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Going out in the Morning.


lowed and adhered to in both to have been cured; but the fuc. till the 300 h.

cess was not the same : for, afa The 31st, the running had ter three months perseverance, ftopped in the latter; the course I was obliged to kill him. On of medicines was continued a opening, I found the pituitary week afterwards to him.

membrane ulcerated, but nothing The 36th, I performed the else. operation of trepanning upon the former. The cavities were A saddle-horse of the Limousin, injected with line-water ; after aged nine years, with the conwards, the injections were used formed glanders, which had made which I have mentioned in the Tome progress, was put under the first and second experiment. I

fame course of medicines as the suspended the ufe of the bolus, preceding one, for ten weeks. the evacuations being so great, At that period the remedies had they made me apprehend a dif. worked no good effect : the dif. order in the Itoinach.

charge was abundant, bloody, I continued the injections till and foetid; the breathing became the 65th day. The running ap. extremely laborions: in fort, peared and disappeared at differ all the signs of death appeared, ent times, and at last became and the animal fortly expired. constant, and of a bad fort. As On opening, the' nostrils exhi. the animal fell away rapidly, I bited the same appearances which thought proper to kill it. On I had observed in other horfes; opening the body, nothing par. but, in proceeding farther in the cicular appeared, except an infi- diffeétion of the mouth and wind. nite number of little uleers un pipe, I pereeived that the run. the pituitary membrane. The ning proceeded in a great degree finures contained but little mat. froin the lungs, within which I ter. The other horse appeared found a collection of fætid pus, to be radically cured, which I mixed with the humour of the ascribed to the good habit of the bronchias, arising from ulcera animal's body, the small quan: avions, with which that vifo tity of the virus, iis lefser degree

attacked, I of malignaney, and the short time thought that I had mistaken the it was allowed to lavage, rather real charaéteristic of the disease, than the course of medi. and that the animal died of a cines. Besides, in these matters, consumption : but as it a fingle faêt cannot establish any equally possible that the virus in thing

the glanders had produced these EXPÉRIMENT V.

effects, I suspended my judgment, A saddle-horse, about eleven waiting by new experiments to years old, newly attacked, as I elucidate it. was informed, with the glanders,

(To be continued.) was treated in the following manner:

GOING OUT in the MORNING, ift, He was let blood, confined

(See the annexed engraving.) to white water, and had several emollient clyfters administered IN compliance with the request for three days.

of many of our subscribers, to 2dly, He was treated exactly as present them with a series of en. the horse which I last mentioned gravings on the subject of hare









Hare Hunting, Wate,'""

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Extraordinary Fox, Hare, and Stag Chaces: 155 hunting, we here introduce (as a hounds, Edward Pancefort, Esq. part of the embellilments to our William Faugwill, Esq. Colonel present number) an interesting Philip Honeywood, Richard Bid . engraving of Going out in the Morn- dolph, Erq. Charles Biddolpii, ing ; being a first print on that Elq. Mr. St. Paul, Mr. Johnson, subject.

Mr. Pieeman, Mr. Johnson, of For an account of this sport, Chichester, Ton Johnson, huntiwe refer our readers to Vol I. man, Billy Ives, yeoman pricker p. 57, and many other parts of to his Majesty's bounds, David our performance.

Briggs, Nim Ives, whipper-in.

" At a quarter before eight in EXTRAORDINARY FOX, HARE,

the morning, the fox was found in AND STAG CHACES.

Eak. Dean Wood, and runan hour

in that cover; Then into the foA remarkable Fox-CHACE, in the rest, up to Puntice Coppice, thro' year, 1738-9, copied from an old Herring Dean, to the Marlows, Vellum Manufcript; with which wp to Coney Coppice, back thro' we are favoured by a respectable the Marlou's, to the Forest west. Correspondent.

gate, over the fields, to Ņightin. " A full and impartial Account of the gale Bottom, to Cobden's of remarkable CHACE of CHARLETON,

Drought, his Pine Pitt Hang. on Friday, the 26th day of January, er; there his grace of Şt. Aiban's 1738-9.

got a fall,


my Lady Luke. Thas been a long matter of ner's Bottoms, and inift the earth

controversy in the hunting through WeftDean Forest, to the world, to what particular coun

corner of Collar Down, where try, or set of men, the superiori.

