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Extraordinary Fox, Hare, and Stag Chaces. 157

Nov. 27. | Lemington-heath, Morton-comA pack of fox-hounds, con mon, Evenload-heath, Longbofisting of twenty-three couple, rough-lees, Domington, Scott's belonging to

Palmer, Break, Eyford, Halford, Holt; Esg. of Barnwell, found a fox over Cold-Aston-downs, withia at Abyssy-wood, near Thurlow,

two miles of Farmington-grove, in the county of Cambridge, then turned through Sapertonwho immediately quitted the co

grove, over the finest parts of ihe ver, and run two rings to Blunt's Gloucester-hills within four miles Park, and back to Abyffey, he of Cheltenham; and ten of Glou. then few his country, and went in cefter, and was then killed; after a line through Lawn-wood, Tem. running at least thirty-five miles, ple-wood to Hart-wood, where and twenty-three point-blank there was a brace of fresh foxes. from the cover in which they The pack then divided : fifteen found him. couple and a half of the bounds The first hour and half was went away, clofe (as is supposed) a complete burst, succeeded by at the hunted fox, to Weft Wick- almost the same time in cold ham-common, then to WestonCo. hunting, and fifty minutes more vell, near to Carleton-wood, and as hard running as possible, out over he then of scent into view ; and after took the open country to Balfom, every hound viewing him, killed turned to the right, and away to

him most gallantly.

Out of Six-mile-bottom, going to New. upwards of an hundred horsemarket; he was there headed by men, only fix were in at the a chaife: turned thort to the left, death, namely, Mr. J: Corbett, and stood away upon the heath (who joined them after the first in a line to Gogmagog-hills, and burst), :he Rev. Mr. J. Martin, was run from scent to view, laid Mr. S. Littleton, Mr. Pigott, the down, and was killed at the bot-huntsman and whipper-in. Mr. tom of the bills. He stood an Hill came up while the hounds hour and three quarters without were worrying him, and none of a minutes check, and it is sup- the rest at all. posed, he ran in that time near thirty miles.

When the pack divided at Hart-wood, fix couple and a half

The harriers of Edward Ciark, of hounds went away with one

Esq. of Chipley, near Wellingof the freli foxes and killed him ton, Somerset, started a hare, which at Weather's-field, near Haver- they ran very hard for an hour bill. The remaining couple of and twenty minutes, when being hounds went away with the other called off with an intent to try tor fox, killed him without any affift. another, they rouzed a forest stag, ance, at Thurlow-park gate.

in Crosie's Leigh-brake, 10 the parish of Miiverton, which they

killed in a meadow, adjoining Stratford upon Avon, Dec. 8. the river Tone, after a chace, Mr. Corbett's hounds threw off of between thirty and forty-miles at Walford-heath, near Shipston, through an inclosed country, on Stour, where they found a where the leaps were very fevere, fox, and after driving him once though covered in capital ftiic round the cover, he went off over by all the horses out, the horle.

Dec. 1C.



Deatb of the Horse and his Master.


men who rode the chace, which tleman was attended with the Jafted tbree hours and forty mi. following extraordinary circuin. Butes, and were in at the deatb, stance : he had been out courling were Mr. Webber, Mr. Carige, on the Wednesday preceding, of Witcombe, Mr. Matly, and aod, approaching home, enquired the huntsman, and whipper-in. the hour of his servants on be.

ing informed, he remarked Oxford, Dec. 2d. that there was time for a short A buck was turned out at Bul. ride before dinner, turned his lington-green, froin whence it horse about, took a circuit, and was chased by the Abingdon į again arrived withio a mile of karriers, through feveral streets his own house, when the servant and lanes in this city for a confia observed him to be gradually derable time, and after having falling from his borse, pointing leaped over the wall of Sir Jolin at the fame time to the ground. Treacher's garden, took to an ad. The servant got up in time to joining river where he was taken catch bis inafter in his arms, and up, and shortly after turned out having laid him on the ground, at Cowley-marth, but was too a game-keeper who was paffing much exhausted, to afford addio by, Itaid with Mr. Allix until tional Sport for the day.

the servant went to the house for

afli ftance. He soon after

Lewes, Dec. 4. turned op a valuable horse worth A hare was started from her Seventy guinea,

On the aps seat near Falmer, and chased proach of the animal, he felt to across the Downs into this town his master (apparently a lifelets by the Brighton hounds, who corpse), snorted and rap back a púrfoed her through White Lion- few paces, feil on

few paces, feil on his Gde, and Janexup the ftreet into'Rorten-row, died inftantly! Though Mr. Allix and from thence through South languished till che Monday fol. over, a little beyond which piace, y lowing, be neither spoke, nor poor pussfeti a vietiin to her pur- thewed any fymptoms of fendifuers, and was devoured by them bility in the internal. before a single horseman could get up either to preserve her life To the Editors of the SPORTING or carcals.



