercury, five drachms of nitre, incorporated in a sufficient quantity of honey. Two days after the purge, I made an incision in the chest ; in which I introduced half an ounce of corrosive sublimate, which

produced temporary choaking. The running (of a reddish serosity, which commonly takes place after such an operation) became very abundant in a few days, because the horse was fat and full of humours.

2dly, I caused him to swallow of liver of sulphur, half an ounce, incorporated with two ounces of honey; injections of lime-water were administered to him twice every day.

This treatment was adhered to for the space of fix weeks; at which time the running had almoft ceased. It seemed, that the evacuation of the humour by the chest had occasioned a fort of derivation, or revulsion. In place of the liver of sulphur, a bolus of balsam of turpentined sulphur was now given. It was continued for a month; at the end of which the horse had no running, and seemed to be well. He remained in that condition for two months, when the disease appeared again in a slight degree. The animal lived three years in the infirmary, where he served to carry out the bodies for diffection. He died of a consumption, the common confequence of inveterate glanders.

EXPERIMENT XV. I followed the treatment above mentioned with five other horses, without having the good fortune of curing one of them; the pare ticulars therefore do not deserve to be related, I have restored




A large Swiss horse, seven years old, employed in drawing boats on the river Rhone, having the confirmed glanders, was treated as follows:


Fortunate Release from a Tyger. many horses who were thought by regardless of danger, rushed upon fome to be glandered, because the monster with his hatchet, and they had no certain criterion for struck him twice. The beaft ascertaining the true glanders ; quitted his intended prey and but I will readily confess, that I retired growling into the woods. do not believe I ever fucceeded, The woman was brought in : her but in one instance, to a complete

head was hurt, but not dangercure of that disease, although no oufly; the received every poffible body, perhaps, has ever made. affiftance from the gentlemen of more attemps to attain it.

the faculty, and is at length perfe&tly recovered.

with SOON


Method of Hunting practised GENTLEMEN,



perusing an odd Number of your valuable and entertain

(Communicated by an American ing work, a few evenings ago,

Correspondent.) over my bottle, as is usual with me, I happened to fall in

SOON after the firft settlement the diftrefling circumstance of

the Spaniards at Buenos Hector Munro, which imme- | Ayres, they brought over a few diately brought to my recollec black cattle from Europe, which tion the following extraordinary increased prodigiously, by the accident, which happened some plenty of herbage they every time since at Midnapore, in the where met with, and are now inEaft-Indies; its authority may creased to that degree, and are may be depended upon, as it comes extended so far into different from a person of the greatest re parts of the country, that they fpectability in that quarter ; and are not considered as private proby the insertion of which you perty ; but many thousands at a will confer an obligation on, time are slaughtered every year

Gentlemen, by 'the hunters only for their Your's, &c. hides and tallow. The manner

of killing these cattle, being a

practice peculiar to that part of A POOR woman was carrying the world, merits a considerable dinner to her husband, who was description. The hunters employed in cutting of wood in ployed on this occasion being all a tape, about a mile from Mr. of them mounted on horse-back, Pearce's house; she was seized on (and both the Spaniards and Inthe way by a tyger. Her cries dians, in that part of the world, were heard by her husband, who are usually most excellent horseflew immediately to her affiftance: men,) they arm themselves with upon approaching the place, he a kind of spear, which, at its end, beheld his wife in the clutches of inftead of a blade fixed in the the dreadful animal, who had her usual manner, has its blade fixed head in his mouth, and was drag across; with this inftrument they ging her into the jungle. Almost ride at a beast and surround him, frantic at seeing her in so alarm when the hunter that comes being a fatuation, the honeft native, hind him ham-strings him; and





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Metired of Punting in Patagonia: as afver this operation the beat never fail of fixing the noose foon tumbles, without being able about his horns. The beast, when to raise himself again, they leave

he finds himself entangled, genehim on the ground, and purfue rally runs; but the horse, being others, whom they serve in the swifter attends him, and prevents fame manner. Sometimes there the thong from being too much is a second party, who attend the ftrained, till a second hunter, who hunters, to skin the cattle as they follows the game, throws another fall; but it is said that, at other noose about one of his hind legs: times, the hunters . chuse to let and this being done, both horses them languish in torment till the (for they are trained for this pracnext day, from an opinion that tice) instantly

different the anguish, which the animal in ways, in order to ftrain the two the mean times endures, may borft thongs in contrary directions ; the lymphatics, and thereby fa on which the beast, by their opcilitate the separation of the kin pofite pulls, is presently overfrom the carcase; and though thrown, and then the horses stop, their priest have loudly con keeping the beast ftill upou the demned this moft barbarous, prac ftretch. Being thus on the ground, tice, and have gone so far as to and incapable of resistance (for excommunicate those who follow he is extended between the two it, yet all their efforts to put an horfes), the hunters alight, and entire ftop, to it have hitherto secure him in such a manner, that proved ineflectual.

