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Sporting Intelligence. His Royal Highness the Prince and chickens, belonging to Mr. of Wales has entered into an C. Rider, of the Spital, pursued agreement for the occupation of them through two stables, into a the Grange in Hampshire, late third, where this hungry bird was the seat of Henry Drummond, made to pay dear for his temerity, Esq. This convenient and ele- for being observed, the door was gant house completely furnished, fhut upon him, and he was taken with a park stocked with deer, alive. and every article necessary for a princely residence, is let for a less The game laws are about to be fum than one thousand per an. altered, as far as relate to the num. The fpot is admirably cai. period of beginning to kill game; culated for the exercise of hofpi. thus grouse and black game 20th tality, without treaching upon instead of August 12 ; partridges that frugal system which His 20th instead of September i ; Royal Highness intends to adopt. and hares not to be killed from It is but a few miles removed the ift of March to the ift of from the great Portsmouth Road, September.

The Prince of Wales pay's 506ol, for the stock, fixtures, and The ambiguity of the game stores, at the Grange; the beer laws, reminds us of the story of alone is estimated at gool. fo the fox. -The lion once published good a stock of that British beve., an edict, that all the horned beasts rage had the late Mr. Drummond Mould instantly depart the court, in his cellars, and that of the first ! (who by the bye are always great quality and age.

favourites at every court) an old

friend met Mr. Reynard in full Gloucester, Dec. 18. A more

speed, as if a pack of bounds curious circumstance than the

were at his heels. He infifted on following, has not for a long time knowing the reason. Why, fa id occurred: A gentleman taking of the proclamation ? Aye, quoth

the fox, have you not heard the personal estate of a great aunt in this neighbourhood, found,

the other, but that is only directed

No amongst her papers, thirty Irish / against the horned class. Lottery Tickets. As he looked

inatter, said the fox, how do I upon them of no ute, they were

know, but some artful lawyer. left amongst a parcel of waste

might infift on it, that my cars

are horns. paper. Happening to mention the circumstance to a friend, he was advised by him to examine

A scholar of the University of the register, and found among

Leyden, has constructed an authem iwo prizes of sool, one of

tomaton figure, which is consider

It 1001, two of 5ol. and three of 701. ably superior to any other.

has been exhibired before the

Grand Duke of Tuscany, and Brighton, Dec 23. To the in the facility with which it plays stances given in our last of the at chess, befdes writing whatever more than ordinary rapacity of is dictated to it by the specta'ors, hawks, may be added the follow is much admised. The G and ing, which happened here one Duke, to enable the inventor to dav last week :- A falcon, of the pursue his studies, has fetiled a leffer kind, after alarming a hen penfion upon him.


Sporting Intelligence.

163 The late Ashdown courfing 9555, drawn a prize of 20,000l. meeting in Berkshire, was nume Admiral Affleck is no ways forrously attended. Miss Pickering tunate in

the lottery.

-The attended with her string of grey-15,000l. prize, falls to Mr. Larrat, hounds, and was successful in le at Uppinghani, and Mr. Hotchkin veral of her matches. Every of South Luffenham, hack in Oxford was present on this occafion.

An improvement of a very

pleasant nature has been recomThe ci-devant Lady Ligonier, mended to the Postmasters.Genenow felf-entitled Lady Brown, ral. The preftot coaches in the is become a regular inhabitant of winter months, are dark within. South-end Baths, in Essex, with from eight in the evening, until no less than five immense New-cight the next morning, and carry foundland dogs in her domestic but four passengers.

As a corsuite,

rective to this situation, a lix.

wheeled coach, of three feet each, The ladies faro bank are not so to carry twelve insides, is to be inuch frequented as heretofore, the substitute, with a light withconsequently the splendours of in. Besides the cheerfulness of a their proprietors will diminish light, they will travel equally exThey complain terribly of the peditious, and in a distance of one war; and that they are not only hundred miles, fave eighty horses, deserted by volunteers, but are not at ten mile ftages. able to press a single man into their service! As most of the All the fashionable carriages dames are veterans, they must are now painted yellow, with content themselves upon, black or scarlet wheels. Phaetons and retire before they are superare quite out, and curricles as annuated.

plenty as hackney Coaches, Lately, a hawk pursuing a lark An experimental waggon will near Cheltenham, between the foon make its appearance; it is Well and Fauconberg-hoose, took to have eight wheels, each three refuge in 4 Swell's neckcloth, feet high, with oil boxes. It is who secured it, and presented it judged chat, in a journey of one to the lady with whom he was hundred miles, by the reduction walking; but not without some of concullion, 5 per cent. will be danger to his eyes and nose, by saved in the undamage of the the ravenous bird actually knock goods, a circumstance of great ing off his hat, and injuring, one national advantage. of his cheeks with its claws. The lark is now in the pofleffion The nest of a robin has been of Mr. Watson, the manager of found in the neighbourhood of the theatre there.

