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Sporting Intelligence. Last week, a private belonging Mrs. Isabella Bampton, who to the Essex Cavalry, hung himself lately died at Middleton, was aged with a bridle in a fable in Horse

It was her constant boast street, in this place.

that she knew old Macklin four score

and ten years. January 16. The Duke of Bed. ford was thrown from his horse at The inhabitants of Windsor have Marstonthrift, Bedfordshire. His been much alarmed by the appearGrace received only a slight bruise; ance of a mad dog, belonging to a but he left the hunt, and returned baker at Eton, which ran through to Wooburn-abbey. The company the town, biting several people in pursued the hunt, and the fox his passage. The circumstance is was not taken till they came near the more to be lamented, as this is Wellingborough. The hounds did the second of the same kind which not return to Wooburn till between

have happened at Windsor, within cight and nine o'clock at night. these few' weeks, when several

perfons as well as dogs, were

bitten. In the beginning of this month died William Fowler, well known in the town and neighbourhood of Sheffield, as a driver of Mr. Nicholson's machine (of Cawood) December the 26th, during the from York to Sheffield, and back

market at Haverfordwest, the peoagain. He travelled for thirty- ple were much surprised by the ap seven years fucceffively without pearance of a fox, closely pursued having all that time met with any by the hounds and gentlemen of illness to obstruct his journies, till Lambston Hunt. Poor Reynard, the cold which he caught of late, after running through two or three and which proved fatal. In one streets, got a retreat from the dogs week, he must have travelled 244 by leaping uphurt, though almost miles, in one year 12,668, and spent, through a in the whole thirty-seven years, parlour window of Mr. Perkins, 469,456 miles.

High-street, where he was immediately secured for another day's

sport. A few days ago a man who had the appearance of a labourer, was

BATH, Dec. 29. found strangled in a field

Wm. Hall, of this city, underCamberwell, in Surrey. It ap took to run against John Thomas, peared that he had stolen a sheep, a noted Wellman, for a wager of the hind legs of which he had twenty-five guineas a-fide, from the tied together and put them over Old Bridge, in Bath, to Temple his forehead, in order to carry it Gate, Bristol, (12 miles) which away, but it is thought that in was won by the latter, by about getting over the gate, the sheep seven minutes; he run the ground, ftruggled, and by a sudden spring notwithstanding the badness of the flipt his feet down to his throat; weather, in an hour and twenty-two for in that posture they were minutes ! found, the animal hanging on one Last week, a couple of equeffide of the gate, and the dead man trians started from the infirmary, on the other.

in this town, to go twenty miles


pane in the


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Dec. 30.

Sporting Intelligence.

219 for a wager of eighty guineas :-) big with lamb, the property of but, sorry are we to add, fo vio Mr. Mullins, of Henstridge, in lent were the exertions of one of the county of Somerset, the riders, in driving the animal found dead in the field, occafioned, beyond its natural speed, that, as it is supposed, by her falling after going a few miles, it dropped into a trench: on opening her, down and died upon the spot.


found to con:ain fix

lambs, all perfectly formed, but A bay mare, of Mr. Byron's, materially differing in size and trotted 'from York-house, in this maturity; one of the couples was place to the Bush tavern, Bristol, in as large as lambs usually are at less than forty-nine minutes, for the time of falling, and covered 100 guineas, carrying 13ft.

with wool, the second couple was A iweepstakes of twenty guineas smaller, and without wool, and each, one two-mile heat, was run the third appeared about half on Thursday, December 31, on

grown: probably, therefore, the Lansdown, near this city, between effect of the three distinct concepCaptain Thornhill's b. h. Mur

tions. cutio, Captain Nesbitt's b. m. and Mr. 's b. g.. Won with ease

There are now in the poffeffion by Mercutio. A match for one

of a gentleman in Glasgow, a pair hundred guineas, one four-mile heat, was afterwards run betwixt

of canary birds, which have had Mercutio and the bay mare.

young ones within these few weeks,

The horse to beat her a distance, which

being no less than their seventh

brood since April laft. Their last he likewise did with ease.

brood, conGfting of three in HORSHAM

number, were hatched the 23d of

October last, and were killed by The ringers, on the last new year's eve, at half after eleven, P.