Lord Hercourt blew his first ty power belonged Prejudice and horse, croft the Hacking Place partiality have had the greateft Down, the length of Conev CopMare in their disputes, and every

pice,thro’the Marlows,to Herring fociety their proper champion Dean, into the forest and Puntices to assert the pre-emipence, has its, Coppice, East-Dean Wood, the and bring home the trophie, to

Lower Teaglees,cross by Cocking their own country; even Rich- Course, down beqween Graffam, mond Park has its Dimmock;

and Waolavington, thro' Mi. but on Friday, the 26th day of Orms park, and Paddock, over January, 1738-9, their was a' de.

the heaths to Fielder's furzes, to cisive ingagement on the plains the Hurlands, Selham, Amersham, of Suffex; which, after ten hours

thco' Totham furzes, over Totftruggle, has settled all future de.

ham Heath, almost to Cowdery bates, and given the brush to the Park, there turned to the Lime. gentlemen of Charleton.

kiln at the end of Cocking Cauf

way, thro' Cocking Park and PRESENT IN THE MORNING,

turzes, there cross'd the road, ang " The Duke of Richmond, the up the hills between Bepton and Dutchefs of Richmond, the Duke Cocking; here the unfortunate of St. Alban's, the Lord Viscount Lord, Hercoure's second harte felt Harcourt, the Lord Henry Beau. the effect of long legs, and a sud, clark, the Lord Offufeton, Sir den steep; the best thing belong: Harry Liddell, Brigadeer Henrying to him was bis' laddle, which Haply, Ralph Jennifon, Elg. my Loud had fecurd; hur by master of his Majesty's buck bleeding and genena contrary 19



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Extraordinary Fox, Hare, and Stag Chacés.

the act of parliament, he reco• took Sir William, by which the vered, and with some difficulty Duke of St. Albans had no great was got home;-here Mr. Faug. coat, so returned to Charieron ner's humanity claims your re. from Kemps High Wood. The gard, who kindly tympathized hounds broke away through the with my Lord in bis mistortunes, Gumworth Warren, Kemp's Ruff and had not power to go beyond Piece, nver Slinden Down, 10 him at the bottom of Cocking Madhurst Parsonage, where Billy Warren. The hounds turned to came in with them, over Poor the left across the road, to the Down, up to Madhurit ; then barn near Herring Dean, then down to Haughton Forest, where took the fide hills to the north

his grace of Richmond, B. Hawgate of the forest; here Mr. ley, and Mr. Pancefort came io, Hawley thought it prudent to the latter to little purpose, for change his horse for a True Blue beyond the Ruel Hill, neither which stay'd upon the bills; Billy | Mr. Pancefort, nor his horse, Ives likewise, to a horfe of Sir Tinker, cared to go ; so wistely Harry Liddell's, went thio' the returned to his impatient, hungry forest, and run the foil, thro' friends, up the Ruell Hill, left Nightingale Bottom, to Cobdens, W. Shewood on the right hand, at Drought, up his Pint Piti crossed Offam Hill, to Southwood, Hanger, to my Lady Lukener's from thence to South Stoke, to Buttocks, thro' every mews, die the wall of Arundell River, where went in the morning, went thro' the glorious twenty-three hounds the warren about West Dean ; put an end to the campaign, and here he diopt, Sir Harry Liddell, killed the old bitch fox ten mi. down to Benderton; from here nutes before fix. Billy Ives, his Lord Harry funk, up to Bender grace of Richmond, and Henry ton Down to the Hay's Buses, Hawley, where the only persons Brickley's Bules, to the Valdy, at the death, to the immortal thro' Goodwood Park; here the honour of 17 stone, and at least Duke of Richmond chose to send as many companyes. thiee tame horses back to Charles ton, and took Saucy Face and Sir William, that were very

luck, ily at Goodwood ; from thence, OLD HOUND S. at distance, Lord Harry was seen


Dido driving his horse berore him to


Alnwick Charleton. The hounds went



Lawless out at the upper end of the park,


Cruel up to Stretington Road, by Sally

Veny Coppice, (were his grace the Duke

Edmund of Richmond got a sumerst) thro'

Walent Halnaker Park, over Halnaker


Traveller Hill, to Sebbige Farm ; here the master of the stag hounds, Colo. YOUNG HOUNDS, nel Honeywood, Tom Johnson, Buxom

Lady and Nim Jones, were thoroughly Ruby


Satisfied up Long Down, thro'

Easthan.common Field, and
Kemps High Wood; here Billy

* Here the name is obliterated in the Ives' tired his second horse, and manuscript.

A pack





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