Chester, with four eggs; a fine

gular circumstance at this time Lottery. -Mr. James Bapkart, of the year. and Mr. Edward Bracebridge, woolftaplers, of Leicester, are the

CASUALTIES, fortunate holders of one fourth Nov. 9. The following melanfhare of the Irish lottery ticket | choly accident happened at Stour.



Sporting Intelligence. bridge. Two boys were contend. right arm of his companion, ing for the posseflion of a gun which we are forry to hear is that was loaded, when it acci. very badly fractured. dently went off ; a young man of the name of Taylor, paffing by at

Norwich, Dec. 12. the moment, received the con Tuélday lalt, as a servant of tents in his fide, and instantly ex. Mr. Thursion's, of Deopham, pired. The unhappy parents of was returning home with a loaded che deceased, who was of a most gun, the piecē, by some means, promising difpofition, were fpec. went off, and a little girl being tators of the mouroful event. in the way, it shot off four of her

fingers, and wounded her in the Nov. 22. AsRichard Kyrwood, breast. a poor man, was paffing through Hom Park, near Hereford, he was Dec. 14. Alexander Dickson, furiously attacked and killed by of Fairy Hill, near Swansea, was à ftag, with whom, it appeared, found dead in his parlour ; bis he maintained an unequal con gun was laying by him the con. fli&t for å fort time, when at last tents of which had entered his he was overcome, the horns of head, it is supposed, by accident. the vicious animal perforating from the chin almost to the top Dec. 15. Poor old Walter Jol. of the head. The unfortunate

The unfortunateliffe, who for eight-and-twenty sufferer was going to pay rent for years has held the reins of Cook's a cottage at Tillington Common, coach, and was consequently well where he lived, and has left a known to every traveller between wife and fix young children, to. this city and the metropolis, has tally unprovided for.

From a

at lengih finished his earthly caknowledge that the stag was vici. réer, and driven to his long home. ous, he had been for Tome time -He dropped down dead in the confined, and contrived to escape ftreet of Basingstoke, on Tuesday over a paling of amazing height, laft, with very little previous during the night preceding the illness, and only a short distance accident. He was shot immedia from the spot where he had the ately after the discovery of the misfortune to break his thigli by a melancholy catastrophe.

fall, a few years ago. Dec. 9. The many melancholy A melancholy accident hapaccidents that happen from the pened on Thursday, Dec.. 18. improper or incautious use of a young lad, midshipman of the guns, should make parents ex- | Indefatigable, having had leave tremely careful how they entrust to go to Truro to see his friends, them in the hands of children or he went into the kitchen, and servants. Wednesday, as two taking up a fówling piece, which boys were playing with a piftol, was loaded, it accidentally went which, contrary to their expecta- off, killed one woman on the spot, tion, was vo fortunately loaded ; ) and another was dangerously one of them taking it up, asked wounded in the eye The fowlhis school-fellow if he would ing piece had but just before been stand fire, being answered in the brought into the house by à ser affirmative, the pistol went off, vant returned from thooting. and lodged the contents in the


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A Tale.
NONTENTED and quiet, nor heeding

who scorns, Tame cuckolds, they say, ever pocket their

horns ; As cowards, who, tremblingly, fear to Atand

brunis, With true chriftian patience will pocket

affronts ; Nor high birth not breeding this uplaot While daftards, court kicking, and dotards


marry: Nor nobility's Thield can ward off the

broad Nur, But blots to their 'fcutcheons will fick

like a blur ; And that history's page may the truth herë

decide, We'll look back and appeal to Lord Chan

cellor Hyde; Who, when Charles was restor'd to the

fceptre and crown, On the woollack, • with horn high exalted,'

sat down. And it hap'd on those days when we priz'd

regal rule, 'That an honest old thump-cushion, called

Doctor Bull, Who had preach'd for his king, ay, and

pray'd like a faint, For preferment petition'd, int language fo

quaint, That the mirth-loving monarch laugh'd

loud at the letter, And swore that no bishop deferv'd a boon

better ; So quickly comply'd with the doctor's de.

mand, And sign’d him a benefice under his hand;