the succeeding frost; the present M. began a peal of 5040, grandfire brood, consisting of three in numtriples, and compleated the same ber, are flying about, and are in three hours and one minute as

strong, healthy birds. under : Alexander Luxford, Treble

A publican, in Chester, has Anthony Lintutt

caused the following elegant comEdward Aldridge

potition to be put up over the fire. Richard Dounes Henry Weller

place in his club-room : Thomas Jones

“ No politic language is here the fort, Thomas Bristow

66 He that begins it forfeits a quart; William Oakes Tenor.

" King George's rights let us maintain, The bobs were called by An

« And love and friendthip long remain;

He that refuses is to blame !" thony Linton. The Horsham ringers, for several years past have amused themselves with ringing the old year out, and the

At the ferjeants (law) feast, in new one in.

the 23d of Henry the 8th, at Ely

House, on the roth of NovemSHERBORNE, Jan. 8. ber, the company (which was The following curious and ex deemed a jolly one) clevoured 24 traordinary circumstance occurred large beeves, 100 fat Meep, 51 during the last week. An ewe calves, 34 swine, gr pigs, and 37





Ee 2


a tun.




Sporting Intelligence. dozen of pigeons ;-belides drink she directed her body to be buried ing an immense quantity of claret, in Jerusalem, and twelve Jews, of an extraordinary quality, for it who to accompany it, to cost the entertainers seven pounds have 400l. each for their trouble

-two on departure, and the other

two on their return to England, John Hewitt has been committed after executing their commifion. to Nottingham gaol, on a charge This will is to be literally obey of stealing from Wm. Wheatley ed, and the body is now ready three haliers; it is probable he will for departure, with all its funeral Pere long, be presented with a fourth, as it has fince appeared that he is a notorious horse-stealer,

A fine four-year old bull was last

week killed at Cardigan, each At a hamlet, called Portway, quarter of which weighed 3561b. in the county of Stafford, are now besides 12lb. of tallozu, which residing a pair, the husband up was taken from the hind quarters. wards of a hundred years of age, It was universally allowed to be and the wife more than nine y, the finest of the kind ever seen at They have been married more than that place, and was fed at Blaenpant, feventy years, and have fix fons, all the seat of W. 0. Brigstoke, Esq. now living

The removal of an old chest, a The present mild and humid few days ago,

a respectable

weather is extremely unfavourable farm-house in Denbighthire, pro to horses, many of which have duced a hint which may be use

been lately attacked with diseases ful to the sagacious fraternity of of a very malignant nature. misers-a fortunate jerk, in removing it to a new situation,

January 17th, Major Rooke, for fhook out of one of its worm a bet of one hundred guineas, eaten feet, near a dozen emacia

drove a whiskey and pair from ted guineas, of different reigns, Temple-gate, Bristol, to Salt-street, from Charles II. to George I. which Bath, a distance of rather have hitherto been artfully confined than twelve miles in forty-seven (in a hole in the bottom, visible minutes. He was allowed fifty to only when the chest was on its fide) perform it in. Near Keyntham, by a slide; but Time, that arch one of the traces breke, which informer, has brought " the bid. hindered him near a minute and a den things of darkness into light," half in repairing. to the surprise and satisfaction of the finder; it is rumoured, how A few days ago, the servant of ever, that the neighbourhood has a Mr. Quested, at Broughton Lees, been much disturbed ever since by in Kent, for a wager of lix guineas, the groans of the ancient poffesors, undertook to carry a sack of wheat, occafioned (no doubt) by this weighing iwo hundred and a half, fudden and unexpected eje&tment one mile, in twenty minutes; he

won the stake, with apparent eale,

in nineteen minutes. A Jewefs, of St. Mary Axe, who died lately, made a fingular will;




of his soul!

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For thy sword and thy bow, 1 care not a

Nor all thy arrows to boot,
If thou gets a knock upon the bare scop
Thoul't nut be inclin'd to shoot.

I país not for length I'd have thee to know,

My faff is of oak so free-
Eight foot and half-it will knock down a

And I hope it will knock down thee.


The daisy a carpet makes for our fine hall,

And our roof is the greenwood tree,
In town let 'em wear filk hose,
And gold on their Sunday clothes ;
Our deer, every day of the week,
Wears 1 doublet brown and Neek;
The ram has a coat most rough,
But cold does he look in his buff,
And that's when his back is shorn,

Let the bow cry twang

Twang dillo go lang, Then sweet sounds the bugle horn. We take from the rich and we give to the

poor, And we feast on the well fatted deer: Our business is game, of our game we are

sure, As our table does make it appear. Our merry men all are fout and bold,

And thus are they chosen d've see; The man that's not able our fides to bafte,

Comes not in our company.