BSERVING hat you very

properly matrimony respecting the distreffing Circum.

as a sporting subject, the following fance attending the Death of lines, may noi, perhaps, be deem Mr. ALLIX, bring erroneous, ed altogether foreign to your plan, we are requested by a Correspond and by inserting ihem, you will dent, to lay the following before oblige the happy our Reader's.

BENEDICT. Salisbury, Dec. 10. MATRIMONIAL FRUGALITY. N Monday le’onight, died

MEN may talk of expence in a Bachethe Rev. Charles Wager

lor's life, Allix, of Mere, in this county,

But in Wedlock there's surely a faving

moft sweet ; whose loss will be severely felt

For if lavish betore-yet when made Man by the poor of his parith.

and Wife,

(ends meeto The death of the above gen. The Couple contrive to make-both the


mprared in cohe Daily Papers, property.conlider matrimong



Sporting Intelligente.

159 SPORTING INTELLIGENCE. best of their way; the owners

were to ride, play or pav. The articles were complied with, and The bet was won by the former,

a known game galloway, who from Sianrear, mentious,

performed the diftance in thirteea that, on the 2720 of November,

hours and an half, beating its when the wind blew hard a competitor by the long odds. fouth-west, a paper kite was blown across the Liih channel, and

December 14th, a bell, weigh-' came to the ground at Cambrook, ing two fons, one hundred, and a nije miles to the diorthward of quarter, was, with some difficulty, Port Patrick: there were 155

placed in the church of St. Peter, fathoms of cord fixed to it. The Cornbill, previous to its being kite was covered with Irish newf:

raifed to the steeple. papers, (The Northern Star): and the word “ Donaghadee,"

December 15th, in the Court written in large letters in the

of Common Pleas, an action was center It is intended, the first brought to recover froin the de. fair wind to try the experiment fendant, the driver of one of the of fending it back to the king. tion in damages for affaulting the

Greenwich coaches, a compenfadom from whence it came.

plaintiff, one of the passengers.

It appeared in evidence, that the November 28th, Mr. Richard plaintiff, on the evening the afEngland was brought up, by the

fault was committed, had got into keeper of Newgate, to the Court the Greenwich coach; but as it of King's Bench, when he plead did not set off at the accustomed ed his abfence from the kingdom time, he alighted and gor into a as an impediment to the retep Blackheath itage, which was just jion of those notices, which the setting out. As he was stepping law required in cases of outlawry.into this coach, the defendant laid This fact being denied by the hold of his collar, and attempted counsel for the prosecution, issue to force him back into the Greenwas joined, and a jury ordered to wich coach. This produced a be strieken; but the absence of struggle, and afterwards a batile the Attorney-General, who alone beiween the parties, in which has the right of joining iffue, in inany blows were given on both such a case, occafioned the trial lides. The learned judge observ. to be postponed to the first day ed, that in point of law an assault of next term.

was clearly proved by ihe detendo

ant's endeavouing to force the December ilih, a match was plaintiff into his coach, and decided upon the Melton Leices. Therefore the only question was, ter road, between a galloway as to the dainages. It was cere belonging to Mr. Moore, oftainly of importance to the pub. Clawfon and an hackney, the lic, that infolent coachmen, who property of Mr. Whittle, of first deceive their passenyeis as to Harby. The wager

was for the time of setting out, and then twenty guineas each Gde, to run abuse and assault then, thould be one hundred miles, making the brought to punidatients but in



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Sporting Intelligence. the present case, the plaintiff, by boar in many places with his fighting with the defendant, had, word, which added, if possible, in rome measure, taken the pu• to the fury of the animal, and it is pishment into his own hands, probable that he would have faljostead of leaving it to the wir len a victim to the bristly mondom and justice of the law. The ster, were it not that three other jury found a verdict for the plain gentlemen of his corps fortunately tiff, damages 40s.

came up, and by their united

affiftance flew him. Dec. 17. John Reed, a carpenter of Knightsbridge, undertook The following is a copy of a for a wager of twenty guineas, to bill presented by an honest Crispin, run from Hyde-Park Corner, to to one of his customers : Newbury, in Berkshire, in twelve To men bound round

6 hours, but was obliged to give it Heel tapping two girls,

8 up at the six mile stone, the other Making a pair of women everGde Reading, having eleven miles lasting