But the haughty cornuto, who held the A march on his master had ventur'd to

steal, And before royal hands did the vic'rage

convey, With his own had bequeath'd the fat living

away; So the doctor was robb'd of the royal do

nation, Nor could the king's hand cancel Hyde's

presentation. Thus baulk'd, and quite beggar'd, by

waiting in town, On a bench, in the Park, the poor doctor

sat down ; Like a crest-fallen loser, when fleec'd by

the winner, And lucklessly counting the trees for his

dinner ; When putting his hand in his pocket'per.

chance, He took out the king's grant, at the name

gave a glance, And pennyless gazing at CHARLES in

broad letter, Quoth he, “ not a pick-purse could da

bus'ness better; • My last stiver's gone, I'm for cash at a

ftand, And lo! in my pocket I've found the

king's hand!" As the fates have their frolicks, it so pleas'd

the TRINE, That the King was then coming from

council to dine ; When the parson refoly'd to pluck up a

good heart, And the Itate of the case to the monarch

impart ; For tho' pocketing horns to tame cuckolds

belongs, He determin'd not tamely to packet his wrong$;




A Melis. More, Strange, and Wright,



So the king, he accosted, with lowly fub. THE PUNS TE RS, miflion,

A LITTLE TALE. And he said, “ Though I'm rais'd by your royal commission,

night From poor humble curate to rich master vicar,

Met to drink, and good thoughts to ex"Nor plenty, nor peace, follows faster or

change : thicker,

Says More, . Of us three, • Lord Hyde, my dread liege, scarce your

The whole town will agree, orders had read,

• There is only one knave, and that's • But a shadow they prov'd, for their sub

Strange' ftance had fled ;

Yes, fays Strange (rather fore),

" I'm sure there's one More, • He the fatling tythe pig for another had

« A molt terrible knave and a bite, cary'd,

· Who cheated his mother, • And, believe me, I stand a fair chance to be Itarv'd ;

· His fifter and brother,'• For I dine with Duke Humphry, except

• O yes,' reply'd More, that is Wright." ing alas, • 1, like Nebuchadnezzar, can dine upon grass ;

TINKER'S SONG. . My last doit is spent, while my mis’ries to mock at,

Written and sung by Mr. Knight, in the • 1 till find your Majesty's hand in my operarical Pantomime of MEXRY SHER

pocket ; • That hand, which had fain made my poco

I. ket run o'er,

Y daddy was a tinker's son, • Is all that remains of my pocket's poor And I'm his boy, tis ten to 'ope;

store !' • Ods fish, cries the king, has old Hyde Here's pots to mend ! aloud bawl I.

Here's pots to mend ! was still his cry, serv'd thee fo ?



tin pots, kettles, or cans, « Back to him, friend Bull, and from ME

Coppers to solder, or brass pans. let him know,

Of wives my dad had near a score, • That, as sure as a cuckold's skin covers

And I have twice as many more ; his carcase,

And what's as wonderful as true, • He shall make the most ample amends for this hard case ;

My daddy was the lord (upon my soul he

was) the lord knows who. • A prebend or dean shall he 'stall thee

Tan ran tan tan, tan ran tan, outright,

For pot or can, oh! I'm your man, • Or henceforth bid the varlet ne'er corne in my fight.'

II. Not Hermes, more swiftly, could wing thro' the sky,

Once I in budget snug bad got, Than back did poor Bull to the chancellor

A barn door capop and what not, fly;

Here's pots to mend ! I cried along. Who, bloaied with pride, and with spleen

Here's pats to mend! was still my long.

At village wake-oh! curse his throat, ever full,

The cock crow'd out so loud a note, To the message reply'd, .So your name, friend, is Bull;

The folks in clusters flock'd around,
Your cognomen's as grand as the great

They seiz'd my budget, in it found
Capricorn's !

The cock, a gammon, peafe and beans, • But, as you're a Bull, prithee, where are

Besides a jolly tinker (yes, by the lord) a

tiuker's ways and means.

Tan ran tan tan, ran tan tan, • My horns,' quoth the doctor, 'your’e full

For pot or can, oh! I'm your man. « But the question I'll answer, in point,

III. with a pun; • I'm a Bull without horns, tho' my name Like dad, when I to quarters come,

For want of cash the folks I hum; « For the HORNS, 'tis well known, always Here's kettles to mend-bring me some go with the Hyde!'

beer! This Aroke put an end to the chancellor's The landlord cries, “ You'll get none here ! prating,

" You tink’ring dog, your tricks I know, And he made Bull a Bishop, to 'scape a “ More beer, indeed! ---pay what you Bull-baiting,

owe!" BRUSH,


your horns ?

of your fun,

you deride,

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