I AM a friar of orders grey,
And down the vallies I take my way:
I pull not blackberry, baw or hip,
Good store of venison does fill my fcrip..
My long bead roll I merrily chaunt,
Wherever I walk no money I want ;
And why I'm so plump ihe reason I'll telle
Who leads a good life is sure to live well.

What Baron or Squire,
Or Knight of the Shire,

Live's half fo well as a holy Friar.'
Myself by denial I mortify-
With a dainty bit of a warden pie :
I'm cloath'd in sackcloth for my fin;
With old sack wine I'mlin'd within :
A chirping cup is my matin song,
And the vesper's bell is my bowl ding

What Baron, or Squire, &c.


In town let 'em wear, &c.

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(From the Old Ballad.) WHY who art thou, thou fierce fellow,

That rangest so boldly here? In footh to be brief, thou look’st like a

thief, That comes to steal our king's deer,

A BEGGAR I am, and of low degree, For I'm come of a begging family ; I'm lame, but when in fighting bout, I whip off my leg and I fight it out;

P 0 E T RY.

Io running, I leave the beadle hehind,
And a lass I can see, tho? alas! I am blind;
Thro' town and village I gaily jog,
My music the bell of my little dog.

I'm cloath'd in rags,
I'm hung with bags,
That around me wags;
I've a tag for my salt,
A bag for my malt,

A bag for the leg of a goole;
For my oats
For my groats a bag,

And a bottle to hold my booze.
It's now, heaven blets you for your

charity, And then push the can about, ful

de rol de 'ree. In begging a farthing I am poor and old, In spending a noble I'm and bold; When a brave full company I see, It's “ my noble matters, your charity”. But when a traveller I meet alone, “ Stand and deliver, or I knock you down." All day for a wandering mumper / pass, All night-Oh : barn and a buxom lass.

I'm cloathed, &c.

To fume and sweat whene'er he went

abroad, But that the loss of ope-and-twenty shil

lings Gone to commissioners, from whose dread

bourn No fhillings e'er returns; puzzles the will And makes us rather bear unpowder'd locks Than fly to powder with a heavy loss. Thus licenses make cowards of us all. And thus the lively hue of whiten'd nobs Iš blacken'd o'er by this cursed powder

And many a Jaley, Grizzie, Bob, and

With this regard, pomatum turn aside,
And lose the name of puwder.


a bag,



, luis


'HUS spake the Butcher, in leis hand

the blade, The Hog upon the treffel screaming laid : "I wilh my hat were in your gullet

ramm'd! Lie ftill, and have your throat cut, and be

Id-mn'd, "You're but a Hug. · Sure by the coil you

• keep, " You think yourself as good as any sheep! Bleed quietly, and cease that frightful

« bawl; 'Tis faction and sodition makes you fquall : . Shall Hogs pretend to any rigbts at all?'



pay, or not to pay that is the

queition. Whether 'tis better in the mind to suffer The laughs and quizzes of the powder'd

pates; Or to take arms against so many troubles, And by a guinea end them ? --To pay-to

puff No more-and hy that puff to say we end The heart-ache, and the thousand natural

Thucks We elle must meet with 'Tis a consum.

mation Most deaily to be earn’d.--To pay-to

puff, To puff? But then to pay, aye, there's the

rub, For in the day we pay, what dreams may

come, When we have shuffled off our golden

piece, Must give us pause. There's the respect That makes black perriwigs of such dura

F history tells truth, and who can doubt

iti For of truths past we should know none

without it; Near Dublin's famous town, or city if you

please, For This or that's pronounced with equal

care, A house was kept by Doctor Sheridan, As ple fant as the Bullat Meriden;

And it was Quilca call’d,

By wits and hards extoll’d, Where Swist often chas'd the swiít' hours,

away, With arch vivid satire, in humorous lay ; And Boyle, who off' with flow of soul

hoil'd over, The end of science chew'd, as cows chew clover!



For who would bear the quips and scorns

of ladies, The port of bucks, the proud man's con

tumely? Fun of despised frizeurs, the hoots of boys, The insolence of powder, and the spurnis Unpowder'd faleys of the powdered get?

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