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144 Supplemental Lif of Stallions to cover the ensuing Seafon. frequented horse races, cock, 1 of his mistrels, and without pirs, hazard-tables, and other meeting any remarkable advenplaces of sport and gaming, in the ture, arrived safely at the Golden arts of which he attained very Cross, Charing.cross. confiderable skill, and by their At this house, for some years allistance made many good hits ; he was always to be found, ex. but being one day at the Cur. cept when he made excursions to ragh races with his friend, they race-courtes and watering places, both with several other knowing and indeed he could not have ones were deeply taken in. Whe fixed upon a more convenient ther E-gl.nd departed from the spot for speculation and profit, Curragh with F-, has never as many of the Chester and Li. been known, but the fact we are verpool coaches stopped at that going to relate is notorious in inn, and the coffee-l'oom con. Duhlin.

Itantly exhibited a variety of cha. Colonel P. returning from the racters, and particularly of raw Curragh, to the town of Naas, unexperienced Irishmen, froin which is in its vicinity, was stop-whom a man of play might fe. ped on the road by two highway. Ject such as he thought would men, one of whom he immedi,

prove the best feathered pigeons. ately shot through the body, on Dick', success was soon evident which the other put spurs to his in his appearance; from an ob. horse, and rode off full speed, scure lodging he took an elegant the Colonel pursuing him, but he house in St. Alban's-street; kept escaped by the swiftness of his

a pair of horses and a servant horse, which carried him clear in the most fashionable ftyle ; the town of Naas, before the Co. employed masters to improve him lonel could arrive to give the in orthography, reading and wri. alarm.

ting, and in a few years acquired On examining the dead man, a smattering of French. many knew him to be F-; At this period Dick formed new the inquest sat on his body, but connections, and began to rise in the Colonel not attending, they a higher fphere, than he had yet brought in their verdiet “ tot aspired to. We shall, therefore, by a perfon unknown," and no from this time, describe him as further enquiry was made after Mr. E-gi-nd, and from a variety the fugitive robber.

of anecdotes which are before us, Soon after this alarming event, we cannot doubt but it will afwhich raised very strong sufpia ford entertainment to cions in respect to the identity of merous readers. the person who accompanied

To be continued. F., when he attempted the robbery, Dick in company with a person long known in the houses of nocturnal festivity and ren Supplemental Lip of STALLIONS 10 dezvous near Covent-garden, and cover the ensuing Seafon. who has lately appeared a con. fpicuous figure upon the turf, ha.

(Continued from page 69.) ving won a sum of money,refolved T Odsey, Herts, between to decamp from Dublin, and to Royston and Baldock. Au. make London his head.quarters. relius, at sgs a mare, and ss the He accordingly took French leave groom.


our nu.


and 2s.

and so

and 59.


Account of the late Bull-Feast at Lisbon. 145 Hawk, by Woodpecker, at ry., mile stones, Finchley Common. 601.

Satellite, at 8ys and 10%. 6.1. Ar Torteridge, near Barnet,

Corinorant, late Mr. Fox's, Herts. Brush, at 235. and 59. at sgs and gs.

At Newmarket. Buzzard, at At Kentwell Hall, Long Melo 10gs. and 10s. 6:!.

ford, Sudbury, Suffolk. Seagull, At Elmfal Lodge, near Ferry. at 3gs and 5s. Bridge, Yorkshire. Lurcher, at At Knowney, near Prescot, 3gs. and ss.

Lanca Mire. Sir Peter Teazle, The five following (the pro

al.logs and los. 6.j. perty of a gentleman) at Cannons, Ar Mr. Robert Boardman's, between Stanmore, and Edg at the Bay Malton, in Altringe ware. Dungannon, at 15gs. and ham, near Knutsfoid, Chethire. ig.

Syminetry, all thorough-bred Volunteer, jogs and 103. 6d. mares, that have won a 501. place, Anvil, iogs and 105.

or that value in matches or TweepVertumnus, at sys and 59.

stakes, gratis; other mares at 278 Young Doge, the Teazer, at ig and 25. 6.1.

The two following at Clermont At Chiniz, near Richmond in Ludge, near Brandon, Norfolk. Yorkshire. Gunpowder, at 535. Trumpator, at 10.js. and 103. 6d.


brother to Al Ether, in Surry, from the Trumpator, at 3gs and 5s. ift of February, till the roth of At Petworth, Sunlex. Wood. July. Erafinus, at 2!. 7s. pecker, at rays and 1g.

Ar Mr. T. Izhard's, at Graf. Precipitate, at 12gs and ig. ton, near Tewkesbury and Ever Driver, at 5gs and ios. 6d. ham, in Gloucestei shirr, Fly

Grey Treutham, at sgs and ing Gib, at 2gs and 2s. 6d.

