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Recipes for the Bite of Mad Dogs, &c.

195 Laponne; by him it was

repeat this every twenty-four hours. mended to the comptroller-gene- Then dress the wound with a fup. ral, who appointed Monsieur purative ointment, or the oil of Blais, physician of the province, basilicon. But if any other vintto try the effects of this recipe in ment is applied, it ought to have various stages of the disease, on the mild qualities recited. Apply some of the inhabitants of the this dressing twice a day, and wash Maconnois, who had been bitten the wound clean with salt-water, by a, mad wolf. “It proved infallible lue warm. in the cure of the disease. The

It is neceffary to keep the body mode prescribed for the cure is as open by daily clysters, and mix in follows:

them a large spoonful of honey, and If the person bit is of an heal two spoonfuls of vinegar, to prethy, fanguine conftitution, and vent a falivation; besides, every signs of madness have appeared, fourth or fifth day a gentle purge, immediately order a clyfter or two and a vomit occasionally. to cleanse the prima via. Atter The patient may take, every which, let the patient be bled once morning and evening, a table spoonor twice in the arm or foot, then ful of wine, with twenty-four or let his feet be bathed evening and twenty-five drops of eau-de-luce in morning an hour in warm water; it ; if this should agitate the spirits indeed if the whole body was too much, give a less quantity. If plunged into luke-warm water, it the patient is inclined to perspire, would be more useful.

encourage it, (but not by any un. Afterwards, wash the wound with common heat,) and decline the eauwater lue-warm, after having fung de-luce. a great quantity of sea-falt into it; The following bolus is to be this must be attended to strictly, administered daily : tour ounces particlularly at first, and it should be of camphire, two grains of musk, continued whilft the wound wants fix grains of powdered nitre, incleansing.

corporated in a little honey. In If the wound is large, the filesh case the patient is restless, a sleepy much torn and ragged, or bruised, draught may be given, but noc in such cases, make deep scarifica- repeated. tions, in order to clear the wound The drink for the patient of those pieces of foul flesh; bathe should be frequently of an infuthe wound immediately after with Gou made froin the Aowers of the falt-water, lue-warm, but if fal linden-tree, or of the leaves of almoniac can be procured, and the orange-tree, sweetened with diluted in water, it would be pre honey tharpened with little ferable.

vinegar. If any domestic animal Mould be In case a person should tave bit, instead of scarifying, burn the been bir for some time, and no care wound with a red-hot iron's this taken, when he refuses to drink, practice, even for the human spe- then administer a clyster made of cies, is much preferable, only ine the above boius, diluted in the operation is more painful.

above infusion every three or four After the above operations have hours, Make use also of the been performed, auoint Nighiiy fleepy draught for a clyfter, as the wound round the edges with a well as of the infufion Tweetened mercurial unguent, or pomatum; with honey, and the

BD 2





Extempore. -On a Young Lady.
If the patient cannot fwallow the To ike EDITORS of the SPORT

TING purgative powder, substitute it in.



HAVE not plagued should be by no means heating, wherefore the vegetable kinds are of the following in your next. preferred. Milks of all kinds are

EXTEMPOR E to a Gentleman and his detrimental. This regimen must

Brother, inviting them to the Confebe attended to until the wound is

cration of a YEOMAN STANDARD, perfectly healed.

and a subsequent Ball, Dec. 31, The mercurial friction round the

1795. lips of the wound: the bolus antis ob Pro aris er focis." MILITIA MOTTO. pasmodic; the drink, with the eau For our religion and, the purges as above re

" For hares and foxes.". cited, must be continued a full

CANST thou, dear Richard ! quit tlie onth to secure the patient from

scented field, any relaspe, and even longer, if

With all the sport, thick wood and Cotes- : the wound is deep.

wolds yield? Notwithstanding the above


Canft ihou resign the softly-faid "loho!''

And more enchanting din ofa" tallio ?” rations, if the wound does not heal

Reinthen thy courser to our field of Mars, kindly, then let the patient take, A field, indeed, of pleasure, not of scars ; for several successive days, every Yet by this field your rural sports thall two hours, three large spoonfuls live, of a decoction made from the

And all the sweets* that laws with free

dom give : Jefuit's bark. But if a heaviness,

+Maneroe's snowy arm theftaff will bear, a melancholy, or langour of

And raise the new-born standard in the air. Spirits should attend the patient, But ah! forbear to iruft thy am'rous eyes (a cafe which frequently happens,)

In her sweet face, lurk Cupids in disguise.

Come, with good will, our pageant rites then let the patient have three

to see, doses of Jefuit's bark, in powder,

And take your tweedle-Jum and tweedle. every day for eight or ten days

dee; successively.