5 6 to go in the last hour: it was ima Mending two boys gined he would have accomplished Mending one woman's black tbe bet, had he not over-run his Auff

3 Strength in the first four hours, Sewing up a woman's rip o 4 which he performed at the rate of seven miles an hour.

A country correspondent has

favoured us with a very extraorDecember 18, was shot, near dinary account of human (we had Chichester, by a gentleman of that nearly said) ability in the trencher city, a cock pheasant, of a most science :-mma being in the shape of uncommon plumage. The ground a man devoured a goose, part of of the neck, back, and rump, was a giblet pye, and a dumplin about white, variegated with brown the size of a thirty-fix pouoder ; spots ; the wings were also of the which he washed down with about same colours, excepting two or four quarts of ale, and half a pint three feathers of each wing near. of brandy. eft the body, which were of the natural colour. The legs and The Norfolk society of noble. tai) were white, and the latter was men and gentlemen, for the preof a most extraordinary length. fervation of the game in that The novelty of colour's above county, lately advertised a reward mentioned, added to the usual of twenty pounds for the apprebreast of a cock-pheasant, gave hending any person who thould the bird a most beautiful appear. be convicted of poaching. A ance. Its fingularity induced the brace of poachers having read the gentleman to send it to Hall's adver:isement, agreed that one of immediately for preservation. them thould take out a two-gui

nea licence, which he accordingly A few days ago an officer riding did-hot a phealanı-the other near Ensden, was attacked be a informed the penalty was five boar in a narrow road, which pounds ihe poachers received wounded his horse so badly as to the twenty.--Thus in the lan. occasion his death: the gentleman guage of those gentry, the flats. in defending himself ftabbed the were taken in.


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Dec. 18. As Serjeant Ford, of 1 fons to shut up their degs for the Sussex yeomanry cavalry, fix weeks, and proper persons are was making up cartridges at his appointed to destroy all such as quarters, a public house in West hall be seen abroad during that Hoathly, a person in advertently time. snapped an old pistol over him, hy which incautious means, a The following is a list of fashlarge quantity of loose gunpowionable male crops, which form der in a bason, from whence he a part of the ministerial and oppowas preparing the cartridges, took sítion characters; fire, and burnt the serjeant's face The Duke of Bedford, Lord and one of his hands in a dread William Ruffel, General Tarle. ful manner. The explosion was ton, Mr. Lambton, the Duke of lo violent, as to force the whole Hamilton, the Duke of Norfolk, window frame and casement of Sir Henry Vane Tempelt, Lord the room in wbich it happened, Paget, Mr. Arthur Paget, the totally away, breaking great num.

Duke of Rutland, Viscount Noi bers of the panes of glass to dat alle, Mr. Montgomery, General ters, threw down quantities of de. Smith, Mr. Thompson, Mr. Sturt, canters, bowls, glasses, and crock the Duke of Manchester, Sir ery ware in the room adjoining, Henry Featherstone, &c. &c. &c. and the whole earthen paraphar. nalia of the bar, was, like an elec

Brighton. trical Shock, demolished-provi. The short-eared owl (Strix dentiallyupwards of three hundred Brachyotos) was lately not very cartridges finished did not explode, near this town, and is

s now pre: if they had, the catastrophe mufferved in the collection of Mr. have proved fatal to every indivi. Lamb, surgeon. This is the only dual in the house. The clothes one we remember to have been of the person snapping the pistol, met with in this part of England, and another bystander, were much being a very folitary bird, and burnt, but their persons happily generally frequenting mountain. escaped uninjured.

ous, woody, upinhabited places,

feeding principally on mice, Dec 19. on Monday laft, a (u hence perhaps its name of mad dog run through the town of Moufe Hawk, at Hudson's Bay.) Cuckfield, soapping at every It is a most elegant species, and thing which came in his way. has a single feather above cach He bis a poor mau's leg, and a eye, somew bat longer than the number of dogs, but was at length others, which it can raise or de. killed about a mile from the press at pleasure. As it was only town, by some persons who were injured in the wing when fot, in pursuit of him.

it was kept alive about three

weeks, when this peculiar chaa Several mad dogs have lately racteristic was beautifully visible; infested the city and neighbour- but it was not observed to erect hood of Oxford, by which many them more particularly when ir. accidents have happened; boi, ritated. When dead, the ears or to put a stop to this evil, an horps are not eally tracedThis order is issued by the Vice Chap- bird was unknown to Linnæus, cellor and Mayor of this Univer- and was firft described by Mr. fity and city, enjoining all per. Pennant, in his Britih Zoology. Vol. VII, No. XXXix.


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