At King's Farm, Little Eufton, near Dunmow, Effex. Hollyhock, 2gs and 25. 6d. Arlinpington, near Cambridge,

Account of the late Bull-Feast Magog, at 5gs and ros 6d.

at LISBON. The two following, at Mr. Gal 'HIS feast was grand in the loway's farm, at Plaistow, in Er

extreine. The great square sex. Pegasus, at 3ys and 53. hefore the palace being fitted up Balloon, at 33» and 5

for the purpose; the spectacle The fix following (ine proper

commenced by the appearance ty of a nobleman) at Oxcroft, of four magnificent cars, which, near Balfam, Cambridgeshire, with the perions occupying thein Poisos, ten inares only, besides were emblematical of the four the owner's, al 2ogs and ig. quarters of the world, in the

John Bull, ten mares, at 20gs. act of doing homage to the royal each, and ig.

personages preicot. Another car Asparagus and Alexander, ten followed !he first, containing the mares each, at nogs and ios. 6d. ninę, mules and other deities ;

Justice and Briance, ten mares each of the cars had a number cach, at sis. and 104, 6d.

of musical performers. Four The two following at Cole. companies of dancers, male and harbour, between the 8 and


female, representing Europeans, VOL. VII. No. XXXIX.



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145 Fracas between Adm. C. and Capt. S.-An Odd Fiss.

wounded, and one of the keepers H hold, in the parish of Car

Afatics, Africans, and Ameri.

An Odd Fish. cans, dancedinihe nanner of their countries, Then followed the Legg'd like a man, and his arm's like princis al hullfighier, dressed in fins a filha a #range finh; a molt delicate

mootter. the Spanith mode, Fourteen

TEMPEST. bulls were brought forward, the last of which was fo enraged,

(From Mrs. Morgan's Tour.) that several of the til!ers were

. was killed on the spot. During the exhibition, the intendant of tiemartin, in the county of Peinthe police caused all the fpe&a. broke, a fimple farmer, and es. tors, upon the scaffolds erected teemed by all who knew him to for the purpose, to be plenteou dybe a truth-telling man, declares ferved with refreshments. The the following most extraordinary Prince and Princess of Brazil, and story to be an absolute fact, and several other persons of diftinc-1 is willing, in arder to satisfy tion, were present during the such as will not take his bare whole of the performance,

word for it, to swear to the truth of the fame:

He says, he went one morning Particulars of the unpleasant Buf to the cliffs that bound liis own nefs between Admiral C. and lands, and form a bay near Linny, Capt. S. of the Royal Navy, which stack. From the eastern end of is likely to ten minase in a Dwel be the same, he saw, as he thought, tween the Parties.

a person bathing very near the NAPT. S

purveyor or western end, but appearing, from stores intended for the Weft-In- rer. He, knowing the water to dia expedition, and some delay, be deep in that place, was much in their dispatch, having occur. furprised at it, and went along red in his ottice, Admiral C- the cliffs, quite to the western called on him, and in harsh terms end, to see what it was. As he censured the neglect. Capt. S. go: towards it, it appeared to him replied wi:h warmth, co which like a person forcing in 'a tub. the other collared him; a scuffle | At last he gor within ren or twelve ensued, in which Capt. S-yards of it, and found it then to took the admiral in his arms, be a creature much resembling a who bellowed luftily, “ Don't youth of fixteen or eighteen ftrike me you rascal, don't strike years of age, with a very white me."

• No,' says S-butikin, sitting in an erect posture, I'll be dd if I don't have the having, from somewhat about the satisfaction of soafting a rear ado middle, its body quite above the miral,' and so saying, he carried water; and directly under the him towards the fire, on which he water there was a large brown would have throwo him, but for substance, on which it seemed to the interference of the clerks ; float. The wind being perfectly as it was, however, he was a good calm, and the water quite clear, deal scorched. A meeting has he could see diftin&ly, when the been agreed upon, as soon as the creature moved, that this fub. Admiral returns from the expedi. Atance was part of it. From the tion he is employed in.

bottom there went down a taii,


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Extraordinary Sporting Performances. 147 much resembling that of a large it was above an hundred yards conger eel.