We'll shew you maids, wives, widows, The burning caustic should be (lovely belles !) applied to the wounds of all do

One saje-. Il tizes, 'Gemmen !-pleale

yourselves. mestic animals, then the lotions;

See with what elegance they talk the but treble the frictions of the

room! mercurial ointment; also, liquid

From Afric's plumage sodding rich per

funie. turpentine. Let the animal drink

Indeed we cannot rouse you hares and often of honey-water, sharpened

foxes, with vinegar; give likewise the

But surely better fare are pretty doxes. purgatives; the animal fould be kept separate from any of his spe. On the approaching Nuptials of a cies, ta least six weeks.

Young Lady, with a Mr Grey,

found in a very old Manuscript. Note. Animals which have With all the blooming sweetness in thg strong signs of madness apparent,

face, not worthy of attention.

With beauty, radiant as the god of day.

With active limbs-shape-elegance, and The expence, as well as danger

grace, of attempting a cure, being con With all these tests of youth--thoul't liderable."

foon be GREY, * Vide the above motto t Miss Blank




Arrival of Mr. Spillard.

197 Gentlemen, I have just read your For a more full and accurate ac. last Number, and am well pleased count of this gentleman's pedestrian with a letter on Fox-hunting, end-performances, we refer our readers ing with bag-foxes. Now, Gen

to vol. 5. p. 29 tlemen, I wili to say (though I Mr. Spillard, in attempting to get like that sport with harriers), that to England, has unfortunately been I often attend several neighbours twice captured by French privaa who turn such out (no fox-hounds teers, out of Charlestown, and near our hills being kept); but an stripped of every thing valuable illiberal custom prevails, which I about him; but had the good fornever allowed, of collecting of tune to save his journals and notes, every one half a crown.- Enor. which are intended fhortly for pub. mous ! as thirty or forty horsemen licarion.-He came to England in are often out; and, as a liberality, his Majesty's fhip the Thisbe, should ever at:end masters of through the recommendation of hounds, all denominations of at his royal highness Prince Edward, tendants, 'squires, clergy, farmers, at Halifax, Mould give what they please, or give not.

It has been suspected, 1ometimes, that this deposit is suf

ExpeRIMENTS on GLANDERED ficient to pay the purchase, as well

HORSES, made by the late M. as huntsman's fees. My neigh

the Veterinary bouring curate, though fond of

School, at Lyons. Extracted from hunting, is so drained by this ex

the Works of that ingenious Proaction, that, poor fellow! he now

felor. 1 comes on foot. I am, Gentlemen, Your's, &c.


S the efficacy of Æthiop's miCAPT. SNUG.

neral and periwinkle, in the

glanders, hac been much spoken Fairy Camp,

of, I embraced the first opportuJan. 11, 1796.

nity to make trial of the virtue of each.

Three hackney coach - horses,

eight, nine, and eleven years old, Mr. SPILLARD, the celebrated

affected with the glanders nearly in Pedestrian Traveller.

the same degree, were treated in the

following manner :BOUT the middle of last A

ist, they were all three prepared month arrived in London, for evacuation, with white water from Halifax, in Nova Scotia, / and emollient clyfters : a purge Mr. Spillard, the celebrated per was then given them, composed of destrian traveller.

one ounce of aloes, two drams of This fingular character has been sweet mercury, two ditto of jalap, out near twelve years, and has wo ditto of cream of tartar; the travelled on foot, during that time, whole mixed with honey. The the distance of fixty-nine thousand next day they evacuated pretty miles and upwards; through all well. Europe, a great part of Asiatic The 34 day, they took one Turkey, throngh Barbary, up to ounce of Æthiop's mineral, and Macquinez and Fez, in Morocco, one ounce of powder of periand through the Arabs country. winkle,




Experiments on Glandered Horses. The 4th, they were trepanned at all. They seemed very dull, on one side; the cavities of the nauseated their food, and more head were injected with vulnerary changed than usual. I ascribed water; the Æthiop's mineral, atid those symptoms to inflammation in periwinkle powder, was continued the stomach and intestines, occaio all the three, to the 10th day; fioned by the use of the medicines. and the injection was the same as In consequence of this, I left them on the 4th.

quiet till the 58th day. The 11th, the purge was admi On the both, I renewed the use nistered, as before-mentioned. of Æthiop's and periwinkle ; which The 12th, they purged very

was continued to the 70th. At the well.

end of that time, the glanders apThe 13th and 14th, all medicine peared to me to be incurable in the was fufpended, except the injec- two last; they therefore were killed. tion.