they afterwards eafily convey him Besides the number of cattle to whatever place they please. which are every year slaughtered They in like manner noofe horses; for their hides and tallow, in the and, as it is said, even tygers : manner already described, it is and however strange this last ciroften necessary, for the uses of cumstance may appear, there are agriculture, and for other pur. not wanting persons of credit who poses, to take them alive, with affert it. Indeed, it must be out wounding them: this is per owned, that the address both of formed with a moft wonderful the Spaniards and Indians, in that and almost incredible dexterity, part of the world, in the ufe of and principally by the use of a the lash or noofe, and the cer. machine, which the English, who tainty with which they throw it, have resided at Buenos Ayres, and fix it on any intended part of generally denominate à lafhi It the beast, at a considerable dif. is made of a thong of several fa tance, are matters only to be bethoms in length, and very strong, lieved from the repeated and con and with a running noose at one current testimony of all who have end of it; this the hunters' (who frequented that country,

and in this case are also mounted on might reasonably be queftioned, horseback) take in their right did it rely on a single report; or hand, it being first properly coiled had it been ever contradicted or up, and having its end opposite denied by any one who had reto che noofe faltened to the fad. fided at Buenos Ayres. dle; and thus prepared, they ride The cartie which are killed in at a herd of cattle. When they this manner, are slaughtered only arrive within a certain distance of for their hides and allow, to a beast, they throw their thong at which fometimes are added their him with such exactness, that they tongues ;

tongues; but the rest of their VOL. VII. No. XLI,





Account of the Public Games of Greece. flesh is left to putrify, or to be themselves fat and' Aleshy, that fo devoured by the birds and wild they might be better able to enbeasts. The greatest part of the dure blows, whence corpulent carrion falls to the share of the

men or women were ufually called wild dogs, of which there are pugiles. immense numbers to be found in In the exercise of wrestling, the that country.

combatants endeavoured to throw each other down. At firft they

contended only with ftrength of To the EDITORS of the SPORTING body ; but Theseus invented the MAGAZINE.

art of wrestling whereby men GentLEMEN,

were enabled to throw down those

who were far fuperior to them in VOUR. very flattering acknow. YE

strength. In later ages, they neledgment of my communi

encountered till all their cation, in your last month's Ma

joints and members had been gazine, has induced me to send

foundly rubbed, fomented, and you a continuation agreeable to

suppled with oil, whereby all promise. My last, I believe, closed with a description of the

ftrains were prevented. The vicQuoit used by the ancients; I

tory was adjuged to him that shall therefore pursue my course

gave his antagonist three falls,

which is fufficiently proved by with a few prefatory, remarks on the exercises of boxing and wreft having challenged the whole af

the epigram upon Milo, who, ling, previous to entering more

sembly, and finding none that fully into an account of the four

would venture to encounter him, public Games of Greece.

claimed the crown, but, as he Boxing was sometimes performed by combatants having in

was going to receive it, unfortu

nately fell down, whereupon the their hands balls of stone or lead. At first their hands and arms were

people cried out, that he had for

feited the prize ; then Milo naked and unguarded, but afterwards surrounded with tongs of

Arose, and, standing in the midst, thus

cry'd, leather, called ceftus, which at the " One single fall cannot the prize decide, first were short, reaching no high " And who is here can throw me t'other er than the wrists, but in course of time were enlarged, and carried But of wrestling there were two up to the elbow, and sometimes forts, viz. the one which is alas high as the shoulders; they at ready described, and another, length came to be used not only where the combatants used voas defensive arms, but to annoy luntarily throw themselves the enemy, being filled with down, and continued the fight plummets of lead and iron to add upon the ground, by pinching, force to the blows. The ceftus biting, scratching, and other vawas very ancient, being invented rious ways of annoying their adby Amycus, king of the Bebry- versary, whereby it often came to cians, who

was cotemperary with pass, that the weaker combatant, the Argonauts, as we are informed who would never have been able by Clements of Alexandria. to throw his antagonist, obtained Those that prepared themselves the victory, and forced him to for this exercise, used all means yield; for in this exercise, as in they could contrive to render boxing also, the victory was never




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