Its tail in deep wa from him; and when he returned ter was straight downwards, but with fome others to look at it, in thallow water it would turn it it was gone. This account was on one fide. The tail was conti- ! taken down by Dr. George P mually moving in a circular man. at Prickerfton, from the men's

The form of its body and own mouth, in presence of many arms was entirely human, but its people, about the latter end of arms and hands seemed rather December, 1982. short and thick in proportion to its body. The form of the head, and all the features of the face, Extraordinary SPORTING Perwere human also; but the note

FORMANCES. rose high between its eyes, was pretty long, and feemed to terini.

rContinued from page 76.). . nate very fharp. Its head was

AY 2, 1788, a horsc, thirteen but from its forehead there arofe miles on Pailleywood Common, a brownith fubftance, of ihree or near Ongar, in Essex, for a wager four fingers breadth,

which of fifty guineas, which was to be turned up over its head, and done in two hours, but loft by went down over its back, and only two minutes. reached quite into the water. 14th, Mr. Winter, of Weft. This substance did not at all re Malling, Kent, undertook, for a semble hair, but was thin, flat, wager of twenty pounds, to go on and compact, not much unliké a foot from Maidstone Bridge to ribbon. It did not adhere to the London Bridge, and back again, back part of its head, or neck,

ad, or neck, (near feventy miles) in Gxteen or back; for the creature lifted hours. He performed the jour. it up from its neck and washed ney in fourteen hours and fitteen under it. It walled frequently minutes. under its arms, and about its 191h, A very extraordinary per. body, It (wam about the bay, formance took place on the Bath and particularly round a little road; a person undertook, for a rock, which Reynolds was within considerable wager, to tror his tep or twelve yards of. He staid norse from Hounflow to Read. about an hour looking at it. Iting, and back, in fix hours ; the was so near him, that he could distance is Gxty miles, which was perceive its motion, though the done in thirty-five mioutes les water was very rapid; and that, than the time allotted, with feema when it turned, it put one hand ingly grear cafe. The rider into the water, and moved iifelf stopped feven minutes at Reading, sound very quickly.

10 refreth himself and h s horte, dipped under the water all the 25th, Richard Groses, for a time he was looking at it, wager of ten gaineas, gave a proof Inoked attentively at him, and of uncomnion ayolin, by picking the cliffs, and seemed to take up 100 eggs, placed one yard wife great notice of the birds Aying tauce from each other, and re. over its head. Its looks were turning with each feparately to wild and fierce; but it made po a baske: placed at one end; in noise, nor did it grin or any way doing which, he 10,000 diftort its façç. When he left it, yards, or near fire miles and nice



It never

148 Observations on some old-fashioned Games on Cards.




quarters, which he did with ease,

fhot hatte, ed the cleaver very in forty-four minutes, which was much; the second grazed, and Seventeen minutes within the time turned off ; but the third went allowed him.

through it, and made a hole more July ift, a young man, footman than an inch square.

Sands, Esq. of Canier. Dece:r.ber 24th, Lieut, Col. bury, udertook, for a wager of Ross, having laid a bet of one tén guineas, to go on foot from hundred guineas, that he rode a Maiittone to Uckfield, which is mare one hundeed miles in fours thirty-two miles, in eight hours, teen hours. It was decided on a and to stop and drink at every level road near Bristol, and the public-house on the road. He Col. won by performing it thirtyaccordingly set out a little after five minutes within the time. five in the morning, and got to

(To be continued.) Tunbridge Wells (nineteen miles) at eight; where, having over exerted himself, he appeared ra ther, wearied, and the odds, in OBSERVATIONS on some old-fashionconsequence, were two to one ed Games on the CARDS. against him ; he, however, proceeded on his journey, and per To the Editors of the Sporting formed it with ease half an hour

Magazine. within the given time, arriving at GENTLEMEN, Uckficld Thirty minutes after

YHRISTMAS being the season twelve o'clock. September 17th, a man,

when, aud when only card. Thorpe, in Nortolk, undertook, playing is permitted in sober fa. for the trilling wager of 2;.61. to

milies, for the recreation of merg walk four miles in sixty minutes, women, and children, I hope the with four stone weight on his

few following observations npon fhoulder, which he performed several of those little old fashion. in fifty nine minutes.

ed games, so utterly unknown to Qetober rith, a race of a novel

the beau monde, but which have kind, was decided on the Flat,

been played over so many times near Brighthelmstone. It was

by our forefathers and foremothers between two gentlemen, the one

will not be unacceptable to your op horseback, the other on foot;

numerous readers. the former giving the latter forty

Your's, &c.

I, I. B. yards in an hundred, which dir. tance they run. In running, the odds were greatly in favour of the pedeftrian, till he flipped and From this exquisite diversion, nearly fell, which gave ihe horse our children learn the first ele. great advantage, and accafioned I ments of arithmetic, and grow aca him to win by about half a neck., quainted with that serious truth,

November 20th, a tradeiman and important propofition, that of Lincoin, who had laid a wager .66 two and two make four." Add that he thot a bullet, or small ball, to this, that their frequently from a gun through a butcher's drawing out, inures them betimes cleaver, at thiee times trying, to disappointment, and initiates made the experiment. The first them in the virtue of patience. :



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