On opening their nostrils, I discoThe 15th, they returned to the vered nothing new: the pituitary use of Æthiop's and periwinkle.- membrane was ulcerated, as in The course of medicine was the same most of those I had already opentill the end of the 24th day. ed: the pleura and the lungs seemed

The 25th and 261h, no medicines to be fenfibly inflamed the inwere administered; but white wa flammation was greater in the vil. ters and clyfters were given. Al lous membrane of the stomach, in that period, the running of matter the pilorus, and the smaller intef. was diminished in one; but it was cines. The first horse seemed to be increased in the two others.

in a fair



recovery: the matThe 27th, they took the usual ter was transparent, and in small medicine.

quantity : I soon found means to The 28th, they purged rather too suppress the running altogether, by much.

injections, of prime lime - water. The 29th, they seemed dejected,

The usual medicines were conti«lull, and disyufted with food. I nued till the 96:h. The next day, therefore fufpended all operations the Æthiop's and periwinkle were till the 35th, when I repeated the discontinued ; but the animal was injections.

still purged three times in the space On the 36th, the appetite came of a month. I then returned him again.

to his master, seemingly in very On the 37th, the Æthiop', peri, good health ; but he sent him back winkle, and injection, were conti. to me at the end of two months, nued, to the 45th. The 46th and with every appearance of the glan47th, I left them quiet. The run ders. I renewed the former treatning diminished sensibly in the first; ment for the space of fix weeks, to it had even disappeared for three no purpose. The animal was then dav: ; but it continued still, in the killed and opened: I discovered two others. The lymphatic glands many cankers in the pituitary memwere in the same degree of ful-brane, and found that many had ness.

been cicatrized by means of the The 48th, the medicine was given injections. If, as I had reason to them; but the jalap was omitted, in think, all those which now appeared order to substitute in its place three were new ones, it proves that the drams of nitre.

seat of the glanders is not local, but The 49th, one of the three purgo exifts generally in the mass of hued very little s the other two, not mours.





The Longing Widow.


Curate. Get married by all means! Four fine cart-borses, having

Widow. But then

Curate. What then! caught the glanders on the road from Nismes to Lyons,

Widow. Suppose, (and it is noc brought to the vererinary school.

at all unlikely) he should get great I put them upon the same treat

with some of my maids ?

Curate. ment as I have just described, with

Do not get married by out obtaining better fuccefs. They

any means were killed at the expiration of two The poor widow rendered more months. The dissection of their uncertain than ever by these du. bodies furnished nothing deserving bious responses, begged his deciof notice.

five answer. He (that nothing (To be continued.)

might be left to hazard in so deli cate a point) desired her to con

fult the bells, which were then The LONGING Widow.

ringing. In doing this, the heard,

or thought me heard them, incer. A common Cafe.

santiy repeat, (there being five HOW

W feldorn do we profit by bells) -- diarry thy nan, John !

advice, but when it coin Marry thy nian, John She cides with our own prepoffeflions, accordingly married John, and soon or prejudice !

had cause to repent of her bargain, A buxom widow was seized with as Joho was fond of fjrort, he frea violent longing for the re-enjoy-quently went out a poaching on ment of the comforts of matrid other people's premises. The old mony; and John, her trusty fer woman fufpecting fome clandeftine vant, was the happy object of her proceedings, watched his haunts, choice. To satisfy her doubts, which the one night discovered! however, as to the propriety of --Now, gentle rearler, don't let this step, the resolved to consult your ideas run too fast, or very the Curate of the parishi, between probably you may find yourself at whom the following pertinent con- fault, or thrown out, - but what verfation paffed.

did the discover, you may say?--Widow, d'oubtingly. I am Be calm, and I'll quickly discover too old to enter once more into the the discovery that the old damsel holy bands of wedlock.

had discovered, which was neither Curate. Get married.

more nor less, than John being Widow, modestly. People may in ambush with Lucy, the waiting say, perhaps, that my spouse is mard; he was foon unkennelled, and much too young for me.

the old woman ran away, open. Curate. Then do not marry. mouthed, in full cry to the Cutate :

Widow, longingly. Yet he would " How," (cried the to the Case help me to manage my farm. rate, among other reproaches) Curate. Marry him.

"could you leave me to fo falliWidow. I am afraid, however, cious an oracle as the bells ?"left he ilould despise me.

6. You milunderstood them," re. Curate. Do not marry then. plied the pricftz “ Listen to them

Widow. People on all hands once more!-- Well, what do they rake advantage, and impose upon a say now ???--Ah! they speak truth, fioo! forlorn widow.

now; Oh! that they liad done to


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